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Lakeside 5: Wednesday-Fisher Folk 2

by Don Whosis

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© Copyright 2010 - Don Whosis - Used by permission

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continued from part 4

Part 5: Wednesday-Fisher Folk 2

After breakfast Jane exchanged the lock on my ankles for the nine-inch hobble chain so I could get around a little easier and changed my wrist lock to a six-inch chain in front.  We sort of cleaned and straightened up the place and I made sure we still had plenty of bait and hooks in the shed for the trotline.  We went down to the middle cove and I collected firewood for the fish fry and made three trips to bring it back to the cabin.  By then it was lunchtime and afterwards we just stayed around the cabin area doing nothing.

Along about three o'clock we heard a boat pulling into the cove and in a little bit John, Marge, Andy and Ann came walking up the path.  We greeted them and talked a little about the weather and what we each had done all week and then got to the subject of running the trotline.  I got the hooks and bait from the shed, showed John and Andy how to bait a hook and we very quickly had the sixteen needed for the line.  I suggested we use our little boat because it was easier to reach the water than in theirs but it would only accommodate four people.  The girls all said, why don't you guys do it.  I asked Jane for the key and we went down to the dock where I took off my chains and cuffs.  John asked if I was serious about him going naked and I said sure.  So he turned around, hesitated and then pulled his swimsuit off, he had a skimpy Speedo that you would use to play water volleyball or dive. 

When he turned back around he had an erection and asked how did I manage to avoid one.  I told him I didn't always, and everyone understood it was a guy thing, but I tried not to think about it and I also placed my clothes where they weren't easily accessible so I wouldn't be thinking about getting and putting them on all the time.  For example ALL my clothes were locked in our RV on the top of the hill.  I suggested he throw his swim suit over in his boat and let's get on with baiting the trotline.  He did and we did.  I showed them how we located the line on shore, picked it up and put a baited hook on each swivel.  We then went back to the dock, secured the boat and I put my cuffs and chains back on; a nine-inch hobble and a three-inch wrist connection with my hands in back.  We walked back to the cabin area and Marge did not seem surprised that John was naked, his erection was gone by now, but Ann seemed to be somewhat flustered by it.

Marge and Ann said they had gone to the store and got cabbage to make slaw and did we like a sweet dressing.  Jane said either way but just plain Mayo was good to us.  We suggested they come around nine or a little after in the morning so we could run the trotline and get the fish before the turtles got them.  Then we could just kill time until about noon, clean the fish and get them fried and eat probably around two if that was OK by them.  It was now about five o'clock and they needed to be getting back as it was about a half hour run to where they were staying.  We walked with them back to their boat and John got them backed out and headed out to the main channel and he had still not put on his suit.  I wondered if he was going naked all the way back.

We had dinner; with my hands in front I could feed myself, and then just sat out 'til dark.  We slept under the stars again only I was more comfortable this time with a longer hobble and hands in front.

Thursday-Fisher Folk 3

We were up with the sun again and got breakfast out of the way.  A couple of hours later, a little before nine, we heard the boat and our fisher friends came walking up the path.  John was naked and Marge said he had been since they left yesterday.  I told him what the sheriff had told me, that it was OK to be naked on private land and in our large cove, but out on the main lake if someone complained he would have to take action; that is, after he found them, he would have to write a ticket which could run from twenty five to a hundred dollars depending on how severe the complaint was.  John said he had left all his clothes back at their cabin but he would be careful on the lake to either sit or throw something over his lap if they saw anyone else.  The girls had brought two big bowls, which they carried to the cabin and put in the fridge.

