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Mina 2: The Message

by Mikel

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story continues from part one

Part 2: The Message

She grabbed her keys and peeked out before tip toeing to his door and unlocking it and slipped inside. She saw his machine flashing and hit play and listened to his messages, the last one was him saying the same thing she already heard except the last part was, "so I figured they were yours and I’m going to mail them to you just in case, if they aren’t yours just hang onto them till I get back." He’s mailing the keys to me! She jumped up and spun around on her toes squealing into her gag and thinking she would be free any day now instead of a month or two.

She sat back down and looked at the evil belt and said to herself you my friend are going in the trash as soon as I can get you off. She rested for a while and rubbed her jaw and as she inspected her feet decided the salesgirl was right, they could be walked in and smiled to herself. When she was ready to leave due mostly to her feet starting to ache and the smell she had about her and she looked out the peep hole and saw several people standing in the hall, they spoke and said, "He was supposed to be here so I guess we will have to wait" as they sat down.

Mmph! (dammit) as she knew she couldn’t dash across the hall mostly naked and wearing a large ball gag and ballet boots so she went back and sat down to wait them out. She snuggled up on the couch and was soon fast asleep dreaming of being free of the belt and enjoying a series of orgasms, she was awakened by the sound of people talking and went to the door to look out the peep hole. She saw a crowd of people milling in and out of the apartment to the left of hers, a party! Shit! A series of mmmphs was all that could have been heard if the noise from the party hadn’t drowned them out.

She wondered around his apartment trying to find something to do, she knew she wouldn’t find any clothes that she could wear because she couldn’t wear pants, she tried to cut the gag but the only scissors she found were too dull or too cheap to even make a dent in the straps. She looked outside again but there was even more people were in the hall so she turned on the TV again and watched until she got bored and remembered the restraints she had seen in his chest of drawers earlier and went to take a better look.

Opening the drawer she found a pair of padded leather wrist cuffs and a matching pair of ankle cuffs, both sets had built in locks that could be pushed closed once they were adjusted, also a leather blind fold and some short pieces of chain with locks attached. Digging further she found several pairs of police handcuffs and a stack of bondage magazines, she sat back on her feet and flipped through the magazines, looking at them was making her horny and she searched for the keys to the cuffs finding some keys and tested each making sure she would be able to release herself when she wanted.

Wrapping the cuffs around her ankles she put the leather on top of the boots and closed them tightly and pushing the locks closed. Wrapping the leather cuffs around her wrists and locked them tightly, they were thick and were padded making them very comfortable to wear. She took the short chains and locked them at her ankles then lowered the blind fold and rolled over on to her stomach. Reaching back she crossed the chains and locked them to the wrist cuffs and was now in another hogtie, not near as tight as the last one she was in but enjoyable and not uncomfortable at all. She pulled and yanked at her restraints and rolled around the floor, holding on to the keys so she would not have to find them later.

While she was enjoying herself someone began knocking on his door, then did it two more times when she heard the front door open. She froze as she listened for whom ever it was that opened the door. "Hey Jack! I got your next project" he didn’t come in any further than the living room where she heard him rustling around then heard the door close and then nothing but the noise from the party. She quickly released her chains and pulled up the blind fold and crawled into the living room, when she saw no one there she removed the chains from her ankles and walked around the apartment until she noticed the two large boxes that hadn’t been there before stacked neatly in the corner. She sighed as she realized it was just a delivery guy and went quickly to the door and put the chain on.

Looking through the peephole she noticed there seem to be less people in the hall but she still could not go out yet. She went back to the bedroom and removed her ankle cuffs and slid them up her arms and locked them above her elbows and then linked them together behind her back. She locked the steel hand cuffs around ankles and closed them tightly, these cuffs held her ankles very close together with only a short chain connecting them, taking a chain she linked her ankle cuffs to go to her wrist cuffs after she had pulled her blindfold back down she reached back and locked the chain to her wrists leaving a small amount of slack and soon was rolling on the floor with her elbows chained together and her ankles chained to her wrists. She was really enjoying herself and rolled and struggled as her pussy became wetter and wetter, as she was pulling at her bonds she remembered she had left the keys on top of the bed!

