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Mina 6: The Next Day

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

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story continues from part five

Part 6: The Next Day

Mina awoke the next afternoon alone in Jack’s bed, stretching her sore body she smiled as she remembered last night and ran her hands down her steel covered body and twisted her ankles in the cuffs that still encircled them. The posture collar was still locked as were her boots, her wrist and elbow cuffs were still locked around her arms but Jack had removed the attached chains leaving her able to release herself if she wanted. Mina drug herself to her pointed toes and waddled out into the apartment, after looking in each room and not finding Jack she went to the bathroom to relieve herself and found a note on the counter, 'Good afternoon beautiful, last night was amazing I will be gone until tomorrow morning so feel free to release yourself if you can find the keys and I’ll call you when I on my way home'.

Mina chuckled to herself knowing her keys were in her apartment and that she couldn’t cross the hallway with her ankles separated forcing her to waddle and only having her steel underwear on wasn’t much comfort. After eating a small meal Mina remembered Anna and called the store to check on her.

Anna answered the phone and giggled when Mina said “Hi”.

“I have been hoping you would call, so how was last night? Did he like his surprise?” Anna blurted out, the two talked for over an hour before Mina asked “So how long did it take you to find the keys?” Anna laughed as she yelled into the phone “All night! It was so much fun but that tens unit can really hurt” Mina agreed and the two talked some more before Anna asked, “So when you coming back to release me… Mistress.”

Mina laughed again and said, “Well not tonight I’m stuck naked in my boots and a spreader bar and the keys are across the hallway in my apartment”.

Anna replied, “Lucky girl, locked up in a gorgeous man’s apartment oh poor you!” Mina said she would try to come by tomorrow and bring Anna her keys and introduce Jack to her but couldn’t promise anything since he had her keys. Anna said she understood and hung up thinking about last night.

When Mina had left her alone Anna was thoroughly bound in a leather leg binder, thigh high ballet boots, a firm and laced very tight corset with a belt wrapped and cinched tightly over her breasts forcing them to push harder into the top of the corset, her head was locked inside a leather hood with the large leather cock shoved deep into her mouth, her wrists were chained together in front and she was being vibrated and shocked with both set on high. Anna rolled on the floor as the vibrations and shocks tormented her, forcing her to orgasm repeatedly for another hour before she was able to roll over and begin her search for the keys.

Anna struggled for air as she drug her welded together legs behind her making slow progress for the first hour. As the vibrator and tens unit died she was able to concentrate better and increased her search pattern by laying on her side swinging her arms across the aisles before moving herself forward another few feet. Anna had been searching for over five hours and had only covered half the floor space, she was becoming desperate knowing that the morning crew would be in and had no idea of how long she had been bound or what time it was.

Lying on the floor she fought her bonds jerking and thrashing until she rested to catch her breath then raised herself to her knees and continued her search. Anna had ran into several display racks knocking items onto the floor making her search even harder and was trying to figure out if she could hide in the back or make herself part of a display to hide from the morning shift. Sitting on her bent legs she fought her cuffs as she thought about different ways to hide deciding there was no good way and that she could not make it for an unknown amount of time without eating or using the bathroom as she rubbed her leather covered head feeling the locks and grunting to herself on how well Mina had secured her bonds.

Anna kept shuffling down the aisles constantly on the edge of an orgasm from the inserted but now inert, vibrator and constant fighting of her bonds until finally she felt the key ring and squealed in delight. Laying back she found the keys to her cuffs and unlocked them then moved to her head finding Mina had not used keyed alike locks and taking almost an hour just to find the correct keys, during the search for the correct keys Anna had gotten very frustrated and suddenly had a orgasm as she fought to open the locks and moaned and grunted as the climax washed over her sore and exhausted body.

Unlacing the hood Anna pulled the long phallus out of her mouth saying to herself, “I see why Mina is so good at giving head!” Anna had not been able to stop herself from suckling on the leather cock and could feel how sore her mouth was from the constant sucking since Mina had laced it on. Anna wrestled with the leg binder finally able to slither out of it and forced herself to stand, Anna was shocked to see the sunlight coming in the windows and knew she had to hurry and get cleaned up before the morning crew came in. After picking up the items she had worn Anna walked around the store cleaning up any traces of what had happened and putting the things she had knocked off away, her tight corset making her grunt every time she bent over and her toe boots clicking loudly in the quiet store.

Anna carried the leg binder and hood to the back room and sat down to remove her boots and found that Mina was not finished paying her back, six locks on each boot guaranteed that they could not be removed without ruining them and she was not about to do that, reaching up she found the steel collar and knew before she checked that she didn’t have the key to it either, smiling Anna thought, “Well at least I can work”. After trying to untangle the knots in her corset lacing and failing Anna pulled the short skirt she had been wearing up her leather coated legs and buckled it tightly around her narrow waist giving up on loosening the corset for now.

She put the leg binder and hood in a shopping bag and exited out the rear door, Anna had worn the skirt with a Jacket covering the corset and normal high heels to work but in her exhaustion she had forgotten about her coat and stood on her pointed toes waiting on the bus to take her home, her corset on display along with her thigh boots and steel collar saying to everyone who saw her that she was a slave and as she rubbed the collar she couldn’t help but smile.

Anna had made the trip home showing her corset, collar and thigh high ballet boots to everyone on the bus, she was surprised that other than a few sideways glances she got very little reaction to her attire and decided to go to the small store near her apartment to get some things she had needed and had previously decided to wait on because of her clothing but now felt better about them and walked around the corner to the store, holding her head high and walking proudly on her toes into the store. The man behind the counter had seen her in there a lot and just smiled as she walked around in her short skirt and tall shoes enjoying watching the forced sway of her ass under the tight skirt.

Anna bought a few things then left the store smiling as she strode back to her building and went upstairs to get something to eat and get some sleep before having to return to work, she wondered how Mina was doing and hoped Jack liked his surprise. While her meal cooked in the microwave Anna added her wrist and ankle cuffs before sitting down and eating her meal, once finished she slid into bed too tired to try and remove the corset but opted to slide her legs into the leg binder again instead, then pulling the hood back over her head before locking her hands together and then to the belt for the leg binder she lay back falling asleep quickly, tired from her previous night exertions and dreamed about having her own Jack to control her but really wanting it to be Mina.

* * *

Mina puttered around Jack ’s apartment reliving her adventures from last night and searched for the keys and napping a few times, waking she cleaned her body with a wash cloth and tried to get her hair to look normal again deciding to just pull it back into a bushy ponytail. Her body had accepted the tightening of her steel corset and by 7 pm only her shoulders still ached as she flexed and stretched them, finding the pillow case Jack had used for her gear she poured it out on the bed trying to figure out what she could use to set up another, less stringent, position for his return tomorrow morning. As she went through her equipment Jack called and they talked for almost an hour before his break was up and she asked him if he would like another surprise waiting for him? He said he would but not to go to the extreme that she had the night before, she agreed and they hung up.

Mina searched her gear but didn’t have what she really wanted and decided to wait until around 2 am to sneak into her apartment and get her needed gear and lay down to wait until it was time. Waking suddenly she saw it was after three and jumped to her pointed toes and waddled her way to the front door, looking and listening she carefully opened the door then scooted herself across as quickly as possible and ducked into her apartment. She was very aroused again as she thought about how easily it would have been to get caught and remembered she needed to hurry so she could cross back over before people started stirring in her building. Grabbing the extra keys she unlocked the short spreader bar leaving the boots, collar and cuffs in place and grabbed some other gear and her long latex dress and darted back across the hall, once back in Jack’s apartment she began to get herself ready.

