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Mother/Daughter Selfbondage 2

by AznStefanie

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© Copyright 2009 - AznStefanie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; F/f; bond; bodystocking; armbinder; electro; bdsm; toys; cons/nc; XX

Author’s Note: This story is the sequel to Mother/Daughter Self Bondage. To get an insight into the characters you may wish to read it prior to this one.

Part 2: The aftermath

Mom and I had a talk about our sexual fantasies after I composed myself from my recent self bondage. She told me she got into bondage when she was married to Dad, and when the divorce was official she started to learn self bondage. Most of it was through trial and error. She look at me and asked me when did I started. 

I told her it was about a year ago when I had a sleep over at the house with my friends from cheerleading. Jennifer was talking about sex and how her boyfriend use to tie her up and made love to her. We’ll it sort of open a window of curiosity, that’s when Jennifer and April grabbed me from behind and started taping my wrist together with duct tape.  They proceeded to tape my mouth and then taped my ankles and knees together.  After they finished they asked Jennifer if that was how she was tied up. She was smiling and said yep. They left me like that for 30 minutes before they untied me. I wasn’t mad at all, in fact I told them one of these days, pay back. 

Well mom looked at me and I could tell she was a little worried, then she told me never to do self bondage alone again. She said she had her fair share of nearly being stuck and nearly getting discovered by me and Cassidy.  We agreed that we would be each other safety partner.

Well after I rested for a few minutes, mom asked if I wanted to do some bondage. I told her why not since we’re both dressed up for it. She smiled and said almost. We went into her room and opened her closet. Her closet was pretty big, it could easily fit a queen size bed inside, we approached one end of the wall and she slid some dresses aside and there was a small door hidden behind it, she pulled out a key and unlocked it, and proceeded inside. I followed and that’s when I notice she had a small secret closet of all her bondage toys. I was amazed and in awe.  The room was the size of a small walk-in closet. She had a large drawer and walls of rope, straps and gags.

We walk over to the drawer and she pulled out some sheer bodystockings. She said we can wear these. She said to choose a color so I chosed the white one, she took the black ones. She immediately undress herself and started to put on her bodystocking. I was a little off guard, how my mother could just undress and act casual about it. So I proceeded to follow her. These were no ordinary stockings, these were custom made. It covered me in white sheer nylon from my toes, to my fingers all the way to my neck.

Mom told me to turn around and I did, she zipped up a small zipper in the back and now I was really enjoying the feeling of my first bodystocking. She asked me to help her too. She open another drawer and took out a white corset and a black one as well as matching satin gloves that goes all the way up to my armpits. She had me turn around and proceeded to lace me into the white corset. The feeling of the corset being tighten around my body started to arouse me, when mom tightened the final top part I moaned a little from the corset pushing my boobs up and out against the bodystocking.

I saw myself in the mirror and I was in heaven. I looked really hot. My tanned skin being covered by the sheerest of materials and a leather corset enhancing my chest made me look like a goddess. My mother then asked me to help her now. After a few minutes she was a goddess on her own. Dad really messed up. We slid on our satin gloves and after admiring each other we went to a corner where she had lots of heels, ballet shoes, 6 inch stilletos, thigh high boots, my mom had it all. She asked me if I wanted to try out the ballet shoes, remembering I took ballet for over 10 years, she asked if I could still tippy toe.

Of course I could, I’m a cheerleader I told her. Well she helped me strapped into a pair of White Patent Leather Ballet shoes. These were really tall and made my toes point to the ground. I was loving it. I stood up and it took me a few minutes to get used to them, once I did,  I wore them as if they were like regular shoes. Mom was impressed. She said she could only wear those for a few minutes and then she had to sit down. She  decided to wear a pair of 6” black stilettos. She could really pass for my older sister. After our costumes, mom walked over to the wall, grabbed some rope, 2 blindfolds and 2 scold gags. One in white and the other in black, mom really knows how to coordinate colors. She said ok  outside to her office. 

Back to her office, she laid everything out on the marble floor. She looked at me and said the reason her floor was one single piece of marble was so she wouldn’t snag her body stockings. I notice she was right. The nylon was so smooth against the marble floor that I could have slid across the room. Ok she said to come over here and she grabbed several lengths of rope. She asked me if I wanted to tie her up or she tied me up. The thought of dominating my mom was getting to me. I told her I would like to tie her up. She said to better make it tight, because she could get out of a lot of ties now. I told her don’t worry. I have some tricks.

