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Motel Room Meeting 5

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FFF/m; bond; fem; toys; cons; X

Part 5 - Saturday Evening

I had to say, it was not a pretty sight.  At least I would have said it, if not for the gag in my mouth.  Black hose led up from the black open-toed shoes, interrupted by horizontal lines of white rope at the ankles and above and below the knees, all neatly cinched.  The black skirt was barely long enough to cover the tops of the hose, and white rope was threaded through the belt loops at the waist.  More rope above and below the breasts pressed the white button-down shirt so tight that you could tell it covered a black bra even if the buttons hadn’t been open far enough to see the front clasp.  A black collar with D-ring in front matched the black ball gag which stretched dark red lips.  Dark brunette hair fell across the forehead, covered most of the ears, and cascaded to about the middle of the neck.  It should have been quite a sight, but even the expert makeup application by Fran couldn’t hide the fact that this was a man dressed as a women.

My arms were tightly held, bound behind me at the wrists and securely under the ropes in the skirt’s waistband as well as the ropes circling my chest.  There were two bright spots I could find.  First, the shoes had wide heels, even if they were 3 inches high.  And, because I keep my hair short, they only needed to trim a little around the ears to get the wig on and hide all my natural hair.  On the down side, this transformation, like so much else today, had been captured on webcam, video cam, and digital pics.

Julie had put her own heels back on and was looking me in the eyes from very close range.  As she pressed herself against me I felt the breast forms being pressed against my chest, creating a unique sensation.  I was also keenly aware that her own breasts were pressing against the forms.  She ran her tongue lightly across my lips, tracing the circle formed by the ball gag before pulling away and smiling at me.

Fran was heating up some frozen dinners while Julie and Barb helped me shuffle over toward the kitchenette.  Being hobbled at the ankles and knees was bad enough, but I’d never been on heels before and was a little unsteady.  They stopped occasionally to reposition the webcam so it took a long time to get to the counter.  The women ate first, leaving me standing and watching, before removing my gag and feeding me.  The ever present webcam captured this humiliating experience, but there was little I could do about that now.  They were taking turns feeding me, leaving me to wonder what they did when I couldn’t see them.

Finally the meal was done and cleared.  Fran tied a rope through the D-ring in my collar and held it from the opposite side of the eating counter.  Julie and Barb were behind and on either side of me and began whipping me.  One had the flogger while the other wielded a crop.  The flogger was used mostly on my back and legs, while the crop smacked my upper thighs and ass.  With the counter right in front of me, and hobbled as I was, there was no escape.  They kept at it for a long time, making me jerk with each new strike.  Then there was a pause, I felt the skirt lifted in back, and the bikini briefs were pulled up into the wedge between my cheeks.  The crop then returned to work, striking my now bare skin.  Julie was commenting on what a wonderful shade of red I was as she began adding spanks with her hand.  A while longer then the skirt was lowered and I was turned around.  This time the skirt was left alone and the flogger was used, lashing me from belly to knees.  Despite the pain, I felt a surge of excitement at the thought of how vulnerable the skirt made me.  I could be covered or uncovered at a moments notice and had no control over which it would be.

“We’ve got a suggestion here,” Fran was saying.  She was now looking at the computer screen where one of the chat room guests had apparently submitted an idea.  “Bring him over to the bed.”

More shuffling across the floor, this time with the panties still wedged in my crevice, then with a firm push I was face down on the bed.  I noticed the women had run ropes across the bed at top, middle, and bottom, with rings tied into the ropes at strategic points.  My rope leash was now tied to the ring at top center and shortened up to about a foot long.  Then the whipping started again.  As I thrashed about I could feel the hem of the skirt riding up my thighs and over my ass cheeks.  I also managed to spread the half open top so much more of the bra was showing.  I had no idea how long the whipping went on, but I was quite sore by the time it ended.

I saw Barb moving toward the kitchenette and heard her saying, “I didn’t realize our friends could be so nasty.”  I heard an ice tray being emptied, ice hitting a glass, then saw Barb returning.  Julie held me on my back while Fran lifted up the front of my skirt.  Without hesitating, Barb lifted the waistline of my panties and dumped the ice cubes out of the glass and onto my belly.  After gathering all the cubes together, she released the waistband, letting the panties fall back into place and securing all the ice cubes around my cock.

The cold quickly settled in as the women read some of the other suggestions I could see were pouring into the message box.  They mentioned that some they couldn’t do because they lacked supplies, but then they found one that Julie said she’d anticipated.  With cold water from melting ice soaking into the panties and running between my legs, I watched as Julie pulled out three 10 inch candles and a lighter.  They set the webcam, she lit and passed around the candles, and the cold was now mixed with heat.  Fran unbuttoned the top completely and spread her wax over my belly and upper chest.  The skirt was still bunched up near my waist, so Julie took one side and Barb took the other as they dripped hot wax on my upper thighs and abdomen, sometimes pulling the panties aside to get wax on an otherwise covered part.  Drip after drip of hot wax fell on me until all three candles were only about an inch long. 

