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Kyle’s Bad Idea 2: The Cabin

by ElectroPainLover

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Kyle’s Bad Idea Part 2: The Cabin
Continued from: “Kyle’s Bad Idea


For a few moments, Kyle actually thought about laying down and allowing the rope around his neck tighten about his neck and end this whole damn mess. He was now convinced that Michelle was crazy and; in her state of anger; capable of doing anything. The chain running extremely tight between his legs and crushing his balls was made much worse since she’d drug him off the bed and the chain pulled upon the denim fabric between his testicles and the bindings. However, Kyle decided Michelle could not keep him forever… and, death was forever. He stayed on his knees.


Michelle being bare-footed and walking on carpet and Kyle being half scared to death of what the obvious mental-case had in store for him, never heard Michelle enter the bedroom. Kyle was in disbelief how Michelle had actually offered him to strangle himself to prevent her intentions to kidnap him and do God-knows-what to him. His fear level far outweighed any possible thoughts of the implications of a sexual encounter.

“So” Michelle said, startling Kyle; “I see you decided to try to take me on. We’ll just have to see how long you actually want to continue after the real shit begins.”

Michelle loosened the rope around Kyle’s neck and slid it over his head, being careful not to catch the elastic band holding her panties over his nose and blocking his vision.

“Does my cum smell as nice as you hoped? I hope so. It’s a long drive to our destination and you will get to smell it the whole way there. I’m sure when it dries it won’t smell quite as nice as it does fresh.” She said grabbing Kyle by his biceps and pulling him up to a standing position. The tug on his handcuffs against the crotch chain making the links dig deeper into his ass and the fabric harder against his groin.

“Walk. I will guide you.” Michelle said grabbing him by one bound arm and the handcuffs she used to hogtie him and lifted him from the bed. The shortened chain between his leg-cuffs made Kyle take baby-steps as she led him from her bedroom to the garage. With each step he took, the cuffs encircling his ankles dug deeply into his skin as the oval shaped cuffs tried to twist upon them.

Once to the car, Michelle spun him and rested his ass against the trunks opening. The chain buried deep enough in his asses cleave to not clang against the metal of the car. She fitted a leather hood over his head and buckled it tightly, the strap running under his chin cinching his teeth tightly against the rubber phallus filling his oral cavity.

Turning Kyle around, Michelle bent his upper body into the trunk of the Acura and spun him until his whole body lie on his stomach in the bottom of its well. She pulled his legs back up behind him and used handcuffs to secure him in a tight hogtie once again. It took her two attempts to close the trunks hatch as Kyle’s feet were slightly higher than the lid and had to be pushed harder against his rear in order for the latch to catch.

Kyle lamented at how painfully taught his legs were compressed by the trunk being closed and pushing against his bound feet. Due to the position his legs were in, he couldn’t even roll from his stomach; his knees pushed too hard against the bottom of the confines and his feet pressed too hard against the top. He couldn’t find any way to even kick or bang against the boots interior to make enough noise to gain someone’s attention when they stopped for a traffic light. His own ears could hardly hear his muffled screams past the large gag and leather hood.

Having no idea where Michelle’s cabin was – he had no clue she even had a cabin – Kyle had no idea how long he would be trussed up in the coffer’s tight confines. He had to concentrate on his breathing since the addition of the hood. The thin fabric between his nostrils and the holes, provided for such, made breathing difficult. On top of that, the juices Michelle provided for him to savor begun to dry and turn; the smell not quite as erotic as it had originally been.

Michelle settled much more comfortably into the seat behind the wheel of her car than her captive in the trunk. She figured she could drive for about two hours before having to stop and pop the cover to allow fresh air into the cramped space of the Acura’s trunk. She didn’t want Kyle to suffocate since he wasn’t willing to choke himself out. She wanted to show him what trust-trashing could lead to and how much he had hurt her by dishonoring her.

As she continued navigating the distance between her home and the cabin, Michelle placed a call to one of her friends and asked her to meet her at the cabin without going into details on why. Michelle simply told Jenny she had a surprise and could use her help with it.

Jenny lived in the mountains near the cabin Michelle used as her retreat from the humdrum life of the city. She had also turned the biggest portion of the two bedroom chalet into a dungeon. She never really planned to use it much in the way of entertaining regular guests but, instead, adorned it for her special guests whom were friends who shared her fondness for BDSM.

Each of the two bedrooms had comfortable twin beds in them; comfortable, that was, until the plush mattresses were removed and the old style spring and metal link supports were all that were left. The wooden head and footboards of each had metal tie-strap D-rings attached every six-inches along the wood rails. They allowed for multiple binding opportunities and positions whether the mattress was on or not. Four more running the length of the bed rails along the side gave additional mounting spots when the mattress was in place. However, the metal lattice which supported the beds’ soft cushions afforded unlimited binding area’s and a very uncomfortable surface of thin wire links which, over time, bit harshly into the skin.

