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Motel Room Meeting

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2005 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Motel Room Meeting by Ralph [email protected]
As is so often the case, my wife isn’t into bondage of any sort and doesn’t want me to indulge either.  That leaves me having to find creative ways to find my special release when she’s not around.  Maybe that’s why so many of my fantasies involve motel rooms.  For example ….

The first week of the 10-day conference was finally over and now I had the weekend to myself.  It had taken some effort to get permission to drive to the location, even though it was a day’s drive from home.  I needed to drive so I could get my bondage stuff with me.  I wasn’t about to try to get it through airport security and with a free weekend coming up I really wanted to have it along.  I had plans I was hoping to carry out.

I hurried back to the motel after the last session and logged onto my computer.  It was just after 4 in the afternoon.  Plenty of time for what I wanted to do.  I prepared an email to send to “Fran”, someone I’d been corresponding with recently.  We’d learned we were both into bondage and had shared some thoughts.  I’d been restricted to self bondage for many years and she said she’s just experimented a little with a few trusted friends.  When I found out this conference was going to be near her I couldn’t resist setting up a meeting.  I knew it was risky, but she claimed to be a woman in her mid-40s – a bit younger than me – and the pic she’d provided was of an attractive woman in that age range.  I’d decided to take a chance, had told her I’d be in the area, and had arranged to meet at my motel this evening.  I put my motel and room number in the email, then added:

“Stop by around 7 this evening.  If I’m not able to let you in, you’ll find the corner of an envelope sticking out at the bottom of the door.  The room key will be in the envelope.”

Hitting send, I was committed to at least meeting her.  I had no intention of being able to open the door, and was sure she’d understand the meaning, but there were other things to take care of first.  I went to the nearest restaurant and got myself some dinner, then hurried back to the room and took a shower.  By half past 5 I was ready to get everything set up.

First I opened the door and held one of the motels envelopes along the width of it, making a small mark when a corner it just reached to the outer edge.  Then I closed the door and put the room key into the envelope, licking just a portion of the flap to hold it shut.  I pulled the curtains closed, turned on all the lights, and shed my clothes.  I put them into a drawer, doubting that I would be wearing them again tonight.

The next step was to get out my bag of bondage gear.  I’m made a point of getting a room with 2 beds.  Fortunately, the company was paying for this so I got a room at a higher priced motel and didn’t have to sacrifice floor space for the second bed.  I emptied the gear on one of the beds and laid the items out so they could all be seen.  I had several gags, leather cuffs, steel wrist and ankle cuffs, a crop with a little plastic hand at the end, a couple of butt plugs, vibrators, and dildos, little straps and longer belts, locks, clips, and other toys along with a collection of 1 ½ inch metal rings, lots of rope, and lots of tape.

I’d already checked the bed and found it to be supported in three places on each side.  It would have been nice if I’d gotten a king size, since I’m over 6 feet tall, but I wanted the second bed and had to sacrifice some immobility for that.  I tied a rope to the support nearest the head of the bed and pulled up.  At a point just below the top edge of the mattress I tied on one of the metal rings.  Pulling the rope across the bed I attached another ring at about the midway point, then another as the rope passed over the edge of the mattress on its way down to the opposite support.  A quick loop secured the rope, then I pulled it up again.  This time I crossed the bed diagonally to the support at the middle of the mattress, and again I attached rings at the edges and in the middle.  Next I passed the rope across the bed, then back diagonal, then across again, so I had 2 rope Zs on the bed, each length with 3 metal rings attached.  I cut that rope and got another rope.  I tied this where I’d ended with the first rope, crossed it diagonally to the middle of the bed, brought it back down to the support near the foot of the bed, then made a long diagonal to the opposite side near the head.   From there it was back to the middle, then a diagonal to the opposite head.  Now the bed was crossed in 3 places and there were 2 small and one large Xs, each with lots of rings attached.  That should provide a versatile platform for whatever the imagination could produce.

By now it was just after 6 and I needed to make the final arrangements.  I went to the door and slipped the envelope underneath until the marking just disappeared under the door, then pushed a little farther.  I didn’t want a fellow lodger getting curious and stopping in for a chat, but wanted it to be reachable.  Then I went back to the beds and buckled on my leather ankle and wrist cuffs.  I put 4 locks on the bed, setting their keys on the night stand, set a double clip in the middle of the bed, a black ball gag and 2 inch collar near the head, a roll of masking tape, and two 2X2 inch gauze pads.  I’d almost forgotten my emergency note.  I had a prepared sheet of paper explaining that I’d done this to myself and not to call the police and I put this near the foot of the bed.  A quick double check that the door wasn’t bolted and I had everything I needed, then I snapped on a leather ball splitter and got onto the bed with the rope spider web.