At that we got ready to "run the trotline."  I took off my chains and cuffs and put a couple of buckets of water in the bait/live box in the middle of the boat.  John and Andy and I went out to the trotline, picked up the end and started removing the empty hooks until we came to the first fish, which was about eighteen inches long.  I detached the leader on the hook from the trotline swivel and threw the fish in the live box.  Then a couple of more hooks down the line we had a fish around two and a half feet.  We unhooked him and threw him in the box.  A few more hooks down we got a nice three footer and put him in the box.  Toward the end of the line we got another large guy and I put him in the box and threw the little one back.  We ran the rest of the line to take the hooks off and headed back to the dock.  John and I carried the fish (Andy wouldn't touch one) back to the live box in the pond. 

I put my cuffs and chains, nine-inches and three-inches in front, back on and we decided to play some horseshoes.  Guess what?  With hobbles you can't take a good step up to the stake and with your hands together you can't make a good swing with the shoe, so we gave up on that sport.  John wanted to know if I water-skied and I told him the last time was over ten years ago.  The girls didn't want to ski so the three of us boys went out in their big boat, after I took off my cuffs.  I was first in the water and it took me about three times to get up on the skis but then I was good to go.  John made a spin around the cove and then headed for the main lake.  I waved, meaning No! No! But he kept going.  Fortunately there was no one else around and after a big swing he headed back to the cove and I dismounted.  I gave John "what for" for taking me out in the lake like that and he said he was sorry.  Andy then drove while John skied and then when it was Andy's turn he said he didn't really feel like it, I suspect he wasn't too good at it or maybe never had skied before.  We headed back because it was time to start the fire and clean the fish.

Because we would be working with sharp instruments I was allowed to wear just my ankle cuffs with a nine-inch hobble.  John said I had mentioned awhile back that I had extra cuffs, chains and locks and could he borrow a set for his legs.  I said sure and went to the cabin and got four cuffs, locks and an assortment of chains.  He opted to try a twelve-inch hobble and put them on.  We laid the driftwood in the fire pit and got it started and then went to the live box and I got the biggest fish out, carried him back to the table and hung him by his mouth from a nail in the closest tree.  I then hit him in the head with a bat and showed John how to cut the fins off and skin him.  On the table I slit his stomach open and threw the guts and head into a bucket, which would later be dumped in the lake for the turtles.  I had Jane fillet the fish because she was much better at it than I was.  Then John had a try at it with the smaller of the two remaining fish.  He did a fairly good job at cleaning but kind of botched the filleting.  We got the next fish and he cleaned it but let Jane do the filleting.  By this time the fire was going good and we put a grill made from reinforcing rod on it and put a huge cast iron skillet on the grill.  Jane poured some oil in the skillet, battered the fish with egg and milk and rolled them in cornmeal and dropped them in the skillet.  It doesn't take long and soon we had a huge platter of fried catfish ready to eat.  While Marge went in the cabin and came back with a big bowl of slaw I asked John if he would like to eat with wrist cuffs on.  I was putting mine on with a three-inch chain and he put a pair on with a six-inch chain.  After we all had had our fill of fish, Ann went to the cabin and brought out another bowl, which had brownies that they had picked up at the bakery in town.  After that we just sprawled on the ground or the lounge chairs and chatted awhile.

Pretty soon John wanted to know what the cargo straps in the trees were for.  I said guess and he thought maybe for hanging coyotes or geese while cleaning them.  I said, "Nope" and Marge guessed we hung a sheet between them to show movies.  "Nope." 

Nobody else guessed and I said, "Notice there are also straps at the bottom of the trees.  The top ones are to hang me by when I get wet and the bottom ones to stretch me out so I won't shrink as I dry." 

John said, "Seriously, Don, what are they for?" 

So I said, "Well, OK, I don't shrink when I get wet but the rest was true." 

John, "C'mon Don." 

Don, "Really, you want to try them?" 

John, "Not without a demo first." 