Michelle turned onto the single lane dirt drive leading to the cabin not slowing much on the bumps in the path hoping to jostle Kyle a bit. She was happy to see Jenny was already there and had the cabin open and waiting. Michelle pulled the car next to the steps leading to the redwood deck on the front of the cottage. She met Jenny in the cozy living room.

“What’s this surprise?” Jenny asked giving Michelle a perfunctory hug of friends whom first see each other.

“You know that guy I dated a few times in High School… the one I have watch my house when I’m gone?” Michelle said.

“Yeah. Kyle… . something or other.” Jenny answered.

“Well… guess what… ” Michelle started “… you know that I got home from San Diego earlier than I was supposed to and you’ll never guess what I found when I got home.”

“What’s that?” Jenny asked.

“I found Kyle… in my bedroom. He had gone through my chest and locked himself in handcuffs and ankle cuffs. Through my shit and playing with it. I trusted him and he violated my personal space. The dumb-shit actually put hinged cuffs on upside-down and got stuck. Can you believe that shit?” Michelle told her friend – anger once more starting to enter her voice.

“You kidnapped him?” Jenny asked, sounding almost flabbergasted.

“If you want to split hairs… I guess you can call it that.” Michelle said, changing almost instantly from anger to semi-laughing as she answered. “He’s hogtied in my trunk. Can you help me get him out?”

“Hell… why not… I’ll be your accomplice in kidnapping.” Jenny remarked with a giggle.

The two women went out to the car and Michelle popped the lid of the trunk.

“He’s right properly trussed.” Jenny commented.

On the sound of another person’s voice, Kyle started screaming against the gag and hood; hardly audible, but Jenny could tell he was not very happy about his current situation.

Michelle removed the cuffs holding Kyle’s legs to his wrists and the lock shortening the chain between his ankles. He struggled violently within his bindings and continued to voice his annoyance of such indignant treatment.

“Technically I only added the waist and crotch chain and stuff on his head. He cuffed his hands and feet. So… I don’t really look at it as I locked him up.” Michelle pronounced with a slight guffaw.

Jenny grabbed Kyle’s legs and the two girls wrestled him out of the trunk, his stomach scraping roughly over the lip of the opening. If not for the rubber seal covering the steel, he may have received a nice scrape.

They got him standing on his feet and guided him into the cabin, closing and locking the cabin’s door behind them. Jenny threw a bolt near the top of the door; placed there purposefully to prevent a handcuffed person from reaching it.

“So what exactly do you have planned?” Jenny asked her friend.

“He’s wanted to fuck me since we first started seeing each other, so, maybe he may get what he’s always wanted.” Michelle answered.

“You’re gonna screw him?” Jenny quipped. “After he’s pissed you off enough to kidnap him?”

“Maybe. We’ll have to see where things go and how much he can handle. I have always admired the package I’ve notice bulging in his jeans. I just never figured he had the heart to handle the fun stuff.” Michelle mused as they sat Kyle in the large wooden chair in the living room and buckled a strap around his chest so he could not get up.

“I put some coffee on. It should be ready by now.” Jenny offered as if they had not just brought in a handcuffed and fettered man into the cottage and buckled him into a chair.

“I’ll have one cup. I’m bushed. It’s been a long day. I don’t want it keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep.” Michelle commented.

“And him?” Jenny solicited with a tilt of her head in the direction of Kyle whom was struggling against his bindings without luck.

“Yeah, he’s probably pretty tired too. I don’t think he should have any.” Michelle said with a snigger causing Jenny to laugh as well. “We’ll secure him to the bed in the small bedroom tonight.”

The women sat and drank coffee as Michelle explained how she came home to find Kyle in her bedroom and in his plight. Jenny agreed that what he had done was a direct violation of her trust and concurred that he had betrayed her and that punishment should be meted.

Once finished with their coffee, Michelle and Jenny released Kyle from the chair and walked him to his night’s quarters.

“Can you take the mattress off the bed?” Michelle asked her cohort as she held Kyle by the arm once they got to the room.

“No mattress? Gonna be a rough night for him.” Jenny averred.

“Better to start his stay off right.” Michelle answered back.

“Ok.” Jenny said and took the padded covering from the rough metal links of the frame.

Michelle removed the chain from around Kyle’s crotch and waist. She removed his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his ankles, along with his underwear. She forced him to sit on the beds uncovered frame. Using his own belt, she looped it around his lower calves. She handed the end of the belt to Jenny.

“Hold his legs while I remove his pants. I don’t need him kicking his feet around.” Michelle asked of Jenny.

Jenny could not help checking Kyle out as his Levi’s and Jocky’s slid from his waist and down his legs.

“His bulge wasn’t lying… he is pretty well endowed.” Jenny commented.

This made Michelle look as well.

“Not bad. I’ll see if his heart matches his balls.” Michelle retorted.