Mina had decided she would be kneeling again, just to make it easy for him to use her as he pleased but this time she would restrain herself to the foot of his bed. Mina ran long ropes from the head board to the foot board leaving enough slack so she could tie her ankles then use the long ends to pull her feet under the bed leaving her back against the foot board. Once that was done she set her weight and pulley up again and slipped into the tight latex dress. The long sleeves were difficult to get over the cuffs on her arms but finally she had them through and zipped it up, enjoying the feeling of the tight rubber on what little skin that was exposed and pulled the sleeves up to her wrist cuffs. Tying the ropes to her ankles she began to pull them in as she scooted herself backwards until her back was tight against the foot board and tied off the ropes, taking several leather straps Mina pulled them across her body at her hips, below and above her breasts and cinched them tight locking her body to the steel bars of the foot board.

Mina took two smaller straps and wrapped them around the cross bar on the top of the foot board making sure she could wiggle her arms through them when she was ready, next she strapped another o-ring gag in her mouth pulling the straps of the head harness tight before pulling a leather hood with a removable leather cock gag over her head and laced it tightly. Reaching back she found the last rope from the head board and tied it to the top of the hood pulling all the slack out until her head was held firmly by the posture collar and now was pulled slightly backwards, making it impossible for her to turn or move her head at all.

Now feeling for the clips on the ropes making sure they were where she could reach them, she wiggled her arms into the straps forcing them up her arms until they felt tight around her upper arms. Taking the clips she closed each around the d-rings on her cuffs, with her rising arousal and the frustration of trying to find the d-rings she felt she might climax too quick, so Mina rested hanging limply from the straps until the feelings faded and began to wrestle with the clips again. Finding the D-rings she was able to snap the ropes to the cuffs and sat gasping for air through the small holes in the hood before yanking the ropes and pulling the weight free. The weight dropped, yanking her wrists straight out towards the bed posts harder than she expected, Mina could barely hear the rope ratchet clicking fast as the weights pulled on her outstretched arms.

Now firmly trapped by her own hand Mina struggled against her bonds, each time she tried to reach out the weights pulled her arms further apart stretching her and forcing the straps around her upper arms to slip up them further making them tighter each time. Gasping and fighting her bonds Mina found out quickly that even though she was in a less stringent position, the weights pulling her made her body shift pulling everything tighter and she was already having difficulty breathing because of the hood pulling back against her face raising the breathing holes higher. Mina was committed, she could not move an inch or even fight her bonds, all she could do was kneel there strapped tightly to the bed and let the weight continue to try and rip her arms out of her shoulders. After an hour passed Mina’s arms had gone numb, the upper arm straps were now much tighter since the straps had slid up to a larger part of her arm and had reduced the blood flow to her lower arms and hands.

Mina knelt moaning as she suckled the leather cock unable to move dreaming of him using her as his cock sucking slave for hours before releasing her and letting her serve him his breakfast. Jack quietly entered the apartment, he was wanting to surprise Mina by hooking up her control unit and using it to make her cum multiple times and hopefully keep her sated and happy to stay in her chastity corset, he had not been able to stop thinking of her trapped inside the tight steel, willing and very able to satisfy his needs whenever he wanted her too but having to rely on him to satisfy hers. Jack knew if he could show her that if she kept him happy then he could make her happy she would be under his control for as long as he wanted.

Walking into the bedroom he stopped and watched her struggle in her bonds, he could see the hood was stretched tight across her face and could hear her shallow gasps through the small holes and loved the way she was able to restrain herself so tightly knowing that he had found a true bondage enthusiast and might finally have the slave/partner he had always wished for. After carefully hooking up the controller to her corset, the latex dress had made it very difficult, he turned the unit on low and watched for a reaction from the bound and gasping woman. Mina was concentrating so hard on her breathing she didn’t notice when her ass and pussy started humming slightly but when Jack turned them up to medium she froze, holding her breath waiting for her brain to grasp what she was feeling.

Jack noticed her holding her breath and switched the vibrators to high and jumped back when the bound woman started struggling violently as she gasped for air and moaned loudly, her fingers stretching to find nothing but air, her body flexing so hard she was almost lifting the heavy bed off the floor until Jack set the unit to low again and she calmed down immediately, slumping in her bonds even though from the outside no one could tell. Listening to her breathing Jack slowly turned up the vibrators until Mina was moaning leaving her with the vibrations, Mina was lost in her own world, she had felt no movement inside her in for months and her over heated pussy was now extremely sensitive. Mina also couldn’t figure out how she was being vibrated the controller had been lost with the keys she thought, as the massive climax built Mina soon didn’t care how or why and waited, fighting for air and against the leather holding her to the bed, for the orgasm to hit her she tried to prepare herself and control her breathing not wanting to black out and miss it when suddenly the vibrations stopped.

Jack smiled as he could hear the frustration in her moans and watched her try to twist in her bonds, as he got ready to lie down. Jack loosened the rope to her hood allowing the leather to ease its tension on her face, Mina could feel the difference right away and could also breathe much better and knew Jack was indeed home and was toying with her. The vibrators came on again this time just barely enough to allow her to feel them when she heard Jack say, “I going to take a nap now, the new control unit seems to be working if you are nice and let me sleep maybe I’ll give you another work out later!” Mina moaned loudly not wanting to wait any longer.

Jack said, “Well, we are starting off bad,” jerking the gag from the hood and quickly shoving his swollen cock into her gapping mouth.

Mina almost choked at his cock suddenly being shoved down her throat but quickly recovered and started messaging it with her tongue and suckling on it. Jack was still in awe of her talented mouth and slowly increased her vibrations as she worked harder and harder on him. Ten minutes later Jack was about to explode and Mina was moaning and humming around his cock as her orgasm neared also, just before Jack exploded into her throat he turned the vibrators to high again making Mina squeal loudly forcing Jack to cum and making it hard for Mina to swallow.

Mina was almost choking on Jack’s cock when her orgasm hit her and she moaned and her body began shaking all over. Jack had pulled out and listened to her moans letting her breathe freely through the open o-ring gag until her body slumped again and he turned off the unit and slipped the leather cock back in. Now spent, Jack lay down and quickly feel asleep leaving Mina to cope with her tingling arms and pussy as she panted through her nose, smiling under the leather hood knowing she had found her master and would do anything for him.

* * *

Anna was living another day in her boots, corset and collar, with the added constriction of the corset now being laced closed pulling her in another inch or so by her “helpful” assistant manager who she had asked to help her with the tangled laces. Anna remembered arriving at the store, she had awakened late and after quickly relieving herself she brushed her long blonde hair and applied her makeup. Her feet were throbbing but she still refused to cut the beautiful boots opting instead to slip an egg vibrator in her already damp pussy then sliding her rubber shorts up her legs using them to hold the egg and her juices. On top of the rubber shorts she pulled a pair of shiny spandex leggings on, covering the laces and locks of the boots and even though she could see the locks bulging under them Anna just pulled an over sized sweater on pulling the long sleeves down over her leather cuffs then looking at her reflection in the mirror and saying good enough to make the trip to work.