Now blind in a strange house chained in a loose hogtie she had no idea where she was in the room or where the bed was. She thrashed wildly and rolled over and over as she fought her bonds trying to find a weakness in them during her struggles she had a massive orgasm and screamed into her gag as she rode out wave after wave of her climax, her body tensing, pulling hard on the chains as the spasms hit. Gasping for air around her gag she lay still, slumping in her bonds and thinking about her situation she decided that she wouldn’t panic yet, she wasn’t bound too strictly and knew all she had to do was find the bed and pull the covers down so the keys would fall. In her mind she could see where she had left the keys and thought if she could reach that part of the beds covers she could just pull them and the keys would fall to the floor.

Mina began rolling over crushing her tits into the carpet and she was very glad she didn’t have any clamps on her nipples, she rolled onto her cuffed hands and elbows also glad that her toes were held firmly pointed up her back making it easier to roll over on them. As she rolled over she ran into several walls and pieces of furniture, feeling each item until she could identified them and moved on to the next. Finally finding the bed she had to wiggle her way around it until she thought she was near where the keys were lying on the blanket. The trip around the room had worn her out and made her second guess where she had left the keys, she had learned that she was more stringently bound than she had thought as she groped around feeling items realizing she only had a few inches of movement to move her hands that were tethered to her ankles by the short chain.

She sagged in her bonds as she rested and tried to flex her aching jaw muscles and even tried to rub the blind fold off but the straps holding it in place would not let it move at all. She twisted around and grabbed the blanket and began pulling it towards her. As she struggled with the blanket she began to get horny again as she fought her bonds, when she heard a jingle and felt the keys hit her legs she squealed with joy and began to try and reach them. For an half an hour she struggled and wiggled around getting hornier as she fought the chains until she finally got the keys.

She struggled with the keys trying to get them into a lock as her libido climbed making it even more difficult to concentrate on the key. Finally she felt the key turn in the lock and her hands fell to her sides, she forced herself over and into a sitting position feeling the steel around her waist pull tighter as she twisted, she unlocked the cuffs on her wrists. Stretching her legs she leaned back against the bed letting her back adjust to being able to straighten out all the way.

After stretching for a few minutes she tried to remove her blind fold and found the elbow cuffs would not allow her arms to go high enough to reach the blind fold, she cursed into her gag and pulled and twisted her arm cuffs but was still unable to reach the blind fold. Calming herself she began to try and unlock her arm cuffs to let her move freely and she quickly found that she could not reach the key holes on the cuffs around her arms, she just couldn’t bend her arms in the correct direction far enough to be able to get the key into the small lock. She grunted and almost started to cry as she realized she had done it again and stupidly had locked herself into something she didn’t fully understand.

Frustrated she pulled her legs back to her chest and tried to unlock the steel cuffs around her ankles, while she tried to turn the key she found it would not turn, it felt like it was frozen, she turned it again and then tried the other cuff and got the same thing, she began to panic and fought the cuffs until finally she started kicking and thrashing again. Sitting for over an hour she started to try to rub her head against the night stand to remove the blind fold, after several failed attempts she pulled the drawer open a little and finally was able to hook the thick leather and force the blind fold off her head, she raised herself to her pointed toes and walked with very short steps to the door and looked out the peep hole and saw no one in the hallway. She desperately wanted the gag off so she grabbed all the keys and quietly wiggled her way across the hall, only the short chain connecting the cuffs around her ankles making any noise.

Reaching the top lock was difficult but after some grunting and twisting while pulling hard on her elbow cuffs she managed to unlock it and push the door open, once inside she felt relieved that she was in her place and moved her tired body into her bedroom for her keys. Sitting on the bed she went to unlock the gag strap that had kept her quiet for almost two days and found that the elbow cuffs would not let her reach high enough to reach those locks either. Pulling hard on the cuffs she began to cry from the frustration and couldn’t believe she was so restrained by such a few and simple bonds as what she was wearing now. She thought about it for a few minutes before she thought about her full size mirror and moved her tired body in front of it. Looking closely at the cuffs encircling her arms she could see the locks had turned when she had pulled on them, she reached back and twisted the cuffs and easily slipped the key in and unlocked the cuffs.

She was relieved when the cuffs slid down her arms and she was able to raise her arms, she quickly unlocked her gag and slowly pulled the ball from her aching jaw and let it drop into the sink and flexed her jaws and tried to close her mouth, she whined as her sore jaw muscles would not allow her to fully close her mouth without causing her pain but was glad to have the orb out of her mouth. Her stomach had been grumbling for days it seemed and she took the keys and tried to unlock the cuffs around her ankles but they would not unlock, she unlocked the small pad locks holding her ballet boots on and set them and her keys on the sink taking the ring of keys that held the keys to the cuffs with her.