I proceeded to tie her wrist behind her back, nothing fancy just a several loops and cinching it tight. I then proceeded to tie her ankles together, several loops of the white rope around her black nylon encased ankles looked breathtaking. I worked on her knees above and below, cinching each section separately. I finished off her thighs and made sure it was cinched tightly. She was impressed on how tight the ropes were tied. I asked her if everything was ok and she said perfect. I then proceed to tie her upper body. I started on her elbows. I looped several coils of rope and proceeded to tighten them. As I did I caught her letting out a low moan. After I cinched her elbows together, I grabbed a large piece of rope tied off one end on her elbow rope and started to go under her right armpit, up her right shoulder blade, behind her neck and over her left shoulder blade and under her left armpit back to her elbow rope. I pulled it tighly to lock the ropes up. It was not coming off without my help.

Next I took another large set of ropes and double it up. I looped several coils above her breast and below her breast. From there I took the remaining sections of the rope, I split them and ran them over her shoulders from behind her back , down to her top breast rope from which I tied a small knot and continued down the center. I twisted the coils of rope in between her breast and tied off the section and the bottom of the breast rope. I had about 5 feet left. What to do.  Then it dawned on me, I took the remaining 5 feet of rope and I took it down the center to the front of my mom’s crotch. I told her to stand up, she gave me look of shock, she knew what I wanted to do. She first resisted by squeezing her thighs together, but once my fingers touch her pussy lips, she immediately started quivering and I quickly pass the rope between her legs and up her crotch. I turned her around and quickly yanked the crotch rope really hard, she yelp really loud. I told her that was for resisting me.  I then finished the tie by tying it to her wrists.   

Her legs were amazing shape.  Tying them tight was going to be a real treat. I started with her thighs, I double looped several coils of rope around her creamy thighs. I was starting to get hot as I was looping the remaining ropes in between her thighs and cinching them real tight. The ropes were digging in to her delicate flesh and I was loving it. I proceeded to do the same for her knees above and below. Her ankles I made her cross them and I then proceeded to tied them tightly like her thighs. The next thing I did was grab a long piece of rope and I started from the ankles, I loop them through her since rope and cross them in front of her shins and knotted it behind her lower knee ropes. I then took the slack and wrap one loop around her upper knees. I pulled on it and the ropes were taunt. Mom’s eyes started looking worried. I then took the slack again and went up to her thigh ropes and connected them and pulled it tight too. I took the remaining slack and went around her waist pulling it tight and then going back down to her thigh ropes and tying it tight in the front.

There was a little slack left and I took it and pulled it down through her knee ropes to the criss cross ropes in front of her shins and looped it there , pulled it back up to her lower knee rope and yanked really hard and knotted it off. Her legs were literally welded together by ropes.  She was amazed and how the tight bondage was taking away her freedom. She was secured from bottom to top. I then notice she had a large mirror on one of the walls and I had her hop over to the mirror. It was a few minutes before we got there, but it was worth it. Mom was starting to blush and I notice her grinding away at the crotch rope. I had her kneel and she was still grinding the crotch rope, she closed her eyes and started to moan when I took out her scold gag and quickly inserted into her mouth. The look and shocked she got was indescribable.

She started to grunt and thrashed around her rope, I laced on her gag really tight and the tightness from the gag silenced her moans.  I produced a leather blindfold for her. I told her this was the most memorable sight for me ever and I proceeded to blindfold her.  After she was blindfolded, I was thinking what else can I do. Then it dawned on me, I grabbed several feet of rope and I lashed one end of it to her ankle rope and then I took the remaining rope and proceeded to move up her spine towards the back of her breast rope. I ran the loose ends up and over the back of her shoulder blade rope and I started to pull it tight causing her ankle to move towards her shoulders, once the rope started to resist from the pulling I stopped. I lifted her up from her breast rope and quickly yanked the remaining loose rope and caused her back to arch so sharp, she couldn’t  straighten up. I knotted off the rope and looked at my handy work. Mom was in the tightest hog tie ever. I asked her if she was ok and she grunted a yes. I then took mom by the arms and I easily dragged her to the center of her office. Mom was right, the marble floor was extremely smooth and slippery against our bodystockings. She thrashed around like a fish out of water, trying to move around and gain any leverage. She couldn’t.

My turn

I was starting to get really hot and fuzzy in my stomach and I knew I wanted to get tied up badly. Mom was in her own world right now as she was thrashing around a few yards away from me. I notice there was a large hook attached on the ceiling, mom must of installed it there for a reason. I quickly went and grabbed a few ropes, gag blindfold and armbinder.   