Arriving at the shop after the long bus ride, Anna had been playing with the egg’s remote the whole way and was now very horny so when she saw the two day shift girls were busy with customers she slipped into the back peeling the leggings and sweater off, leaving her in her rubber shorts, corset and toe boots. Anna was going to go to the bathroom and pleasure herself but was caught half way there by the youngest salesgirl who said, “Wow! You look great, I didn’t know we could dress for work, can you help me with this customer?”

Anna gritted her teeth and then smiled and said, “As long as your covered up you can wear anything we sell” and followed the girl out into the store, never intending to wear her outfit in the open like this but now not having a choice. The customer was impressed by what she wore and added several things to her purchase and left. Anna was again heading to the bathroom when her assistant stopped her and they chatted about business and Anna’s clothes, before Anna could get away from her assistant the young girl clocked out and left waving goodbye and now Anna could no longer take the time she would need to enjoy herself.

Anna was counting the cash drawer when her assistant noticed the tangles in the corset laces and asked if she needed help with them, Anna said she did and stood with her back to the girl as she worked on the laces. After several minutes the girl had them untangled and retied neatly behind Anna’s back and said, “There you go, but it would look much better if it were closed”.

Anna had been enjoying the attention she had been getting and asked, “How much more to go?”

The girl lied and said, “Less than an inch!”

Anna figured she could unlace it later and said. “Well see if you can close it.” Her assistant suggested that Anna hold on to the suspension display bar so she could pull the laces and when Anna reached up she quickly snapped the clips on Anna’s cuffs. Anna was unsure about this but she was getting hornier by the second and decided to see what would happen and didn’t complain about being secured to the bar that held her hands far apart.

Judy smiled at the look of concern on Anna’s face as she pushed the button for the winch and raised the bar, Anna said, “I think that’s enough” but Judy held the button until Anna was barely touching the floor and stopped. Anna began protesting so Judy walked off returning with the large gag Anna kept behind the counter for demonstrating how to put one on to customers and stuffed it into the protesting girls mouth strapping it tightly saying, “Now isn’t that better?”

Anna muffed something into the gag as Judy untied the laces and began pulling on them, slowly closing the almost two inch gap leaving Anna gasping and whining as she hung helpless to stop her. Once the corset was closed Judy said, “Now all done and it looks great!” Anna mumbled something as the girl wandered off again leaving Anna gasping and twisting on her toes. Anna hung for over an hour while Judy helped customers and ignored her completely returning only when they were alone again and wrapping a wide leather belt around Anna's waist making sure it covered the band of laces around Anna’s waist and the knots as well.

Anna had been hanging with her head down and when she opened her eyes she saw the belt around her tiny waist and could feel Judy pulling the strap up between her legs and began moaning and whining again knowing that Judy was putting a leather chastity belt on her and she could not stop her. Judy pulled the center strap tight, making sure Anna’s rubber covered lips were parted by it and that it was set deep into her firm ass before locking the belts together and attaching the metal plate over Anna’s overheated pussy. Now Anna was locked into her corset rubber shorts and thigh boots, the egg was nestled deep in her pussy and even being off was arousing her as Judy toyed with her helpless boss running her hands all over Anna’s body before lowering the bar and unclipping Anna’s hands from it.

Judy stopped Anna from removing her gag and told her that if she wore the gag until Judy was ready to go she would tell her where the keys were hidden if not then Judy would leave her in the belt until tomorrow night. Anna thought about it for a minute aware that the gag she now wore was the largest she had and would begin to ache badly but didn’t see a choice for the moment and nodded her head in defeat wanting to get her remote and maybe enjoy herself while she was gagged and under someone else’s control again. Judy had other plans and handed Anna the wide broom and said, “Get started”.

Anna grunted and teetering on her pointed toes she began pushing the broom down each of the aisles, soon forgetting the gag as the tight belt rubbed her wanting pussy as she moved around the store. Judy watched Anna as she swept the floor smiling before ducking in to the dressing room and changing into the black latex dress she had planned to wear after work to her favorite club. The tall black pumps always made Judy feel powerful and now that she was dominating her boss she felt it even more and planned to enjoy it while she could.

Finding her gagged boss towards the back of the store she took the broom away from her and said straighten all the shelves in the display case, Anna nodded and walked behind the cases before realizing she would have to bend constantly to reach into the cases, she looked at Judy noticing that she had changed her clothes and was amazed at her transformation, she was stunning in the latex and her long hair down around her face and couldn’t believe that she had never noticed her amazing body before even though the young woman had always dressed so conservatively since Anna had hired her but now she hoped that would change. Judy walked around the store checking items off a list as she watched Anna struggle with the display cases finally opting to squat behind them balancing on her pointed toes. Judy was very aroused having always thought of Anna as very attractive but not obtainable and now wondering if they could be together.

Anna was also watching Judy as she stared at her through the glass of the case watching Judy’s latex covered ass as she moved around the store becoming even more aroused as she fantasized about the woman who now controlled her. When it came time for Judy to clock out Anna had been finished with the case and was standing behind it admiring Judy’s skill at walking in her latex and high heels as she helped another customer. Judy looked at Anna then waved her over to where she and the woman stood. Anna reluctantly walked over to them and listened as Judy explained how the metal plate on her chastity belt kept prying hands away from her pussy, the talked as they pushed and pulled on the belt before the woman said, “I would like to see this one on her” and pointed to the wide medieval style belt hanging nearby.

Judy quickly unlocked Anna’s leather belt and wrapped the wide steel belt around her waist as Anna just stood mesmerized by the young woman’s body moving in the tight latex allowing her to demonstrate it on her. Judy struggled to get the belt locked, having over adjusted it but finally managed to close it and pulled the crotch strap up adjusting it to its shortest setting making it push incredibly tight on Anna’s overheated pussy before grunting as she pulled it into its locked position. This belt was very heavy and made to restrict the wearers movements and be uncomfortable during long term wear but Anna didn’t care about that she was very aroused with all the attention she was getting and didn’t even notice that the two had walked off leaving her standing alone near the display.

The woman purchased several items and left as Anna waddled around the shop, the wide plate between her legs not allowing her to walk normally and continuously rubbing her swollen pussy as she moved. Judy counted her cash going to the back to clock out finding Anna’s remote and turning it on medium before walking past a very distracted Anna and patted her on her latex covered ass and said, “I’m late, I’ll call you before you close to tell you where the keys are hidden!” Anna barely heard what she said now leaning on a display case panting from the added stimulation the vibrator was giving her and watched helplessly as Judy walked out the front door. Anna stood gasping around the large gag until after her first orgasm past the reached up and unbuckled her gag and grabbing her phone as another orgasm was building, calling Judy and leaving her a loud voicemail about telling her where the keys were hidden.

Anna tried to ignore the vibrator and continued to walk around the shop straightening things as several men walked in laughing and talking loudly, when Anna walked up to them and asked if she could help them they laughed at her clothes, noticing her metal covered pussy one knocked on it and said, “I don’t think you can help anyone tonight!” Anna pushed his hand away and told them to leave as she tried to tip toe her way behind the counter to get the phone. Another of the men blocked her path saying, “I think she can help us, her mouth is still available!” Anna was scared now and turned to try and run only to be grabbed by the last man who pulled her arms behind her and clipped her cuffs together with one of the dangling clips on her cuffs. Anna twisted free but was quickly grabbed by another man who had found her ball gag lying on the counter and stuffed it into her mouth and pulled the straps extremely tight before releasing the struggling girl.

