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Motel Room Meeting 4

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FFF/m; bond; toys; cons; X

Motel Room Meeting, Part 4 by Ralph Sbm; FFF/m; bond; toys; cons; X

Saturday Afternoon

My legs were getting sore from being held bent in one position for so long, my ass was sore from the invading shaft vibrating and rotating within, and my dribble gag continued to do an excellent job at what it was designed for.  The women were still talking softly among themselves and I was still squatting on a sybian, highly aroused but kept short of orgasm.  There was a chiming sound and I looked at the computer for what must have been the hundredth time.  Another name appeared in the guest column, bringing the total to 12.  I looked at my image on the screen and thought about what the guests were seeing.  I was a mess, shining from a mixture of drool, sweat, and Julies juices.

At last Barb was moving.  She slipped on one of my short sleeve button down shirts and fastened the lower buttons.  She was about a foot shorter than me, so it was huge on her, but her jiggling breasts were very obvious as she walked toward me.  She held two items, a crop and a belt.  She stopped in front of me and opened the front of the shirt down to her waist and bent over.  Now the camera would show her back, but I got a good view of her breasts and responded accordingly.  Barb noticed and smiled.  Then she brought the belt across my thigh.

I couldn’t jump, with my thighs and ankles strapped together, but I jerked what part of me I could more out of surprise than pain.  She teased me for a while, slowly moving around me and alternately swatting me with the crop and the belt.  She seemed to enjoy it most when she would slap the crop against my balls or cock, just hard enough to hold my attention.  She must have gotten bolder as she went, because at one point I glanced at the image on the computer while she was next to me and her breasts were clearly visible.

After a while, Barb set the crop and belt down and knelt behind me.  I watched on the computer as she pulled the shirt off and wiggled her hips, apparently pulling off her panties.  Then I could feel her soft, warm skin against my back, soon followed by her hot wetness on my fingers.  She bent over to pick up the crop, pressed her breasts into my back, and swatted me on the belly.  “Stroke me until I tell you to stop.”  Her hips pressed against my hands and left no confusion about what she wanted.

I knew she was wet, so I started with one finger from each hand.  She would select a location on my body, swat it, then press up against me again for a while.  She swatted my belly, chest, thighs, cock, and balls in a random order and time.  When I switched to two fingers of one hand inside her and my thumb and forefinger of the other hand manipulating her love bud her breathing increased sharply and there were less swats. 

Barb came twice, each time sending a flow of juices down my fingers, but she was still holding me tightly wanting more.  I went to a third finger inside her, hoping the next time would be the last.  My arms and hands, bound behind me, were getting sore from the awkward position and movement.  I was so focused on Barb I didn’t realize that Julie had moved. 

My attention went to Fran as she moved the webcam closer and more to the side.  Then Julie was kneeling next to me, smiling and holding a glass in her left hand.  When her right hand wrapped around me cock, I realized what they had planned.  As Julie began stroking me I was distracted for a while by Barb pulling the nipple clamps off my without opening the jaws first.  I let the sharp pain sink in for a while, then realized the ongoing stimulation from the sybian had me very near orgasm already.  Barb bucked her hips against my back as she came again, and as her juices flowed down my fingers I felt myself approach the edge.

Julie felt me tense and positioned the glass as Fran aimed the camera to capture the action.  My eyes were closed, but I could feel my pent up cum being pumped from me and knew it was being collected.  Julie stroked me until I relaxed and slumped a bit on the sybian.  I felt the vibrations and rotations stop, although it seemed they were continuing in a shadowy part of my mind.  I opened my eyes to see a glass with what seemed to me like an amazing amount of my cum right in front of me.  All the stimulation had apparently produced an abundance of the liquid.  Barb was pulling my head back, so I was looking up at the ceiling.  Then Julie poured the cream into the dribble gag.  Most went in, but a little ran out, running down my chin.  The thought of my own cum running down my chin with the three women watching, and others on the webcast, was both humiliating and exciting. 

The taste of my cum filled my mouth again and Barb held my head back until most of the cream had run through the dribble gag and into my mouth.  Even after she let go, though, it was inside the practice golf ball and the taste would not go away.  “Dribble out, dribble in,” Julie said as she smiled at me.  She had the glass tipped again, letting what remained slowly run out and drip onto my cock.  “You play so nice.  I think we need a short break to clean you up.”

Fran had moved back to the desk and was typing a message to let her friends know I would be gone for a while.  They seemed to have a pretty good conversation going as the belts were removed from my thighs.  I had trouble standing up after being held for so long, but Julie and Barb worked with me until I got to my feet and walked unsteadily to the bathroom with one holding each arm. 

A quick wash up later and I was led to the couch.  First they untied my hands and retied them in front of me.  Then they sat me down near the middle of the couch, tied a rope around the bindings at my wrists, and pulled it over one side of the couch, tying the end off to the rear leg on that side.  This had the effect of forcing me to lay down and my legs were soon tied at the ankles.  My right ankle was tied to the front leg of the couch and my left leg was pulled up to the top cushion, where the rope continued to the rear leg of the couch.  The ball gag was removed, my face wiped, and several pieces of tape were put across my lips.  The webcam was moved to show me in my spread open position and I was ignored again for a while.

