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Lakeside 7: Wednesday-Propane Problem 2

by Don Whosis

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continued from part 6

Part 7: Wednesday-Propane Problem 2

Jane had removed the lock between my wrist and ankles before we turned in for the night so I was able to hop and jump outdoors.  It was raining very lightly by bedtime and she dried me down on my return.

The next morning I was up early and went out.  The rain had stopped but everything was wet and it was still pretty much overcast.  I let Jane sleep 'til she woke up.  She unlocked my cuffs and I put on a nine-inch hobble and a twelve-inch chain between my hands.  We had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and started packing the things to go up the hill.  We ended up with three boxes.  I checked that the boats and shed were secured and picked up one of the boxes and started up the hill.  When I got there I unlocked the RV, put the box inside and turned off the water pump and opened the valve to drain the water tank so that it wouldn't freeze over the winter.  Jane had given me an opened lock and I worked my feet over the wrist chain and my hands up my back.  I put the lock on such that I had a three-inch length between my wrist cuffs. 

As I was starting down the hill I heard a big truck motor and found that the propane man was coming.  I stopped to greet him and find out what he would be doing.  He unlocked the gate and brought his truck on into the area where our propane tank was.  He said he thought we would be gone and he was going to change out our tank and put one in with a good gauge on it.  At that he started unbolting and disconnecting our tank, using the built in crane on his truck he lifted it off its mounting pad and set it aside.  He then started work to put the new tank in place and I left him to his task and headed back down the hill. 

Jane released my hands and I worked them back to my front.  I opened all the water valves, brought our boxes out and locked up the cabin.  Jane and I each took a box and started carrying it up the hill.  When we got there we put them in the RV and I got my credit card so I could pay the propane man for a full tank of gas (cheap rent for a two week stay.)  Jane started putting things away in the RV while I was settling the gas bill.  When all was ready to go, I started hitching the Jeep to the RV, an interesting exercise as my hobble kept me from stepping over the hitch bar so I had to make about four trips around the back of the Jeep to finish the job.

I left the RV hooked up to the electric so that for the first time in two weeks we could watch television.  We spent most of the day watching the all news channels and just catching up with what was going on in the world.  We watched reruns and after the eleven o'clock news finally got ready to turn in.  How nice to have an indoor toilet for a change.  I removed my hobble chain and just locked my ankle cuffs together and then worked my hands around to my back and locked them three inches apart.


We got up about eight that morning and I changed my ankles back to the nine-inch hobble and had Jane remove my wrist locks so I could take off my cuffs.  I disconnected the RV electric, pulled the main breaker in the shed, disconnected the telephone so no one could break in the cabin and run up a big long distance bill and checked that the propane was turned off.
When we were ready, I pulled the RV out onto the road that led to the highway, got out and locked the gate, not being quite so cautious as when I had unlocked it two weeks ago, and hid the key in its proper place.  I went inside and released my ankle chains, took off the cuffs and checked that we were ready to roll.  I said, "I sure don't want to get dressed after spending a little over two weeks naked but I guess it's necessary." 

Jane said, "Why not ease into it and just wear a shirt for awhile."  Now that sounded good so I got one of my tee shirts that had a long tail and put it on and we headed home.

We traveled for about three hours and before getting on the interstate I found a wide shoulder to get off on and have lunch.  As always when we took a rest stop I did a walk-around to make sure we had no soft tires, the hitch was OK and everything was ship shape.  When I got back in I realized I still just had a shirt on and was happy we weren't in an interstate rest stop area, that could have been embarrassing.  We headed on down the road and spent the next three nights in a commercial campground, doing the laundry and eating out almost every meal.  It was amazing that Jane had a dozen or more shorts and shirts in the wash and I had only two pairs of shorts and two shirts.


We headed out again, this time on the interstate and with me in shorts and shirt, no more forgetfulness at the rest stop.  After five or six hours we were going through a National forest and there were signs every few miles pointing to campgrounds off the road.  We pulled off and made a swing through a campground.  It was a half-mile or so off the highway and had about ten campsites bordering a small river.  Only one of the campsites was occupied with a couple that were splashing in the river and had a motorcycle with a small trailer attached.  As we looked at the sites we found one that we thought we could fit the RV into.  We had to go on around the circle to come back to it and as we were passing the occupied site the couple camped there were getting out of the river.  It was obvious they had been skinny-dipping.  We stopped in front of the site we had chosen and I got out to measure to make sure we could fit in it.  We would have to unhitch and back the RV in.  As I usually get grease or dirt on me when unhitching, I took off my white shorts and figured with the lack of people around my shirt would be sufficient cover even though its tail wasn’t really quite long enough to cover everything.  We got the RV and Jeep parked and I walked down to the kiosk at the entrance to the campground to register.  They had an envelope that you put your campsite number and vehicle license plate number on, put fourteen dollars inside and then put it in the slot.  I went back to the RV and filled out the information.  We had three ones between us so I just put a five and ten in the envelope and took it back to the entrance and deposited it.

On the way back again, I waved at the only other occupants of the campground, being careful not to raise my hand too high.  They waved back and I continued on my hike.