“Don’t you mean we’ll see? I’m not helping you this much to be left out of the rest.” Jenny snickered.

“You know what I mean.” Michelle quipped with her own giggle.

Michelle locked two separated ankle cuffs to the widest connectors on the foot of the bed. Jenny allowed for just enough slack on the belt to allow Jenny to fasten one to his left ankle as she held his legs down by the thighs; purposefully brushing her arm on his bare cock. Once his left leg was secure, she let the belt loose and held his right while Michelle pulled his ankle to the second cuff and ratcheted it closed. She double-locked the two shackles.

Michelle produced two chain-free handcuffs and attached long chains to each. She placed the cuffs on each of Kyle’s wrists and threaded the chains through the headboard attachments at the widest points. Jenny held the ends of the chains as Michelle removed the hinged cuffs; pulling the chains through the hoops as soon as his wrists were free of his previous imprisonments. Kyle had no time to struggle against the two women once his hands were free from the cuffs.

Kyle was somewhat impressed by how efficiently the two women worked together to make sure he could not find a chance to escape his fastening… impressed and alarmed.

Michelle took the chains from Jenny and pulled them tight and placed a padlock on both chains at the center of the bed; placing the lock well out of reach of Kyle’s hands. Getting free, even if Kyle had a key, would be impossible.

Michelle pulled a baggie of heavy-duty and smaller zip-ties from a drawer in a dresser.

“Zips… isn’t that a little cruel?” Jenny inquired.

“Nothing’s too good for our guest.” Michelle replied as she pulled out several of the long, thick nylon fasteners. She fastened his legs just above the knees, as wide as they would spread, to the thin wire base and his arms just above the elbows. She zipped a smaller one around his balls to the wire support. Four smaller zip-ties placed tightly upon his flaccid penis to ensure a painful night should he get an erection and Michelle figured his bondage was complete.

Michelle went into the bathroom and came back with a plastic hospital urinal and placed Kyle’s bound cock in the opening.

“This will be your only opportunity to piss for the night Kyle… you better go now.” Michelle offered.

Kyle shook his head in the negative.

“You don’t need to?” She asked the bound and silenced man. He nodded his head vigorously in the affirmative.

“Awe… does someone have a shy bladder?” Jenny said mockingly.

Another nod from their captive.

“Ok. We’ll be back in a few.”

Kyle lie there trying to concentrate on relieving himself. He’s had to piss for a while but his prostrate was clenched as tightly as the rest of his body was to the bed. The wire he lay upon bit roughly into his skin and was very uncomfortable. The way his balls were being pulled and secured to the frame was not the least bit relaxing either. Any attempt to move his hips pulled upon them.

“I’m going to go home and get a little rest.” Jenny said to Michelle when they retreated to the living room. “He’s secured and you can handle him from here. Until tomorrow that is… what… about nine am sound good?” She inquired.

“Sounds good to me. I don’t think he can give me any trouble at this point. How’s waffles sound?” Michelle replied then asked.

“Great. Nine then. Good night.” Jenny said as the two hugged before she unlocked the door and retreated to her car.

“Good night.” Michelle offered and watched as Jenny walked to her car, waving as she slid into the driver’s seat.

Michelle closed and locked the door but did not slide the top bolt as she knew Kyle could no longer get to the door and Jenny could not get in if Michelle overslept for some reason. She was really tired from her long day. A much longer day than she had planned for.

After about a half-an-hour she went back to her quarry and noticed he had in fact relieved himself. She removed the plastic container and dumped it out in the toilet.

Though she was indeed quite tired and ready to get some sleep, Michelle could not help but pull out a flogger and do a little work on Kyle’s very exposed privates. She showed no mercy to him and gave Kyle some very painful lashes on his unprotected cock and secured balls.

“You’ve wanted my attention Kyle… now you have it.” She said to him as she landed well aimed blows. “We’ll just have to see how much of my attention you can handle.”

His penis lost some of its flaccidness due to the recognition the flogger gave it and the nylon strips surrounding it started to make their presence known. Kyle could not understand why the male mind found any attention given to the male sex organ; good or bad; made it come to life and was not very pleased that his was now. His father had always said that they had a mind of their own and now, his was proving him right.

Michelle kept the assault up for about fifteen minutes and Kyle’s pubis and penis was a bright red from the beating. His cock was much redder from the blood being trapped by the tight bands around it however.

She lifted his head and unbuckled the hood. She removed it. She removed the bandage and her soiled panties from his face; his eyes showing her both pain and worry. She unlocked the gag and released the buckle, pulling the gag free from his mouth telling him, “Scream all you want, nobody is within vocal range and the house is well insulated. Though if you scream too much and don’t allow me some sleep I will replace the gag. Do you understand me?”

Kyle nodded his head slowly, thankful to be able to work the kinks out of his aching jaw and being able to breathe without having the odor of old sex filling his olfactory.

“Can I speak?” Kyle asked timidly.

