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Lakeside 8: Heading Home

by Don Whosis

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continued from part 7

Part 8: Heading Home

Tuesday-Heading Home 2

We woke early the next morning, had a cold breakfast and packed up everything for travel.  Still naked I pulled the RV out into the road and hooked the Jeep up to it.  Felt kind of funny being able to do this with no restraints whatsoever.  When all was ready to go I asked Jane if she wanted to go with me to tell our neighbors goodbye and see if he had been released yet.  She agreed and suggested I at least put a couple of zipties on my hands.  When we got to the camp they were just getting up and he was still tied the way we had left him last night.  I asked how his shoulders were, and he said, "They hurt like hell!"  I told him to hang in there it gets better as you get used to it and I should know because I just spent the better part of two weeks with my hands behind my back.  At that we told them we would be leaving in a few minutes and we had enjoyed spending the last two evenings with them.  We walked back to the RV and Jane cut my hands free and asked what I would be wearing today.  I had thought maybe I'd wear a thong and a short shirt that came down to almost my waist line leaving my cheeks completely bare but the front not illegally exposed.

As we drove back to the interstate we came to the National Forest service dump station and decided to take advantage of it in case we would be camping a couple of more nights.  I emptied our holding tanks and refilled the fresh water tank without causing any concern over my attire.  We got up on the highway and headed west.  After about four hours of driving we came to a small state highway that we were familiar with which ran through BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  As we got off the interstate there was a service station, so we stopped and just as I was about to get out I thought maybe I'd better put on some shorts.  I went to my shorts drawer and there on top were my "grungies."  They were cutoff jeans that every time they were washed I trimmed the frayed fringe so that they had shortened so there was no more than about an inch of material in the crotch and one side seam had ripped out to the top of the pocket and the other one to the waistband.  Wearing these I filled the gas tank even though the price was outrageous.  I thought the young lady at the cash register was going to sprain her neck as she strained to keep me in sight all the time I was pumping gas.  I guess she thought she might see something other than a bare bun but the important stuff was covered by my thong. 

All along the road there were pull offs that ran up into the foothills and were suitable for the RV.  We picked one and drove slowly until we came to a couple of box canyons that had been used as campsites in the past.  We picked one and parked the RV facing north so that the living side would be to the east and not have the hot afternoon desert sun on it.  I stripped down again, unhooked the Jeep and parked it at an angle to the RV so it provided a little two sided enclosure that would keep the inevitable afternoon wind at bay, put the awning out to provide a little more shade and got the camp chairs out.  We had the generator running to keep the inside of the RV cool and I took advantage of that to turn on the TV and get the satellite receiver working.  As the really bad part of the afternoon heat was going away I went out to sit on our "patio."  It was about four o'clock when Jane came out to join me.  I mused that we had seen the Indians and bad guys on TV staking out the white eyes or the good guys and always wondered what it felt like and if Jane would untie me if I could get myself staked out.  She allowed as how she would do her best.

From the good old days when we were tent camping I had saved the tent stakes and tie down ropes from our tent that had been destroyed in a wind and hail storm.  The stakes were the auger kind that you screwed into the ground and then attached a rope to the "T" handle.  The ropes were about three eighths inch diameter and had those little wood thingies that were maybe three inches long and a half inch wide with holes in the two ends. One end of the rope attached to one hole and the other slid along the rope until it was taught and then turned so as to hold the tension on the rope.  I took four of the stakes and twisted them into the ground about ten feet apart and then cleared the space between them of any little pebbles and rocks.  I attached the ropes to the stakes and then lay down between them and scratched a mark on the ground where my heels and thumbs were.  I tied loops in the rope with anchor knots so they would only tighten so far and not cut off circulation to my hands and feet.  Then I positioned the loops where I had marked the ground. 