Going to the kitchen she dug some leftovers out of the fridge on sat down to eat. As she ate she saw her computer and went to the internet and looked up the cuffs around her ankles and soon found them and an explanation of how they worked and read that if you doubled locked them you would have to turn the key backwards first then the other way to unlock them. Squealing again she quickly unlocked the cuffs and began to unlace the boots. She was so glad to be able to remove her bonds she didn’t think about her stretched leg muscles and as she stood up she wailed as the pain from her legs hit her. She crumpled to her knees rubbing her calves and whining loudly. She crawled to a pair of shoes she had left out and slipped her feet into them and sat rubbing her calves again as the pain faded.

She stood back up and went back to the table and finished eating and ran her hand around her belt and just thought soon very soon, as she rubbed her metal covered pussy. After eating she was very tired and knew she had to get up in the morning and go to work so she decided to shower and go to bed. Passing the box with the new belt in it she pulled the bra out and stared at it before pulling it up to her breasts and thinking "I should at least try it on" and carrying it into the bathroom with her.

Once out of the shower she dried herself off and pulled the bra straps around her chest and settled her breasts into the cups and closed the hasp between the cups and slipped the lock around it and closed it. The steel shoulder straps holding the cups perfectly in place making her look like she had a perfectly round pair of breasts setting high on her chest. Yawning she moved around the apartment letting her body adjust in its new trappings before lying down and quickly falling asleep, exhausted from her previous days adventures.


Awaking from the alarm clock noise she rolled around before trying to stand and go to the bathroom, she had kicked her shoes off before lying down and now searched for them, leaning over she was reminded that her breasts were trapped in steel but was only concerned about her legs needing her shoes to be able to stand. She slid her feet into her shoes and forced her sore body to stand and walk gingerly into the bathroom. She had gotten used to going to the bathroom in her belt and now it seemed normal to her, she cleaned herself and started the shower, she did not want to go get the keys so she climbed into the hot shower and let the hot water soothe her sore muscles as she stood on her toes to keep her calves from cramping.

Still not feeling better she could no longer keep herself on her toes so she sat down in the tub and washed her hair and body and stretched her arms and legs while letting the hot water run down her body and over the steel that now not only covered her pussy but her breasts as well. Taking too long in the shower she had to hurry and finish getting ready, she was feeling much better and decided to leave the steel bra on and slid a thick slip on and pulled her knee length skirt up her legs, this skirt was one she had bought on her shopping trip but she had modified it to taper snugly down to her knees making her steps even smaller than the thigh straps allowed, she changed shoes putting on her tallest black patent pumps with several straps holding them on, she had not worn these shoes to work because they were seven inches tall with a very small platform but they had made her calves feel better immediately.

Putting her blouse on almost made her re-think the steel bra but finally felt that the blouse would cover her breast cups well enough to let her go to work. She carefully walked to her car, the tight skirt causing her chastity belt plate to rub her moistening pussy with each step and distracting her as she walked. Mina normally has very little walking to do at work but today of all days she had to make several trips throughout the building and even two trips to the downtown offices.

By the time she was going home she was so horny and tired from having fought the tight dress and having her pussy rubbed all day she really wanted to remove the belt and get herself off, hoping the keys would show up today. Checking her mail box she found no letter from him and struggled her way up the stairs to her apartment. After changing into her large t-shirt and lacing her feet into the ballet boots, she didn’t feel the need to remove her bra because she knew she wasn’t going to be able to stimulate herself enough to orgasm and the bra was actually very comfortable. She inspected the new belt and wondered if it was as comfortable as the bra, she wasn’t sure about the plugs but understood they were needed for body function evacuation but thought the much wider belt that would cover her from just below her rib cage down around her pussy and met the full coverage of her ass would be more comfortable.

Attaching the chains that would run to the bra once both were put on her body she noticed the crotch plate was double layered and a little wider but seemed to be shaped to fit much closer but not rub as much against her thighs. The thigh straps were much heavier and linked together closer than the ones she was wearing now but the wider straps appeared that they to would be more comfortable and easier to hide because they were linked to the crotch plate by straps that ran inside her thighs with no chains on the outside of her thighs. She was finding that instead of hating the idea of putting it on she was looking forward to trying it on. She was reading the information on the belt and read it was designed to cover all the intimate areas, besides her pussy it covered her ass completely and covered her belly button and sides of her hips and waist and of course her nipples and breasts. They offered a neck corset that would cover the last erotic area the neck, and she actually began thinking about ordering one and wondered if she could cover the high collar during the winter time with a scarf or turtleneck.