“For a minute, but I am tired and going to bed shortly.” Michelle said as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt.

“What are you going to do with me?” He inquired.

“Why what you’ve always wanted from me… just in the way I like to do it and the way I never believed you could handle. Screwing me comes with a cost Kyle. Pain for pleasure.” She responded. “If you’re very lucky you might even get to have sex with the woman that was here with me earlier, Jenny, and she is one hot babe. You’re not the first to be here, but, you are the first to not directly ask to be here. Get some sleep Kyle… you will need it for tomorrow.” Michelle finished.

“I can’t sleep like this. It hurts. At least release my nuts… please Michelle.” He pleaded.

Michelle swatted his manhood several more times with the flogger. “That’s Mistress or Mistress Michelle to you now. I advise you to remember that.” She admonished while lashing him and causing him to scream loudly from the pain.

Tears rolled down Kyle’s cheeks and snot filled his nose as the pain wracked the parts men prized above everything else they owned. He was frustrated at his inability to protect himself and the fact that he was showing her signs of liking what she was doing. He didn’t… it hurt and pain was not something he considered to be his friend.

“I will not release your nuts and be glad I nixed the idea of putting nipple clamps on you as I previously planned. Get some sleep Kyle. You have not seen anything yet. We will see if you really want to have sex with me or not.” Michelle said this as she removed her shirt and bra, letting her perfect 34C’s loose and allowing the air to caress them; her nipples stiffening both from the release and the prospects of her catch. It wasn’t long before her pants followed, her underwear being gone since she cum in them and covered Kyle’s face with them.

Michelle spread her legs a little more than shoulder width apart and stretched her arms out from her shoulders; “This is what you want… isn’t it? Well, you have to earn it and the cost can be pretty high. Especially for someone like you… someone that invades someone else’s privacy and shits on their trust. I am pissed Kyle. Extremely pissed! As judge and prosecutor I have decided your sentence to be fairly harsh. Good night Kyle.”

Kyle stared at the woman who’d taken him prisoner. Her naked body was more beautiful than he had ever dreamed, and, he had dreamed of it a lot over the years. Her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed into the shape of a heart. Her thighs appeared to be that of silk. Breasts having not an ounce of sag topped with dark areola’s surrounding perfect nipples standing erect. A belly button ring he had never noticed or been afforded to see glimmering in the light of the overhead fixture. Her long dark hair still showing a silky shine even after a long day since her last wash. Even in his current predicament he was enamored by her and wanted her terribly. His cock paying dearly as he became erect at the sight of her nakedness and his imagination running wild on what he would like to do with her. The idea that she was in control of him not entering into the fantasy.

Kyle watched as Michelle turned away from him and her perfect ass came into view. A huge lump formed in his throat as she; Kyle knew it to be purposefully; bent at the waist and gathered her clothing, giving him a perfect beaver-shot of her perfectly proportioned labia guarding her sex as she did. The pain in his ever-growing member making him wince and groan.

Michelle straightened up and turned off the light, turning her into a silhouette in the light from the other room, removing any distinctiveness of her features from his sight. He heard the door close, and, obviously, locked from the outside.

Michelle went into the other, larger, bedroom. It was festooned with much more bondage devices than the room Kyle currently occupied but was not quite as complete as the basement. However, Michelle was only concerned with one particular furnishing at the moment; the bed. She had pulled a set of sheets from the laundry nook on her way and unfurled the bottom sheet over the soft mattress. She spread the top sheet over the bottom after she fitted the corners but didn’t bother making the bed up completely. She would be in it and messing it up too soon to be fastidious about its making. She pulled a blanket from the top shelf of the closet.

Binding Kyle and disciplining his genitals had made her wet and the thought of him being bound in the room next to hers brought her arousal level up. Not necessarily who she had tied in the next room; she could’ve had him anytime she wanted; but the mere thought of having a male bound in there gave her womanhood the tingles. The knowledge of him; as of this point; being an unwilling participant made her juices leak that much more and the tingle surge through her as if electricity had been applied.

She nestled her fingers between her legs as surely as she had herself between the sheets and writhed between the sheets as much as her fingers did between her lips. She used pictures in her minds-eye of where Kyle will be and what she; and Jenny; would be doing to him for his betrayal of her trust to generate a quick-rising to climax. She slowed her movements to wane off her orgasm, wanting it to build stronger before allowing it to engulf her. Michelle did not want the quickie she gave herself earlier for the sake of wiping her cum in her panties and forcing Kyle to smell her. She wanted a full-out mind-blower of an orgasm. That would only happen if she teased herself through several ebbs and flows of desire prior to unleashing her desire.