Anna stumbled away from the trio and heard them laughing as one said, “Come on let’s get out of here now she really can’t help us” and they turned and walked out the front door leaving a struggling Anna fighting her cuffs behind her back and mummphing past the large gag. Anna almost collapsed when her orgasm hit her and had to sit down until it passed, as she sat moaning she couldn’t believe she was so aroused from being nearly raped but was actually glad she was wearing the belt. Anna sat struggling for another hour before another customer came in, Anna recognized her and pleaded with her eyes and turned her back to her and the woman unclipped her hands saying, “I hope your master didn’t do this!”

Anna pried the large ball from her mouth and thanked the woman and told her what had happened, the woman held her saying that was a close one and she shouldn’t be left alone at night at the store. Anna got her composure back and the two chatted as the woman shopped trying on several latex dresses before purchasing one and leaving the store. Anna was still being vibrated and felt shaken by what had happened and moved to lock the front door just as two more people walked in, a tall man with a thin woman following him, the woman wore the same slave collar Anna was currently locked into and kept her eyes down. The man was tall with grey hair and had the look of a real dominant personality, Anna looked up at him and instantly looked back down asking, “How may I help you tonight sir?”

He spoke to her in a calm firm voice telling her he had heard the store had a large selection of fetish gear and told her what he was looking for as he sat down in the chair near the door. Anna understood he wanted to be waited on and as quickly as she could went to get the items he had asked to see. Returning to him she saw the woman was kneeling next to him with her hands behind her back and looking at the floor, he looked at the items and said, “Yes, go try them on” pointing at the woman as she stood and started walking to the changing rooms. The man handed the items to Anna and said, “Make sure they fit correctly and bring her back to me once she has them on.” Anna found herself curtseying slightly as she turned to catch up the woman and led her into the dressing room.

“No talking” was heard as the two stepped into the dressing room and Anna helped the woman out of the clothes she was wearing, when the girl was naked Anna noticed her chastity belt and metal bra and pointed to her own, the woman looked at Anna for the first time and Anna could see her mouth was actually taped shut, the shape of full lips had been painted on with lipstick. Anna was stunned and amazed at how well the clear tape had been camouflaged and smiled at her and helped her into the first item, slipping the woman’s legs into the black latex the two grunted and pulled it up until the woman’s thin body was completely covered in the black catsuit.

Once it was zipped up Anna had her step into the leather hobble skirt making sure it was zipped all the way down to her ankles before she helped her slip her feet into some high heels that forced her to stand on the balls of her feet and buckled them around her ankles. The latex top pulled tightly across her steel covered breasts as Anna tucked the high collar under the steel that circled her neck, Anna shined the exposed latex before wrapping the steel cuffs around the woman’s wrist’s, after they were locked on the woman pulled her hands behind her and turned to Anna indicating for her to lock them together, Anna took a padlock and clicked it closed leaving the latex and leather clad woman bound and gagged. They heard him yell and both headed out the door Anna following the woman amazed again at how well she walked in the heels and tight skirt, watching her leather covered ass sway as they approached the waiting master.

Standing he inspected the woman making her turn several times then walk across the store and back before saying, “She needs a corset so do you have anything that will go over the belt?” Anna explained that the belt would need to be over the corset to fit correctly otherwise it would bulge and look bad. The man grunted and said, “Maybe next time I’ll bring the keys with me” he paid for her clothes asking Anna to bag the ones she had arrived in and Anna watched the woman taking tiny quick steps to keep up with her master leave the store and disappear into the darkness. Anna locked the door as another orgasm neared and cussed her assistant for leaving her like this.

* * *

Mina had spent another entire day bound, she could hear Jack snoring as she struggled in her sweat soaked world as another orgasm washed over her tired body, at first she felt the vibrations were a blessing but after eight hours she was being tortured now as her pussy and ass screamed in pain even as she climaxed again. Jack was awakened by her muffled screams and went to the bathroom to relieve himself before returning and pulling the gag from her mouth and stuffing his partially stiff cock in. Mina quickly began sucking and rubbing it and felt it grow in her mouth until it was working itself back into her throat again when suddenly her pussy, ass and tits were being shocked making her scream and moan as she struggled in her bonds.

Jack was playing with the controls making Mina work doubly hard to get him off and stood with his dick in her throat for almost a half an hour listening to Mina whine and moan as he changed the settings, finally coming hard and sliding his limp cock from her gasping mouth. Mina was smiling again under the hood knowing he had orgasmed very hard and could hear him panting and saying, “My god” as he sat down next to her and began releasing the straps holding her outstretched arms. Mina’s arms fell limply beside her making her moan as the blood flow began to return, Jack continued to loosen straps until she fell forwards into him and he laid her gently on the floor while he untied her legs. Jack lifted the exhausted girl onto the bed and unlaced the hood, pulling it from her sweat covered face, seeing her smile at him made him feel good to know she had enjoyed herself as well. Mina fell asleep in Jack’s arms and the two were sleeping peacefully when the phone rang.

As Anna was searching for the keys knowing they had to be in the back where her vibrator control had been she called Mina wanting to tell her about the men and ask if she could use her old chastity belt until she received her own. Jack answered the phone and immediately Anna started crying and asking for Mina. Mina got on the phone and after a few minutes she said, “We’ll be right there.”

Jack had heard enough and gotten up and got dressed and was ready to go when Mina told him what had happened and they left the apartment, Mina had grabbed a coat to cover the latex she still wore and they drove quickly to the store. Knocking until the saw Anna moving in the store they waited for her to unlock the door and Anna hugged Mina and hurried them inside relocking the door. Jack listened to her story and got a brief description of the men and called his friend at the precinct and told him about what they had done and to be on the lookout for them and to call him if they found them, there were not going to be any charges but he wanted to “talk” to them. Mina and Anna had gone to the back and were looking for the keys when Judy called and laughingly said on the answering machine “Times up, guess you’re either busy or gave up and went home, the keys are in the empty carton of yogurt in the fridge enjoy your evening.”

Mina grabbed the keys and started unlocking Anna’s belt then moved to her collar and unlocked it and while Anna unlaced the corset Mina unlocked her boots, Anna stopped her from unlacing them saying she would remove them at home and asked Mina to re-lace the corset but leave some gap in the back so she could breathe and then had her tie the laces in front. Anna went to the bathroom to remove the inert vibrator and to relieve herself as Mina wandered out into the store and found Jack looking at several things on display, Jack turned to Mina and said, “I can see we will be spending a lot of time here, there’s lots of stuff I would like to see you in.”

Mina smiled and agreed turning to see Anna coming from the back room dressed in her leggings and sweater even wearing the collar again over the neck of the sweater. Mina smiled and pointed at the collar and Anna said, “Yeah, it’s like the boots I’ve gotten used to having it on so what the hell”, Anna picked out another pair of ballet boots these went to her knee and apologized for calling them and said she wanted to go home. Jack’s phone rang and he said, “Yeah I’ll be right there”, he gave Mina the keys to his car and said, “Why don’t you two go home, I’ll catch up later.” Mina told Anna she was coming home with her and the two left together while Jack walked around the corner to meet up with the officers who found three men matching the description and was waiting for Jack.