The women made some sandwiches and ate them, then Fran came over to me and removed the tape.  She offered me a drink with a straw and fed me a sandwich piece by piece.  I was sure her friends were enjoying this.  Looking over her shoulder I could see that the names column was full.  Sometimes Barb would pick up the webcam and move it around, just to show my situation, Then she’d return it to the table where they had positioned it.  With only one piece of the sandwich left, Fran put it between her teeth and moved toward my mouth.  I parted my lips and she pushed the food in with her tongue, following it with a long, sensual kiss.  Her hand rubbed lightly over my cock and once again I felt an erection stirring. 

Julie was walking out the door as Fran got up and moved over to my supply of gear.  She returned with a battery powered massager and a wicked smile.  “I think you have more juice in there.  Let’s see if we can get it out.”

So saying, she turned it on high, laid the head against my cock, and once again covered my mouth with hers.  Between her kissing and the massager, I knew this wouldn’t take long even though I’d only recently been drained.  Fran lifted away from my face and replaced the tape.  Then she started kissing and licking my neck, nipples, ears, and belly.  I could see Barb moving around with the webcam to get the best shots. 

I could feel the sensations beginning deep inside me and closed my eyes.  Fran noticed and sat up, holding my cock in her palm and pressing it against the vibrating head.  She was watching my cock, as was the camera, as the urge to explode grew inside me.  I tensed up, lifting my hips, and Fran moved her hand so the edge was still pushing me against the vibrations, but her palm was open and up. 

With a shudder, I began once again pumping out my cum.  Through the haze, I heard Fran and Barb laugh, felt the first two shots splat against my chest and belly, then I began the long, slow descent back to reality.  Fran kept the vibrations going until I was completely relaxed, then gave me another of her wicked smiles.  She pulled off the tape once again and I saw a spoon in her right hand.  She carefully scooped the cum off my chest with the spoon, moved it to my mouth, and gave a one word order.  “Eat.”

With little choice, I did, once again consuming my own cum.  The spoon made several more trips, picking up cum, depositing it in my mouth, while Barb caught all the action on the webcam.  Then I noticed Fran’s video camera was also set up and running.  They were recording this.  Fran looked into my eyes and said, “Open wide.”  I complied and her left hand, the palm still full of cum from my weaker shots, was put over my mouth.  She rubbed it around, letting the goo flow in, then smeared the remains across my face.  “Lick me clean,” was the next order, so I licked the palm of her hand until she was satisfied the cum was gone. 

Fran leaned close to my ear and whispered so the cameras would not pick it up.  “You’ve been sooo good.  I know this is more than you were expecting.  We have some kind of , well, unusual ideas for you.  This is your chance to say no more or keep going.  Just nod if you want to keep going, shake your head if you want to stop.”

What a choice.  This was far beyond what I’d expected.  I was hoping for a little one on one bondage, with alternating turns.  Instead I’d been whipped, plugged, forced to eat my own cum 4 times, and shown on a webcam.  And Fran was hinting it might get worse.  I weighed it out for a few seconds, realized I may never have another chance to have my limits stretched, and nodded my head. 

“I’m so glad.”  Fran’s face was suddenly only inches from mine, a broad smile on her face.  Then she kissed me, hard and long.  The fact that my mouth still tasted like cum didn’t seem to affect her at all.  I was getting hard again.  “Nope, we can’t have any of that right now.  You just rest a bit.”  With that, Fran got up and walked away, leaving me tied spread out on the couch.

I was left like that for a long time, with nothing to do but watch as Fran and Barb moved around the room.  I noticed the list of names on the computer got shorter as there was nothing new to see.  Then it got longer again.  I realized the women had planned some down time when Barb looked at the computer and said, “Time.”  Then she set up the video camera so it was aimed at a spot between the beds.  Once that was done, both women came over to me and untied me.

“You like self bondage,” Fran said, “so I want to see you tie yourself up.  Here are the rules.  You tie yourself in a hogtie between the beds, using the head harness so your head is tipped back, and somehow setting it so you pull on your balls.  I also want you using a plug.  Don’t worry about escape methods.  I’ll release you when it’s time.”

I made my plan as I walked to the beds, deciding to try to impress the women with my imagination.  By the time I stood between the beds, Barb had turned on the video camera and had set the webcam to capture all the details.  Fran held the digital camera. 

First, I pulled out the head harness.  It had a white, plastic ball for the gag and, with my head pulled back, would not slip out.  Next, I chose four ropes of various lengths and a belt.  After putting some KY on a plug, I turned around, lifted my leg, and let the women watch as I slid it into my ass.  Once it was seated, I picked up a set of handcuffs and locked one end around my cock and balls.  At full closure, it wasn’t going to come off without a key.  I tied the shortest rope into a loop and folded it upon itself until it would fit snuggly around my wrists, then it was time to start securing myself. 

