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Lakeside 4: Tuesday-Cop Check 2

by Don Whosis

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© Copyright 2010 - Don Whosis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chain; collar; naked; outdoors; F/m; bond; tease; susp; true; cons; X

continued from part 3

Part 4: Tuesday-Cop Check 2

Tuesday morning we woke with the sun and found ourselves both naked in the great outdoors.  Jane ran for the cabin and got a shirt and shorts on while I relieved myself and then I went to the cabin to get my chains on.  I didn't figure on doing anything energetic today so I put my leg chains triple up, or with a six-inch hobble, and my wrist chains with three-inch slack, as that is as short as I can do by myself, behind my back.  Jane fixed muffins for breakfast and hand fed me mine. 

I realized it had been almost a week since we had the propane tank filled and I wondered how much gas was left, after all Jane would be baking and, if needed, I had to call today to get on the delivery schedule.  I also really wanted a challenge so I asked Jane if she would lock my hands like yesterday, with the cuffs chained to my cock ring.  Now with the six-inch hobble, climbing the hill would be my challenge.  I started out and fell a few times on the way.  Getting back up is a real problem with no hands and such a short hobble, but I always found a tree to back up to and inch my way back to a standing position.  At the top I checked the gas gauge, tapped it with a knuckle and checked it again.  Seems we would have plenty of gas for the rest of the week.  I then thought while I was here I would go check the RV and Jeep. 

Hobbling across the clearing, I found something to trip on and I went down.  Now this is a problem, there were no trees or other uprights within twenty-five feet and I found I couldn't scoot on my butt because of the way my hands were bound.  So I decided to roll.  I finally managed to get to a tree and to a standing position.  I checked out the vehicles and instead of going back across the clearing I went around the edge where a tree was never far away.  Going down the hill was far more difficult than coming up for some reason and I fell a number of times before getting back to the bottom.  I decided this was a challenge I would forgo in the future.

We spent the rest of the day just lounging around and doing nothing.  We had dinner and walked down to the boat dock and back, me still with the six-inch hobble and hands locked and chained to my ring.  Jane went down to the pond, shed her clothes and went for a splash.  When she got back she dried off and went in the cabin for fresh shorts and shirt.  I said I'd like a swim also and she unlocked my hands, I unlocked my feet, removed my cuffs and went for my splash. 

When I came back Jane said, "Don't use my towel!" 

I said, "OK, why don't we just hang me up to dry?" 

Jane, "OK, but no games like yesterday." 

So I put my cuffs back on and picked up four locks and went over to the trees and locked my ankles to the bottom cargo straps and my left hand to the higher up strap.  Jane came over and locked my right hand to its strap and then pulled everything tight.  It was just beginning to get dark so Jane turned on the electric street light (she can't reach the gas lamp), got her puzzle book and flopped down on the mattress that was still out from last night.  She observed she only had six or seven to go to finish the book and she could probably do them tonight in three or four hours.  I took that to mean I was hung up 'til then. 

That reminded me of the time a couple of years ago when I was spread eagled and naked at home and my daughter came in and said she and mother were going to the store and did I want anything.  (See Caught 3 by Don.)  Being blindfolded and ball gagged and not wanting to play twenty questions, I just shook my head no.  She said OK, tightened all my tethers and said they'd be back in a half hour or so.  Three hours later they returned and explained they had gone on to the mall and had forgotten all about me.  Needless to say I was still where they left me. 

Jane said, "Oops, forgot a pen" and went into the cabin.  When she came back her shorts were missing and all she had on was a long tee shirt.  She said, "If the view bothered me she could arrange a blindfold for me." 

I said, "No, that's OK, I'll just hang here and enjoy looking at my beautiful wife." 

An hour or so later we heard a boat motor out on the lake and a few minutes later our friend, the sheriff came walking up the path from the dock.  Jane jumped up and said, "I'll be right back" and ran for the cabin.  When she came back she had her shorts back on, so I guess the teasing game was strictly for me.

I told the sheriff I didn't think he needed to worry about his personal safety tonight, as I didn't have any concealed weapons on me.  He turned on his flashlight and came over to examine my bonds and said, "Yeah, I think you're not a threat right now."  He wanted to know how I got out of my predicament when I wanted to and I told him only Jane could get me loose as she has the key.  He asked how our week had been and we gave him a synopsis of activities.  He had heard from the propane man at the last chamber of commerce meeting about the naked guy in chains at Ron's place.  I thought, Uh Oh, the story is all over town, but he said no, it was a private conversation between the two of then.  He stayed for about a half hour and then had to get back on patrol.

Jane worked crosswords for another couple of hours and then gave up.  By this time I figured I had been "hung up" for almost four hours but really wasn't feeling any pain.  Jane asked if I wanted to be released for the night or if I wanted to sleep where I was.  I opted for release, so she unlocked me from the tethers and then locked my hands and ankles together with the middle of an eighteen-inch chain locked to my wrist cuffs and one end locked to my ring.  I found a tree to water (have you ever tried to take a leak with your hands and feet tied and not get splashed or dribbled on; try it in the shower sometime?)  When I came to bed I lay down on my stomach and Jane took the other end of the chain attached to my wrists and used about six-inches of it to attach to my ankle cuffs.  Now I was very neatly and securely hogtied so she turned over to go to sleep but let me turn on my side and cuddle up to her.  We spent the night that way and when the sun woke us she very graciously unlocked the chain to my feet.

The next episode of this tale involves the fisher folk coming to learn to bait a trotline and John learning to go naked in the outdoors.


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