On the way home Anna asked Mina if she could borrow her old chastity belt until she could get her own, Mina agreed saying we can adjust it when we get home if you like but not to worry about anything tonight she would be safe with her and Jack and could stay as long as she wanted. Anna went to sleep as soon as she lay down, Mina removed her boots leaving her a pair of high heels next to the bed and went to get out of the sweaty latex dress she had been wearing for all day. Slipping the dress off she got into the shower and was rinsing off when Jack stepped in behind her and the two took turns scrubbing each other before drying off and going to sleep. The next morning Mina told Anna that Jack had indeed found the three men and gave them a good scare and that the officers in the area would be paying more attention to the store from now on. Anna was relieved as the three had breakfast and talked about unimportant things. Jack had to go in for awhile so he left the girls to go fit Mina’s belt to Anna volunteering to be her key holder also as he left.

Mina and Anna went to her apartment after Anna had laced her new boots on her feet saying the heels weren’t high enough on the shoes Mina had left her to make her legs not cramp. Once inside Mina told her to strip and went and got the belt. Anna was slightly bigger than Mina but after adjusting the belt Mina was able to get it to lock tightly around her waist, the crotch strap was even tighter but there was no more adjustment left so Anna said she would try it and see if she could stand it, Mina began to wrap the steel around her thighs and was about to lock them when Anna asked her to wait she wasn’t sure if she wanted the thigh straps or not but Mina continued to lock them closed as she pointed out that they were attached to the belt. Anna whined a little and said, “I have nothing to wear home”. Mina helped her to her feet and walked her into the closet and said, “Pick something.” Anna looked around before opting for the little spandex dress Mina had worn out of the shop the other night and pulled it over her head.

The girls talked for a while before Anna said she had to get to work and Mina agreed to drive her. Once at the shop Anna introduced Mina to Judy and quickly told Judy what had happened last night, Judy started apologizing and Anna told her it wasn’t her fault and in fact because of the belt may have been why she hadn’t gotten raped. The girls visited for a little while longer before Mina said she had to try on the leather dress Jack had been looking at, grabbing it and walking to the dressing room. While Mina changed Anna and Judy talked about what Judy had done with Anna explaining that she had enjoyed their play time and for Judy to not look so worried but that Anna did expect Judy to dress more like she had the other night while she was at work and at sometime Anna would pay her back. They both were laughing when Mina came out and modeled the dress for them saying she would buy it next week when she got paid and left the two girls at the store helping customers and drove back home. Mina was impressed with herself having adapted to wearing the toe boots and chastity suit so well and wondered how she would adapt back to normal heels when she went back to work.

* * *

The next two months flew by with Mina still locked in her metal suit, she had to wear her tallest heels to work and always put on her toe boots as soon as she got home to relieve the cramped muscles in her legs, her lease had come up for renewal and Jack had asked her to move in with him, Mina was thrilled and quickly moved her stuff into his place and the rest to storage and was now working three nights a week with Anna at her store. Anna’s store had suddenly become very popular and business was growing as more venders offered her things to wear and give reviews on her new web site finding out that she and her employees wore them at work and soon both girls fetish wear and bondage gear collections had grown substantially. Judy was wearing fetish gear full time now and Anna, even though the first month with the belt had been difficult had given the keys to Jack and now wore it full time as well. Mina was at the shop one night securely tied to a display rack in the window when Jack came by and waved a key in front of her from outside, Mina knew right away it was the key for her chastity suit but could only wiggle and twist in her restraints as she watched Jack move out of her line of vision.

Mina spent the rest of the night hanging by her wrists in the window, her gag not allowing her to tell Anna of Jack’s surprise and making her dream about how it would feel to have Jack inside her finally. Anna already knew and had helped Jack order Mina’s new chastity suit and couldn’t wait to get Mina’s old set, Mina had lost some weight and the suit was at its smallest setting now so Jack thought it would be nice to get her a new one that fit properly again and had Anna help him with the measurements and order it for him without Mina knowing. When Anna finally released Mina from the rack Mina excitedly told her about the key and went to get dressed for the ride home, returning to the store front finding Jack standing there she squealed and hugged him and said, “Let’s go home, I have some cleaning up to do and then a lot of sex to get caught up on with you!” Jack smiled and gave Anna Mina’s car keys and the two left the store.

Anna cleaned up the shop and opened a few boxes of new merchandize while she rubbed the plate covering her pussy thinking about getting fucked herself and realizing she couldn’t which made her all the more horny. Unpacking the boxes she found a new posture collar hood that would hold her neck completely rigid and covered her mouth leaving only her nose and eyes open, the attached gag had a breather tube sticking out the front and she knew she had to try it on. Pulling her hair through the small hole in the hood she slipped it down over her head and pulled the straps tight sealing her head, face and neck in thick leather. Anna roamed around the store for an hour putting the rest of the merchandize on the shelves before a customer came in pulling the leash of her slave behind her. Anna motioned she would remove the hood but the lady stopped her and said, “You won’t need to speak just fetch what I ask for!” Anna bowed slightly and followed the woman and her slave around the store.

The New Deal

While Anna followed the mistresses orders Mina and Jack had arrived home, Mina was so excited about having the key and being able to remove the chastity suit she could hardly wait, she had been locked up for almost six months and other than needing a good trimming she wasn’t going to waste any time catching up with Jack. Once home Jack sat Mina down and explained what he wanted making sure it’s what Mina wanted also before giving her the key and saying, “Now go get cleaned up I’ll see you in the bed room”.

Mina kissed him and ran off, Jack had already gotten her the hair removal solution that would also slow if not stop future hair growth and also had a medium plug for Mina’s firm ass, being told by Anna she would need it after so long with the probe in her, and had them waiting for Mina in the bathroom. Mina unlocked the bra and shorts, both opened with a pop and she kneaded her breasts out of the steel orbs that had held them for so long, pulling the belt/corset off made her gasp as the probes slid out of her holes, she stood trembling as she set the steel guardian on the counter. Finding the hair product and the plug she thought for a minute about the plug then slipped into her ass and found it went in easily and knew why he had gotten it for her and climbed into the shower and for the first time in over six months washed her entire body.

The feeling of rubbing her breasts and being able to touch her pussy almost made her climax standing in the hot water so Mina stopped herself and set to her cleaning duties and rubbed the lotion all over her body quickly removing all hair from her neck down and leaving her skin tingling as she rinsed it off. After a brief washing she dried herself off and ran to the bedroom to find Jack setting at the desk waiting for her. He said, “We have to get all this straight first” as he pointed to a paper on the desk and said, “Read this, if you agree sign it, if not we can talk about it.”

Mina read the paper quickly getting the understanding that he was asking to keep her locked up indefinitely, maybe never releasing her again but whatever happens it would be up to him, he would control her completely. Mina squealed with delight and said, “Yes that’s what I want too!” and signed the paper. The two spent the next two days in bed getting to know one another’s bodies all over again, Mina looking forward to her enslavement and Jack looking forward to having her as his slave.

7.jpgAnna had spent three hours with the mistress outfitting her slave in many different restraints and clothes remaining gagged the entire time and even letting the mistress tighten her long leather corset to the point of almost making her chastity belt seem loose, wishing she had a mistress like her. She had stayed with Jack and Mina for a few weeks and had enjoyed having Mina as her mistress and occasionally Jack had played with both of the girls but she always felt like they were holding back and that she might have been a third wheel so she had never really felt comfortable with them.

The mistress bought a huge amount of equipment and several clothing items and before leaving tipped Anna five hundred dollars for not “cluttering” up the evening with talking and left the store. It was two hours past closing so Anna decided to just stay at the store and finish putting up the new stock. There were three more boxes to open and put away so she got started, the first one was normal restock and she hung up the items, now panting through her nose and breathing tube.

