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The Longest Restraint 4: Dream becomes a Reality

by Matty

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© Copyright 2014 - Matty - Used by permission

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story continues from part three

Part 4: Dream becomes a Reality

I awoke from my sleep and found I was I still chained to the the bed so I wriggled a little to try and look at the clock. Hearing the chains rattle as I moved  I felt the urge to at least try and get free so I pulled my legs up to take up the slack of the chains holding my ankles to the bed and gave it all I had to get them free, at least, free from the bed anyway. I pulled hard but the bar at the end of the bed wasn't going to budge and all I really achieved was to make my ankles hurt. I didn't dare try to pull the chain connected to my collar. I wriggled and tried to get my wrists free from my manacles, god these were made well, I couldn't even twist my wrists inside them.

I laid back down and wriggled onto my other side to look at the clock and it read 22:30. so I hadn't been bound all night and left here until the morning. I shouldn't really complain. I was on the bed and waiting for Dominic, my Master and in a way I was as I should be, perhaps as I should have been from the start of my adult life and then I heard a noise from downstairs. I tensed up a little wondering if it was an intruder or Dominic, I was soon going to find out as I heard foot steps coming in my direction and there he was, Dominic opened the door and came right in as if he owned the place, well he was currently in possession of all the keys to my home and my freedom.

“Sit up slave.” he demanded as he started walking towards the bed.

I looked at him with a little scowl but did as I was instructed, using my hands to support my posture I could feel the chain under them and the chain to my collar pulled a little as I did my best to sit. When Dominic reached me he put his hand out, so I closed my eyes thinking that I was going to get a gentle caress but I suddenly felt a sharp pain and squealed into my gag. Opening my eyes with the pain coursing through my breast, I could see Dominic was squeezing hard on the nipple, then he let go. I took in a breath and continued to breathe a little heavier. He decided that one wasn't enough so he went to attack the other, I wasn't prepared to just let him squeeze my other nipple, so I tried to move out of the way as best as I could, but Dominic wasn't as slow as myself, taking into account I was bound in chains and manacles. He quickly grabbed my leg and pulled me down the bed as far as the chain at my collar would allow. I wriggled and tried to escape his grasp but he proved once again that he was as strong as he was Dominant and then there it was, that excruciating pain coursing through my other breast and I screamed into my gag again.

Dominic looked at me with a little anger and held me down onto the bed, turning me onto my side and lifting my wrists out of the way he gave me a massive swat across my arse, yelping into my gag, I flinched as his hand made contact, still feeling a little sore from before I didn't want to push my luck so I stopped struggling, knowing full well that if I continued I was going to probably get another full on spanking. He gave me one more and I flinched, once again feeling the pain in my arse cheeks from the time before.

“mmmpfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Came my heart felt protest. Dominic turned me onto my back and looked straight at me.

“Should I remove that gag of yours thinking that you'll not speak unless spoken to?”

I nodded with enthusiasm, my jaw was starting to really ache with the ball being as big as it was, and the fact that it was now in there for the best part of ten and a half hours. He lifted me so that I was sitting up again on the bed and pulled out the keys from his pocket. Grabbing the strap at the top of my head he pulled it down so that I was bowing, then I could feel him grab at one of the padlocks securing the buckle. He quickly unlocked it as he did with the other one at the back of my head, he unbuckled the straps and then moved to the front, lifting my chin he unlocked the third and final lock and unbuckled the strap. Once again I had to blow to push the gag out from behind my teeth.

“God it feels good to get that out,” and no sooner had I said it I realised what I had done. And looked up at Dominic. He looked at me and shook the gag in front of my face and I quickly closed my mouth and held it shut tight.

“You really are good at getting yourself into trouble, perhaps I should give you another spanking and make you count out each one, what do you think?” I shook my head as fast as I could, not uttering a word. Dominic smiled and laughed a little.

“That was one of the moments that you were supposed to actually open your mouth and say... “no Master, Please forgive me, I'll not do it again.” But you still have a lot of training so I'll allow it this one time.”

I looked up at him smiling, knowing that I just dodged a bullet.