Michelle brought herself to the precipices’ edge several times, pulling herself back just before slipping over the crag of ecstasy and into that wonderful chasm of orgasm. By the time she actually let herself teeter and spiral over the edge, her well-practiced and talented fingers had caressed and teased her sex seven times, the last two teases being almost too painful not to complete. The badgering she wracked upon her yearning need paid off as she released a mind-shattering, body-shuddering release of the days tension – starting with that ass-hole Malovic’s groping and fondling of her ass, the aggravation of the traffic during her drive home, and, culminating with finding Kyle making himself at home in her bedroom and dicking with her stuff. The compilation of the events winding her tighter than the rubber-band on a child’s toy airplane; her self-induced relief unwinding as assuredly as the rubber-band once the propeller was released.

Michelle lay panting, her legs shaking convulsively and quite sure that Kyle had heard every moan and scream as she worked herself up to and through her crescendo. She reveled at the thought of him knowing what she was doing and unwelcome to help her.

Before her heart and breathing had completely slowed to their normal paces, Michelle was fast asleep.

“Where’s my fucking waffles?” a mockingly-angry Jenny said smiling down at Michelle; waking her in the process. “You stayed up playing with our toy… didn’t you!?” Jenny said in a joking accusation.

“Actually, I wore myself out playing with myself… thank you!” Michelle replied in the same tone Jenny gave her. “And my need of a shower will testify to it.” She finished.

“The only thing that makes me believe you is the smell of sex in this room. You do need a shower. I’ll start in the kitchen.” Jenny said while holding her nose in an exaggerated mime of repulsion.

“I’ll do that and you do that.” Michelle said laughingly, feeling refreshed from her full night’s sleep separating her from the previous day’s happenings.

“Is it cold outside?” Michelle asked Jenny after finishing her shower and entering the kitchen clad only in her jogging shoes.

“What the hell? … get something on for Pete’s-sake.” Jenny said when she looked at Michelle.

“We brought in the wrapped package but not my duffle of clothes. They’re still in my car.” Michelle rebuked.

“Well shit… watch this and I’ll get your clothes.” Jenny offered, moving away from the steaming iron cooking and browning their breakfast.

“Deal.” Michelle said tossing her keys to her friend; happy to see the coffee-maker was ready for her to pour the two of them a fresh cup of java.

Jenny returned with Michelle’s duffle as Michelle was removing the flat of four waffles from the iron. She poured more batter evenly across the patterned surface and closed the lid. Michelle took her baggage from Jenny and got dressed in the living room.

“Are those for him?” Jenny asked Michelle, nodding towards the second batch of waffles as she forked syrup covered cake from her plate.

“Yeah… I guess we should feed him something. He’s got a long weekend in front of him.” Michelle answered before slipping a bite from her fork.

“You realize that, unlike our other guys, Kyle has us, so far, for false imprisonment and kidnapping? And, as we progress we will be adding battery to the list.” Jenny warned Michelle.

“Actually, he has me for a little sexual battery right now. But, yes… though he won’t tell. Not if I know him the way I think I know him.” Michelle rebutted.

“What makes you so sure of that?” The blonde asked the brunette.

“He’s wanted me since tenth-grade. I will give him want he wants… just on my terms.” Michelle stated assuredly. “He will suffer for his snooping through my stuff and trashing my trust and he will suffer because, as you well know, that is the cost of having sex with me.”

“With us… you mean with us… I’ll be damned if I’m going to be an accomplice in this and not get my just deserves.” Jenny exclaimed.

“Well… I wasn’t going to be presumptuous and include you without knowing you wanted included.” Michelle responded with a snicker. “So, yes… with us.”

The two women finished their simple breakfast and sat drinking their coffee while planning Kyle’s day out for him. They were both quite sure Kyle would not necessarily care for their plans, but they would enjoy themselves immensely at Kyle’s expense.

Kyle lay uncomfortably on the bed, his back looking much like the waffles the women just finished dining upon. The zip-ties cutting into the skin where they were holding him to the bed and his balls aching from being stretched all night. He could hear his two kidnappers talking from the other side of his door but could not make out what they were saying or talking about. He did, however, assume he was, in some form, one of the topics of their conversation. He hoped Michelle had calmed down a little after getting some rest. Kyle had seen her angry before, but never to the extent as she had been last night. He knew she had a temper and once she was angered she didn’t let it subside very quickly… but, he could hope.

Kyle heard the key slide into the deadbolt on the door and watched as the door swung open and revealed the two women silhouetted in the jamb.

“Come on Michelle… I’ve learned my lesson. Please let me go. This bed is killing me.” Kyle begged and complained when his eyes caught Michelle’s.

“You left him un-gagged last night?” The woman whom Kyle didn’t know asked.

“Who’s gonna hear him out here if he did scream? Besides… we had a little understanding about what would happen if he did scream, didn’t we Kyle?” Michelle stated then asked the man bound to the very uncomfortable wire frame.

“I sure did… please get me off of this thing.” Kyle assured and begged again to be released.

“You’re gonna be much more uncomfortable than you are now over this weekend Kyle. I can assure you of that. But yes, we are here to take you off of the bed. I will warn you, you might be able to take one of us down but the two of us would be too much for you and any signs of trying to overpower us will result in even harsher punishment. Do you understand me?” Michelle counseled then inquired.