I got my ball gag and blindfold and sat down on the ground where I would be staked out.  I put my feet into their rope loops, scooted up so my foot ropes were tight, put on my gag and blindfold, laid back and felt for and put my hands into their loops, pulled the loops tight and tested to see that I was securely fastened and wouldn't be getting out of this by myself.  In a few minutes Jane came out and proceeded to tighten all the ropes so I was truly stretched and staked out.  She went back in to enjoy the coolness of the air conditioning and watch TV while I sweated in the sun.  I wasn't worried about sunburn, as I had just spent two weeks completely naked in the outdoors.  Jane came out every so often and asked if I was doing all right and if I needed to be freed.  I was doing quite well and actually enjoying my predicament even though I was sweating up a storm.  It was a good thing I had drank a bottle of water before being tied down. 

I think I must have dozed off because all of a sudden there was a torrent of ice-cold water hitting my private parts.  I think the gag kept me from scaring any coyotes within five miles.  The waterfall proceeded up my belly and chest and onto my face.  Now that Jane had me thoroughly awake she started tickling and squeezing me and getting me really aroused.  This went on for quite awhile until she finally relented and finished me off by deftly stroking my very erect penis.  She left me tied out for a few more minutes and then untied my hands.  As I started to remove my gag and blindfold she said, "Don't do that" and handed me a couple of zipties to put on my hands behind my back.  She then untied my feet and told me to get up.  Grabbing my balls she led me around to the back of the RV and used the outside showerhead to wash the sand and sweat off.  By the time she had led me back to the front door I was practically dry and was allowed to go in where it felt actually cold to me.

I was sat on the bench of the dinette, had my ball gag removed and was given a bottle of water with a straw in it.  She asked what we wanted to do for dinner, the choices being crackers with lunch meat and cheese or a salad with the lettuce and tomatoes we had bought a couple of days ago and some tuna or canned corned beef in it.  The salad sounded great and she fixed it and proceeded to feed the both of us from what I assume was the same bowl and fork.  After dinner she removed the ties from my hands and I was allowed to remove my blindfold so I could watch the seven o'clock news on TV.  By then it was cooling down sufficiently that we could go and sit outside with a small fire.  We just enjoyed the evening and spotted falling stars every so often until the fire burned down and it was time for bed.  We decided that we had a cozy enough camp, enough water, holding tanks practically empty, food in the reefer and enough fuel to run the generator during the afternoon for another two or three days so we would just sleep late and stay.

Wednesday-Heading Home

We got up with the sun the next day and had a cold breakfast.  About nine o'clock we decided to take a walk and see what was in the canyon we were parked in.  We walked up canyon maybe a half mile, Jane wearing tee and shorts and me wearing two rings.  We noticed shiny little spots in the wash and when we bent down to examine them, they appeared to be tiny flecks of gold although not enough to collect.  Walking further up the wash we found where someone had dug quite a hole in the bank, probably looking for a source of the gold.  We explored a little more and then started back.  Suddenly, we heard the whump, whump, whump of a helicopter and saw it coming up the canyon.  I was batting one hundred in that for the last three weeks, every time I got naked some stranger would show up.  When the helicopter got overhead, high enough that we didn't get his downwash, he told us using his PA,  "Sheriff's patrol, if your are OK, wave your hands."  We waved at him.  "If you need help, wave your hands."  We didn't.  "Wave your hands if that is your camp at the mouth of the canyon."  We did.  "OK, drink lots of water and I would recommend you at least put on a shirt in the sun.  We’ll probably fly by again tomorrow, if you hear us wave, if you need help place something white outside your vehicle.  Have fun" and he flew off, being out of sight in maybe thirty seconds.  We walked back to the RV had a drink and got ready for lunch.

As the afternoon heated up we started the generator and AC and watched a little TV for a couple of hours.  I asked Jane if she minded me being staked out again.  She didn't but wanted me to change things a little.  She asked me to lie down where I would be tied and then put two rocks close to my side a little above my hips and one between my legs close to my crotch.  She asked me to put three stakes where the rocks were and then tie myself down.  Like yesterday, I drank a bottle of water and then put the ropes on along with my ball gag and blindfold.  Jane came out, tightened up everything and fiddled around with my cockring, apparently tying little ropes to it,  She then tied them to the new stakes and tightened them up.  Now I didn't have near as much wiggle room as before and couldn't even raise my hips off the ground. 