The second had mostly restraints including some new metal stocks, Anna slipped the leg stocks around her ankles and wobbled around the stock room before picking of the fiddle style and closing it around her neck and one wrist, Anna found that she could easily reach the locking post with her bound hand and opened it back up and put her other wrist in the clamp. Standing mock struggling for a few minutes she took the post and slipped it into the hole and began putting up the remaining items in the box. The steel fiddle made even the simplest of movements difficult and having to walk in her toe boots being held about two feet apart soon became too much and she had to remove the fiddle and leg stocks.

Opening the last box she found more stocks, one that would hold her arms behind her back in a reverse prayer position and another that would hold her legs folded tightly against her ass like a hogtie. The other two stocks were meant to hold the wears ankles and wrists with one having a steel pole connected to a collar. Anna wanted to try them all but the locking mechanisms were out of reach on all but the reverse prayer set. Trying it on she played around and figured she could still reach the locking pin once her hands were in the cuffs so she locked it around her neck before laying on the floor and slipping her thighs and ankles into the hogtie stock and actually locked it on. She tested how effective it was and found she had no movement in her legs and it held her pointed toes tightly against her ass. Excited she adjusted the hoods straps a few notches tighter then tossed the keys to the leg stock out into the store and reached back and closed the stocks over her wrists.

Lying on her corseted stomach and tits she had difficulty sliding the locking pin into the hole but with a last hard push it snapped into place and Anna was left struggling on the floor with her legs folded over each other, her wrists held up near her shoulder blades with her head and neck completely immobilized by the now much too tight leather hood and posture collar. Anna was gasping for air as she realized that with her tightened corset and collar she couldn’t even twist her body side to side and the steel holding her legs kept her from using them to move either. As she lay struggling she was glad she had worn her leather opera length gloves as her wrists were being chafed by the cuffs, as she twisted her wrists they suddenly popped past her wrist bones and turned away from each other making them much more comfortable. Anna was relieved and continued to struggle, twisting as far as she could trying to move towards the keys and making very little progress but arousing herself with the frustrations.

An hour later Anna had reached the polished floor of the show room and could no longer get enough grip to move any further, she tried to roll over and found that with her arms and legs held so rigidly she had no weight to shift and couldn’t roll over either. Struggling for another half hour she gave up, after resting she tried to reach the pin holding her wrist shackle closed. Anna was twisting her wrists in the cuffs but now it seemed impossible to twist them back around, as Anna struggled and grunted she could not make them turn in the cuffs and knew that with them turned away from each other she had no chance of reaching the pin.

Now completely panicked she began thrashing and twisting violently succeeding in only tiring herself out and not moving anywhere and lay silent in her bonds wishing she knew what time it was but unable to look up at the clock so she would know how long until Judy would be coming in. As Anna slumped in her bonds defeated she became aroused again as she wondered what Judy would do with her when she found her bound on the floor and she dreamed of the different things that she would do to Judy if she found her this way.

It was Sunday afternoon when Mina and Jack had started cleaning up the bedroom, both having to go to work the next day. Mina was wearing her smallest corset laced tightly by Jack and her largest gag with her new heelless toe boots that she was having problems walking in. Jack sat in the chair watching Mina wobble around the bed tucking in the sheets noticing the plug she still wore and wondered how she would adjust to her new body chastity suit. It was built with the breast cups and collar all one piece with the corset and shorts, the bodice part still adjusted the same way but once the whole thing was closed she would be unable to bend her neck or body at all, even being able to turn her head would be greatly diminished.

He also hadn’t told her that once the key he had was fully turned it could not open the suit and he had set it up that they would not get the unlock key back for six months after he sent their current key in. He would tell her that after she wore it for a month and before turning the locks all the way just so she will have a chance to back out but he knew that once she got it on she would never want it off again. “Why don’t you quit work” Jack said, “We don’t need the money and you hate it anyway and then you could spend full time here and at Anna’s store.”

Mina smiled broadly and replied, “You want to take care of me a hundred percent of the time?” As she sat in his lap.

“Hell yes, I even started looking for a house for us and maybe Anna if she wants to join our little group.”

Mina smiled and kissed Jack and said, “I just quit!” The two made love again with Mina on top of Jack as he sat in the chair, as Mina came Jack said, “Are you willing and ready to commit to me completely?” Mina screamed “YES!” and the two came together and sat holding each other, Mina already missing her chastity corset and Jack already missing his blow jobs.

Anna lay on the floor waking to sunlight peeking in under the shades, after a brief struggle she remembered where she was and relaxed again just as one wrist suddenly turned in its cuff. She felt it twist and quickly tried the other and felt it pop past the bone again and frantically started searching for the pin with her numb leather covered fingers. Flexing her hands and fingers to get the blood flow moving into them the new position of her wrists made the pain in her shoulders worsen and she groaned into the gag, Anna’s legs were cramping badly as she continued to try and wake up her hands and manipulate the pin out of its hole.

Struggling again she was flailing and grabbing blindly at anything her fingers could reach and thought she felt the pin move up, continuing to claw at the pin, she thought it felt stuck and moaned loudly thinking about how close she was and that soon she would have to turn her wrists back around to ease the pain she was feeling. Relaxing her body again her hands kept searching for a way out when they suddenly popped free of the cuffs, Anna’s body jerked as her lifeless arms unfolded and dropped to her sides.

Mina and Jack showered again and as they dried each other off he explained about her new chastity device exciting Mina with the prospect of starting a new adventure in steel. Once they left the bathroom Jack was getting dressed as Mina inspected her new shell noticing not only would she be covered from chin to pussy but the shorts part of the new suit was much larger and would cover even more of her ass and had small flares on each side of her pussy that would keep constant contact with her inner thighs making the possibility of slipping anything under the crotch impossible once the much wider thigh cuffs were locked around her legs.

Jack watched as Mina ran her fingers across the steel and paid close attention to the much larger orbs that would be covering her breasts then looking up at Jack she smiled and asked “Why are they this big?” Jack smiled back and said that is just one of the surprises this suit has, are you ready?”

Anna had been able to waken her arms and was slowly dragging her body to where the keys for her legs stocks lay, just a few feet from her when she heard a noise from the back door and knew Judy had come in and realized she had been trapped for almost eight hours. Anna kept dragging her sore body forward as she heard Judy’s high heels come up behind her and stop. “What do we have here? A gift for me?”

Anna moaned and tried to make it to the keys but Judy pulled her back grabbing the pin as she twisted Anna’s arm back into the cuff quickly forcing the other into it as well and slipped the pin back into the hole trapping Anna’s wrists again. Anna was twisting and groaning as Judy walked back into the back room returning quickly and slipping the lock into the pin and sealing Anna’s fate. Anna was struggling and wishing they had discussed a safe word during their past games because she could not make Judy understand she wanted out and soon quieted down and let Judy do what she wanted, hoping she wouldn’t keep her bound all day.

Judy dragged her victim into the back room inspecting her new gear commenting on the new collar before tightening it further and locking each of the straps in turn before getting the store ready to be opened at eleven, picking up Anna’s keys as she strode into the store. Anna was now locked into her all her bonds feeling totally helpless and becoming aroused again. Judy prepared the store then returned to Anna wrestling her up onto a hand cart before sliding a blindfold over her eyes and rolling her out into the store, Anna could feel herself moving and tried to struggle as Judy wrestled her rigid body up into the display window attaching two straps making it impossible for Anna to move and left her grunting and gasping unaware that she was now the days display.

