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The Invention 2

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; machine; bond; insert; nipple; caught; F/f; D/s; torment; toys; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part one Part Two

With a sigh, Janine rose from her chair, setting aside the book she’d been trying to read.  Listlessly, she roamed the rooms of her large house.  It was just so boring here, she thought, whenever Kendra was gone.

Unfortunately, her beloved slave seemed to be gone more and more these days.  As one of the most sought after computer and mechanical designers in the country, Kendra was constantly getting requests for her help with some project.  Right now, she was helping NASA with details of the long-awaited replacement for the space shuttles.  As of her last call, she looked to be gone at least another week.

Gradually, her wandering led her to the play room.  There, prominently set in the middle of the room, was The Machine.  With its attendant control panel, it looked like nothing so much as a prop from a cheap mad doctor movie.  However, looks could be deceiving, as Janine well knew.  This device could provide the most maddening teasing, and the most explosive orgasms, ever.

Janine smiled, remembering her first encounter with the device, and how she had accidentally become trapped within it’s grasp.  Eventually, after a tease session that had almost driven her crazy, Kendra had returned home and released her.  But only after she’d had the best orgasm of her life.

Since then, she’d played with the machine on a number of occasions.  After ensuring that Kendra installed a timer, that is, to make sure she could get out when she wanted.  It had helped to pass away many a lonely day.

Absently, Janine’s hand stroked the surface of the platform, now covered in soft leather.  Why this device, and the helpless teasing it forced her to endure, fascinated her so, she couldn’t say.  She was a dedicated Mistress, and had no desire to see the world from the other end of the leash.  Still, she couldn’t deny the pleasure she’d received from this thing.

As she gazed at the machine, Janine noticed some changes.  Apparently, Kendra had been busy with some modifications.  A fourth trap door now decorated the platform.  Also, the lower end of the platform now sported parallel grooves in the shape of a capitol I.  Curious, Janine moved to the control panel.  The foot board had also been largely removed, leaving only a narrow support for each foot.

A quick glance showed new controls had been added.  Unfortunately, Kendra wasn’t a strong believer in labels, so Janine couldn’t tell which control did what.  She knew how to start and stop the thing, how to set the intensity, and how to set the timer.  She had no idea what the other dials and switches did.

Grinning at a sudden thought, Janine quickly flipped the switch that activated the device.  Setting the intensity at Delayed Orgasm, she set the timer at Random: 1-3000.  Then removing her clothes, she stepped to the platform.  Stretching herself out, she placed the gag between her lips, then slipped her limbs into the straps.  As her left wrist covered the final eye, the straps tightened.  Janine moaned as she awaited the machine’s next move.

In what seemed like no time, her pussy was being filled by the rotating, vibrating dildo, her nipples firmly clamped, and Janine found herself fast sinking into a sea of helpless arousal.

The sudden removal of the dildo caused her to focus on the mirror mounted overhead.  Frustrated, she watched as the dildo lifted away from her.  Wondering if this was some new facet to the torment, she watched, her eyes widening as the fourth panel opened.

From beneath that panel rose a butt plug.  As Janine watched helplessly, the plug rose on its arm, oriented itself, then slowly inserted itself into her pussy.  Surprised by this new development, as well as the girth of the new intruder, she writhed helplessly as the plug rotated within her.  A frustrated groan, marked its removal after several agonizingly wonderful seconds.

As the plug lowered itself toward its panel, her view was suddenly blocked, the dildo now resuming its place within her.  Sight wasn’t required for understanding, though, as she felt the tip of the plug push its way between the cheeks of her ass.  Liberally coated with her own juices, the plug easily parted her cheeks and began easing its way into her ass.  Janine groaned loudly as she felt herself stretched by this new intruder.  Her sigh of relief as her asshole closed around the smaller base was nearly as loud.

Now thoroughly filled, Janine soon found herself writhing uncontrollably under the relentless assault of the machine.  The dildo fucked her methodically, rotating and occasionally vibrating to increase her arousal.  The clamps on her nipples also randomly vibrated.  Even the butt plug vibrated now and then.  Altogether, it was enough to keep her poised on the very brink of what promised to be an explosive, maybe even nuclear, orgasm.

“What’s going on?”  Rolling her eyes, Janine saw Kendra standing in the playroom door.  Kendra?  But she wasn’t supposed to be home for another week!  Her next words soon dispelled this mystery.

