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Motel Room Meeting 2

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2005 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Motel Room Meeting, Part 2 by Ralph     [email protected]
Part 2 - Friday Night

I had no idea how long it had been since Fran had arrived, but I knew she was methodically driving me crazy.  After she had taken a photo and called her friends, she’d gotten onto the bed next to me.  Since that time, she had taken turns nibbling my earlobe, the only part of my ear still exposed due to the tape holding my blindfold, running her tongue over my lips, spread wide by the ball gag, slowly, oh so slowly, running a single finger up and down my erect cock, pinching my nipples, tugging the rope connected to my ball splitter, and other highly erotic actions.  Finally I reached the point where I jerked my hips.  The rope holding my balls to the rope web beneath me was already taut and jerking my hips pulled on my cock so that it leaned heavily toward my feet.  The series of actions was not unnoticed by Fran.

“My little sex slave wants to cum, does he?  Not so soon.”  She laughed softly.  As ominous as it was, I found myself really liking the sound of her laugh. 

“You have much more to experience before you cum.  And I have a larger audience that also wants to be here.” 

I felt her straddle me and then she sucked on my bottom lip.  “They should be here soon.  But first, I think I’ll take a few more pics.”

I’m sure it was no accident that she leaned back and rubbed her panty-covered pussy over my cock.  Then I could hear her moving around the room and the distinctive chirping of a digital camera.

The chirping stopped and I heard her moving things around on the other bed.  She was looking through my collection of bondage gear.  I remembered she’d said she only had a little bondage experience.  I wondered if that was a good thing or if she would go wild with the opportunity to do whatever she wanted? 

“I wonder if this feels as good as it looks?”  She must have been facing me.  I had just a few seconds to wonder what “it” was before the first crack of a plastic crop on my left nipple.  I jerked impulsively and again felt the rope restraining my balls tighten and my cock was pulled.  “Ooh, that looks interesting.”  A second later the crop hit my right nipple and I jerked again.  Her soft laughter mixed with the sound of a knock at the door.

I heard Fran walk away, heard the door open, then there were other female voices and the door closed.  I heard the safety bolt being put into place.  I wished I could see the new arrivals, but my own blindfold denied me that option.

“Well, let’s have a look at … oh MY oh my!”  The voice was different, a little lower than Fran’s.  “And this is how you found him?  Why can’t I ever be so lucky?”

“Oh wow, I’ve never seen a guy tied up before.”  The third voice was the highest pitch. 

“No,” said Fran, “but from what you’ve said a few guys have seen YOU tied up.”

All the women laughed at that.  The laughter was getting louder, so I knew they were nearing me.  Three women.  Me, tied spread eagled to the bed.  I could tell my cock was standing straight up.  It felt hard and the restraining rope pulling on my balls wouldn’t let it fall over.  For the first time, I felt a little embarrassed by my situation.

“Fran, you were holding out on us.”  It was the lower voice.  “He’s pretty good looking.  I suppose he could shed a few pounds, but then so could you.”

“If you weren’t smiling, I’d be pretty pissed off about that comment.”

“I like his legs.”  That was the higher pitched voice.  Suddenly I felt her hand rubbing my thigh.  Before I could think about it, I jerked away.  All three women laughed when they saw the restraining rope tug on my balls.  “I hope that doesn’t hurt him.”

“He did it to himself.”  That was the lower voice again.  “Fran, do you want to go first?”

“You go ahead, Julie.”  Julie.  Ok, now I had a name to go with the voice.  I just had no idea what to expect next.  I heard a rustling from somewhere across the room, maybe from the bag Fran had told them to bring along. 

I had to wait for whatever it was.  I was blinded and bound by my own hand, and now there were three women in control.  Julie must have enjoyed playing with my mind, because there was a long wait with no sound or touch.

Whoompf!  A leather flogger came down across my belly, causing me to jerk.  I felt my cock slap my thigh from the force of being pulled down and tried to remember not to jerk so much the next time.  A long pause, then another “whoompf” as it landed on my chest.

“You learn quickly,” Julie said.  “You must have figured out that Barb hasn’t tied a guy up before.  Fran may have told you that she’s tied one guy to the bed.” 

WWHhoompf!!  That one landed on my belly again and I could barely resist the urge to jerk. 

“I, on the other hand, have had a few boyfriends who liked to be tied up.  So, for you, I may be the most dangerous.”  She laughed, but I only heard the beginning of it before the next whoompf, this time on my thigh. 