When the young sales girl “Mel” showed up Judy talked her into wearing a black latex catsuit with tall platforms, corset and a hood covering her face so she could take pictures of Anna in the new restraints and had her posing over Anna’s trapped body, as she took pictures from inside then moved outside snapping as many pictures as she could. Judy told the girl to watch the front as she went to update their web page showing Anna and describing the new gear in great detail. Mel, as she liked to be called, roamed around the store starting to enjoy the feeling the tight latex was giving her and wondered if she had been missing out as she stroked Anna’s warm body feeling her muscles straining and Anna quivering each time she touched her and dreamed of being in her place, trapped in unyielding steel unable to move or release yourself as her pussy started to get wet.

Mina was ready to be encased again, she had already removed the plug and slid her legs into the steel shorts feeling them encircle her upper thighs tightly as she eased the larger probes into her ass and pussy. Jack was close at hand guiding her legs into the thigh cuffs while he helped steady the suit sitting on the stool. Once Mina was impaled fully she slid her hands into the arm holes and pulled the front up to her breasts noticing the openings were smaller than her breasts, Jack grabbed a bottle of lube and messaged it onto them from behind and soon had worked her doughy globes into the openings, Mina then pulled the plate up to her body resting her chin on top of the collar.

Mina was getting nervous as she felt her breasts push deeper into the cups and felt the collar push into her throat but smiled weakly as Jack moved to the back and began closing the back half of the collar that ran down to her shoulder blades squeezing the two together. Mina could hear the latches catch and the steel get tight around her neck and chest as she stretched and twisted her neck until the collar was fully closed.

As Jack began closing the 2.jpglower cover Mina was struggling against the tight collar and pulled and groped at it while he slowly closed the bodice. Once the latches for the bodice were closed Jack returned to Mina’s line of sight and watched her tugging at the collar finally taking her hands and staring her in the eye until she calmed down. Jack reached down and squeezed the thigh bands and the familiar ratchet sound could be heard as he tightened them until the skin around them puckered a little stopping as he watched Mina stroke her steel covered body.

Mina could already feel that the new suit was tighter in every way than her old one and knew that she and Jack both wanted it to be tighter so as Jack laced her knee high toe boots on her feet she reached around and gave herself a big hug causing several quick ratchet sounds making Jack look up and smile as she squeezed herself again getting a few more before she had to stop. While Mina sat with her eyes closed Jack locked her steel cuffs with attached eight inch chain around her ankles and stood waiting for her to adjust to the new feelings.

She opened her eyes and smiled before saying why don’t you get that punishment corset and lace it down. Jack knew why and went to get it as Mina stood and carefully walked to the bed finding her limited steps along the way but unable to look down far enough to see if it was cuffs or the thigh straps keeping her from taking full steps as she reached up and grabbed onto the bed post. The corset she had asked for was the one that had closed her previous steel down to its smallest setting when it had been laced tightly and Mina wanted to feel that tension again.

Anna was still hog tied by the steel restraints in the store window as she listened to the girls talking about what they did last night unaware of the Mel’s reluctance to remove the latex as she teetered on the tall shoes, Judy had retightened her corset and now Mel was gasping while Judy watched her young firm breasts heave with each breath under the tight latex covering them. Judy gave Mel several tasks that would keep her moving around the store while she went to the sweat covered Anna and asked her, “Do you think I can convert her to our way of thinking?”

Anna had no idea what she was talking about but Judy was still snapping pictures and would show her after Mel left this evening. Anna groaned while flexing her fingers and Judy said, “Oh are you getting uncomfortable?” Anna moaned she was and Judy replied, “Well only six more hours until your shift begins then maybe I’ll release you!” Anna whined as she heard Judy laugh and her heels clicking on the floor as she walked away from the struggling woman in the window.

Mina was now wrapped in thick leather as Jack pulled the laces slowly closing the corset around her body, this corset covered Mina from her arm pits to just above her knees and would not only close the bodice of her suit but compress her thigh cuffs as well once it was fully tightened. Jack worked on the laces for an hour hearing a few clicks then when he pulled on them during the next pass he could hear multiple clicks and Mina gasping as the steel tightened more. Jack tied off the laces and sat down to give Mina a chance to adjust only to have her moan, “Keep going”.

Jack quickly jumped up and began pulling again until the corset was closed and Mina’s face was red as she stood breathing very shallow. Jack tied the laces again and helped her move to the bed and laid her down on it, Mina never opening her eyes or saying anything. Jack sat down paying close attention to her as she drifted off several times over the next two hours before waking and asking for something to drink. Jack helped her back to her feet and said, “Then go get it yourself, I’m done waiting on you.” Mina smiled and took tiny steps towards the kitchen, the corset forcing her legs close together and making her take very short steps. Finally reaching the kitchen Mina drank some water before grabbing a cold beer from the fridge and opening it then returning to the bedroom and handing it to Jack and saying, “Thank you sir” in a breathless voice.

Judy waited another hour before having Mel help her move Anna’s aching body onto the cart and rolled her into the back, Anna was relieved to be out of the direct sunlight and began moaning as Judy unlocked her cramping legs and carefully lowered them to the floor. Anna was groaning as Judy messaged her legs easing the cramps then felt her unlocking her wrists and slowly lowering them to her sides. Anna was flexing her fingers and arms when Judy asked her to sit up and unlocked the straps on the hood commenting about how well it was built and how thick it was and removed the hood and blindfold at the same time.

Anna gasped as her sweat covered head was uncovered and the gag was drug out of her mouth the bright light made her flinch and she raised her weak arm up and covered her eyes. Judy left Anna sitting on the cart to recover returning with a glass of water and said, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Until you showed up, yes” Anna croaked. Judy watched her attentively trying to figure out if she was mad when Anna looked up at her and smiled and said, “Go back to work.” Judy just smiled back as she walked back into the store.

While Anna was recovering Mina was still trying to adjust to the increased tension of her new chastity suit as she lay on the bed gasping for air. Jack was pacing the floor worried that she had gone too far and kept asking her if she was alright, Mina would grunt in response and continue to rub her encased body enjoying the tightness and hoping her body would adjust soon.

The feeling had returned to Anna’s limbs and she slowly stood up and wobbled to the table and sat down again, Mel walked by the open door and stopped and asked if she was alright, Anna stared at the masked latex body with the quiet sales girls voice coming out of the latex covered face and remembered Judy asking her about converting her and now it made sense, and nodded her head and smiled at the girl knowing that if she had worn the latex, corset and high heels all day Judy had truly converted her and now they both had a new playmate. Mel walked off leaving Anna alone again rubbing her legs before looking up at the clock and seeing it was just past noon and realized she had only been in the window a short time and stood on her pointed toes and strode into the store and asked Judy what time did she come in. Judy smiled and said, “Nine thirty, I wanted to get started on putting the new stock away finding you had already done it I decided to thank you.”

“What did you think I would keep you folded up all day?”

Anna smiled and said, “I had hoped not, by the way from now on when we play our safe word is birthday, if either of us says or hums the song we stop and release them immediately, understood?” Judy agreed and said she would remember that from now on. Anna nodded towards Mel and Judy turned to see the young girl rubbing herself with her eyes closed and head back, they both smiled at one another and Judy yelled at Mel “Get back to work!” as she and Anna laughed at her reaction to being caught.