So I asked Jane for the keys and took my chains off.  I went over to the trees, locked my ankle cuffs to the bottom straps, pulled them as tight as I could, locked my left cuff to the left strap and motioned for Jane to lock my right cuff to its' strap.  Then she pulled both upper straps as tight as she could and kicked my feet away from each other so she could tighten the bottom straps.  Then I said to John, "Believe me now?  Last time I was hung like this Jane beat me up.  She punched me in the belly, pounded me with her fists, squeezed my balls, tickled me endlessly, bit me and then put her finger on my chest and said 'I can do anything I want to you and you can't do a damn thing about it, but I love you so I'd never hurt you.'  And John, you remember the conversation we had at the dock yesterday when we were getting ready to bait the trotline, well it happens."  (I had a huge erection and the cock ring was not going to let it go down anytime soon.) 

Jane started tickling me and then asked John if he wanted to trade places with me.  He allowed as how it might be fun for a few minutes.  Jane unlocked me, handed the keys to John so he could remove his chains and I told him to fix his feet first and pull them as tight as he could.  In the meantime, I put my chains back on, six-inch hobble and three inch between wrists in back which kept my erection in full view.  John had trouble locking his left wrist in place so I told Marge to take the locks and do up his hands.  Jane then showed her how to pull the straps for maximum effect and John was hung just like I had been.  I took the keys back from Marge and said to Ann and Andy "Let's go down to the beach and leave these two alone for awhile." 

We got down to the beach where we had first met last week and began looking for strange pieces of driftwood.  We had wandered quite some distance when Marge came running down and told us John wanted loose and he was really urgent about it.  I said, "What did you do to him?"  Her face turned bright red and she just said to hurry and get him down.  So we hurried as fast as we could with my six-inch hobbles.  When we got back John was struggling to get loose and yelling "Get me out of here!"  I gave Marge the keys and she tried to unlock his right hand but he was struggling so much she dropped the keys.  She picked them up and told Jane to unlock John. 

I said, "No, Marge, you have to do it." 

She tried again but he wouldn’t hold still so she put the keys in his hand and said, "OK, you do it smarty."  That seemed to settle him down and he let her unlock him.  Then she did the other hand and he grabbed her in a big bear hug, feet still spread wide but with a limp dick, and between kisses told her how much he loved her and thanked her for freeing him.  I suggested he undo his feet and go jump in the pond to cool down.  When he came back he was a little more normal and said, "Wow, that was an intense experience!" 

I asked if he wanted to do it again right now and he said "Yes, but No."  I knew what he meant, "been there, done that."  Jane said why didn't I get locked up again.  So I did, my erection had finally gone down but when she clicked that last lock it came back to full attention.  She sat down at my feet and kept tickling my toes and running her fingernails up and down the inside of my thighs to keep me wound up.  We talked about lots of things, why they had been transferred to the Midwest.  We exchanged addresses and telephone numbers and asked if they had ever been to California and if they ever got that far to give us a ring and we'd try to get together.  We talked for maybe two hours and as it was getting late they had to leave to get back before dark.  Marge and Ann came over and gave me a hug and thanked us for the fun day.  John and Andy tried to shake my hand but ended up giving me a hug, too.  John said he especially had a good time and thanked me for all I had shown him.  I said be careful out there on the lake and they took off down the path for their boat leaving me still hung up, naked, helpless and erect.

Jane and I talked about what had happened that afternoon and I thought Marge had either given John a blowjob or a hand job, because his erection was completely gone when we got back and he was acting just like I would feel in similar circumstances.  Also, Marge's face had gone scarlet when I asked her what she had done to him?  In fact, it wasn't fifteen minutes later that I was begging to be free for the same reason.  But Jane knows me well and wouldn't let me go for another half hour at which time I needed to jump in the pond to cool down.

Nothing much happened on Friday.  We cleaned up from the party the day before.  Got the skillet and all the dishes cleaned and put away and policed the grounds.  We cleaned all the hooks that had been used on the trotline and put them away.  On Saturday our fishing friends showed up early in the afternoon, John was still naked, just to say thank you and goodbye as they were leaving the next day.  We said we were planning to leave on Monday but if the predicted rain came tonight we might be delayed for a day or two to let our road dry.

In the next episode you learn it did rain and our departure was delayed.


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