“Thank you Sir, Will you be letting me free tonight Sir?” I asked hoping to get a little relief from my bindings. Wondering how I was going to explain any marks that might show at work when I go in tomorrow morning. The one question I am dreading in a way was 'how was your weekend'? Or better still, 'so did you get up to much'? I could hardly tell any of them that I spent the aftermath of my romantic evening being tied up, gagged and then completely ravaged by a demigod, closely followed by a second day spent in chains, spanked till my backside was the colour of the Sun and then locked in my own home, gagged and chained to the bed. One things for sure, it would make for a great conversation piece or a mood killer. Then came my answer.

“You'll be freed from the bed.....” God I want to stretch out so badly, “.... but not from your chains. Slaves don't have that right to ask for that kind of freedom, that is something you earn.”

I was in shock and all I wanted to do was struggle and protest, what the hell. I'll give it my all, if he was going to play games with me then I'll make him work for his right to call me his slave. So I laid down on the bed and kicked out as much as I could and he stood almost instantly. I started wriggling and struggling,  pulling on the chains, including the one connected to my collar, twisting my wrists as best as I could in my manacles and thrashing about the bed.

“LET ME GO!!!” I shouted at him almost at the top of my voice, knowing full well I could be gagged at any time. He just stood there looking at me, not at all fazed by what I was doing. “Are you deaf or something?” I said... and I shouted a little louder, “... FUCKING LET ME GO.”

He looked over in my direction and this time I knew I made my voice heard. He bent down and picked up a bag that he managed to sneak in without me noticing. I glanced at him and then quickly turned my eyes back to the bag which he had already started to unzip. Reaching in he pulled out one item which caught my attention immediately.

“That attitude does you no favours at all.”  And with that he moved towards me, clutching what looked like a whip but was far to small to reach me at a great distance. I decided that I wasn't going to go down without a fight and tried to get away, what the point of it was I don't know as I was still limited by the chains that held me to the bed. He grabbed the chain leading to my ankles and pulled it towards him, forcing me to lay back down.

“Oh and by the way you can scream as much as you want.”

“You're giving me permission to scream now are you?” Looking up at him with the sternest of scowls.

“No I'm not, more to the point, you will.” and with that he spun me onto my front and lifted my wrists away from my now healed butt, which was, by my reckoning, going to get sore again. Then it hit me, literally. The pain was incredible.... “AGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Jesus.” Not only did I feel that little whip on my arse but I heard it coming, whistling through the air. Tears welled up instantly, then came another and then another, I wriggled and struggled under his onslaught and my arse was on fire.

Tears started to free flow down my face, I couldn't take any more. I was being punished, really punished. Realising what I had done, my mind was racing between the pain I was in and what I was going to do to try and stop it.

“Please Master, Please stop,” I shouted through my tears and the whipping that I was now getting. “I beg you please stop.”

“What should you be saying slave?” As another lash came across my arse.  My arms were also hurting as he held them up so as not to obstruct the punishment was receiving.

“Please Master.” I screamed as yet another lash made contact. “I'm sorry Master, please stop I'll be good I promise, I'm sorry, Please, please stop.” No sooner had I screamed out those words, the onslaught on my backside came to an almighty halt.

“Good, you're starting to learn your place.”

He let go of the chain to my wrists and my hands fell onto my now red raw cheeks, I turned my head to look at him, tearful and aware that I might get a slap for it but I wanted to see what he was up to. I knew that I had met my match in Dominic so I didn't want to push my luck any more. Dominic moved from around the bed and grabbed onto my shoulders, pulling me up so that I was sitting as comfortable as possible, (With the cheeks of my backside almost literally on fire it was as good as it was going to get). I closed my eyes and turned my head away from him. No slave should speak to her Dominant like that, at the very least that's what I have read in some books anyway, let alone shout at him. I felt ashamed of myself allowing someone I had only known a few days to take me the way that he did, but again it felt very exciting something I want to do again and again. Perhaps I wasn't ready for this lifestyle.

I felt a gentle touch surround my chin and my head was turned for me as I felt the bed move a little, thinking that Dominic maybe sat down on it's edge. “Look at me Jessi.” Dominic's voice sounded so gentle, as if he was almost whispering. I could still feel the collar around my neck and the chain between it and the the head board. I shook my head a little as I didn't want to look him in the eye's. With mine closed I could feel the bed shift again and I felt his touch close to my ankles, I jumped a little not knowing what was going to happen and then I heard a click, and then a second.