“Please… I understand that I breeched your trust. Just let me go. I’ve suffered through the night and understand that what I did was wrong. I swear I will never do it again.” Kyle responded in a pathetic plea.

Without giving any response, Michelle used safety scissors to clip the nylon bindings from his elbows, knees, and balls. She slipped the four ties from his cock.

While Michelle was working on the zips Jenny released Kyle’s far ankle from the bed and unlocked the cuff from its anchor point. She fastened a cuff tightly around his cock and balls. Jenny placed ankle irons on Kyle’s ankles and then locked a chain between the steel links on the fetters and the short chain on the shackle around his manhood. The chain would require Kyle to walk with his knees slightly bent to prevent from pulling harshly against the man’s prized possessions.

When Jenny finished with Kyle’s ankles and other parts, both women kept hold of the long chains attached to the cuffs on his wrists and slowly guided him to a sitting position. Michelle placed the hinged cuffs which had been the cause of Kyle’s predicament onto his wrists, trapping his hands securely behind his back. Once his hands were secure they turned him so his feet hung off the side of the bed and prepared him to leave his baneful sleeping spot.

Michelle placed a set of connected clover-style nipple clamps on Kyle’s man nubs and a leash in the middle of the chain. Kyle grunted as each one squeezed his nipples but said no more. Wordlessly, Michelle pulled up and away from Kyle with the leash; causing him to comply without being told what he had to do. Kyle stood.

She led him out of his bedroom cell and out into the living-room. There was a plate of waffles lying on the floor; a cup of coffee with a straw next to it; and Michelle forced him down onto his stomach in front of it. Once down, Jenny placed him into a hogtie using a set of cuffs as he had been the previous night.

“Eat your breakfast. You’ll need the energy.” Michelle quipped.

Eating from a plate on the floor without the use of his hands, in the same fashion as a dog, in front of these two gorgeous but cruel women was an indignity Kyle did not relish; however, the food smelled wonderful and he was hungry. He never had a chance to have dinner last night.

Once he finished eating Michelle allowed him one more cup of coffee before Jenny wiped the sticky syrup from his lips and chin with a wet cloth. When she finished, Michelle shoved the phallus shaped gag into his mouth and placed the leather hood over his head; fastening and locking it into place. Jenny removed the cuffs holding his ankles up to his wrists.

The women helped the silenced, blinded, and shackled man to his feet and Michelle led him down to the basement dungeon by the leash connected to his nipples. Jenny helped steady him as he was led down the steps.

Kyle heard the sliding of a glass patio door and felt the cool, though not too cold, outside air brush against his naked body. He knew the women planned to take him outside while trussed and naked and hesitated slightly. The pulling and extra squeeze upon his nipples ended his hesitation within a couple of seconds however.

Kyle felt himself led down another short set of steps, then, the forested coverings of earth and rocks under his bare feet. He guessed he was led about twenty feet from the steps when he felt his pelvis bump against something that felt wooden and solid.

The chain between Kyle’s cock cuff and leg irons was removed. The cuff around his cock was locked to the wooden structure he had been pressed against. The fetters were removed from his ankles and each ankle placed into a shackle built onto what Kyle could only figure to be a wide inverted ‘V’ at the rear of the edifice. He felt a wooden beam running the length of his torso as he was bent down. The clamp on his right nipple was removed and, he assumed, after being run around the beam was reattached to his throbbing nub once again.

His hands were released from the cuffs and each woman took a wrist and secured them to what felt to be another upside-down ‘V’ and his wrists securely shackled to each leg. He pictured that he must be bound to a very heavy-duty saw-horse. Kyle tried to struggle but found there to be very little movement and what movement he could coax out of his upper body pulled sharply upon the clamps attached to the buds on his chest.

Michelle squirted a fair amount of lube onto her hand and greased Kyle’s asshole very liberally, causing Kyle to mount a much more vigilant offense against his restraints. She spread lube onto the inflatable enema plug and slowly started twisting and pushing it into Kyle’s virgin asshole. She felt him try to tighten his sphincter to stop the invader though she just pushed harder and it continued to slide inside of him. Once fully seated, she pumped the inflation ball until she noticed pulling on the bulb would not result in it being removed.

Jenny attached a hose to the inserts enema tube. The other end of the hose was attached to a one gallon pressurized yard sprayer. The sprayer used air pressure instead of relying on gravity to insure the liquid transferred from the container and into Kyle’s rectum. Inside the plastic container was a light soap and vinegar solution to clean his rectum and intestines out. She pressed the trigger and begun the warm solution to enter him. Kyle howled into his gag from the pain and the mortification of what was happening. She held the flow open as she watched Kyle’s face grimace from the liquid filling his bowels.