I guess she checked on me occasionally and then, BANG, cold water woke me up.  She played with me bit, bringing me to attention but not letting me explode for a half dozen times.  Then she took off my blindfold and went in the RV.  When she came back she was completely naked and proceeded to sit on my stomach and finger herself to an orgasm.  She played with me some more and finally sat down on me and brought me to a nice conclusion.  She laid down on my bare chest and we just stayed that way for quite a few minutes.  She asked if I would like to be untied and of course I nodded my head vigorously.  She said 'in a little bit' and she got up and went around the RV to take a shower.  She came back and went in the RV, while all the time I was struggling to get free and not making a bit of headway, I was stuck good. 

When she came back she was dressed and put my blindfold back on me and said if I would leave it and the gag on she would untie me.  I nodded and she freed one hand leaving me to untie my other one and figure out how to get the little ropes off and then untie my feet.  When I was loose she told me to get up and go get a shower but leave the blindfold on.  I gingerly found my way to the back of the RV, showered, and worked my way back to the front and sensing that Jane was not there I found my way inside.  As usual, we watched the early evening news and then went out, built a fire and stayed until it got uncomfortably cool and went to bed.

Thursday-Heading Home 3

We got up as usual with the sun, had breakfast, cleaned up and put away everything we had gotten out.  Then we headed out into the desert for a little hike, Jane in shorts and shirt and me not.  This time we went up the other side of the wash and after we had walked for a little more than an hour we started back for the RV.  Its something of a strange feeling walking around completely nude three or four miles from any clothes, not like it was back at the cabin on private land where an interloper was the odd man out.  Here we were on public land where just anybody could walk up and I would be the guy that was different.  When we got back the heat was building again so we started the generator and the AC.  I checked the fuel in the tank and we still had well over a half tank.  The generator can only use fuel down to the quarter mark so you will always have enough to start and run the engine for a while.  Again that afternoon as the heat was waning I went out and put the ropes, gag and blindfold on me.  Jane came out and tightened everything up so I was unable to get free. 

I lay there for probably an hour when "whump, whump, whump" and the sheriff's helicopter was overhead.  On the PA he asked if I could wave a hand.  I could and did.  Again, "Wave your hand if you are OK."  I did and he asked me to wave if I needed help.  I did not so I didn't wave.  He said, "What's up?  Wave your hand if its 'fun and games'."  I waved and he advised again to not spend too much time in the sun, to drink plenty of water and off he went.  A little later Jane opened the door and said, "Is he gone?" 

Now here I am blindfolded so I can't really see that he's gone and being gagged I couldn't tell her anyway.  A few minutes later she is cupping my balls in her hand and pouring the ice-cold water on me, what a way to get my attention.  Then my gag is removed and Jane climbs on top of me in a '69' position.  We begin to work on each other and she gets to me first.  A little bit later I give her pleasure and she starts on me again.  We keep after each other for quite awhile until she gets tired.  I'm lying down so I'm still ready for more but its not to be this time.  She takes my blindfold off and unties one hand and I free up the rest of the ropes.  We then both adjourn to the back of the RV and give each other a rub down under the shower.  The evening goes pretty much like the last two, dinner, news on TV, a little fire and star watching and then to bead early.


Friday is much like the rest of our mornings.  After breakfast, we clean up and head out for a hike.  I'm somewhat concerned that being the weekend tomorrow that we will have visitors in the desert even though the heat usually drives people to cooler locations.  Being the exhibitionist that I am though I say to heck with it and go my normal bare way.  We had explored our little canyon pretty well the last two days so we decided to do the one next door.  It was about a quarter of a mile to the canyon's mouth on the road we had traveled in on and no place to hide if someone came driving along.  We hiked up the canyon quite a ways before turning back.  We had remembered to bring the camera this time so we took a few pictures of each other and the desert scenery and even found a place to set the camera up for a time delay so we could get a picture of us together. 