I opened my eyes and the steel that was encircling my ankles was now laying at the end of the bed. I looked up at him very sheepish, watching his every move. He came over and leant behind me grabbing the chain at the wrists, pulling them towards himself, I heard that familiar click again twice over, I also spotted the gag laying on the bed, and then there it was, my wrists were free from the steel surrounding them, as I brought my arms around to the front I could feel that they had been behind me for a long time, my shoulders gave out a very dull ache and I groaned a little as I moved.

“Tilt your head forward Jessi, just one more to go.” I couldn't believe what was happening, in a way it was a little bit of relief to be free from my favourite restraints, but going against the grain a little I quite enjoyed not knowing when I was going to be freed, if it all.

“What are you doing Sir?” As I felt his hand negotiate the lock on the collar and heard the locking mechanism release. He brought his hands round taking the collar from around my neck and literally dumping it down the back of the bed with it still connected to the head board.

“It's a surprise and for the moment, and only just for the moment, you may call me Dominic.” I was taken back by this and a little disappointed. I was getting used to calling him by his station. “So lay back down on the bed, close your eyes and relax a little, that's an order.” I immediately did as I was told, I wasn't going to pass up an order like that, not after the day of punishment that I've had.

As I lay there still completely naked and free from all manner of restraints, I wondered what he was up to. About fifteen minutes passed by and Dominic came back into the room. Listening I could hear his footsteps come round the right side of the bed. Then I could feel a little bit of his breathe close to my ear, it tickled a little and I gave a cheeky smile. Then I suddenly heard his voice, and gentle whispering.

“Put your arms up and around my neck but don't open your eyes.”

“I won't, I promise.” and with that I put up my arms and felt for his neck.

“Hold on tight.” and with that I put my arms completely around him and he lifted a little so that I would come up slightly off the bed, then I felt his arm come around my back, his hand around my side and then his other arm under my legs, suddenly I was lifted clean off the bed, effortlessly into the arms of a man I wanted to just keep me locked away.

I knew the layout of the house really well and could feel the directions that Dominic took, they led straight to the bathroom, What could he have done in there, perhaps I was going to get my fantasy shower, hmm what a thought. Instead I was lowered and I could feel the water surround my body. The water was warm and I could feel the bubbles on my skin. With my eyes still closed I felt a very soft sponge trail up my right leg. It was a loving touch, not one you would expect to get from someone that just literally gave me a whipping, I felt him trail over my inner thigh getting closer to my sex... then he stopped and moved down to my ankle on my left leg, again he moved up my inner thigh so slowly. My breathing started to show what I was feeling and my god did he spot it... he went and brushed over my sex with the sponge and there it was, that tingling sensation you get when something feels so good then it stopped.

He moved the sponge up and over my stomach, slowly moving up between my breasts, circling them, and as he did, brushed over my nipples as well, God he knew exactly what he was doing as the sensation ran right through my body and down to my sex making me as wet as the water around me and hotter than a furnace. He soon discarded the sponge and I could feel the palm of hand rubbing between my breasts, I was in heaven, my body arched towards his hand, like a cat wanting more cream rubbing against your leg for more attention. He was soon moving his hand up to my neck and I could feel a gentle grip around my throat, massaging it. I brought my hands up to his and held onto his wrist, my breathing continued to get heavier and heavier. I could feel his grip getting a little tighter and I could feel myself getting closer as the thoughts of having him hold me down by my neck while helpless started to invade my mind.

Suddenly I felt his other hand down close to my sex, I could feel a gentle caress between my lips under the water, a finger rubbing my clit and then wallop.... he pushed two fingers straight up inside me and I arched up to receive them, they started to dance inside me... it felt like a tango, the dominant man guiding the submissive woman to an almighty climax. I started to wriggle and struggle a little, then my hands gripped around his at my throat and almost begged him to grip tighter, to restrict my air supply, and then it happened, he gave one last push deep inside with his fingers and I screamed loud and hard, it echoed around the bathroom, bouncing off every surface as my climax shook my very core and my entire body thrashed around in the bath causing waves of water to spill over its edge, making the floor and Dominic both as wet as I was.