While Jenny stopped the flow into him Michelle massaged the sides of Kyle’s lower abdomen, pushing in on his left then his right to force the solution further into his intestines. The women’s goal was to fit the entire one gallon into him to clean him out deeply and completely. As she moved his innards she noticed his anus slowly push out then retract back. When she noticed his sphincter no longer try to push out she nodded to Jenny to begin the flow again.

Kyle felt the pressure exerting itself against the bulb holding the anal plug relax and felt the warm liquid begin being forced inside of him again. It took a little bit of time before it became painful to him again. He had never had an enema before and would not miss it if he never had another. He struggled against the uncompromising restraints holding him to the heavy wooden structure as the pressure once again seemed as if it would become too unbearable to endure. He felt Michelle rock his stomach and intestines back and forth; his innards sporadically releasing the pressure and allowing the liquid to flow further into him.

During the transfer of liquid into his intestines Jenny had to occasionally add more air pressure to the pressure vessel. His abdomen was noticeably larger than its normal flatness. His balls being tugged upon by the cuff locking them to the pony as his full stomach expanded and pressed against the beam and pulled upon them. Kyle, being in obvious discomfort, had both women dampening their panties from the flow of juices from their pussies.

A gurgling of air informed Jenny the whole gallon had been injected into Kyle. The women left the writhing and crying man restrained to the pony and retreated into the house. It was time for them to allow the solution to work upon the vileness of an un-cleansed intestinal tract.

They left him for a little less than an hour. His stomach gurgled and wretched as the liquid found its way into pockets previously unfound. He could taste the vinegar in the solution in his mouth. As he lay there without the girls being anywhere to see him, he tried several times to expel the phallus inflated in his ass. He could tell the bulbous rubber would have to expand his anus much further than it was willing to stretch in order to void it from inside him.

Michelle and Jenny returned to find Kyle still fighting against his restraints; grunting and moaning against the gag filling his mouth. Jenny removed the end of the hose from the sprayer and allowed as much of the dark liquid to flow from the unblocked tube as would, releasing some of the pressure from Kyle’s much expanded waist. When the tube quit spewing, she released the pressure expanding the plug and allowed it to be ejected from within him; along with the liquefied contents of his bowels. Each time he stopped releasing liquid, Michelle rolled his lower abdomen with her hands, allowing additional spurts to get voided.

By the time they finished; after flushing him out three more times with clear water; Kyle was releasing nothing but clear liquid.

They removed him from the pony and guided him to the porch were the house overhung it. Placing leather suspension cuffs on his wrists they hung him from eye-bolts placed into a thick beam. More leather encircled his ankles and his legs were secured wide apart from the same beam as his hands; the cuff locked around his balls secured to a heavy weight to dissuade him trying to struggle much as he hung. They left him hang there to let gravity and bodily functions expel the rest of the contents of his bowels.

After leaving Kyle suspended for an hour and a half, Michelle and Jenny returned to their captive; each lady wielding a flogger. Kyle knew he was exposed and vulnerable the way he was suspended and restrained, but, the strands of leather, knotted at the ends, landing painful strikes against his back and front sides made his helpless exposure much more poignant. As his body continually tightened from each whack the women wrought upon him more liquid expelled from his anus. Kyle felt as if he were a rug being beaten clean.

After the girls flogged Kyle for a half an hour, his front and back sides were bright red and lined with welts. They removed him from his suspended position and moved him inside. They bound him to a pony of the same design he had been on while they cleansed his innards. Once he was helplessly restrained to the wooden structure, both Michelle and Jenny strapped dildos upon their waists.

Michelle removed the hood and dildo gag from Kyle’s head and mouth and placed a large ring-gag in his mouth. The front portion of the pony was designed with a chin support. Michelle placed Kyle’s chin in the support and belted his neck so he could not move his head from the padded well his jaw rested.

Kyle watched in horror as Michelle guided her fitted phallus towards his forcefully gaped maw. She forced the dildo deep into his mouth. Once she was planted in him, Kyle felt his asshole lubed once again. He struggled harder than he had in all his previous attempts to get loose as he knew what he was being greased for. In short order after being lubed, Jenny removed the doubts Kyle did not have, and pushed the phallus belted to her waist into his sphincter. Both women pumped on each end of Kyle as he struggled fervently and futilely against his restraints and their assaults.

Kyle felt mortified by the fact that he was getting his ass reamed. He had never thought of having anal sex where he was on the receiving end and the pain was worse than he had imagined. With each deep thrust Jenny plunder upon him forced an almost involuntary scream upon the dildo defiling his mouth. Michelle quieted each cry with an unstoppable deep throat of her own pelvic thrust. The only solace Kyle found was the deflowering of his virgin asshole and mouth was being wreaked upon him by two beautiful women, though, the consolation was minimal.

Michelle and Jenny assaulted Kyle anally and orally for about a half an hour before pulling away out of and away from him. They left Kyle secured to the pony as they formulated their next plan for him.

