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Lakeside 6: Sunday-Rain Rumbles

by Don Whosis

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© Copyright 2010 - Don Whosis - Used by permission

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continued from part 5

Part 6: Sunday-Rain Rumbles

Yesterday afternoon it had been hot and humid with the temperature over one hundred degrees and the humidity close to that.  The clouds started gathering late in the day and by ten o'clock the temperature had dropped maybe ten degrees.  When we went to bed I had put my six-inch hobbles on and Jane had locked my hands together and put the chain to my cock ring on me.  I was getting to where I kind of liked this arrangement.  Jane put on a long tee shirt for a nighty and we turned in.  About midnight I woke to thunder rumbles in the distance and the pitter-patter of light rain on the roof.  I woke Jane and we went to the front door, turned on the street light, the light switch was inside the cabin, and watched the rain falling.  We could see reflections of lightning on the clouds.  Jane said, "Let's walk down to the beach and see if we can see the lightning strikes." 

That was OK with me so she grabbed the flashlight, took off her tee shirt and away we went.  It was pretty slow going with my hobbles, but it was still warm and we were in no hurry.  We walked to the big cove's beach where we could see a large expanse of lake and, sure enough, we could see lightning strikes on the other side of the lake.  As we watched, we noticed the lightning was getting closer and the rain getting a little heavier.  The wind came up and we decided to head back to the cabin.  We had gone less than fifty feet when it just started pouring.  Not many minutes after it began to hail and really blow.  I told Jane to hurry on back to the cabin and get out of this stuff and I would come as quick as I could. 

Maybe five minutes later I saw a light bobbing down the path in front of me.  It was Jane with a big piece of cardboard held over her head in one hand and the flashlight in the other.  When she got to me she held the cardboard over both of us, put her other arm tight around me with the flashlight in her hand and we went as fast as I could go for the cabin.  When we got there, she just left the cardboard outside, got her towel and started rubbing me down.  I thought the towel was hers and I couldn't use it.  She said that was right and she was using HER towel the way SHE wanted to.  After I was dry she used it on herself and put her tee shirt back on and we both cuddled together on the bed to get warm.  What with getting warm and cozy and listening to the rain on the roof, we were soon sound asleep.

We slept late the next morning, having been maybe two o'clock when we finally got to sleep.  The rain had stopped but it was still cloudy.  We had breakfast and were trying to think of something to do.  Finally Jane suggested we might walk out to the duck blind.  It was on the point of land furthest out on the property and there was a rudimentary and certainly overgrown path out to it.  This was OK with me but I didn't want to go that far with my six-inch hobble so Jane got the keys and changed it to the eighteen-inch setting.  She had put on her skimpy bikini and when we were ready she took the leash and instead of just clipping it to my ring she fastened it with a lock.  It was certainly not coming off with my hands locked to my ring also.  She then wrapped the other end of the leash around her wrist and locked it on.  She put the keys back on the light pole and we were fastened together with about three feet of chain between us 'til we got back.  We set out across the pond's dam and followed the path into the woods.  It took us more than an hour to reach the blind and after we got there we found it to be in pretty bad shape.  Being lashed up the way I was there was no way we were going to do repairs so we headed back.  I was glad I had been going barefoot for the past two weeks because it had toughened the soles of my feet so they weren't bothering me.  We both had quite a few scratches from the brush because Jane's bikini didn't protect her much more than my nakedness.

We had lunch and just sat around for an hour or so.  I suggested we go for a swim in the lake because we had only been able to paddle around in the pond due to its being so shallow.  Jane liked the idea, got the keys and took all the locks off of both of us.  I even got to remove my cuffs for a while.  I noticed that they were leaving marks where I had tanned everywhere except where they had been.  Might be hard to explain when we got to civilization.  We went down to the boat dock, dove in and swam almost all the way across the cove before turning back.  We headed back to the cabin and Jane dried herself off with the towel but I got to air dry.  Fortunately the temperature had gotten back up in the nineties again.  She put me back in my chains with about a three-inch hobble and my hands locked together and then attached to my cock ring again.

We spent the rest of the day pretty much doing nothing, had a light dinner and went in before the dew started settling.  I was lying on the couch beside Jane as she was working on her cross words and tickling her with my toes.  She didn't say a word, but got up and came back with a six-inch chain and lock and proceeded to fasten my feet to my hands leaving me in a fairly tight hog-tie.  I spent the rest of the evening that way and when she was ready for bed I begged her to undo me so I could go outside for a minute.  As soon as I was back and in bed the lock and chain went right back on and I slept hog-tied that night.

Monday-Cop Check 3

Monday was a bright and sunny day.  We got up, had breakfast and started packing things up so we could leave tomorrow.  I was allowed to have my chains off so we could get the boat motor off the boat and into the shed and then put the boat up on the trestles where it stayed.  I got the cargo straps from the trees and put the boat cover on and tied it down with the straps.  We pretty well policed the area and put everything away we had gotten out, such as the lounge chairs and the fish cleaning tools, etc.  After lunch I took a walk up the hill to see what condition the road was in.  Except for a couple of wash outs that I fixed with rocks and a couple of slick muddy spots it was still in pretty good shape; no trees down.  We spent the rest of the day just lazing about, had dinner and cleaned up the cabin so we could leave first thing tommorow morning.

Tuesday-Cop Check 3

During the night the clouds came back in and there was a light drizzle.  This postponed our departure at least 'til Thursday unless the sun came out pretty quick and started drying things out.  We stayed pretty much indoors as the light rain kept up all day.  That afternoon, Jane suggested I could remove my chains and get clothes on as the two week challenge was up.  I said, "Thanks but, no thanks, I would probably feel naked without my chains and I really liked being without clothes." 

I did put my chains on in front so I could feed myself and work logic puzzles which I had neglected for the past two weeks.  I went part way up the hill once just to find out it really was too wet to drive.  We kind of napped through the afternoon and as we didn't want to walk up the hill to get the Jeep so we could go out to dinner, we fixed frozen dinners in the microwave.  We called Ron that evening, gave him a report on conditions and told him we had relly enjoyed the stay, would write him later and would probably be leaving Thursday if the weather cooperated.  We talked about our plans and decided I would carry boxes of our stuff up tomorrow and we would sleep in the RV tomorrow night so we could really get away on Thursday. 

Because it was to be our last night in the cabin, I wanted to be chained up really, really tight.  I locked my ankles together with no slack and turned over so Jane could lock my wrists.  She also put the nine-inch chain from my wrists to my cockring on me and then locked my ankle and wrist cuffs together.  As I said earlier, I don't like to be hog tied and laying on my stomach as it hurts my back being bent that direction, so I managed to cross my ankles and flip over on my back.  This is pretty comfortable for me but it does leave everything exposed and available for mischief and I'm sure I could not sleep this restricted, but that was a problem for later. 

About nine thirty there was a knock on the door, we had left it open with just the screen door closed to keep out bugs, "Sheriff's deputies, may we come in out of the rain?"  We said, "Sure" and in came our deputy friend with Melissa, his partner.  Melissa didn't seem a bit surprised to see me on my back with my feet tucked up under me and my knees spread wide with a fairly big erection. 

I said, "Well you've caught me again with no way to threaten you.  One of these days ...." 

The deputy explained that Melissa had been with him on both previous visits but stayed out of sight for safety reasons.  Tonight they felt pretty comfortable with us and it was wet out and so she joined him.  He thought we would be gone by now but we told him that with the rain we didn't want to bring the Jeep down the hill, but we would definitely be walking out tomorrow, sleeping top side and gone by Thursday.

In the next episode we pack and walk everything up the hill and meet the propane man again.


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