Soon after my climax, Dominic took his finger from within me and pulled his hand out of the bath. Taking his hand away from my neck I started to breath a little more like a person than a wild feral cat that had been taken by its primal mate. I looked up at Dominic who, might I add, was smiling from ear to ear. If his grin was any bigger he would have been mistaken for the joker out of the batman movies without the make up.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked, knowing full well that I did. I gave a deep breath and nodded my head. Not knowing if I was aloud to actually speak yet I chanced it. “Did you Sir?

“I did very much so, but now you need to get cleaned up. I'll go and make you a drink while you finish here. Before you come down for you drink you are to be completely naked and with your hair in a plait.”

I looked up at him quizzically. “Do you understand me? Naked and your hair in a plait.”

“Yes Sir,” I nodded my head and got straight to it as he left the room to go downstairs.

Fifteen minutes later I walked downstairs, as instructed, naked and with my hair in a plait. Even I have to admit that I look stunning. There he was waiting for me at the dinning table where I was first taken by him. He sat there almost pride of place with a hot drink in his hand and at first glance I wondered where mine was, he did say he was making me a drink. Then I took a double take, there on the floor was a small cushion and in front of it was a cup with a straw in it. I looked at him not knowing what to do so I put my hands out in front of me, a little shy I suppose as I wasn't quite sure what to do or what was expected of me. With his finger he beckoned me over, as if I was a child that was about to get a spanking but it didn't look like it was going to be something like that at all. So hesitantly I went over, when I got to the cushion I was ordered to stop by a hand gesture.

Dominic looked over me as if inspecting a new purchase I was very conscious of this so I started to fidget a little. “Stop fidgeting.” was the command that came, there and then I stopped.  I opened my mouth to say something and I was cut completely off.

“Remember your place and speak only when spoken to or you'll get another good whipping like the one you got upstairs”. His voice was stern and very direct, I knew he meant every word so I closed my mouth and stood still.

“Your drink is ready for you and you have come down as instructed so you may drink it....” I leant forward to pick it up, “... but...” as he said that I stopped in my tracks and knew there was something missing. “... to drink it you again need to learn your place.”

I stood up straight and looked at him, “Kneel on the cushion with your hands behind you and then you may drink”, thinking it would be easier for me to kneel first then put my hands behind me I proceeded to do as I was instructed. To my dismay I was ordered to stop, then I realised what I did wrong. I put my hands behind my back and firmly clasped them together, spotting the smile on Dominic's face I continued and started to kneel almost loosing my balance in the process but I made it none the less. As I got down on my knees I could smell the drink in front of me and to my surprise it was my favourite, hot chocolate but sadly no marshmallows.

“Sir, may I drink?” Thinking that this was the best course of action, as I’m sure that if I went straight down to take the straw I would be in for for more punishment.

Looking surprised by this, Dominic smiled. “Yes you may, but you must leave your hands behind you, Under no circumstances are you to bring them round in front of you.”

“Yes Sir and thank you Sir,” and with that I guided my mouth over the straw and drank enthusiastically. I was soon finished long before Dominic was, I was absolutely gasping for that drink, so I just knelt there waiting. What was I waiting for? This is my home, I shouldn't be ordered to do anything here, but I was and it felt like it was the way things should be and should continue.

My thoughts started to take over a little, could I do this day and night? Kneel in front of a man like a slave, and I smiled a little to myself, yes I could and I will. I want this man to be my “Hooded Claw”, to take me when he wanted and to punish me when it was required. Unknown to myself Dominic was watching me a little from time to time as he dunked biscuits into what smelt like a very strong cup of coffee. I turned my head to see him take the final sip of coffee from his cup as he tipped it so far back it went almost vertical. He looked down at me and then into my cup, noticing that it too was empty he picked it up, took it into the kitchen and washed them up. Thinking about it, it appears that I'm a pampered slave, I've not had to do any washing up of late, I've had flowers delivered to my door, a 3 course meal cooked for me in my own home and there aren't many of my friends that can honestly say they've had the kind of sex that I have and I've been washed down by expert hands. What's not to love about this man.

As Dominic came back from the kitchen he walked straight passed me, he didn't even look in my direction. Feeling a little confused by this and a hell of a lot neglected I went to bring my hands round from behind me, what a mistake that was as I suddenly felt a sting go across my back. I could swear he was almost across the room from me when the hit struck like lightning.

“Did I tell you that you could move from your position?”

