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My Housekeeper Harriet 2

by mmmmpph

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story continued from part one

This is a true story taken from my diary for the year of 1990 and titled:

My Housekeeper Harriet

Part 2

Friday, May 24th, 1991 12:43 pm

Dear diary,

I have the weekend free and plan on doing some self-bondage in the barn this weekend. I'm going to try to figure out an upside-down suspension that is easy to get into but slightly difficult, with elbows bound, to get out of. I have some ideas and want to be at least 10 feet in the air. More on that tomorrow, lunch over. Time to go back to work.

Sunday, May 25th, 1991 5:43am

I'm in the milking parlor writing this past weekend's entertainment down before I forget it.

This past Friday night I had planned to go into town and have prime rib at the Fireside Lounge but when I got home, those plans were changed.

I had recently finished the evening milking and began walking home. I rounded the corner of Dick's house and my front porch light was on as was a living room light. The light from the porch showed the outline of Harriet's Z-28 but why would she be there, it's the wrong night.

I walk into the drive and I'm accosted by my babies. Zeus is my big baby standing 39 3/4" at the shoulder and Andromeda is my little baby at just over 15" at shoulder. Zeus is a Harlequin Great Dane and Andromeda is a Chow. I hang out with my doggies for a few minutes before going inside my trailer.

I take my shoes off at the door and as the screen door slams shut, I hear and feel a thud. Not sure what to expect, I turn the tv on, flip on the hall light, and quietly tip toe to the back bedroom.

I open the door and see a pair of rope tied ankles. I flip the lights on in the room expecting to see another body coming at me but there was no one else in the room besides what I presume to be Harriet and myself.

I quickly change out of my soiled clothes and grab a pair of shorts and shirt and change not taking my eyes off the bound ankles. I also hear muffled crying from the other side of the bed.

So I get on the bed and crawl across it to the other side. As I look to the floor, I see a suntanned body with rope tied ankles, knees above and below them tied, handcuffed wrists, and a bra and a fully tanned bare ass with a very thin piece of fabric up the crack. Damn, what a sexy ass it is!

I drop to the floor to roll Harriet over on her back to see she has ballgagged herself but not blindfolded and her make-up has been running from the tears.

I give her front a very long look from head to toe, notice her bra is see-through, her panties are crotchless, and my cock gets instantly hard.

I ask her how long she's been like this and all I get 'mmmmpph mmmmpph'. I kneel behind to help her sit up and remove the gag to get my answers.

She says she has been this way for about an hour and has wanted to try bondage since she came in on me last year. She also tells me how horny she was from that first encounter. She continues to explain she borrowed a couple of my bondage movies to get more of an idea of what happens.

I asked her why she didn't just ask?

She said, "I was scared to ask you and that's why I did this. I thought this would be easy in, easy out but found out differently. I fell off the bed and couldn't get back up, so here I am as your slave for the weekend. If you promise not to ask to fuck me, you can do anything else you want but only here in the trailer. Please teach me more about this!"

I help her stand up. Standing behind her, I pick the ballgag off the bed and tell her to open her mouth and she shook her head 'no' which was what I hoped for. My left hand slides down her chest and lightly squeezes a nipple and two fingers of the right slide into her soaking wet pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips as my thumb rubs her clit. I now pumping three fingers in her as I continue my slow torment on her very swollen clit.

Her body becomes rigid and her nipples suddenly pop up... an orgasm is coming!!', I thought. So I stop.

Seconds later, she opens her mouth to speak and that's when I fill it with a pussy juice covered ball. I expected her to give me grief over it and none was given.

Once I had the ball in securely to muffle and strapped tight, I squeezed her nipples and slid my hand down her butt crack in between her legs and stuck four fingers in her pussy that way. She did a quick shudder and a slight moan to this action. Couldn't tell if she came or not and hoped if this was an orgasm, I could turn her on to bigger ones!

I reached around and put both hands on her tits, roughly squeezed them and pressed my cock into the crack of her ass. She moaned and her bound hands reached inside my shorts to stroke my hard shaft.

I began to pinch her nipples as she continued to stroke my very hard cock. I pulled back because I could feel I was starting to come.

I give her ass a light smack and then tie her elbows together. I walked to the front of her and did a slow assessment of my packaged goods.

"Damn, that pussy needs tormented," I thought. I went to my closet and pulled out a three speed remote bullet and a ten foot piece of rope.

Standing in front of Harriet, I show her the bullet. I ask her if she knows what this is and shakes her head 'no'. I turn it on and ask her if she knows where it goes and she gives a very emphatic 'yes' with a few mmpph mmpph's thrown in for added emphasis.

I pick up the rope and even the ends. The other end is the 'lark's head and I grasp that. I take the rope a place it around her waist and slide the ends through the lark's head and pull snug and make a knot just below her belly button. I slowly slide the bullet into her pussy and push it passed her pubic bone. As I do, my thumb makes contact with the clit and I massage it briefly.