As we were coming back down canyon we heard vehicles coming up the road.  They apparently stopped for a short time at our campsite and then kept coming up the road.  We stopped before we got to the canyon's mouth to see where they would go, hoping they didn't pick this canyon for their campsite because there was no way home but right past them.  They stopped again and looked over the area but, thank goodness, must have decided to go on and find a better, or less populated, place.  I wondered if the jinx that kept people finding me naked had broken.  After the new guys had gone on for a while, we continued our walk back to our campsite and returned somewhat later than we had in the past. 

We repeated our routine of turn on the generator and AC, have lunch and relax in the coolness.  Around four, I went outside again and put on the ropes, gag and blindfold, hoping the new guys in the neighborhood didn't come calling.  Jane came out and tightened everything up and said, "No games today."  So I got to lie there all by myself, ready for whatever.  No sheriff, no visitors and no Jane.  It seemed like she left me there a lot longer than usual before coming out and releasing me.  I got my shower, went in and Jane said she had fallen asleep and didn't intend to leave me alone for so long.  We had a late dinner and watched a later newscast than usual before heading out to build our little fire and enjoy the evening.


We're doing the final leg of going home today.  We put everything away and get the RV in travel mode.  I hitch up the Jeep and get turned to go down the road and back to the highway.  We have burned a little over a half tank of gas in the generator and will be filling up again at the little service station before hitting the highway.  I decided to give the girl at the station another thrill and put on a thong and my "grungies" again.  When I pull into the station I make sure our front door is on the side away from the cashier's building.  I get out and go in the office to make a cash deposit before pumping.  Sure enough, she's trying to sprain her neck again and maybe see something interesting.  When I'm done I close the gas tank door but leave the keys in the lock and go inside for my change.  I go in the RV, take off my shorts, so all I have on is my thong, and then go back out to the rear of the RV to get my keys.  I make it take some effort to get the little door locked and the keys removed.  Then I turn around as if looking for the best way out and return to the RV.  I hope I made her day.

We head back down the highway to the Interstate and head west.  We made one rest stop about noon for lunch and I remembered to put some shorts on before making my safety check walk around.  We got home around three o'clock and I parked the rig in the street in front of our house.  We got out and went in the side gate to the backyard.  As we came in sight of the pool we saw our daughter, Janie, and her boyfriend, Joe, on air mattresses in the pool, holding hands and apparently fast asleep and, of course, nude.  I picked up a beach ball lying nearby and tossed it into the pool to splash them.  They woke and fell off their floats and then realized that Mom and Dad were home. 

Janie came storming out of the pool, yelled, "Daddy" and gave me a big wet bear hug before hugging her mother.  Joe came out and started to shake hands but ended up getting me even wetter with a big hug, and then Jane got her hug also.  We spent maybe five minutes greeting each other and Janie commented on what a dark tan I had.  She put a finger on my shorts waistband as if to pull them out and look inside and asked, "Is it an overall tan?"  I said, "You'll just have to wait to find out, I have to unhitch the Jeep and get the RV parked in the side yard before I get a parking ticket." 

Joe offered to help but I told him I had been doing this by myself for two months and besides he wasn't dressed properly for the street.  It took me maybe fifteen minutes to get the RV backed in and its electric hooked up.  I put the Jeep in the driveway in front of the gate, closed the gate and went back to the pool area.  They had got out some cold drinks and cookies. I took off my shorts and thong and showed Joe and my daughter that yes; it is an overall tan although the front was darker than the back.  We discussed how, for a little over two weeks, I had run around naked at the lake, most of the time in chains.  Only twice, for a couple of hours at a time, had I put on clothes to go to town.  I had worn chains continously except to go swimming or run the trotline.  Then on the way back we had stopped at BLM land for four days and I had again been naked the whole time and had been staked out for two or three hours every day.  We had also taken some hikes of three or four hours every day.  That's why the lack of tan where my cuffs had been, they had pretty well colored in like the rest of me.  Then we jumped in the pool, did a couple of laps and got out to sit down and relax and find out what they had been up to while we were gone.