I went to compose myself and there it was again, this time it went down my back instead of across. I arched my back as the pain coursed through the skin and into the muscle, the nerves screaming as they were brought to attention and I screamed  in unison with them, almost a choir of pain singing from the same hymn sheet.

I quickly placed my hands back behind me and sure enough the two whippings seemed to be enough for me to learn that my place was there kneeling, waiting and for what was I waiting for? Who knows, I only know that as I'm making these mistakes I'm learning that my place is that of total obedience. After a minute or so I heard Dominic coming behind me so as not to disappoint him I clasped my hands tighter together so that my breasts were pushed out a little further, almost coming to attention like a soldier. There it was, as he came over and stood above me, a long, thin stream of leather fell in font of me, he really was across the room from me. I really have met my match. He leant down over me and looked me straight in the eyes.

“Time for you to go to bed and for me to go home, now open your mouth.” I was a little confused but I opened my mouth anyway and then a single strap ball gag came over my head and then set into my mouth, the strap was pulled really tight and my eyes bulged but there was no click, I was really confused now. Then a pair of basic handcuffs were placed around my wrists behind me and I started to look for the tail tail signs they might be fake... you know the ones that have that little safety catch just in case you loose the keys, but alas these were the real deal.

Suddenly I felt his big hand around the top of my arm lift me from my knees and onto my feet. Then he quite literally threw me over his shoulder and carried me up the stairs to my bedroom. Walking in he went straight to my bed and gently placed me on it, taking the covers and placing them over me to keep me warm. I wondered if he was going to join me but he stood and placed a set of keys on the bedside.

“Here's your keys for the house and the key to the handcuffs your wearing. I've set your alarm for nine in the morning so that you'll be in time for work...” I looked up at him and was a little disappointed that he was staying. “... I'll contact you when I'm free for another meeting.” and with that he left without even saying goodbye.

I was knackered and so I thought nothing of it. I didn't see the smile that he had as he was leaving, I was completely in a state of my own mind knowing exactly what I wanted.

The alarm went off at exactly nine and there I was under my covers, still wearing the gag that was placed in my mouth, still wearing the handcuffs behind my back, but I can honestly say that I had the best nights sleep and my dreams … all I can really say is wow... they must have been some dreams as the bed was soaking and I was sweating like a dog on heat.

I sat up quickly and turned my back the cabinet, reaching for the keys I turned my head to see them and tried to get the handcuff key. I thought if I were to pick them all up at once and put them on the bed it'll make it a little easier for me to get loose. Grabbing every single key on the cabinet I sat comfortably on the bed and fumbled around until I got the handcuffs open... its been a while since I've had to get regular cuffs off me so it took me a while. Removing the gag was easy enough although I am curious as to why Dominic didn't lock it in place, oh well.

Free from the cuffs and gag I went and grabbed a shower and got breakfast. Putting on my uniform for work I looked at the time, I still have an hour to spare so I went to my phone and hoped that Dominic has sent me a “Good Morning” text, but no such luck. I felt a little disappointed but he did say he would contact me again, I guess I'm just impatient, so I went upstairs and put everything away that Dominic used on me yesterday. Heading out to work I wondered about what our next meeting would be like, what could he possibly do to me that I would enjoy more than what's already been done?

As I got through the door at work my floor manager came up to me. The only reason he comes up to me is if I have done something wrong or to ogle at  my chest and he didn’t look like he was in the mood to be flirty so I decided that what ever was coming my way I best just take it on the chin and deal with it when I get home with a drink and a bit of self fun.

“Jesslyn” he called out from about ten feet away.

“Yes Sir”, it felt weird calling him sir after I spent the last couple of days calling someone I barely know the same, and thankfully, for a completely different reason.

“Thank you for putting your notice for your holiday in writing to me but all you had to do was book it the same way as the others do by using a holiday slip, and because you've not taken any the whole of the month is absolutely fine, it is after all the end of the tax year so why not.”

I looked at him a little confused, I wasn’t due to start my shift for another fifteen minutes, and as I was about to explain to my manager that I hadn't booked it, my phone rang.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” My manager looking down and pointing to my pocket that was now singing 'Chains' By Tina Arena

“Hello?” Not looking at my phone before answering it, which I should have done, the voice on the end of the phone just made me melt instantly.