I feel her thighs clench and vaginal muscles tighten and cease my thumb war. Very slowly I attempt to withdraw my first two fingers without causing an orgasm and I am successful.

I can tell Harriet is frustrated by my edging of her orgasm from the gag-speak I'm getting. I remind her that she put herself in this position and gave me power over her. I then tell her that if she wishes to come tonight, she will need to be patient because she may be wishing I will stop making her come.

I pull the rope snugly between the outer and inner lips. I want the rope rubbing her clit.

I have enough rope to come back through a second time and place the second set on the outside of the outer lips and tie the ends off in front.

I look my large busted blond captive over from head to toe from the front and slowly walk around her. I tell Harriet that I am pleased she came to her senses and willingly offered her body to me to pleasure her, torment her, and to torture her. She emphatically shook her head 'no' when I mentioned 'torture.' I said, " Have you come yet, slave?" She shook her head 'no'. I said, " Well, there is your torture. Get used to it. It will run about two hours."

I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom before we go any further. 'No' was her answer.

I then told her of my safety signals. In fingersnaps, two meant 'remove gag, can't breathe.' Three means 'Stop scene'.

She shook her head that she understood and I smiled and asked her one more time as I turned the bullet on, if she was willing to explore this with me this night.

Mmmpph mmmpph with a 'yes' head nod was her reply. I pulled a blindfold out of my back pocket of my shorts and she recoiled. I explained than the body compensates greatly when one sense is missing or removed. I remove your sight, all others are elevated. Hearing this, Harriet allowed me to put the blindfold on.

I walk around her and ask her if she realizes that she could have died because she couldn't free herself. She shook her head 'yes'. I told her she must be punished by risking her life to experience something that is better when shared.

I release her wrists and elbows and tie her wrists in front. I sit on the bed and pull her down keeling and lock her body in between my legs and I turn the bullet on full. My right hand starts rubbing her ass and slowly is sliding around the crotchrope and three fingers fuck her pussy ferociously.

Her breath becomes ragged and short. I grab the paddle and wait until she orgasms. Didn't have to wait more than a few seconds and hot liquid covered my legs. She's a squirter!

Mmmmpph!! Came a high pitched squeal. I waited until the second was coming before I cracked her ass with the paddle and as the second orgasm hit, my wet thumb started to fuck her ass.

Her voice changed when that occurred. It came from the gut, very primal sounding and with each forced orgasm, my timid housekeeper was become my sex slave.

The next paddle/ass connection brought a low pitched 'mmmmpph' through the mouth muffler. I continued to pump her pussy and asshole as fast as I could. Everytime, she would orgasm, I would drop a very strong swat from the paddle. The orgasms were coming (no pun intended) about every four or five seconds. She must have had over fifteen before I decide I had better give her an option to stop because I had NO intention to stop until her ass was bright red and I could feel the heat radiating from the skin.

I finally decided to give her the option of 'when' to stop by telling her that one finger snap stops the scene, otherwise, I will continue.

Several minutes and more than a half dozen orgasms have passed and I'm still spanking her as well as making her come. Both my arms are getting tired but as long as she hasn't given the signal, I must continue my duties at this time.

I see her panties have strings on the sides and decide to loosen both strings. I pull the panties from under the crotchrope and continue the finger fucking at a more rapid pace.

As a drummer of more than fifteen years by this point, speed was NOT an issue. Harriet struggled to her elbows. Her tits hung in the silky see-through fabric and I decided to see if I would be allowed to free those melon hostages.

I laid the paddle down and grasped the bra hooks with index finger and thumb. Within seconds her tits swung free and I pushed the bra down her arms and began rubbing her tits.

Her groans and moans deepened again and were scary. With this sound I finally noticed a huge full moon shining into the bedroom. Even with the light on, it is bright. Ever see Cat People?? I have several times and was glad I had Harriet fairly subdued.

I began to play with her nipples were over a half inch long and as thick as my pinky finger.

I am able to get both nipples in my left hand quickly and I apply a good bit of pressure and expect another huge orgasm but this was tiny. She's running out of steam and no squirt on this one.

I remove my hand from her ass and pussy and lift her hair to remove the ballgag. She drools a good bit on my bed and apologizes. I lean over and kiss her butt and say, "Hon, you just had 25 orgasms or more in the last ten minutes. You came all over my legs, my bed, the carpet, yourself, and my ropes. Do you think I'm worried about a little drool?" There is a three or four second pause before we both burst out laughing.

I ask her if she wants to quit and she tells me no. She says she came more tonight than in the last five years and wants me to tie her up and fuck her but since we did fast and furious, now it's soft and slow.

............and we did!

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