The women removed Kyle from the pony and secured him to the large wooden rack centered in the large basement. The iron shackles placed upon his wrists and ankles pulled tightly as Michelle tightened the racks stretching wheel, his body splayed in a tight spread-eagle. Kyle cried out as the metal bindings bit harshly into his skin at the base of his hands and the top of his feet.

Michelle removed the single cuff from around Kyle’s cock and balls and the two of them started to flog him from his nipples to his knees, paying special attention to his flaccid manhood. Kyle’s skin stung and was bright red where the knotted leather tassels struck and left their mark.

Michelle laughed as she looked at the man bound to the large wood slab.

“I hope you’re enjoying sex with me Kyle. It will get better and it will get worse. Pain and pleasure are a harmonious duo in my sexual desires. You’re pain has me pleasured and my panties are just about soaked. We have some nice plans for… HEY! What the hell are you doing?” Michelle delighted in telling Kyle until she felt her arms pulled quickly behind her and handcuffs closed around her wrists.

Jennifer had Michelle’s wrists cuffed and her arms bent up so that her hands were between her shoulder blades before Michelle could register what was happening. In a trice, Michelle’s elbows were pulled together by a leather strap, her breasts being thrust outward. Jenny bent Michelle over the rack, her face pressing against Kyle’s crotch. As Kyle watched Jenny fasten a metal collar around Michelle’s neck and chained her upward bound hands to it, he started to show signs of life as his cock began to swell and stiffen.

Once Jenny had Michelle’s arms secured in a reverse-prayer, she pulled Michelle’s tube top down until it lie around her ankles. Next, Jenny unstrapped the strap-on she had used to fuck Kyle’s mouth and loosened the top of her tight jeans. She worked the denim fabric over Michelle’s shapely ass, pulling her panties down with them.

“This wasn’t the plan!” Michelle complained to Jenny.

“It is now… shut up!” Jenny barked.

“Stop it and let me guuuhhh… ” Michelle tried to demand until Jenny forced a ring gag between her lips and teeth and tightened it deep into her maw.

Jenny, noticing Kyle’s growth, forced Michelle to take Kyle’s growing cock into her mouth and kicked her feet wide apart. Jenny held Michelle on Kyle’s member as she slid the phallus strapped to her waist into Michelle’s wet pussy. Michelle struggled against her friend turned abuser.

“Suck him good. Work that tongue on him.” Jenny demanded as she thrust the strap-on dildo deep inside Michelle’s cum-slickened hole. Kyle moaned as Jenny forced Michelle’s mouth up and down the now full erection between Kyle’s wide spread legs.

Jenny let Michelle straighten up after about thirty good deep thrusts of the dildo strapped to her waist.

Jenny ordered Michelle to climb onto the rack. Michelle refused and Jenny produced a cattle prod and gave Michelle’s ass a jolt.

“Next it’s your asshole!” Jenny stated; making Michelle decide to comply and hike her right knee to the top and lift herself onto it.

“Sit on him.” Jenny demanded.

Michelle straddled Kyle’s body.

“No! Sit ON him!” Jenny ordered. Michelle held fast; sitting on her knees, her vulva resting against Kyle’s lower stomach.

“Aauhh Iiihh” Michelle released as she tried to tell Jenny to stop what she was doing. A zap of the prods electricity upon her right breast made Michelle a little less reluctant to Jenny’s demands.

Kyle felt himself slide into the vaginal opening he had dreamt of entering for so many years. It felt nice and warm, slickened with her juices.

“Fuck him!” Jenny demanded as she held the prod less than an inch from Michelle’s nipple.

Michelle used her legs to slowly move herself up and down Kyle’s cock. Kyle felt every movement she made as she slid up and down his shaft; Kyle somewhat forgetting that he was still at the women’s mercy.

“Stop and extend your legs out!” Jenny ordered.

Leaving Kyle’s cock deep inside her Michelle stretched her legs straight out to the sides of Kyle’s body. Jenny secured shackles on each of Michelle’s ankles and secured them to anchor points of the side of the wooden table.

Jenny secured a thick leather belt around Michelle’s waist, attaching a chain from the D-ring at her back to the foot of the rack; ensuring she could not slide herself up and off of Kyle’s impalement of her. Two more chains on each side assured she could not slide off of him to the side.

Jenny bent Michelle over far enough so she could attach a set of clover clamps between each of their nipples.

“Ok. Kyle. You were wrong for going through Michelle’s private stuff; but, Michelle you were wrong for teasing Kyle for all these years. I will help you get even with Kyle for violating your trust but Kyle gets what you have teased him with for so long. You can both think about what you have done.” Jenny explained to them as Kyle lie tightly strung on his back and Michelle straddled upon him, unable to move enough to get his erect member out of her pussy.

Jenny placed a large round-head vibrator between their pelvises and up tight against Michelle’s clit. She turned the vibrator on medium and left the dungeon under the house and went upstairs.


To be continued… EPL

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