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Maid in the Corn 2

by cntrl_altrnt

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© Copyright 2010 - cntrl_altrnt - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; cd; caught; F/m; D/s; chastity; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part 1 Part 2

The nervous excitement since I was discovered in the cornfield was just about to take the better of me. I was thrilled and aroused by the fact that this woman discovered and interrogated me, but also a little scared as she took my drivers license and the key. On the other hand, she left me my car and other stuff and I managed to get home safely. It was close to 16:00 on a Sunday and I still hadn’t managed to get some sleep, neither was I able to eat something. On top of that, my chastity device was getting a little uncomfortable. The whole weekend I’ve anxiously been waiting for her email. She did have my address, didn’t she? With every sound of incoming mail my hopes skyrocketed, just to drop into the abyss after each instance of a newsletter or spam… Viagra offerings are the worst to receive right now.

My laptop beeped for a new message once again, but this time my hopes weren’t all shattered and anxiety even went up;

Sunday 16:02 mail from Mdm. Key for keepers.

Well boy, I hope you got home safe. You probably know by now it is not safe to play outside, but your lesson isn’t over yet. You still have to get your license and key back and there are two options, cheap or fast. The cheap one will just take you 6 weeks of waiting, until I send you the license and key. Just to remind you of the predicament you could have been in. The fast option will cost you about € 350, consider that enrollment fee for a lesson you won’t forget. Mail me a.s.a.p. whether you want it cheap or fast.

Mdm. Kfk

PS. Make sure your chastity device is undamaged if you opt for fast. Otherwise I would be disappointed and you’d have to wait another 6 weeks for me to forget my disappointment.

Her email address was hotmail, most likely an alias she just created. I was not pleased with the prospect of having to put up € 350, but looking down between my legs, I already learned a weekend is too much for me, let alone 6 weeks. She kind of had me by the balls from a distance, so I replied;

Dear Mdm. Kfk,

As a quick learner, I would prefer to be taught a lesson than learn from experience.

Yours truly

After sending the mail of, I was a bit more relaxed about retrieving my drivers license and the key that kept my member locked away. A certain arousal and anticipation came over me, but my mailbox stayed empty for one hour… two hours … three hours, when finally;

Sunday 20:24 mail from Mdm. Key for keepers.

Boy, here are your instructions. Execute them carefully, for I will not tolerate mistakes.

Pay € 300 through PayPal to my email address. Clear your schedule for the upcoming three weekends; you will receive your lesson during the weekend. When exactly will depend on when the training materials will be delivered and my mood. You must have the wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and collar available that you wore in the cornfield. Finally, you must purchase or possess a pair of black leather pumps, no peep toe, platform height 2 cm max, heels about 10 cm + platform height and they should fit your feet. Send me an email when you have completed your instructions. Include your mobile phone number and home address in the email. Do not try to communicate with me beyond the scope of your instructions.

Mdm. Kfk.

This was pretty clear, I started browsing around the web for a new pair of shoes and consulted PayPal on how to fulfill this payment. Turned out to be easier than buying a pair of shoes. It was about 23:00 when I placed the order for a pair of shoes, expected to be delivered in 4 days… I went to bed and even managed to fall asleep.

After a long week had passed, I made it home early on the Friday afternoon. When I opened my front-door, I found a note by the postal service. They tried to deliver a package, but since I wasn’t at home, they dropped it at the neighbors at number 7… oh no. Last time a parcel was dropped there, I had to collect it from the over-curious lady of the house. She insisted on me taking a cup of coffee to compensate for the dog damaging the parcel (so she said)… well, that time it was just some ink for my printer and two USB Memory Sticks… But now, I really hate the thought of the “dog” opening a parcel containing a pair of size 45 high-heels. I pretended to be in a hurry, collected the box that seemed to undamaged and headed back to my car (still pretending to be in a hurry). With the new pair of shoes, I drove off to the supermarket.

When I got back at about 18:00, I opened the box to admire my new shoes… they looked absolutely sexy and I would have gotten a hard on. I tried them on, and they fitted well, but walking on them turned out to be a little more of a challenge. 10.5 cm of stiletto heel is much more demanding than the 7 cm platform I was used to. I walked to the computer and mailed Mdm. Kfk to inform her I completed my instructions… to cut the long story short, throughout the weekend, my anticipation grew, I was getting quite frustrated with my member still locked away and no reply from Mdm. Kfk. The work week following the weekend was even worse and I actually started to feel a little depressed and miserable, until Friday. While the weather turned for the worse with dropping temperatures and continuous rain, I received a mail from Mdm. Kfk;

Thursday 23:46 mail from Mdm. Kfk

Boy, the stuff for your training has arrived, be prepared. I’ll send a text message on your mobile with further instructions this weekend.

Mdm. Kfk

I was thrilled, no ecstatic… the long waiting would be over. But as Friday evening progressed into the night, I headed to bed. I only dosed of a little, when my phone beeped. A text message from an unfamiliar number at 0:55;

Boy, I hope you have a trench coat or something like that, it’s raining cats and dogs. Put on your collar and cuffs and the pumps I referred to in previous mail. You must only wear a coat. I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes. Don’t keep me waiting, or I will keep you waiting. Mdm. Kfk

10 minutes, good thing I was naked already. I did have a trench coat, just had to pull it out of the closet. After having grabbed the coat, I put on the cuffs, collar, my pair of heels and the coat. I had a quick peak on my phone. 5 minutes had past already. I turned off the lights and pushed the curtains a bit aside. Two cars passed through the street, then a third car, which stopped in front of my neighbors. Would it be her? The time matched, but I didn’t know what type of car she drove… even more, I assumed she would pick me up using a car. I hesitated, but as the horn of the car sounded, I quickly dashed to the door grabbed the keys on my way out, locked the door behind me and… I realized I was going out on the street pretty much naked in high heels, probably with part of the neighborhood looking out the window why the horn of a car was sounded.

I walked towards the waiting car, thanking darkness and rain from limiting any viewers possible vision, and got in on the passenger side. She sat behind the wheel, looking at me with a faint smile on her friendly face. I was going crazy over the long silence, which actually may have been less than 5 seconds.

“Thank you for being so kind to let me share the ride with you, Madam.” I said, after couldn’t resist the silence or her stare.

“And thank you for your nice words of greeting, but from now on, you will only speak when spoken to! Understood?” she replied.

I nodded, “Good boy” she said, shifted gears and drove off.

The scent of her perfume slowly started filling my nostrils and my member was virtually pounding against its cage as we drove out into the night.


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