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My Bare Selfbondage Ordeal 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; cuffs; naked; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part 1 Part 2

After getting locked out of my car and having to break the window to get in, (see part one) I decided there should be a safety device in my bondage play. Not one so easy to use that I could bail out on my ordeal early, but one that would come with a heavy price to use. I had several ideas and set one of them up in my regular play area, and one up on my car. I had several extra door keys made and tried them all in the parking lot of the hardware store to ensure they worked, and it was a good thing I did because one didn't. The nice man made me a new key and I told him what else I was looking for, but not why obviously, and he directed me to a truck stop off the highway.

They had this heavy, sticky, black grease for the plate between the tractor and trailer that the trailer rests on when the tractor and trailer are put together. I didn't want "clean grease", this stuff, the man at the truck shop told me, was great for what it was designed for, but rubber gloves and old clothes were recommended. Prefect, I thought. The man asked what I wanted it for, and I told him it was something my boyfriend told me to get. I have found that excuse works best when I'm getting "guy" stuff and don't feel like explaining myself to the well meaning man behind the counter.

The well meaning man felt the need to repeat himself as he walked my grease out to my car, "Just tell your boyfriend not to get this stuff on his hands, it will take days to get it off", he said.

"Thanks", I said, with my sweetest smile for the man who walked behind me, all the way to my car, just to look at my ass and legs in my cut off shorts. I thought that was fair payment for carrying the heavy box for me, and he must have also by the smile on his face.

The next day I went to the place where I broke into my car and cleaned up the broken glass I left there. I then took a walk to my favorite log and looked around for my missing stuff. I didn't fine anything and continued the hike looking for a perfect spot to hide my spare key to my car. I found a patch of thicker bushes with a pine tree in the middle and fought my way in there with heavy blue jeans and a heavy flannel shirt on. I couldn't imagine doing this nude and handcuffed, but that was the idea. I sunk a small hook down low on the pine tree and placed a spare key to my car there.

Back at home I glued a spare key to my car's spare tire, mounted on the outside rear of my car. It had a vinyl cover with a zipper that I temporally removed for the glue job. With rubber gloves on, I globbed on the truck grease all over where the spare key was on the spare tire. Now there was no way I could retrieve the key with my hands behind my back, without getting my ass, hands, and legs and the rest of me greased up. I would end up greasing up the interior of my car as well when I tried to sit to find the spare cuff keys in the center console.

It was almost time to play again and all I needed to do was set up my release device, a one gallon milk jug. I filled the jug with water and the keys I would need to gain freedom, and a long white tee shirt to wear home. After I froze the jug solid, which took a full day in my little freezer, I cut out seventy-five percent of the plastic bottom with a razor knife and kept the jug frozen until play time. I had no idea how long the jug would take to melt, and to me that was the most exciting part.

I got an early start Wendsday morning, and drove to the public toilet in the parking lot I found earlier. I parked so my car door was facing the toilet door and I went inside and stripped completely out of the old clothes I purposely wore. I hesitated a moment to listen for any cars in the parking lot, and when I was satisfied I was alone, I threw all of them down the open lid onto years of waste and well out of my reach. I love the moment of commitment in a well planed ordeal when you can't turn back! It would be getting lighter out, and the only choice I had was to run to the car and finish what I just started.

That's just what I did! I opened the car door and the interior lamp was like a spot light on me in that dark parking lot. I never considered the lamp, and wondered what else I missed with gravel flying as I left the parking lot, on my way to my favorite spot in the woods. A mile down the road I raged at myself for being so stupid; what if my spinning tires attracted the attention of a cop early this morning, or even a sharp object sticking up enough to give me a flat tire? I was driving nude and the only reasons nobody saw me was the semi-darkness, and the complete lack of cars this early. I did turn off the dash lights, they gave my upper body an odd green reflection in the windshield, and I assumed made me visible to anybody I would pass. I was terrified and excited all at the same time on the short drive to my favorite spot.

With the car parked exactly in the same spot as when I broke my window, I locked my keys in the car, after putting my things on the hood. I had made sure there were no other clothes in the car when I cleaned it out earlier, preventing an easy out for me. The water jug was first and I walked it into the dark woods a short distance and threw a small rope over a tree limb and tied it off to the handle. I had cut out most of the bottom of the plastic jug at home and all I had to do was hoist it up out of my reach, and tie it off out of my reach when cuffed. When the ice melted enough, my shirt, the only clothes I would have to wear home, would drop out with my keys. I was concerned the jug wasn't melting yet, but that wasn't going to stop me from a near perfect ordeal! I also noticed the dew on the ground and felt the chill in the air, all signs that I could be there awhile.