It was so high that my balls felt the air rush past.  I wasn’t expecting to be hit there, so I lifted my hips and was forcefully reminded of the tether holding me to my rope web.  “See, Barb?  It’s not really that bad at all.”  The flogger fell across my chest again.  “He seems able to deal with it.”  Again across my chest.  Three quick strikes, starting with my chest, then my belly, then my abdomen.  The last one caught just the head of my cock and I let out a groan.

A long pause, then another lash, not quite as hard, lower, falling across my cock and just touching my balls.  Again I groaned, anticipating what would happen next.  Another long pause, then as expected the flogger came down on my so it hit my cock, balls, and upper thigh.  I tightened up, groaning again.  This time, she didn’t lift the flogger, leaving the wide leather straps laying across me.  There was warm breath against my cheek. 

“We have lots of time to play with floggers, don’t we?”  She ran her tongue along the strap holding in my ball gag.  “I think we need to change your position a little bit.”

Julie gave some quick directions and the three women got to work.  They removed the tether to my balls, much to my relief, then refastened my left arm and right leg so that I was laying diagonally across the bed, wrists and ankles tied together.  I was still on my back, though.

“Group photo.”  It was Fran.  I felt the women climb onto the bed next to me, then there was the digital chirp and flash.  “One more.”  One woman got up but soon returned.  That one or another one, wrapped their fingers around the base of my cock, helping it stand straight up.  Another chirp and flash, then they all got off the bed.

Julie spoke again.  “You’re stretched out pretty well.  I wonder how long it will take you to roll onto your belly.”  I was thinking about what I would need to do to roll over when the flogger landed across my belly again.  I had an incentive to get rolled over, as the leather strips fell again and again, sometimes catching my cock, sometimes just hitting my belly.  Then it was my hip.  Finally I was on my belly and she was landing one blow after another on my exposed ass.  I realized I was groaning on almost every strike, then she was moving up my back.  I lost track of how many times she flogged me by the time she reached my shoulders and stopped. 

“Ok, Barb,” Fran said, “it’s your turn now.  Have some fun.”

I felt fingers on my forehead, then the tape holding my blindfold in place was torn apart and removed.  Once I adjusted to the light I could finally get a look at my guests.  Guests only applied because the motel room was mine.  As it was, I was tied to the bed and my guests were free to move around.

“I need some help moving him.”  That was Barb’s voice so I moved until I could see her.  She was fairly short, probably a little over 5 feet tall, with straight, shoulder length blond hair.  When she turned around I could see she had full breasts pushing out her T-shirt and she seemed a bit snug in her jeans.  Fran, who I knew from her pic, was near the couch.   She was a little taller than Barb and had thick, wavy auburn hair that draped around her neck.  Her breasts were average size, with firm nipples thrusting against a white button-down shirt.  She wore a mid-thigh length black skirt and black hose.  I had to turn to see Julie.  She had short dark hair and an intense gaze.  I understood her comment about bulges when I saw that she had an extremely fit look about her.  She was tall, maybe close to 6 feet tall, and wore a shiny red scoop-neck top with black slacks that emphasized her lean build.  She also had the smallest breasts, and two firm points on her top told me she wore no bra. 

In a few minutes the women had me rearranged on the bed.  My arms were still tied to the upper left corner of the bed, but now my left leg was tied to the lower left and my right leg was bent, with the knee tied to the upper right corner and my ankle held to the lower right corner.  My ball splitter was removed, but now my cock and balls were tied with rope and tethered to the rope web on the bed.

From this position I could see Barb looking over my collection of bondage gear on the other bed.  After a while she picked up the tube of KY and a probe.  It was long, with ripples and a handle.  She turned and paused to smile at me, then moved to the foot of the bed.  I felt her sit on the bed, there was a period of maybe a minute, then the tip was pressed against my ass and the probe was slowly moving in.  I felt each ripple as it passed my opening.

“Look at his cock,” Fran said.  “I think he likes having his ass filled.”  Sure enough, I’d gotten rock hard as Barb slipped the probe into me.  Now she was slowly pulling it out, then back in, fucking me with the probe.  All I could do was take it and enjoy.

Fran moved between the beds and shed all her clothes.  She climbed onto the bed and positioned herself so her mound was near my face.  I could see she was wet and her aroma filled my nose.  I also appreciated that this hair was also auburn, cut short but not shaped.  She pulled off my gag.

“I have another use for you,” she said as the gag fell away.  She moved her hips up so her slit was at my mouth.  “Barb, keep stroking his ass until I come, ok?  He said he was pretty good with his mouth, so now’s his chance to prove it.”