“Oooh, look at that suggestion!” Barb was almost giggling as she got the attention of the other two.  They all read it and laughed as I looked at the mounds of wax on my body, then I was rolled over and held face down.  The remnants of the ice were now pressed against me, creating a new level of discomfort, but I soon forgot about it.  Julie pulled another candle out of a shopping back, smiled at me, and moved out of my view.  I felt the back of my thong being moved aside and something was pressed into my ass.  It had to be the candle.  Then I heard the rasping sound of a lighter.  I wanted to get away, shocked at the idea of a lighted candle stuck up my ass, but knew there was no way to get free.  I was afraid to even move, expecting at any moment to feel the hot wax run down the candle onto my flesh.  And I waited.  And waited, by now rather confused.  Finally I felt the candle being pulled from my ass and it was held where I could see it.  The wick was unburned.  They had pretended to light it just to get my reaction and now all three women were laughing hard at the relieved, but embarrassed, expression on my face.

They untied my bindings and retied me face down, spread eagle on the bed.  I was very aware that the skirt was riding well up on my ass cheeks, leaving me vulnerable.  The ice in the panties had all melted by now, leaving only a large cold wet spot.  Barb reached under me to completely unbutton the top, then she pulled it out from beneath me and put it in a wad on my upper back.  Looking at my image from the webcam as it displayed on the computer, I saw my butt largely exposed and the black bra straps from my shoulders and across my back. 

Julie stripped down to just a thong, pulled a strapon out of her bag and adjusted it on her hips, then climbed onto the bed next to me so the dildo lay against my leg.  She didn’t seem to mind that she was now in the webcam picture as well, and she certainly wouldn’t have minded knowing that her presence was giving me a raging hard on.  The suggestions had kept coming in and I would soon find out what was next.

First she was going to tease me.  She ran her fingernails over my exposed skin, taking extra time on the insides of my upper thighs, and licked and sucked on my ear.  Sometimes she’d spank me with a loud CRACK and I’d jump in my bonds.  She tied a length of rope around my waist, tying it in front so two roughly equal lengths extended from it, ran those ends between my legs, and pulled up on them.  I had little choice but to follow when she pulled.  After a while she stood up on the bed, straddling me at the waist, and pulled the ropes up between her legs.  Not only did this put quite a squeeze on my cock and balls, but it ran the rope up into my ass crack.

Several more minutes were spent with her lifting my hips by pulling at the ropes, then she knelt over me and pulled some more.  She moved back between my legs, tormented me for a few more minutes, then paused.  I glanced at the computer and saw she was lubing up the dildo.  My panties were moved aside, Julie laid down on top of me, and the dildo slid into me.  Once she was deep inside me, she took the ends of the rope and tied it behind her back, holding her so that she couldn’t withdraw without untying the rope first.  I felt her breath on my neck, her breasts on my back, and her hips start to move up and down.  Her hands traveled over my body, caressing and pinching, as she took me from behind.  Fran was moving the video camera and webcam to get different views.  I noticed that Barb was laying on the other bed with her hand buried between her legs.

Julie kept steadily fucking my ass, the rope being pulled tight through my crotch every time she raised her hips.  Fran whispered something to her, probably another suggestion from a viewer, and she stopped.  After untying the rope holding her to me, she untied my ankles, pulled my knees up, and retied my ankles at the rope across the middle of the bed.  Now I was still held in place, but my ass was up in the air inviting a the intruder to return.  Barb also took advantage of the break in the action to slip onto the bed in front of me and remove my gag.  To my surprise, she was completely naked.  I guessed she was so hot she didn’t care who saw her at this point.

Julie returned to fucking my ass, pumping harder now.   The motion was rhythmically pushing my mouth against Barb’s dripping pussy, drawing increasingly loud moans from her.  Julie began slapping my ass cheeks with her bare hand as she pumped me harder and faster.  Barb’s juices were pretty much just flowing out of her as she came for a second time, then Julie slowed down to let me know it was time for another change.

As I was moved, Julie took off the strapon and passed it to Fran.   A short time later I was on my back, arms tied spread near the head of the bed, rope around my waist running under my butt and tied to the foot of the bed, and my legs pulled up and held by ropes that went over the head of the bed and tied to the legs.  With Barb once again directing the cameras, Julie stripped off her thong and climbed onto my face.  Fran shed her top and dropped her skirt, now also naked, put on the strapon, and moved onto the bed.  As Julie began rubbing herself on my mouth, Fran pushed my panties aside once again, and slid the dildo into my ass. 

The skirt had hiked up to my waist, but Fran didn’t touch my belly at all.  Instead she held my hips as she stroked the gel dong in and out of me.  I couldn’t see with Julie straddling me head, but I was sure the webcam was giving quite a show with me tied down and a naked woman at either end.  Julie began moaning, then panting, then ground her snatch down on me as she came.  Once that wave was passed she stayed on until she’d had a second, then a third orgasm.  Each time Julie got louder, Fran pumped my ass harder.  I wondered if she was looking down at my erection, hiding under the panties.

