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A Lesson Learned: Anjali’s story

by Handcuffs 1955

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continued from A Lesson Learned: Rahni's story

A Lesson Learned: Anjali's story

My name is Anjali, I am a 19 year old Asian girl. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall, slim build with very long black hair. I am from a family with very strict religious views and my mums favourite saying is “nice girls don’t do that”

I have an older sister Rahni she is 21, the same build as me (handy for borrowing her clothes) and she had a secret. Let me explain… she lives 30 miles away from home in a flat due to attending university, and as I said I borrow her clothes, usually I call when she is out at university or her job – saves asking! And I know where she hides her spare key.

On one of my visits (she says raids!) I found a box hidden at the back of her wardrobe and I decided to investigate, when I opened it I found handcuffs, leather hoods and straps plus a few things I could not recognise! I picked the handcuffs up and felt a peculiar tingle down below which pulsed in time with the clicking as I closed the ratchet down. I soon found the keys and after making sure I could open them I closed the cuff round one wrist and my puss started to get wet. I took the cuff off and put it back on a few times until I felt brave enough to put both hands in, in front of me. I managed to get free and over the next few weeks I kept going back to look for new clothes to “borrow” but mainly to try the cuffs on again.

I often wondered why Rahni needed the cuffs and I got to wondering what she used them for. I was to find out in, for Rahni, in a most embarrassing way. My gran had a heart attack and my parents felt we should all go to see her in hospital, we got in the car and drove to fetch Rahni, when we got there she did not answer the door so my mum decided to get the spare key so we could wait for her in the flat. She opened the door and we walked in and there lying on the floor in the living room was Rahni. She was wearing a tiny black bikini and she was hogtied with 3 pairs of handcuff and she had a large rubber ball strapped in her mouth using a lot of leather straps all around her head.

Dad walked out of the room and has not spoken to her since. Mum started screaming at her asking what she was doing and similar questions, getting more and more hysterical because Rahni was not answering – the gag may just have had something to do with that - and before long mum was hitting notes only bats could hear! Eventually she came back in to the audible range and then left the room. I took the chance to free Rahni. She fumbled in her bikini panties and pulled a buzzing vibrator out of her pussy – that came as a shock but it did not prepare me for the butt plug that came out shortly afterwards.

Rahni was still working her jaw and trying to speak when mum came back in to the room and dragged me out to the car, I only just managed to pop a cushion over the “toys” before mum spotted them.

I kept thinking about the sight of Rahni on the floor and I knew that I had to have some of that and as soon as I could I sneaked off to see Rahni and for the first time I actually wanted her to be at home. She was. To avoid awkwardness I came straight out and told her I had bondage fantasies and wanted to try the position she had been in. Rahni was reluctant at first but since she would be able to make sure I was safe she soon gave in and before long I was hogtied on her floor in the black bikini with rigid handcuffs joining my wrists and ankles and with a third pair linking them to keep me in the hogtie. The vibrator was a nice feeling but the gag and butt plug were painful. I needed the gag to insert and remove the butt plug to protect the neighbours hearing!!!!!!

I quickly became a bondage slut like my sister and I would visit as often as I could to join her at play. I soon had a collection of bondage toys stored in Rahni’s flat and we would tie each other up or sometimes we would do self bondage with the other acting as safety.

I will have to take my puss to the vet! It is developing a mind of its own and needs constant attention.

Walking from the railway station to Rahni’s flat I called in a charity shop and they had a divers full wetsuit for sale complete with a hood, gloves and boots at a very fair price. My puss said ‘buy it - bondage outfit’ as I stood by the till I was sure everyone knew why I wanted it and by the time I left the shop I was bright red, very flustered and very wet.

I almost ran to Rahni’s flat. It was my turn to be tied tonight and I was in a hurry to try my new outfit.

Rahni loved the suit as well but tonight is my night. I quickly stripped off and put my black bikini on ( a culture thing) then began to work my way in to the wetsuit. With the hood, gloves and boots on all that was visible was my face the rest of me was encased in black rubber. I sat on the settee and Rahni began winding rope around my ankles, the white ropes contrasting nicely with the black rubber, then she moved up to my knees then more ropes round my thighs. Next she slid me down to the floor and placed my wrists behind my back before wrapping them in rope and cinching the tie, then she tied my elbows ( she had not done that before must have been studying!) The next rope went around my body at elbow height welding my arms to my body. Two more ropes one above my boobs and one below made sure I would not be using my arms any time soon!

Then she looped a rope around my waist, knotted it and pushed the left over rope between my legs. Now she stretched me flat on the floor and laid me face down on the floor. She fumbled between my legs and recovered the ends of the waist rope which she pulled tight making it creep up my puss before tying it off to my wrist ropes really locking my arms in place (like I could move them anyway!)

Now she bent my legs and tied my ankles to the elbow rope putting me in a hogtie and she still wasn’t finished. The ball gag harness came next she took a long time making sure all the straps were adjusted to be as tight as possible and then my world went black as she slipped a blindfold on me. I think the word is helpless!

I became aware of vibrations Rahni said “ I have put a vibrator somewhere on the floor, to be released you need to find it and make yourself cum at least 3 times.”

How? I cant even wriggle far less move but remember sister dear it is your turn next time and I WILL find a way to top this and get my own back……


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