Janie said, "There's a couple of things we need to tell you.  First, uhmmm, well, Joe'sbeensleepingintheguestroom.  Joe?" 

Then Joe took it up, "Mr. D I want to marry your daughter and I'd like to have your permission." 

Me, "Absolutely, I've been wondering for a year when you were going to announce it, congratulations!"  Jane, "Yes, congratulations, when's the date?" 

Janie, "It's not set but probably in the spring.  And in case you want to know, we have not had sex and we're going to wait until our wedding night.  We've had some pretty hot, scratch that, REAL hot sessions but we haven't done the real thing.  We slept together once but found out that was not such a good idea and haven't done it since unless we just fell asleep while one of us (Joe put in 'or both') was tied up.

Jane, "Well you know that I don't approve of couples living together before marriage but I guess I can live with this arrangement."  

Joe, "Whew, that's a load off our minds, we've been worried how we'd tell you and how you'd take it." 

Me, "I think it’s probably a little unusual that father, daughter and fiancé are having this conversation in the nude but I'm happy for the two of you. Now lets go swim and get some dinner! I'm sure you want to know about the trip." 

Janie said, "Oh, Daddy, I'm not supposed to tell you until you've been home a couple of days; your boss called and said they had some startup budget and if you wanted to come back to work early to call him, but it was up to you, the original agreement was still valid."

Saturday-Later Letter

A couple of months after our trip a registered, signature required letter came in the mail from John and Marge.  It was one of those 8 x 10 padded envelope types.  In it were about three dozen photo prints and a memory stick from a camera. The letter read as follows:

Dear Don and Jane,

We want to thank you again for the great time we had at the fish fry at the lake this summer.  If you are ever this way again let us know, we'd love to get together with you somewhere.

Enclosed is a bunch of pictures.  Ann, with Andy's help, did a good job of taking pictures of the fish fry and later activities.  Neither Marge nor I knew they were doing it and I assume you two didn't know it either or would have said something.  Fortunately Ann held on to the memory card rather than send it to a commercial processor.  Marge and I have bought a house here and I finally have my computer system set up.  When Ann heard that, she asked if I could print digital pictures from her camera.  Of course I could and she gave me the memory card.  I made one print from all the pictures and have sent them to you.  I also made a CD copy of all the pictures that you are NOT in and then printed them for myself.  I would prefer that the pictures and files enclosed do not make their way to the Internet. 

The house we bought had a finished recreation room in the basement about 24 X 60 feet.  In one corner is a walled off room for the utilities and laundry about 12 X 30.  I installed another wall within that room with shelves for storage and created a "dungeon."  I put rings in strategic places on the walls and ceiling and also installed two light duty (200 pound) winches on the ceiling.  You can probably see the possibilities here.  There are a few pictures of this area in use.  I don't panic nearly as much as I did that day at the lake when I got a blowjob and then couldn't get free.  Marge still gets to me frequently but I'm learning to handle it better.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I would like to have a complete set, including ones with you in them, but understand if you don't want copies made.  I promise that if you send them they will not end up on the Internet.

Best wishes from both of us,

Marge and John."

Jane and I enjoyed reliving that day at the lake.  When Janie and Joe came over on Saturday we shared the pictures and stories with them.  While looking at John's dungeon, Janie said we should recreate the scenes when she first found me hogtied and the spread eagle in the window episode and send them back to John for his enjoyment.  Joe thought that was a great idea and volunteered to play the part of the neighbor, but enhance it with him sans swimsuit as he got out of the pool.  I got my camera and we all went to the den.  I got on the floor and put my ropes on in a loose hogtie position like I was that night of the dance.  Janie was taking pictures of the whole operation.  Then Jane got in the act by really tying me tight, as she had done that night.  Janie thought she and her mother should put on their 'black cats' and get in the picture, but Jane refused and Janie had to be a solo model. 