“Your response should have been 'Yes Sir'. But I’ll let you off this time since you didn't look at your phone before you answered it”. My attention was instant and I started to look around to see if I could see him anywhere. He was obviously watching me from a distance as I couldn’t see anyone on a phone that was in view.

“Sorry Sir” My boss looked at me with inquisitive eyes.

“Your holiday starts tomorrow, make sure you're in all day with the door on the latch and I’ll come and get you, you don’t need to pack anything, just be dressed in that tight little number you were wearing on our first date.” and with that he hung up without a single goodbye. What had he planned? I obviously didn't need any clothes for it.

Looking at my phone in dismay and wonder my manager looked at me and then brought me back to the land of the living. “Everything okay Jesslyn?”

Putting my phone back in my pocket, I nodded my head, “You can go home now if you like, no point in doing a days work and then going on holiday. Where are you going to anyway?”

I wanted to tell him so badly that I'm being treated to a holiday by a complete stranger, but I thought, nah, I’ll keep him guessing. So I came up with something really elaborate.

“Bora Bora, just thought I would chill out a lot and get some sun,” was my reply.

“Well I hope you have a good time, it is after all, a once in a lifetime trip. Now go home and pack.” With that I literally ran out the door and home. While heading in that direction I was looking around a little to see if I could see Dominic anywhere but he must be a ninja or something. I could feel his eyes watching me. Thinking that made me feel safe as I walked home, you never know what creeps are lurking around the corners, even during the mornings.

As I got to the front door a thought came to mind, what if I as to make myself readily available for when he came in, the thought sent a chill of excitement coursing round my body, I couldn't leave the door on the latch though, I didn't want any Tom, Dick or Harry walking in and catching me the way I had planned to be found. Sure enough I would be wearing my 'tight little number' as he called it, but I would be wearing something else as well, well some other things.

I went straight upstairs to the bedroom and got out that dress that I wore on the first night we met and my steel collar, I wanted to make an impression when Dominic came through the door, so I picked up a cushion and placed at the end of the hallway that led from the front door, so that when he came in he would see me on my knees waiting for him. I wanted Dominic to see that I was his completely and that I actually learned something over the last few days about how he should find me.

I went back up to my bedroom and located my favourite gag again and the steel restraints that I spent most of the previous evening in. I took the keys for them and the padlocks that were going to be holding my gag in place and put them all on one key ring with a trigger clip, (You know the clips that I mean, the type that stop you loosing your keys by attaching them to your jeans). I grabbed a small chain, and when I say small it was only six links long, I didn't want any real available movement, just enough to stay comfortable. I locked both the ankle cuffs together at one end and did the same with the wrist cuffs locking the small chain between them

I took the my restraints downstairs and put them on the cushion. Double checking everything I made sure that there were three padlocks for my gag. I was unsure about leaving the door on the latch so instead I took the house key, making sure no-one was looking, I put it under the plant pot to the left of the door then went back in. Taking my phone in hand and texting Sir about my concerns regarding leaving the door on the latch I told him where the key could be found. After a minute I received a message back telling me that he got the message and it had been read.

As I went to the cushion I received a text, wondering what it might be I chose it was best to read it. Sure enough it was from Sir. The text read....

'Jesslyn. I will be with you after dark. I have read your text regarding the key and that is information well received, Make sure that you are ready for me when I get there. Sir'.

Chills ran straight up my spine, it must be a late flight. Looking at the clock it was about eleven thirty, so it meant that I had plenty of time to get ready what I had planned but I couldn't wait, so I ran to the toilet to expel anything that was inside me.

I ran downstairs feeling excited and went straight to the cushion. Grabbing my collar, I put that around my neck making sure the ring was at the front, then clipped the keys to it. I want Dominic to be able to remove the chain between my wrists and ankles so he can carry me to his car in my bound state. A little risky for me but hey, I don't care any more. I want people to see that I am proud to be with this man baring in mind it will be dark as well so the likely hood someone will see me is going to be slim anyway.  Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll take the plunge with him and be his completely. Placing the gag to my lips I opened my mouth as wide as I could, threading the buckle at the back I gave it a little pull, strangely it went in with ease, must have been the use that it got over the last couple of days has made my mouth a little wider. So I pulled the buckle as tight as possible, doing the same with overhead and chin straps. Once I was satisfied they were tight enough I took all three  padlocks and locked each buckle in turn.