At last Julie lifted herself and moved off of me.  To my surprise, she paused and leaned back over, kissing me deeply.  Then she licked her juice off my face before climbing off the bed.  “I think it’s enough girl stuff for tonight, don’t you?” she asked me with a grin.  “Time to turn you back into a man.”

A short time later I was transformed back into a male, all the women’s clothes gone as well as the wig, and I was stretched out on my back on the bed.  Julie smiled at me again and reached into one of her bags.  “We got a suggestion to put 20 clothespins on you,” she said.  “Unfortunately, I got a bag with 30.  Hope you enjoy.”  She pulled the clothespins out of her shopping bag and set them down next to me.

Maybe they were expecting a lot of noise, but Fran and Barb took turns putting tape over my mouth until there was no way I could part my lips.  Julie coaxed my nipples up and put a clothespin on each.  The initial sting was really bad, but soon faded to the usual dull throb.  Three more pins went around each nipple.  Slowly, she put 10 pins on my balls.  Then she put 6 at random places on my belly.  She paused and stroked my cock for a few seconds, smiling at me while I awaited what was sure to be next.  The first pin went at the base of my cock.  She stopped and kissed my neck.  The next pin was up from the first one.  Again she paused, this time licking around the pins at my nipples.  With Barb holding the webcam and Fran guiding the video cam, Julie continued this process until I had 6 clothespins running up my cock.  These did not lose their sting.  Grabbing the candle that had been in my ass earlier, Julie lit it and stood up on the bed.  The hot wax landed everywhere from my lower legs to my neck, each drip making me twitch.  Not until the candle was down to about an inch long did she stop and put out the flame.

Then it was time to remove the clothespins.  Barb was given that task.  She began with the one closest to the head of my cock and pulled on it until it came off.  Then she moved to the next one.  I was glad for the gag, because this really hurt.  Once all 6 were off my cock, Fran climbed onto the bed, pulled off my gag, and took her turn over my mouth.  I really did like her taste best and was soon running my tongue along and into her slit, sucking her lips and clit while I savored her juices.  It helped, because I didn’t notice the other clothespins as much. 

I did notice, however, when a condom was unrolled onto my cock, soon followed by a woman climbing onto me and lowering herself.  From the feel of the body, I was pretty sure this would be Julie.  She began very slowly moving up and down on me, rocking her hips slightly as she did so.  Fran’s louder panting and the sensation of warm liquid flowing out of her into my mouth brought me back to the task at hand.  I worked to try to get Fran to another orgasm as quickly as possible while the sensations in my groin became increasingly distracting from that task. 

After Fran came the second time she climbed off the bed and I saw that my guess was right.  Julie was fondling her breasts as she methodically worked me.  Despite the condom, I felt her wetness around the base of my cock.  Her rising and falling while moving her hips was like a well practiced dance and the sight of it made my erection even harder.  As if sensing this, she smiled and picked up her speed.  Soon she was panting as she came, then picking up speed again to try to get there again by the time I came.  I felt the tension building, the spreading sensation, then I was pumping my own juices out.  That must have been enough for her because she was suddenly crying out with her second orgasm.  For a few seconds we both thrashed in ecstasy, then she brought us down slowly. 

That was the first I realized the pins were still on my nipples.  Julie lowered her head toward my chest, took a pin between her lips, and removed it sending a jolt of pain through my chest.  She repeated the process on the other side, then gave me another long kiss as she raised her hips and let me fall out of her.

I felt hands at my cock, removing the condom.  As Julie pulled away, she grabbed my face in a hand, squeezing my cheeks together so I couldn’t close my mouth.  Barb had all the cameras directed at my head and had her finger on the shutter button for the still camera.  By the time Fran got the condom to where I could see it I knew what the plan was. 

“It will be better if you open up, but that’s your choice,” was all the warning I had before she tipped the condom over and let the cum start running out.  As it hit my lips and I accepted that I couldn’t keep it out, I opened my mouth wider to let it flow in.  Fran let the condom drip for a while, then pinched the top and slowly ran her fingers down, pushing the cum out the bottom.  She also moved it around, and with Julie still holding my cheeks much of this later cum ended up on my face.  From there is slowly ran off except for a small amount that pooled around my left eye. 

Fran looked at Barb.  “Put down the cameras.  It’s time to send out that message that the show is over.”  She looked back at me.  “You’ve been a wonderful source of entertainment, but now it’s bedtime.  We still have another day to play.”

Julie went off to get ready for bed while Barb sent out messages and closed the chat room.  Fran stood next to the bed, her back to me, completely naked.  I found my cock rising again, wishing I could get my cock into her.  Once Julie was done, Fran got ready for bed, then finally Barb.  Only then did they untie me and take me to get cleaned up.  Four times now they’d fed me my own cum.  I was beginning to think of how I would get them back if I got the chance.  I was given a pillow and a blanket and shackled to the couch again.  Before they retired each of the women kissed me goodnight.  As the last light went out I was wondering what they had in mind for me tomorrow, but knew I’d go through with this no matter what it was.  I was sore, I was drained, and I was having a wonderful time.

continues in part six


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