“I don’t believe this.”  Kendra sounded exasperated, if not actually angry.  “I told you I’d be gone longer than I planned, just so I could come home and surprise you.  And what do I find when I get here?  You, playing without me.  Again.”  Seeing Janine’s eyes widen at her words, Kendra smiled and approached the platform.

“I didn’t think to tell you, Mistress, but every use is logged into the computer.  It records its every action, plus the responses of the person on the platform.  Then I go over the records to see if there’s any way to improve things.”

Kendra gestured toward the overhead mirror.  “There’s cameras hidden behind that, so there’s also a visual record.  I’ve watched every one of the sessions you’ve had when I’ve been gone.”

Frowning, Kendra crossed her arms beneath her own generous breasts.  “I don’t think its fair, Mistress.  I go without the whole time I’m gone, just to save myself for your pleasure.  Why can’t you save yourself for me?”

Janine tried to respond, but the gag made her words unintelligible.  Shaking her head, Kendra stepped over and glanced at the controls, only to lean in for a closer look, her own eyes widening.

“Do you have any idea what you put yourself in for?” she asked.  “The timer is set for 1-3000 minutes.”

3000 minutes?  Janine’s now lust-fogged mind struggled with the math.  That would be about…….

“Fifty hours,” Kendra supplied the answer.  “Or a little over two days.  And on this setting, you wouldn’t be allowed to cum until the very end.  If the timer maxes out, think you can handle two days of this?”

Stunned, Janine began tugging at her bonds, hoping Kendra would understand her desire to be released.

“Oh, no,” Kendra said softly, “not this time.  The last two times I had to go out of town, you were too exhausted when I came home to play with me.  And all because you can’t keep from playing with this.  That’s not fair to me.”

Reaching to the panel, Kendra adjusted a control.  Suddenly, the dildo once  more pulled itself from within Janine’s drenched pussy.  Moaning her frustration, she watched the dildo vanish beneath its panel, which immediately closed.

Kendra next turned her attention to another control, and Janine felt her feet moving.  Eyes widening, she watched as the small boards her feet rested on moved along the parallel grooves, halting only when her feet were side by side.  The boards then began moving along the boards, began moving along the next set of grooves, rising slightly as they did so.  Unable to resist, Janine felt her knees bending as her feet moved closer to her body.  By the time they stopped, her heels nearly touched her ass.  Finally, the boards followed the last set of grooves, drawing her feet apart once more.

Struggling against her new, seemingly even more vulnerable position, Janine watched helplessly as the dildo emerged once more from its panel to once more fill her pussy.  Moaning loudly, Janine cast her eyes desperately toward the panel, only to see Kendra turn toward the door.

“Since you seem to enjoy this thing more than me,” she said, “I’ll leave you to your fun.  Oh, by the way, the timer is now maxed, and the machine is set for Orgasm Denial.  Enjoy.”  And with those words, Kendra left the room, closing the door firmly behind her.

Desperately, Janine threw herself against her bonds, but it was no use.  Worse, the continued multiple attentions she was receiving were quickly making coherent thought very difficult.  Defeated, she slumped into her bonds, only to find that her body refused to remain still.  Driven by her ever increasing need, her body writhed in its bonds, thrusting itself against the intruders that teased her so mercilessly.

Time soon lost all meaning to the helplessly aroused woman.  Eventually, her body grew still, muscles able only to twitch feebly as she endured a slowly increasing sensual overload.

Suddenly, all assault on her body ceased.  Janine’s eyes, which had closed at some point, flew open, only to see all four panels closing over their now hidden tormenters.  At her side stood Kendra, and the sight of her immediately brought a flood of muffled pleas from her gagged mouth, pleas which brought no response from Kendra.

“Do you have any idea,” she asked instead, “exactly how much I love you?”  Stunned at these words, Janine could only listen in helpless silence.

“I would give anything for you,” Kendra went on, “anything at all.  I have given you my body, my heart, and my soul.  And I work my ass off so you can remain comfortably at home, as a Mistress should be.”

At these words, Janine suddenly remember that it had been Kendra’s idea for her to quit her own job, the two of them supported by the very lucrative payments Kendra received for assisting with those projects she was asked to.  Kendra had indeed worked very hard to provide for her, she realized with a sudden sense of shame.  Seeming not to notice the new timbre to the flush on Janine’s face, Kendra continued her tirade.