I began setting up my armbinder. I took a piece of rope that was about 20 feet long and I  ran one end through the loop on the left strap. I then loop the loose ends over the ceiling hook back down into the armbinder. The loose ends were inside the armbinder for me to hold when my arms are in it and to help lift  the left strap onto my left shoulder. I quickly knelt on the floor and proceeded to wrap coils of rope around my left ankle to my left thighs. I cinched it tight when I was done. I followed with the right side. Thus, creating a frog tie, one of my favorite positions.  I was almost finish. I scanned the room, everything was good and mom was doing fine. I continued on.

I reach over to my right and grabbed the scold gag. This was my favorite gag. It was white and it was made of the softest, finest leather, it was pretty much one large rectangle piece of leather that wrapped around my whole lower head. It had a Y shape strap in the front that goes to the back of the gag where it connects onto two buckles on each side for the straps to tighten down. This prevented the gag from moving around or falling off. The very back of the gag has eyelets for lacing the gag super tight. I open my mouth wide and inserted the penis shape gag into my mouth. The penis filled my mouth completely. I couldn’t speak. Now I started to lace the gag. The higher the laces went the tighter the gag formed around my face. I tied the scold gag  tightly and the only words coming out was mmpphh..  I scanned the room one more time and I took the blindfold and tighten it around my eyes. It was pitch black I couldn’t see.

The moment of truth…..  I started feeling for the opening to the armbinder and from there I put in my right arm and then took the right strap and placed it on my right shoulder. My right hand was feeling for the loose ends of the rope that I loop over the hook and left strap earlier. Once I had a good grip I then took left arm and placed it in the armbinder as well. Now since I couldn’t get the left strap over my left shoulder this is where the rope comes into play. I then proceeded to yank on the rope and lower my body down at the same time, taking away the slack. This causes the left strap to lift and tighten and from there I was able to slide my left shoulder under the strap and into my armbinder. Thus I was complete in my armbinder bondage. I was overwhelmed with feelings I couldn’t described. I instantly cummed right there. I lost grip of the loose rope and it slid out from the armbinder. With gravity against me I lost my balance and I knocked my head on the marble floor. I lost consciousness.

I awoke with a slight headache and I wasn’t sure how long I was out. Judging from the warmth of the sun I felt on my skin. It was still sunny outside. I started to feel around my armbinder trying to grab some leverage so I can loosen one of the straps to let me go. Usually I can lower my left shoulder and the strap would fall off. Something wasn’t right. I had a feeling. The armbinder was tighter than usual and I notice I couldn’t even move my arms left or right. There was no slack at all. The reason there was no slack was someone secure the end of the D ring on the armbinder to a crotch rope I didn’t put on! On top of that, I felt several coils of rope wrapped around my chest, above and below my breast and cinched the front middle of it creating a breast rope harness. Who the hell did this?  Did mom get out of her bondage? I didn’t move and was trying to listen to the background. I heard moans and struggling. Mom was still tied up!! I proceeded to crawl to mom’s moaning, but it was extremely difficult with the slippery marble floor. Maybe she can help me loosen one of the straps. I stopped and pause several times trying to pinpoint where mom was at. The most difficult part was I really had to struggle to move an inch or two towards mom because of the smooth marble floor.

After a while I bumped into a body, it was mom. I hear her familiar moaning and grunting. She was startled and then I think she was trying to call my name. Courtney?  I grunted a yes. She was mmpphhinng me something. I’m thinking, she was asking me if I put myself in self-bondage. I moaned a yes.  She mmpphing me if I was stuck. Little did she know that it was more than that. I mmpphhed a uh huh. She started thrashing around and screamed in her gag. All it came out was a mmpphh!!!!  No one could hear us, we were trapped. On top of that, someone is inside the home with us. That’s when reality hit me and I started to cry. What have I gotten my mom and I into.

I thrashed around, sobbed, mmppphhhh and I couldn’t get free no matter what, my body was slippery on the marble floor. I couldn’t get any leverage. I couldn’t even get on my knees. I felt something touch my butt. It was cool, next thing I felt was an electrical shock. I yelped. I was shocked with a stun gun. Mom started to thrash wildly realizing someone was in the house because of the stun gun noise. I heard the stun gun again and I was preparing myself for the worse when mom started to scream. OMG, this psycho path is shocking mom. I screamed, thrashed and tried to beg whoever to stop.