I sat down, feeling the plug push even deeper into me, and tied my ankles together, making sure the knot was in front.  Since there would be someone to release me, I decided to skip some of the safety measures I would normally have followed.  Next came the belt, secured around my thighs.  I made sure I could reach everything, then laid down on my belly to finish the job.  I slipped the head harness on, made sure the ball gag was secured, and pulled all the straps tight.  With a little effort, I managed to loop the longest rope around my ankles, pulled the free end of my handcuffs between my legs and fed the two ends of rope through them, then ran the rope to the d-ring at the top of the head harness and tied them off so my head was pulled back.  It was uncomfortable, especially when I tried to straighten my legs or lower my head, which pulled on the cuffs that were locked onto my cock and balls.  Finally, I looped another length of rope around my ankles, fed the ends through the handcuffs, and picked up the loops sized for my wrists.  I slipped that loop on, making sure the one end of the rope from my ankles was draped over it from the top and the other from the bottom.  I found the two ends, tied them together, and with my wrists cinched I was finished.  I was hogtied, head back, and if I moved my legs or arms wrong I got a tug on the handcuffs.

Fran and Barb had the whole thing on tape and Barb kept moving the webcam to give close up shots of what she thought was interesting.  Fran knelt down and held the scissors in front of my face.  Her position also gave me a clear view up her legs under her short skirt and I felt my cock pressing uncomfortably against the floor.  “I said I’d release you,” she told me.  Then she stood up and walked across the room, sitting down in a chair.  “I’ll be here waiting for you.”

I hadn’t counted on that.  If nothing else, I would have skipped the belt holding my thighs together.  Maybe I wouldn’t have run the rope from my ankles to the head harness through the cuffs.  Well, I could wait and see if she relented or I could get moving.  I began to inch my way across the room, sure the women watching on the webcam were enjoying my struggles.  My best method was to pull my knees up a little, then rock my chest to avoid rug burns as I stretched out.  Every time, my cock and balls were pressed against the carpet, both uncomfortable and arousing.

I’d gotten about half way to Fran when the door opened and Julie walked in carrying some shopping bags.  Behind her was the housekeeper for my room and another woman, probably another person from housekeeping.  Julie spoke softly with them for a while, their smiles letting me know they were enjoying what they saw.  They stood there while Julie walked out of my view and I didn’t know where she was until I felt a foot on my arms.  She pulled me over onto my side and held me with her foot, my front exposed to the two women by the door who were smiling at the free show they were getting.  Fran quickly got a digital pic and Barb moved in with the webcam.  She held me for a few more seconds, then pushed me back onto my belly and I resumed my crawl to freedom.  Julie went to the guests and spoke softly again, giving each a small piece of paper, then after one last look at me they were out the door.

I knew from the patch of sunlight on the floor that it had taken a long time to get across the room, but now Fran’s feet were only about 5 feet away from me.  My neck was sore and I felt stiff from wiggling across the room and I was looking forward to being at least partly released.  I was, just not the way I’d expected. 

Fran slid off the chair and sat on the floor.  Once Barb got the webcam about floor level a few feet to one side, Fran slid her hips forward and spread her legs.  Her short skirt slid up and I was looking at her moist lips once again.  At least now she was a little closer to me.  As I moved up between her legs she guided my face to her pussy.

At first she just rubbed my face around in her crotch, using the ball gag in the head harness to stroke herself.  After a while, though, she removed the harness and pulled the gag from my mouth before guiding me back to her wetness.  My wrists were still tied to my ankles, passing through the handcuffs, and the belt held my thighs together, but with my mouth now free I went to work, trying to shorten the amount of time I’d be in this position. 

Fran was in no hurry.  The worst part was when she got really excited and lifted her hips from the floor.  I had a difficult time keeping my mouth on her at those times.  I also get excited by hearing women moaning and the position I was in made an erection very uncomfortable.  Several times I tried lifting my hips to relieve the pressure, but each time I just succeeded in getting harder while pointing straight down at the floor.

She came a few times before easing herself away from me.  My face was again covered in woman’s juices, the delightful odor filling my nose.  Once she caught her breath, Fran untied the harness from the rope that led to my ankles and put it back on my head.  Then she untied the rope from my ankles to my wrists, letting my feet drop.  To keep me from slipping the loops off my wrists, she cinched them with the trailing edges of the rope that had held the harness.

I lay on my belly for a while, waiting for whatever was next.  Julie finally ended my suspense.  “I think we need to get him dressed for supper.  Look at the clothes I found for him.”

As Fran and Barb giggled, I twisted myself around to look.  Julie was holding up some rather large women’s clothes.  I could make out a white button down top, short black skirt, and black bra.  I’ve never been into cross dressing, and I’d told that to Fran, so I was wondering what they had in mind.  As Julie walked over to me, Barb pulled a pair of shoes, hose, a wig, and what looked like breast forms from a shopping bag.  Fran got some more rope and her makeup bag.  Whatever was planned, I didn’t think it would be long before I began to find out what it was.

continues in Part Five - Saturday Night



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