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Motel Room Meeting 3

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FFF/m; bond; toys; cons; X

Motel Room Meeting, Part 3 by Ralph

Saturday Morning

I didn’t sleep much.  The couch was big enough, and the women had given me a blanket and pillow, but the shackle holding my ankle to the leg of the couch woke me each time I tried to roll over.  The women knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere, but it made me more helpless.  I was also wondering what the day ahead would hold for me.  So far I’d only been retied, forced (if it was force) to satisfy three women with only my mouth, whipped, had a probe in my ass, and ridden like a bronco.  I still had more toys and I’m sure at least Julie did as well.

Sunlight was just beginning to glow around the heavy curtains when Julie got up and made herself a cup of coffee.  When she noticed I was awake, she did a sensual strip tease for me, smiling at how my cock sprang to attention as she peeled off her t-shirt and thong, and sat down on one of the stools near the dining countertop.  By the time her coffee was finished, the other women were awake and moving around.  Julie got up and went to get her shower, providing me a wonderful show as she walked. 

Since we were now all awake, Fran opened the curtains to let the sunlight flood my third floor room.  Lots of light, and nobody could see in.  Within minutes, my shackle was removed and my hands were tied behind my back.  My ankles were tied to opposite legs of the couch, holding my legs wide apart.  Barb, who seemed to be a fast learner, brought over my figure-8 cock and ball harness and she and Fran fastened it at the tightest setting.  Not completely satisfied yet, Barb got my homemade bit gag and put it on me.  The gag was made from a 1 inch dowel and a dog collar that had been cut in half.  Each end of the dowel was screwed onto a cut end of the collar.  Once the buckle was in place, it was very effective. 

All I could do now was watch Fran and Barb.  Barb wore a pink baby doll that seemed to squeeze out her full breasts.  She was sorting through my collection of bondage gear.  Fran was setting the countertop for breakfast.  She wore a white t-shirt over white briefs and I felt certain she reached up and bent over more than she had to just to show me her ass cheeks and the soft mound between her legs. 

Barb walked up to me holding one of my vibrators.  She quickly slipped out of her baby doll and climbed onto the couch, stradded my legs, and pressed herself against my chest.  As my erection grew, the straps on the cock and ball harness seemed to stretch my balls even farther apart.  She removed my gag and simply said, “I’m hot!” before swallowing my mouth in hers.

Our tongues danced together as she moved against me.  I could feel her nipples press into my chest and felt her hot wetness just at the tip of my cock.  Her juices flowed down my shaft, but I couldn’t move to get any deeper with my legs spread as they were.  She seemed to really enjoy my helplessness.  She gave a long suck on my lower lip, then stood up and turned around.   As she bent over, her wet slit was just inches from my face. 

“Come on, you can reach it.  I want your tongue all the way inside me.”  It took some effort, but I managed to lean forward until I could oblige and began working on her sex box with my mouth.  Streams of her juice ran down my chin, neck, and chest as her excitement grew.  Barb put her hands on my thighs and pressed herself against my face as she bucked her hips and came.  She was barely over that orgasm when she turned around and held the vibrator in front of my face.  With a quick spin she had turned it on and moved the base toward my mouth.

“You just hold this for me until I take it back,” she said.  Her voice was husky and I saw that her chest was flushed.  Lifting one leg onto the back of the couch, Barb got on top of vibrator and lowered herself onto it.  My head was tilted back as I watched the shaft disappear into her and then reappear as she pumped it.  She was exceptionally wet and her juices flowed down the shaft and between my parted teeth, filling my mouth once again with the taste of her womanhood.  She came two more times before she finally slowed and eased herself back off the vibrator.  Barb removed the base from my mouth and pressed in the head and shaft, slowly pumping my mouth with it.  I really didn’t enjoy this very much, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Once her breathing had returned to normal, Barb backed off the couch and walked away.  She paused to look at Fran and said, “Now THAT’S how I wish I could start every day.”  Then she went on around the corner and soon I heard the shower running.  I looked down at my chest, shining with Barb’s cum, and thought how I could use a shower myself.

Barb was dressed by the time Fran returned with two bags.  One was a paper shopping bag that held our breakfast.  The other was an overnight bag.  Breakfast turned out to be egg and cheese sandwiches from a fast food place.  Each of the women had a small glass of juice, but I was provided with juice in a shallow bowl.  My legs were untied from the couch and retied to a stool at the counter.  My hands were left tied behind me and the cock and ball harness was still in place. 

After much effort, and laughs from the women as they watched, I managed to eat my breakfast and drink my juice.  Then I was untied from the stool, the cock and ball harness was removed, and Fran led me to the bathroom.  She explained that since she was the one I originally invited over, she had the honor of showering with me.  She certainly knew how to tease a man, rubbing long and sensuously over every sensitive part of my body.  Then I had to stand back and watch while she washed herself, giving me a show that left me hard and wishing my hands weren’t tied. 

Fran got dressed in a t-shirt and short skirt, with nothing underneath, but I was left naked.  My collar was put back around my neck and a belt was passed around my waist, pulled tight, and buckled.  Julie wound some rope around my balls and cock, passing the loose ends between my ass cheeks, over the belt, and around me wrists.  Once tied, I realized if I moved my hands, I tugged the rope and pulled on my balls myself.  Julie had put on shoes with 4 inch heels and was now slightly taller than me.  She gave me a wicked smile, patted the head of my cock, and pulled me against her.  Her lips covered mine as she moved her hips against my cock, just about driving me crazy.  She pulled back to look me in the eyes and said, “We have such a surprise in store for you.”