I felt each ripple as the probe moved in and out of my ass while Fran pressed her vagina against my mouth. I went to work as she explained how the three friends had first met in high school and over the years had shared stories about boyfriends, husbands, then ex-husbands, then boyfriends again.  She had shared about me and my interest in bondage so when they learned I would be in the area they came up with a plan to try to get the three of them with me.  The original plan was for Fran to meet me, then ask if it would be ok for a couple of her close friends to join us.  Her backup plan was to just invite them over if I agreed to let her tie my up.  When I sent the last email, she guessed correctly that I was going to use my self bondage skills to prepare for our meeting and the three women changed their plans appropriately.  Now they had clear calendars for the weekend and I was everything they’d hoped for.

During her explanation, Fran’s breathing had become heavier as she became more aroused.  “You really are pretty good.  Push that tongue in deeper and get a good taste of me.”  I was already getting a good taste as she got wetter and wetter.

Barb began spanking me while Julie moved next to the bed with a video camera, filming my ordeal.  The first strike was pretty weak, but soon Barb was slapping my ass hard.  I tried getting Fran to orgasm a little faster.  At one point, the pain made me jerk my hips, but stretched out and with my cock tied I didn’t move much.

I didn’t know how long I’d been getting spanked, but my cheeks hurt by the time I felt Fran press against my mouth and lift her hips.  That made it harder to get to her, but I kept up the pressure until she jerked her hips and cried out in her climax.  I felt a wave of warm vaginal juices run into my mouth and licked them up as fast as I could, keeping up my actions until she lowered her hips back to the bed and relaxed.  I gradually slowed my motions until Fran ran her hands over my head and told me I could stop.

At some point, Barb had stopped spanking me, but she still held the probe deep in my ass.  I became aware that she was playing with my balls and tugging on the rope that held them to the bed.  Julie, meanwhile, had put down the camera and was digging through the items I’d put on the second bed.

Fran was still in front of me, the aroma of her juices filling my nostrils, as I felt my hands being untied.  My arms were numb from being over my head for several hours as they were lowered and pulled behind me. 

I felt metal and heard the ratcheting of the handcuffs around my wrists.  One of my belts was passed around my waist and tightly fastened.  My wrists were pulled to the small of my back and a click told me they’d been locked to the back of the belt.  Only then did Barb slowly pull the intruder out of my backside. My legs and balls were quickly untied and I was helped into a sitting position on the side of the bed.  Julie led me to the bathroom to relieve myself and offered some water.  Then it was back to the bed.

Julie tied a short length of rope to the ring in front of my collar and gave a few playful tugs.  Satisfied that I would go where the leash led me, she untied the rope that had most recently held my balls to the bed and looped it around my balls again, tying it off so it also acted as a ball stretcher.

Without hurrying at all, Julie grabbed the lower hem of her top and lifted it over her head, then it was tossed aside.  Her nipples stood out stiffly from the middle of her small, brownish colored areola.  She unzipped her slacks and eased them over her hips, turning as she did so.  With her back to me, she bent from the waist and pushed them to her ankles, exposing her firm ass cheeks, split by a black thong. before she stood up and stepped out of the slacks and turned back toward me. 

“Oh, you like this, don’t you?”  She was smiling and looking at my once again erect cock.  The rope around my balls was getting more uncomfortable by the second as she slowly pushed her thong down.  She pushed it onto her thighs, exposing a fully shaved mound of wetness, then let the garment drop to her ankles.  Julie stepped toward me slowly.  She was almost as tall as me and her eyes never left mine.  Finally she was pressing her naked body against mine.  “You want to poke me with your cock, don’t you?”  She was teasing the hell out of me.   Still smiling, she pushed her thong into my face.  “Open your mouth and taste what you’ll be having for desert.”

As soon as I started to open my mouth, she was shoving the cloth between my teeth.  Then she began moving her hips from side to side, still pressed against me.  I thought I was going to cum any second, but she pulled her body back.  She grabbed the rope hanging from my collar, led me a few feet, and picked up another belt from the bed with all my gear on it.  Quickly she looped that belt around her own waist and fastened it, then moved to the middle of the foot of the unoccupied bed. 

“Kneel!”  I dropped to my knees and watched her thread the rope from my collar between her legs.  As she reached up behind her back I realized she was tying my leash to the belt, pulling my face up against her mound.  I also realized the rope was now running the length of her ass crack.  She spread her legs and sat down on the bed, removed the thong from my mouth and she said, “now you can have the real thing.”  Without hesitation, I lowered my head to her mound and began putting my lips to hers lower lips.