The stun gun stopped making noise and I was lifted onto my knees. The person was behind me and had my body leaned up on their body. The person started to caress my breast and massage my nipples through the bodystocking. I was getting aroused. That’s when I felt nipple clamps being applied on me. I screamed as loud as I could, but only a mmpphh came out. Mom started to yelp too. I was then pushed off their body and a minute later I heard mom screamed too, realizing she had nipple clamps being put on her too.

This was a nightmare I couldn’t believe. I prayed that it was a dream that once I woke up everything was ok. I continued thrashing around trying to find any leverage I just couldn’t. I was bound too well and too tight. After thrashing around and mmpphhing, I was exhausted and gave up. I’m at the mercy of whoever this person is. After a few minutes of silence, I heard my mom screaming through her gag at the top of her lungs. I just started thrashing some more and cussing at this person.  I was scared and thinking this person is killing my mom. I started to cry, it was so hard that I nearly chocked on my gag.

After a while, I didn’t hear anything. I was sobbing quietly now, thinking it’s my turn. My captor snucked up on me and place a massager on my crotch and turn it on full blast. I started to scream and then I was getting shocked by the stun gun. I thrashed around trying to move away from my captor. I couldn’t, my legs were welded tightly together in a really tight frog tie, my elbows were fused together by the extremely tight armbinder, it was not coming off unless someone helped me and the floor was too slippery. I was starting to get hot, really hot. My cunt started to get really wet. I was having my first extreme orgasm. My mind was on fire and I was thinking I’m going to die from having a heart attack or something. I’m not sure what happen, but I blacked out……..

I woke up feeling sore and everywhere. I was still tied up tightly. I notice my scold gag was changed out to a penis gag. It was extremely big. It filled my mouth completely. I tried to scream, but it was effective like the scold gag. I then gave up.  I started to think about mom. I sobbed for a moment when I heard a faint grunt. It sounded like mom. I mmpppphhh  out and I got a familiar response. It was mom, she was alive. She must have passed out like I did. I was glad, but still afraid. We’re still tied up and this person is torturing us. I heard the person come over to me and I heard their voice for the first time. It was a guy’s voice. He said he would let us go free, however it was a contest of some sort. It was simple he said. Each person is gagged with a 2 sided penis/dildo gag, we would be set in a 69 position. I was on top and mom was on the bottom. The dildo side of my penis gag was inserted into mom’s cunt, while her dildo side of the gag was slipped into my cunt. If I cummed first, we would lose the bet and we would be suffocated to death, if mom cummed first we would be set free.

So the plan was to make mom cum first. I couldn’t believe how sick this person was. But I needed to save us. I would need to make mom cum first. The person helped us into position. I was placed on top of mom and my cunt was maneuvered over to her face. The guy position me so that he started to lower me down on mom’s dildo gag and I almost came right then and there when mom’s penis gag went into me. The  dildo was huge. I figured it was 12 inches long and wide. My cunt was stretched. I know it wasn’t completely inside me because it was that huge. I was then leaned forward and my dildo gag was inserted into mom’s cunt. She moaned as it slowly slid in.

The guy told us these were long dildo gags and that we could move our heads up and down to create a thrusting motion. He warned us that if either of the dildo gags came out of our cunts, or we didn’t cooperate. We would both lose. The guy then started counting down from 5 seconds to 1. Once the count down was over mom immediately started moving her head very slowly up and down thrusting her large dildo in me. It looks like mom wanted me to win so we can be free, so I started to thrust my head back and forth at a faster pace, next thing I knew mom started moving fast now.

I was thinking what the hell was going on. I started to quicken my pace as well. We went faster and faster. I started to squeeze my thighs tightly around the dildo. I was getting really hot and horny. My body was fighting me now. It didn’t care about living or dying it just wants to cum. After about  10 minutes I came really hard. I didn’t care anymore I screamed really loud in my gag and I pressed my cunt into my mom’s face. If I was going to die I might as well die with a smile. I hope mom was cumming too now. Mom’s body started to thrash from the lack of air and so I rolled off her. I was in heaven, my body was thrashing from the multiple orgasms I had. I didn’t care anymore.

Next I heard the guys’s voice in disappointment and then a laughter, the laughter was female now. A familiar laughter. The gag was taken off and so was the blindfold. My eyes were hurting from the sudden bright light. After a minute of adjusting, standing in front of me was Cassidy, holding onto the gag and blindfold in one hand and a voice changer in the other, just smiling away.



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