Mina was getting used to the compression and asked Jack if he would remove the leather corset so she could move around with just the new suit on, Jack helped her to her pointed toes and began unlacing the corset. Mina stood panting, holding onto the bedpost unable to tell the corset was being loosened until she could feel the tension on her legs decreasing, she tried to look down but the wide collar of the suit wouldn’t allow her to bend her neck far enough. Mina stretched and bent her neck and waist while Jack put away the corset finding she had absolutely no motion in her upper body being able to bend only at the waist and knees, she pivoted on her toes and walked carefully to the mirror and stood in awe of her newly shaped body and the total lack of details of the steel from her neck to her now dampening pussy. Mina followed her neck line down to the two large spheres that were keeping her breasts swelled and sensitive inside them then moved her eyes down her chest noticing how dramatically it tapered to her extremely narrow waist. Taking her hands she found she could almost touch her fingers together around her waist and quickly looked up and saw Jack standing behind her in the mirror and smiled weakly, unsure of what she had allowed to have happen to her.

Mina stood staring at her steel covered body for almost an hour, turning and looking at her ass that now was covered down to the tops of her thighs by the warming steel, Mina could barely reach the bottom of her ass as she tried to find any part of her body that could feel her touch only finding that nothing could be felt through the steel and her body was no longer hers, it was his to do or not to do with as he pleased. Mina tested how far she could separate her thighs and found not only were the bands encircling them much wider but they were also held much closer together allowing minimal movement and she knew she would have to learn how to walk all over again.

Jack spoke up and said, “There are more pieces to it when you are ready.”

Mina smiled and said, “More pieces?”

Jack turned and went into the closet and returned with a box and pulled out two steel gauntlets, these would run from below her knuckles almost to her elbows keeping her wrists immobilized and both had several d-rings mounted to them. The next item was a gag but not just a ball on a strap it was made of steel and would clamp around covering Mina’s lower face and head forcing her mouth to remain open wide, with its removable center that would allow penetration of anything her master wanted to insert. The matching ankle cuffs were next and like the gauntlets were very wide with d-rings attached, all were keyed different to allow separate removal by the wearer when the key holder allowed them access to the key and all were made of thick steel.

Mina stared at the new equipment lying on the bed and could feel her lust building as she remembered Jack saying the suit had several new tricks and smiled as she said, “Let’s try them on and see how they work.”

Jack smiled and made sure she was ready before locking each piece on her ending with the gag. Mina was studying her new gauntlets when Jack said, “I love you” and kissed her on the lips before forcing the cover over and into her mouth, the gag forced Mina to open wider than she ever had before and when her teeth “clicked” into the grooves she could feel the gag inch down her throat as Jack closed the back half around her head squeezing it until it latched holding her head firmly and slightly tilted back. Mina was incapable of looking down or able to turn her head at all now.

Mina grasped and tugged at it when she realized she was now trapped and tried to tear it off as she pushed Jack away and stood struggling, Jack grabbed the keys and waited for her signal, ready to take it off his bound beauty but in a minute or two Mina calmed herself and walked over to the distressed Jack and held his face for a moment before settling to her knees and unzipping his pants and knelt waiting for him to remove the center of her gag and let her suck his enlarged cock. Jack smiled as he took the key and removed the center of the gag and slid his cock into her waiting mouth and soon felt a powerful climax coming as Mina messaged and sucked his cock. Both of them happy, Mina feeling safe and loved and Jack confident that past experiences with women leaving him without a word would not happen again, he felt he could let Mina in completely both of them enjoying the comfort the steel provided.

Mina spent the next three days getting used to her new steel attire and quickly learning how to walk and bend in it, each night she would lock the gag around her head then close the gauntlets around her wrists and arms and wait for Jack to return home to secure her tightly before allowing her to satisfy him. Mina would then serve his dinner remaining secured in the steel, kneeling beside him until retiring to the bed room where jack would lock her arms and ankles together and go to sleep, Mina was adjusting well and soon started accompanying Jack to dinners and other events always wearing long thick skirts or dresses to cover the steel she was now locked into.

After a week of not seeing Mina Anna was happy when Mina showed up at the store and asked her if she needed any full time help. Anna squealed and said, “Hell yes, four fetish queens working together the world better look out!” The two spent the next few hours discussing what had happened while Mina was gone and watching Mel walk confidently around the store in her newest latex dress and tall high heeled shoes. Anna said she was working with Mel training her to wear toe boots but she hadn’t got the hang of them yet but was handling the tighter corset’s very well, the two laughed as Judy walked up in her tight leather dress and toe boots and asked what was so funny, Anna saying she was just getting their newest full time employee caught up.

Judy smiled and said, “Now I get to have a real fetish model to use!” pushing Mina on the shoulder as she continued, “Anna is not much fun and always wants to pay me back so it will be nice to have someone who wants to be on display.” The three chatted for awhile still watching Mel trying to hide when she would begin playing with herself and Anna yelling at her, “Watch it or I’ll lock you into a chastity belt too!” Mel smiled as she thought about letting her do it.

Mina asked Anna if she and Jack could come to the store tonight and help her close up and give her a ‘surprise.’

Anna agreed and said, “What kind of surprise?”

Mina just smiled and said, “You’ll find out” and left the store thinking about Anna’s reaction when she locks her into her old chastity suit leaving her unable to even feel her breasts or pussy and tells her the key won’t be returned for six months, just as a test.

After getting Anna into Mina’s old suit, Anna quickly agreeing to try it on hoping Jack would let her try it on then release her and she could talk him into leaving her belt off since it had been over two months since the last time she had been free of it, Anna was surprised to find how tight the new suit was as she and Mina lubed her body and breasts to get her larger frame into the suit. Jack finally squeezing it until it was on her as she carefully walked around the store trying to get used to it then asking to be released so she could think about it. Mina and Jack smiled as they watched her rub the steel and the skin puckering out around it and said, “This wasn’t a test fit, you’re locked into it and the key has been sent to the service and won’t be returned…. For awhile!”

Anna panicked slightly as she wiggled in the steel and pulled on the bra and thigh cuffs realizing she had no choice and now her pussy and her breasts were untouchable and body was covered by more steel than before. Mina said, “I thought it was best not to give you too many options, sorta like me when I locked it on, remember how that was for me?”Anna moved quietly to the back room while Jack and Mina sat in front and wondered how she would handle her new confinement and hoped they hadn’t pushed her too far.

Anna came from the back fully dressed in a tight leather dress, her steel collar locked around her neck handing Jack the key to it also and said, “Who wants a drink?” as she ran her leather covered hands under her friends arms and moved them to the front door smiling and said, “I guess I will take you guys up on that offer to move in with you in the new house since you two are going to be the only ones who understand my sudden mood swings and constant aggravation and can help me deal with it.”

The three laughed and went to dinner. Moving into the new house a few weeks later the three set up their own dungeon and began testing it out on Mina or Anna while Jack told the other what to do, one of them usually staying restrained inside while the others continued to unpack and get settled in, Anna taking her frustration out on Mina during the day at work and serving Jack and Mina at night while she waited on her key to be returned, hoping Jack would remove the suit and Mina would help her orgasm not knowing the suits ability to make her cum whenever her master or mistress wanted to let her and the two planning on introducing her to the suits abilities… some day.

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