She turned me around and I saw that Fran and Barb had set up a Sybian.  “It’s mine, and I so enjoy my time with it,” Julie was saying.  “I wanted to share it with you, so I stopped home and picked it up while I was out getting breakfast.  And look what we found here.”

Julie turned me around again and I saw Barb setting up my computer and webcam.  Barb was really excited and was setting the camera so it was aimed at the Sybian.  Suddenly I had a very bad feeling about where things were headed.  I wanted to protest, but then saw Fran approach with my homemade dribble gag. 

“I really love your imagination,” Julie was saying.  “A practice golf ball with pieces cut out to connect holes on opposite sides, then a dog collar passed through the gaps.  You must really like this to have put in so much effort.”

In seconds the ball was in my mouth and the strap buckled.  I was led to the Sybian as Barb slipped a condom, coated with large amounts of lubricant, over the shaft sticking up from it.  I was turned, pushed to a kneeling position, and pressed down onto the device.  I felt it inching its way into me until my balls were laying on the crest of the curve.  Then a belt was strapped around each leg, holding my thighs to my ankles and making it almost impossible to get myself off.  I tested swaying to the side, but found I needed to swing my arms, which pulled on my balls.  I was stuck here until the women released me.

I was already drooling by the time Julie picked up the controls and explained she had modified it slightly.  The controller was wired into a randomizer she had had an electronically gifted boyfriend build for her.  With a mischievous smile, she pressed a button and set the controller on the floor right in front of me, but completely beyond my reach.  I immediately felt the insert begin to rotate and vibrate in my ass.  My attention was more focused, however, on the base of the insert, which was vibrating against my balls.  Held in place and stretched as they were, the stimulation had its effect on me.

“What is this?”  Barb was holding up an item with a shiny metal chain.  I groaned.

“Those are nipple clamps,” Julie explained.  “Let me show you how they work.”

She passed the chain through the ring in front of my collar, teased my nipples til they were firm, then attached the clamps without hesitation.  As usual, there was an intense stinging, but then if faded to a dull throb.  I gazed at the lens of my web cam, pointed directly at me.

Fran was at my computer.  “Ok, the private chat is set up and invitations have been sent.  How’s this for a grabber, ‘Live abuse of male slave.’  So far I’ve only sent it out to our friends, but maybe later we can open it up to the web.”  She gave me a wicked grin.  “And just so you don’t complain too much, we’ll try to screen it so only women are watching.”

I hadn’t planned on this, but I supposed if they didn’t get too crazy it would be all right.  Then two things happened at once.  The sybian kicked into a higher frenzy of vibration and there was a knock at the door.  “Housekeeping.”  Julie was closest to the door, so she hurried to answer.  On the computer screen I could see a small image of myself, riding the sybian, chin and chest shining with my drool, and with the higher vibrations on my balls my cock was standing straight up.

Julie walked past me, carrying an armful of towels, and headed for the bathroom.  I saw a reflection in the glass on a wall hanging and turned to look at the door.  It was closed, but the housekeeper was standing inside, smiling as she looked at me.  Julie carried the used towels over to her and they whispered something.  Julie went to the overnight bag she’d brought in this morning and pulled out a leather flogger.  She stood in front of me, smiled at the housekeeper, and began using it on my chest, arms, and back.  The most painful part was when she caught a nipple clamp and pulled it loose.  At about the same time the sybian went to high speed on vibrate and rotate.  I knew I wouldn’t cum, but the sensations were holding me near the edge. 

After a while Julie stopped flogging me and walked back to the housekeeper.  They whispered for a while, then the housekeeper took the used towels and left.  She stood in front of me again, this time holding a vibrator.  My gag was removed and the vibrator was turned on and placed between my teeth.  Now I was vibrating in my head and in my ass.  Julie shed her clothes, tossing them aside, then moved toward me, swallowing the vibe between her pussy lips.  As she kept moving forward it forced my head back until I was looking almost straight up.  She must have been really hot because she came almost immediately, then kept riding the vibrator until she came two more times.  It was fascinating to watch from between her legs, but my neck was getting sore.

When she got off, she pulled the vibrator from my mouth and replaced my dribble gag.  I looked at the computer when I could and saw myself with my chin covered with drool and Julies juices.  I could also see her tight, shapely ass and wondered if they were really netcasting.  Maybe Julie didn’t mind showing off her body.  She reached over my shoulder and pulled up on my arms.  This tightened the rope to my balls and pressed them harder onto the vibrating pad.  For a moment I thought I might come, but then the whole thing went to a slower speed.  I had no idea how long I’d been on the device, but it didn’t look like I’d be getting off any time soon.

Julie looked over at Fran and Barb.  “I need a rest.  You can take a turn now.”

Julie laid down on the bed, still completely nude.  Fran was at the desk in her T-shirt and short skirt, legs spread.  Barb was sitting at the edge of the bed with my bondage gear looking over my supplies.  She had shed most of her clothes at some point and now wore only white briefs.  When her legs parted I could see a large wet area. 

“I think maybe we’ll just watch and let him squirm for a while,” Fran said.  “Oh, look, another person wants to join the webcast.”  She hit a key and I saw a fifth entry on the visitor’s section.  I had to admit I was live and Julie had shown her body along with mine.  Still, I was the one strapped down on a sybian.

It suddenly kicked into a higher level of stimulation again.  Without thinking I groaned and bent forward.  That pulled the rope to my balls, pressing them down on the vibrating pad, causing me to groan again.  As I straightened up again, the drool that had escaped through the dribble gag swung back onto me in a long string.  I looked for a clock, but they were all turned away from me.  It had to still be morning.  This was going to be a long day for me.


story continues in part four


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