I went back to my car and put the cuffs on behind my back, and decided to walk a new direction into the woods carrying my new dong toy. I knew I had hours to kill, and wanted to walk enough to be exhausted, and then be forced to walk back. I found a different perfect log to mount, only this time it would have my new strap on dong mounted to it, so I could have a more realistic "ride". Doing the strap handcuffed was nearly impossible, but I thought I had it good enough not to slip off on me.

Despite the chill in the air, I was sweating. I hiked away from my toy and walked for at least an hour using the sun for direction. I completely forgot I was nude, until I heard a voice say "hey". Just that one word, and I froze. I had no way of knowing where the voice came from or how far away it was. I somehow kept my cool and didn't run, attracting attention to my self. I quietly crept toward where I thought I heard the noise, curiosity overcoming reason, and found a small stream pretty faraway yet. On the stream I could just make out a young man in a canoe, yelling to his friend on the shore in a tent. The stream was down in a valley and must have acted like a natural amphitheater to my ears. I was so far away I knew that even if the campers could see me, they wouldn't realize how I was dressed.

I didn't want to push my luck, even though I was daydreaming about what I would like the young men to do to me, dressed as I was. I decided to walk about an hour back toward my new favorite tree and toy and go for a ride. I was so into my daydream, I got onto my knees and pretended the young men forced me to deep throat them, while my arms were helplessly pinned behind me. I had my first orgasm with my toy deep in my mouth and rubbing my thighs together. I was very wet and so was my toy now, and I mounted it easily, impaling my pussy fully until my ass hit the log. I bounced up and down on my toy violently, and I came the same way, moaning like a porn star!

I wanted to remount my toy anally, and even had it positioned, but I chickened out and dismounted the log, instead walking toward my release jug. The ice jug was only starting to melt and it looked like I would have more time to kill, so I walked in a new direction, with my shoulders starting to get sore. I had bug spray on, but a horse fly kept bothering me, and bit me several times as I was powerless to squash him with my wrists cuffed. I ran through the woods and got scratched up some, finally loosing him, and myself at the same time. I knew my best option was to find the stream and follow it to where I saw the young men, and then retrace my steps.

Hours later I was back at the jug and it was empty, the remaining ice block fell out of the opening I made and landed on the soft earth below it. My keys and shirt were still trapped inside the ice, and I picked it up with my hands still cuffed behind my back. The ice block was cold on my ass and I carried it to a rock and dropped it several times until my keys and shirt were free. I unlocked my cuffs and worked my sore shoulders to get them moving again, and walked to my car. I unlocked the door and dumped my things inside and got my water bottle, and emptied it. My shirt was literally ice cold, with little ice balls stuck to it and I didn't want to put it on yet. I remembered my dong toy and needed to recover it from the log, and was torn between taking my shirt with me and laying it out on my hood to thaw out. I decided to take the shirt with me and found my toy easily, right where I left it.

I was still nude as I walked back to my car, and very comfortable that way. I was startled to hear a dog's collar jingle, and apparently head my way. I thought quickly and got into the freezing and wet white shirt just in time to see a man and woman walk up the trail calling their dog, that was out in front of them.The shirt felt like jumping into a cold pool to me, it was so cold. The dog got to me first and kept jumping up on me and barking. The couple were in their forties and the man called his dog and tried to make eye contact with me as he apologized for his dog.

I told him it was OK as I love dogs and tried to hide my dong in my hand all at the same time. He wasn't interested in what was in my hand, only what was in my shirt. The man could see my discomfort, but more importantly his wife did and she made an excuse that they had to go. As we passed on the trail the man asked me if the water was cold up there, and I stammered a yes, and we went our separate ways. If I had turned around, I would have seen both of them look to see if I looked just as nude from behind.

Back at my car, I saw their jeep parked right behind my car and decided this place was getting too busy for my self bondage games. I looked at my shirt in the large jeep mirror, and it looked transparent, with cold nipples on display for anyone to see. Well I thought, it could have been worse, I could have left my shirt behind on the hood of my car. I also got thinking that there must be a skinny-dipping hole up there somewhere, that must be what that couple thought I was doing. Maybe next time I will go searching for the swimming hole, and maybe I won't be alone there.


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