“Oh, oh, OH!  Keep it up, sweety.  You’re doing sooo good.”  She pressed her hips upward, pushing her vagina against my mouth.  I looked up and could see her hands manipulating her breasts and nipples. 

I felt the rope tied to my balls being lifted between my ass cheeks, pulling my cock back between my legs.  Next came a sharp SMACK and a stinging pain on my buttocks.  I lurched forward, pressing my mouth harder against Julie’s pussy and causing her to suck in her breath.  Fran was resuming with the crop she was using when her friends arrived.  Another SMACK and again I lurched against Julie, making her hiss

As I kept using my mouth on Julie, Fran kept applying swat after swat.  Most landed on my ass, but sometimes she’d lay one on my thighs or hips.  Sometimes, applying less force, she’d use the rope to pull my balls or my cock back behind my thighs and would smack them.  It would really sting when she swatted my cock. 

Over time, Julie moved closer and closer to climax.  Suddenly she grabbed my head and pressed me hard into her pussy, bucking her hips and crying out as she came.  Her movements were smearing her juice all over my face as I kept licking, until she finally began to relax.  As she did, I became aware that Fran was holding the rope to my balls over my back.  I felt like I was sticking straight out behind me as I knelt bent over.

“Oh, sweety, we are gonna HAVE to that again before the weekend is over.”  Julie was running her hands through my hair.  After a while she unfastened the belt around her waist and let if fall away.  Then she surprised me.  She moved me back away from the bed, slid off so she was kneeling in front of me, and kissed me.  My face and mouth were still full of her juices, but she stuck her tongue into my mouth and slowly ran it around.  Once again, I was rock hard.  She pulled back and smiled.   “You like that?  I can do a lot more if we have time.”

With that she stood up and walked away.  I saw that Barb had her top off and was pulling off her jeans.  Her large breasts swung freely, with large pink areolas.  Her pussy hair was fairly long, but trimmed in the shape of a heart.  There was a wet streak on the inside of her thigh.

Barb and Fran got me on my feet, then onto the bed, then had my legs tied spread apart once again.  They got the handcuffs off and spread me out on the bed and my collar and the rope around my balls came off.  I wore only the four leather cuffs.  With a simple, “My turn,” Barb climbed onto the bed and knelt straddling my face.  Once again, I drove my tongue between wet folds of womanly skin and began working her toward an orgasm.

In a short time, she was breathing harder and rocking her hips over me.  I could see that she was fondling her own large breasts to enhance her pleasure.  Someone got onto the bed and straddled my hips, her warm wetness settling over my cock.  She knew how to move so I didn’t cum right away. 

Whoever was riding me kept the pace slow while Barb moved toward her climax.  Barb was by far the wettest of the three women.  Her juices were running out of her and what I couldn’t suck into my mouth was running down my cheeks and neck.  Finally she let out a cry and pressed down onto my face.  What seemed like a stream of her juice flowed out and into my mouth.  For a while she just shuddered, then I felt her relax.  As Barb lowered herself onto her side I saw that Fran was riding me. 

Fran’s face was a mix of malicious smile and ecstasy.  Now that Barb had cum, Fran picked up the pace and both of us were on the edge of orgasm.  I felt the warmth spread from my cock and then I was pumping my cum into her and crying out.  I heard her give a series of, “AAHH,” sounds, and soon we both slowed down as the intensity faded.  She didn’t wait very long before she leaned over and kissed me.

“That was fun, but now I want to cum again.”  She lifted herself off my cock and began moving up my body.  I knew what she was doing, but had never done this before.  Fran positioned herself above my mouth and I could see my cream oozing back out of her, ready to drip on me.  I opened my mouth and extended my tongue into her opening.  It didn’t take long for her to cum again.  I found that eating my own cum wasn’t so bad when it was mixed with a woman’s pussy juice. 

Once she’d finished her orgasm, Fran lay down next to me on the bed.  “It’s getting late and you still have two days to go.  I think we’d all better get ourselves to bed.”  She ran a finger over my lips. 

I was allowed to clean up and was shackled to the couch.  The women all put on night wear and got into the bed.  I heard Julie say, “Now, don’t go anywhere,” then the light was turned off and I was left in darkness.  I thought about how my plan to invite Fran had expanded into a sort of bondage marathon and how worried I’d been about her finding me tied to the bed.  As I fell asleep, I realized I had no regrets.

story continues in part three


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