After trying to expel the gag from my mouth with my tongue, with absolutely no success, I sat on the cushion with my legs out in front of me, taking the ankle cuffs I locked them in place, giving the ankles a tug with each other, hearing the chain jingle made me smile a little behind my gag. I lifted my bum off the cushion and brought my ankles round behind me, making sure that the wrist restraints don't close shut. That would be a little inconvenient.

Getting myself into the kneeling position on the cushion, I shuddered a little. I'm going to be here bound in steel, gagged with no way to remove it and in the slaves kneeling position waiting between nine and ten hours for my new Master. It felt good to think of him as my Master. Well its the moment of truth, can I withstand kneeling for that amount of time? Putting my wrists behind me I grabbed one of cuffs with my left hand and locked it around my right wrist, just one more to go I thought. Cradling the other cuff in my right hand making sure that didn't close shut I placed my left wrist in one of the semi circles of the final cuff. I took a deep breath and then snap, I closed the lock shut around my wrist, I was officially going nowhere and now I had to stay perfectly still and await Sir.

Time seemed to move on pretty slowly, all I had was time with my thoughts and man they were quite extreme. I didn't know how long I had been there for, what seemed like hours could easily have been minutes. Perhaps I was a little hasty in putting myself in such a position but its too late to dwell on it now. I gave my wrists a tug against the chain connecting them to my ankles and started to fantasize. I closed my eyes and imagined I was locked in an Arabs basement cell, this was my punishment for drinking his finest wine, the very one he saved for when he completed a sale of one of his lesser slaves. I was now one of those that he had to sell as an example to the rest. I was one of his higher ranking slaves. I had power over the rest of them. It was I that could punish the lesser slaves on the agreement that I was to abide by the rules as well. It was to teach the rest about the disciplines of non-compliance, but I was foolish to think that even I could get away with drinking the Masters finest wine. I was caught red handed by Master himself, and now I was a lesser slave to be sold. Before my predicament I begged and pleaded with him not to treat me like the rest, pleaded my case that I was completely devoted and faithful to him, but those plea's just made things worse.

Now I'm locked in the tightest gag that he has ever used on a slave, the steel around my neck, wrists and ankles are that tight I can't even twist in them. Then I heard it, the door to the cell opening, master came in with two potential buyers, one was tall dark and handsome, I would say no older than myself, the other was a sight to behold. letchy and perverse and I wanted to be property to neither.

Master came over and pulled my skimpy slave girls outfit apart, ripping it, making it completely useless and releasing my ample breasts. Both of the buyers came over to me and I tried to pull back, tried my hardest to get away from them but they grabbed a breast each and squeezed hard, I screamed in my gag, my eyes closed with the pain and they laughed, they laughed so hard I was in complete despair. I was feeling so humiliated at the prospect of being sold. My Master uttered a command to the two men stood in front of me and they let go of my now screaming breasts, then I could see why they moved. My Master had in his hand what he called the punisher, a ten foot whip, and in the distance I could see a bottle of his finest wine and three glasses, he was going to sell me right here. He brought the whip up high, and with the deadliest of accuracy, whipped my left breast and then the bidding started as did my screams.

Coming out of my fantasy a little, I could feel myself getting wet between my legs, so I tugged even more against my manacles and tried to get to my aching pussy from behind my back. I closed my eyes and I drifted back into my fantasy.

The bidding went smoothly but when there was a pause I got whipped. My aching body had twenty lashings where there was pause for thought on the next bid. I was currently going for the price of one hundred and forty camels. I must be a fine specimen no slave has gone for much more than thirty, and there it was....

“Going once...”shouted my Master with a lash to my stomach. And then a scream to follow.

“Going twice...” and I braced myself knowing I was going to get two more and there they were. I heard them coming and each one landed perfectly on each nipple. I screamed as loud as I could behind my gag, with it only falling on the closest of ears.

“Sold for one hundred and forty camels”

I could see them moving away through the tears now flowing from my eyes, my breasts in agony and my body tortured, as my vision cleared up I could see a forth person and to my dismay it was my replacement. Everyone knew her as the harlot. she had spent the night with almost every guard in the palace and now she would have the pleasure of the Master.