Sunday-Heading Home

That evening, after dinner and before it really got dark, the forest ranger came by and gave us our one dollar change and chatted for awhile.  Apparently these campgrounds get a good workout on weekends and holidays but during the week they are empty or almost so like now.  So, I figured, maybe a little more bondage tonight.  As it got dark, we built a small campfire in the fire ring, small because we didn't carry that much wood with us and we wanted it pretty well out by an early bedtime.  I went in, took off my shirt, put on a cockring, took a piece of 1/4 inch rope about four feet long, put a small loop in the middle and then put it around my waist and tied it to my ring.  I got another piece of rope, about 3/8 inch diameter and four feet long, and a couple of zip ties.  Back outside I tied the bigger rope around an ankle with a square knot and then more square knots until I had just enough left to go around the other ankle making a nice hobble just long enough that I could manage the steps into the RV.  I put one zip tie through the rope loop at my back and around a wrist.  The other zip tie went through the loop and the first tie and then around my other wrist fastening both hands in back and preventing them from moving very far to either side because of the waist rope, or up and down for that matter.  We then just relaxed in our lounge chairs and enjoyed the quiet of the night.

I wonder why it is that for the last three weeks whenever we were in a place that was normally void of people and I got nicely naked and tied up that somebody shows up.  The people from the other camp had walked up and said would we mind some company?  I replied that if they didn't mind me being nude they were welcome.  They walked on into the firelight and I indicated there were a couple of chairs in the RV compartment that they could use.  They said they enjoyed campfires but space was so limited in the motorcycle rig that they couldn't carry wood and so they visited other campers whenever they could.  We talked until well after midnight and had burned all the wood we had with us before breaking up the party and going to bed. 

Monday-Heading Home

We slept late the next morning and after vesting the bathroom I went to the kitchen and got the scissors to remove the zip ties on my wrists and then untied my ankles.  After Jane got up and we had breakfast it was pretty late to start a days' travel so we decided to stay another night.  I put on my tennis shorts (the short ones) and walked down to the kiosk to pay for another nights' camping.  This time I had the correct change.  On the way back I passed the motorcycle people and chatted awhile.  They were going to stay another night also.  I asked them if they needed anything from the little store and bait shop down the road as I was going to get some more wood for our fire tonight.  They had everything they needed but the man asked if I had anymore of those zip ties I had on my wrists last night.  I said, "Only about fifty, did he want some?" 

He indicated half a dozen would be nice if I didn't mind.  When I got back to camp I got out ten or twelve of the ties and laid them on the table to take to our neighbors.  I asked if Jane wanted to go to the store with me as I was going to get firewood if they had any.  She didn't need anything for the RV but went with me anyway.  We bought three bundles which we figured would hold us tonight and the next couple of nights before we got home.  We called our daughter and told her we would be home in the next three or four days, so she would have a chance to clean the house up before we got there.  The rest of the day we just killed time working puzzles and taking a walk by the river. 

Again that night after dinner and as it started to get dark we built a little fire and sat around it.  This time I kept my shorts on but no shirt.  We hadn't been out for more than a half hour when our neighbors came up the road.  He was walking with his hands behind him and was wearing string bikini type underpants.  When he got into the light from the fire he turned around and showed that he had a couple of zipties holding his hands behind him.  I said, "Well, I guess you don't want to tend the fire tonight, but why didn't you tie your feet up too."  He said he didn't have any rope or he would have. 

Easily solved, I got out some more zipties and put one around each ankle and then hooked two together and fastened the ankle ties with them providing a hobble about eight inches long.  He did a little walk around the fire to see if he could handle them ok.  At this point his girlfriend/wife? spoke up and said she had dared him to come naked but that he was too chicken to walk around in the nude.  I said, "We've got a pair of scissors inside if you want to take that bikini off him, he surely won't give you much trouble now."  He objected quite vigorously but she thought it an excellent idea. 

So, I went in and got the scissors and she proceeded to cut his only covering off him and threw them in the fire.  He was really upset and said now he would have to sit around naked and then walk home this way.  I knew exactly how he felt, being naked and not able to hold anything in front or cover yourself with your hands and not able to run very fast either.  I reminded him that last night I was quite naked and tied tighter than he was while we sat around and chatted.  He calmed down a little although you could see he was rather excited about the situation he found himself in.  Later he told us it was the first time he had been naked with other than a girl or in a locker room and certainly the first time he had been tied up while naked. 

We talked for another couple of hours and then told them we were going to have to turn in early because we wanted to be on the road first thing in the morning.  He asked his partner to cut him loose so they could walk home and she politely refused.  I asked her if she had a sharp knife or scissors at their camp so she could release him in the morning.  That got a rise out of him again but she said, "Yeah, we've got both scissors and knives."  She got up and started walking away and he awkwardly got to his feet and started to hobble after her then stopped and said, "I can't walk home this way, all tied up and naked." 

I asked if he could do it if I got the same way and we walked with them.  He said, "OK, I'll try that."  So I took off my shorts grabbed some zipties and, as I had gotten only five, put three on my ankles and two on my hands behind me and away the four of us went, me taking twice as many steps as he had to because I had only one tie to his two between our ankles.  We got them to their camp, bade them good night and started back for ours.  I asked Jane if she had anything sharp with her so I could cut my feet free.  She didn't so we hobbled slowly back, me getting a squeeze every once in a while.  After we got back I cut the ties off and we put away all the chairs and stuff we had out and then doused the fire and went inside to go to bed.

Next episode has us heading home but we make one more stop before getting there.


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