She ate her dinner and was watching TV when Jack called and they talked for hours about what happened and when he might be back, just before they hung up he asked if she would check his mail for him and she said she would. She remembered the mess in his apartment and even though it was late she decided to go and pick it up and get his mail box key. Checking the hall she walked on her toes to his door and began cleaning up the mess she caused, it didn’t take long and she had put everything back in its place and was leaving when she thought about his mail and dared herself to go and check it in her short night shirt showing her thigh straps and bottom of her shiny crotch plate while wearing her toe boots.

She walked to the stairs and listened and heard no one so she carefully walked down the steps until she was in the well-lit lobby, she eased herself onto the tiled floor her heels making a loud clicking noise with each step. Opening his mailbox the mail that had been jammed in popped out spilling on the floor, she tried to stop it and only caught part of it and watched the rest scatter across the floor. Without thinking she began to pick it up and scooted on her pointed toes across the floor until she turned and saw two guys standing there watching her. She was blushing badly as she realized they could see everything including the bra through the stretched out neck of the shirt and smiled at them. One of the guys bent down and picked up some of the mail and handed it to her smiling, she took it and looked around for any more and seeing none she stepped around them and said, "Thanks" They both smiled and one said "No, thank you"

She turned to walk up the stairs one said, "Nice shoes, they look difficult to walk in!" "Practice" is all she said as she kept climbing the stairs. The two walked out laughing saying, "Someone’s got her in training don’t they". Going into his apartment she was still in shock from the accidental meeting and she just laid his mail down and went back to her place and went to bed.


The next four days she continued to wear all the steel she could, wearing her ballet boots every evening and began sleeping in them and also sleeping in her wrist and ankle cuffs. Mina was told her boss was going to be out on the upcoming Friday so she thought she would be brave and wear her ballet boots to work with her tightest long hobble skirt, her plan was to get to work early and sit at her desk she even put her ankle cuffs in her purse with the idea of wearing them as long as she could including her drive home. She wiggled into the hobble skirt after putting on her thick slip and pulled her leather shirt that normally pulled tightly across her chest but with the steel cups holding her breasts the leather was stretched almost to its breaking point, showing her perfectly round breasts under it. She carefully walked to her car and made it to work. It took her much longer to walk with the tiny steps the dress allowed from the garage but she finally made it to her desk and sat down. Two hours later she after she had made a trip to the bathroom she sat down and slid her ankles cuffs around the tops of the boots and ratcheted them tightly closed around her ankles.

She sat with her legs held tightly together under her desk and tried to concentrate on her work until she call a call from upstairs that she needed to attend a meeting they were having since her supervisor wasn’t there. After trying to get out of it she said she would be up shortly and was told the meeting was starting in ten minutes and to bring all the materials she needed. The ankle chain was short but didn’t really interfere much with her stride but it did make a lot of noise when she walked. Mina gathered up her materials and headed to the far side of the building trying to get there before the meeting started. Fifteen minutes later she arrived out of breath because of her hurrying and fighting her tight clothes. When she came through the door she stopped as she faced entire room of VP’s and they were all staring at her.

Everyone watched her carefully as she wriggled her way to her seat, a slight jingle occurring with each step, all the men watched her heaving chest as she sat down at the table trying to ignore them as she straightened out her documents. Four hours later the meeting was over and she pretended to clean up and organize her materials hoping they would all leave before she would need to get up and begin her long walk to the other side of the building. Several of the male VP’s stayed behind chatting with each other and eyed her carefully when she finally rose to her pointed toes and jingled her way out of the room. Arriving back at her desk she sat down relieved she had made it through the meeting without embarrassing herself more, wishing she had brought the keys to the cuffs instead of leaving them at home and glad it was near the end of the day. Answering the phone it was one of the VP’s from the meeting asking her to bring him the materials she had brought to the meeting, now.

Agreeing she stood again, making sure her shoes were covered and sighed deeply as she began the long walk to his office, thirty minutes later she arrived at his office panting deeply only to find him not there. Laying the materials on his desk she turned to see him and several other men standing across the office watching her as she wiggled her way to and from his office, she wiggled her hips a little further as she walked away trying to give them a show. Sitting down at her desk again she was really out of breath and started to shut down her computer and get her things ready to go when she got another call from the same VP saying he was done with the materials and she could come get them, she agreed and headed out to the parking garage and went home. Smiling as she drove home she wondered how long they would wait before figuring out she wasn’t coming.



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