She came over to me with the permission of my new owner and gave me a slap across my face and then waved her hand. Four men came in with a cage and placed it down in front of me. Four pairs of hands grabbed at my body. I wasn’t going to go without a fight. As they placed their hands on me I moved away as best as I could, screaming into my gag, my wrists and ankles still chained together. I wriggled like a worm trying my hardest to get free but to no avail. My replacement had already got the lid of the cage off ready for them to put me in. As they did  I was unceremoniously dropped in, but not from a great height thankfully. Still it knocked all the air out of my lungs, then I heard it, the cage lid slam shut above me and lock in place, the deal was done and I was sold to the highest bidder.

Coming out of my fantasy for a moment, I tried my hardest to get to my pussy but alas I had no joy I was here to stay in my self induced state. God I was so horny, suddenly a shadow appeared in the window of the front door. Just the post man, I thought. Then suddenly the door lock started to move and panic started to invade me, he wasn't due for at least another ten hours, so I started to struggle to move away from my position. Then the door slowly swung open and, closing my eyes tightly, I screamed into my gag thinking it might be an intruder. Then  heard a familiar voice.

“Well well what do we have here then?”

Opening my eyes I was relieved to see that it was Sir (aka Dominic) and smiled a little behind my gag. I pushed my arms back and pushed my breasts forward as if coming to attention in the kneeling position and hearing the small chain rattle a little as I did.

“Well it looks like half the work is already done for me.” He said looking down at me. Then I saw him wave his hand, wondering what for I suddenly heard two more men come in carrying a wooden box and as they did Sir came over to me and bent down. I instinctively closed my eyes thinking I was going to get a little caress, but instead he started to whisper in my ear.

“I've always wanted a sex slave, who'd have thought I would find one in my own town.” And with that he took the keys from my collar. “By the way, you're about to get your dream.”

My eyes opened straight away and looked past him at the two men with the box, who were now removing its lid. This was far too quick, I wanted to get to know this guy first before I was absolutely sure that I wanted this. I started t struggle in my cuffs, almost instinctively, knowing now that I am going to be kidnapped and I am going to be used as a sex slave.

I'm not going to go without a fight so I gave it my all, I screamed into my gag as loud as I could to try and get someone's attention from outside but Dominic had the door slammed shut and reached into his pocket. Pulling out a piece of cloth he came over to me and opened it out. It was a large black canvas hood and as he came closer to me, so I pulled back, shaking my head and screaming louder and louder into my gag hoping that someone would actually come to my rescue.

Suddenly he reached out and grabbed the strap at the back of my head and pulled it back. He looked deep into my eyes holding my head steady, now injecting fear into what used to be a fantasy of mine.

“It was so good of you to make this so much more easy for me to take you, and with you now on holiday for a month, no-one will question where you are.”

“Mpppppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and with that he let go of the strap, removed the keys from my collar and forced this hood over my head. Shaking my head the entire time I could feel him placing a belt around my neck to hold the hood in place and then I felt Dominic's hands grab a breast each and suddenly a coursing pain running through them, I squealed behind my gag, shaking my head and trying my hardest to pull back from his grip.

After ten or so seconds of my breasts being clenched and squashed inside, what I can only describe as a vice, they were released. I started to pant heavily around the gag, taking in as much air as I could. Suddenly I felt hands all over me, lifting me off the ground, I want to struggle but if I did I was afraid that they might drop me.

I could feel them lowering me into the box and then felt the panel beneath me, then I started to struggle again, screaming as loud as I can then I heard something very unsettling. It sounded like the lid to the box being screwed down, as I heard the screws being drilled into the lid I screamed and kicked with my legs, but all I achieved was to hurt my wrists and cause my throat to ache. Suddenly it moved, my body was shaking and not because I was scared but I was lifted and being carried from my home. Suddenly the crate was dropped to the ground and all I could here was the slamming of what I can only describe as the sound of a sliding door. Now I was in fear, he wasn't joking around and I am petrified that I'll never see the light of day again. All I could do now is wait and hope that I will be freed at some point. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard an engine start and roar into life.

I screamed as loud as I could and struggled as hard as I could but I put myself into this situation and know that the only way I was getting loose was Dominic using the keys on my restraints, by looking at him and the fear that he injected into me, I cant see that happening any time soon. I can only wait and hope. But I will be putting up a monstrous fight as I have officially been kidnapped against my will.

to be continued...

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