Next we moved to the bedroom and I put the ropes on that held me spread-eagled in front of the window.  Janie said she thought I had my gag on that day, so she got it and installed it for me.  Joe went out and got in the pool and Janie took some pictures that showed my backside and Joe in the pool.  They then worked on camera angles until they could catch Joe getting out of the pool in the space beside the window frame and me.  Janie then went outside and took some pictures of me framed in the window.  The next reenactment was me with my back to the window.  I reminded my daughter that this had started with her spread-eagled on the bed also but she thought it should be just me.  So I put on my foot ropes, ball gag, blindfold and then hand ropes.  Janie pulled them tight and I was in the same position as when mother and daughter left me to go shopping for three hours.  Janie took a number of pictures as I was getting tied up and then asked her mother to take one with her and Joe and me altogether in the altogether. 

They didn't leave me too long this time and when I was free Joe asked if he could use me as a model to teach Janie how he would like to be tied.  That sounded reasonable so I said, "Sure."  He got the ropes we always have around and told me to put my hands behind my back with the palms together.  He then told Janie to wrap the rope around my wrists three times and tie a knot.  Then use more of the rope to run between my wrists, at right angles to the rope already there, loop it three times and then knot it off also.  Now my hands were tied and cinched very tightly.  He had her do the same to my elbows, pulling them as close together as they would go.  Next I was put on the floor, face down, and he had her tie an ankle to a thigh, again using three loops around and a three loop cinch.  Next was the other ankle and thigh and I was in a very good frog tie position.  Now he had her run a rope through my legs and tie my knees together.  Another rope was run around my ankles and cinched and then pulled up to my wrists and back to my ankles and tied off. 

I must say Joe was really imaginative, as I had never been tied this immobile.  He told me to wiggle around as much as I could but all I succeeded in doing was roll onto my side and I couldn't get to either my back or front from that position.  He told Janie to then put my blindfold on me and ball gag me.  I wondered what was to come next but he said it was now time for Janie to tie him up the same way.  Janie said, "Wait I want some pictures of Dad this way."  It only took her about ten minutes to get Joe in the same position I was in and she then took off my blindfold so I could see what a good job she had done.  Joe was also on his side, gagged and blindfolded, and I could tell he was as immobile as I was.  She took a few pictures of Joe and then started untying me.  When she was done she asked me to put the ropes on her the same way.  Following Joe as a pattern I had Janie tied up in just a few minutes and then I put her gag and blindfold on her also.  I took a few pictures of the two of them, both naked, gagged, blindfolded and tied up and called Jane in to see what Joe started.  As it was getting pretty late in the afternoon, I asked Jane if she would like to go out to dinner after I got dressed.  She thought that was a good idea, so I took the blindfolds off the two lovers and told them to have a good time and stay out of trouble while we went to dinner, and we would be back in a couple of hours.  You could see some agitated movement and hear a few muffled grunts but nothing more.

I got dressed and Jane and I went out to the local fast food place and brought back enough stuff for all of us.  We were only gone for about a half an hour.  I went into where the kids were, put Joe's blindfold back on him and untied his hands.  I suggested he should untie Janie before he took off his blindfold, gag and other ropes.  I took pictures as he awkwardly untied his girl friend.  After they were both free we went out to the patio and had dinner, one of the few times I was dressed and they were both naked.

After dinner we went to the computer room and printed up all the pictures from the afternoon's session.  They had never seen the desert pictures from our trip so I printed them also.  I copied the memory stick John had sent me onto a CD and added our latest bunch of pictures.  Then I copied all the pictures we had just taken, and the desert pictures, onto the memory stick so I could mail it back to John.

I had a spare memory stick the same size as Ann's so I erased all files from it and sent the two sticks, one to replace Ann's, back to John (registered, signature required, of course) with a thank you note and assurance that the copy we had would never reach the internet or the tabloids.



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