In short order I had my ankles locked to the rings on the rope closest to the bottom of the bed, legs spread wide apart.  I hooked the double clip to the ball splitter, then to the nearest ring on the ropes passing under my body.  As expected, when I laid back this pulled on my balls, causing my cock to stick up into the air.  It also severely restricted any movement in my hips.  The collar and gag were soon in place and I was ready to fully commit.  There would only be a little more time to back out if I wanted to, then I was going to have to wait for someone else to release me.  It would either be Fran or, if she didn’t show, housekeeping.  A final check of the time.  Almost half past.  I tore open the two packages with the gauze, laid back, and put one over each eye.  I soon found the masking tape and carefully guided a strip over the gauze, then wrapped it around my head 3 times until I was completely sightless.  I tossed the roll of tape toward the other bed and reached up toward the corners of the bed.  My fingers found the locks, slipped them through the rings on my cuffs, and guided them to the rings.  One last pause, a deep breath, then “click, click” and it was over. 

The keys were out of reach.  I was gagged and blind.  I had a little movement in my arms and legs, but the clip on the ball splitter kept me pretty much in one place.  Nothing to do but wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  With no way to track time it seemed like an hour must have passed and I was still alone.  My thoughts turned to what could go wrong.  Maybe Fran had changed her mind and wouldn’t come.  Maybe she’d gotten here, but had accidentally pushed the envelope back too far under the door and couldn’t reach it.  Thoughts of certain disaster swam through my mind, each getting worse than the one before it.  Then I heard a click.

Nothing else.  Maybe I’d imagined it.  The sound of the door closing.  Somebody was in the room with me.  Was it Fran?  Was Fran who she said she was?  I felt the paper of my explanation note brush my leg, then a pause.  The sound of the paper being crumpled startled me a little, but I couldn’t show it.  Then there was silence again.  There was a metallic rattling, then a whump like the refrigerator closing.  My thoughts were confirmed when I heard the hiss of a can of Coke being opened.  What was this person doing?  If it was Fran, why didn’t she say something?

The only answer I got for now was a cold can set against my belly.  I jerked a bit and immediately regretted that as the clip to my ball splitter tugged at me.  Another touch of the cold can, this time on my inner thigh.  Again I jerked, but this was beginning to get interesting and I could feel my cock swelling up.  A brief pause, then the can was pressed against my balls.  I moaned a bit and felt my cock spring up.  Gee, I thought, cold is supposed to shrink things.

The can was removed.  Then I felt fingernails grabbing one of my nipples.  A little squeeze and a twist and I was sure my cock was sticking straight up into the air.  At least the fingernails reassured me that my visitor was probably a woman.  Another pause, but I heard movement this time, then a shuffling.  A few seconds later I realized there had been a flash of light.  Seems my picture had been taken.  Well, I had left myself vulnerable to anything.

Finally a voice.  Was she on a phone?  “Hey, Julie, this if Fran.  It was for real.”  A pause.  “Yeah, he’s here, same guy who sent the pic.”  Another pause.  “Well, he’s not exactly as good looking like in the pic.  In real life he’s wearing only some leather cuffs, a collar, a gag, and a blindfold.  But he seems to be pretty good looking.”  “That’s right, cuffs and a gag.  And he’s got himself tied spread eagle on the bed.  That’s why he couldn’t let me in.”  I felt her sit on the bed next to me.  “As planned.  I gave you the address.  Pick up Barb and meet me here.  Don’t forget my bag, the video cam, and pick up some extra tapes.  See you in a bit.”

I heard the sound of a flip phone closing, followed by a soft laugh.  There was movement, then I felt her laying against my side, her breasts pressing at me through her top with no trace of a bra, and her hose covered leg draped over mine.  The overall feeling was of her being very soft and feminine, but very much in control.  My cock was erect and pulsing.  She softly licked my exposed cheek and snuggled up against me.  “Glad to meet you at last.  I was hoping to try out some bondage, but this is better than I could imagine.  I have some friends coming with more toys to play with.  We have a couple of days ahead and lots of imagination.  And,” she lazily stroked my cock, “if you’re really good maybe I’ll let you play with me before Monday morning.”

What would you do with a situation like this?

continues in Part Two


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