“Nobody has touched me since I knelt to you,” she said hotly.  “Hell, I won’t even touch myself unless you’re there to command it, or to give me permission.  All those long trips, craving you so bad there were even days I had trouble working.  All I could think about was you, and what you would do to me when I got home.”

“But you!  You don’t seem able to go more than a day without being pleasured.  And if I’m not here to do it for you, you find a different toy to do the job.  Is that all I am to you?  Another toy for your pleasure?”

Moisture suddenly began leaking from Janine’s eyes, even as desperate sounds began leaking from behind the gag in her mouth.  Eyes pleading, she stared up at Kendra, struggling to make herself understood.  For a moment, Kendra simply watched, then she stepped to the panel and worked a control.  Janine felt the straps holding her gag in place loosen.  Kendra stepped back to the platform, then pulled the gag from her mouth, letting it rest on her heaving chest.

“Oh Kendra!” she cried, gasping.  “I’m so sorry…… I can’t…… can’t think…… need……. need to cum….. need you more…… please!….. don’t leave me!”

“Didn’t you once tell me,” Kendra asked mildly, “that, before a Mistress can truly control her slave, she must first be able to control herself?”  At Janine’s gasping nod, she smiled.  “Well,” she went on, “who controls who now.”

“You!” Janine gasped.  “You….. control!”

Suddenly, a new light seemed to ignite within the bound woman’s eyes.  Her body, tensed to iron hardness by her need, seemed to go limp.

“You control,” she said, her voice suddenly sounding almost normal.  In her eyes, her desperate need showed plainly, seemingly held in check now as something stronger entered her gaze.  “You control, Mistress,” she said softly.  “Punish me, Mistress, please.  Punish me for hurting the one I love with all my heart and soul.”

Kendra gazed down silently for a moment, then she turned away, but not to the control panel.  Instead, she quickly removed her clothing, then reached into one of the cabinets that lined the walls.  When she turned back toward Janine, she wore only a strapon.

“I think”, she said, stepping to the controls, “that you’ve already been punished enough.”  She touched a control, and the platform rotated to lie flat.  Janine watched her reflection in the mirror as she climbed onto the platform, her view suddenly blocked when Kendra’s face loomed over hers.

“I would never leave you, my love,” she said softly, lowering her hips until the tip of the strapon touched Janine’s pussy.  “I just think I deserve some consideration, that is all.”  Smiling, she lowered her lips to Janine’s, their kiss muffling the sudden deep moan as she thrust strongly with her hips, filling the bound woman yet again.  For long moments, her hips moved in a slow, steady rhythm, then she halted, poised.

“Cum for me,” she said softly, “cum long, cum hard, cum until you can’t come any more.”  With these words, her hips resumed their motion, now thrusting hard and fast into the helpless woman beneath her.

At these words, Janine’s body exploded.  Wave after mind-shattering wave coursed through her as her pent up need exploded into release.  Slowly, the waves began to recede, only to grow once more as Kendra’s hips continued to thrust, driving the strapon deep inside her.  In all, four massive orgasms crashed through her before she fell limp, her body trembling, occasional spasms shaking her as aftershocks from her orgasms continued to strike.

For long moments, she lay limp, eyes closed.  Then, slowly, her eyes opened to gaze up at the face that hovered over her.  Her lips moved silently, then, as if from somewhere deep within herself, she brought forth a faint whisper.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“For what, my love?”  Lovingly stroking the head that rested on her shoulder, Janine lay relaxed in the center of her huge bed, Kendra wrapped in her arms.

“For not being mad at me for what I did to you,” Kendra replied.

For a moment, Janine lay silently staring at the ceiling.  “You did nothing wrong, my love,” she finally said.  “I was wrong, so terribly wrong, and I’m only sorry it went as far as it did.  It terrifies me to think how easily I could have lost you over this.”

Kendra’s body tensed within the circle of Janine’s arms.  “Never!” she vowed adamantly.  “I would never leave you!  Not unless you sent me away!”

“Which I will never do,” Janine vowed in return, tightening her arms around Kendra’s body.  For a moment, the two lay quietly, then Janine’s voice broke the silence.

“Things will be different from now on,” she promised.  “Whenever you’re home, I will treat you like the perfect slave you are, and I will love and reward you often.  And when you’re gone…..”

“Yes Mistress?”

Janine smiled softly.  “When  you’re gone, I will wait patiently for your return.”  Gently, she kissed the top of the head on her shoulder.  “I will wait until you come home, in hopes that my Mistress will reward me as well.”



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