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The New Library Policy

by That Guy

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Story continues from Tale of Two Brides

Allison here, and boy did I have a day today. It’s been a few months since our ill-fated bondage walk in our bridal dresses, and since then, we haven’t done a whole lot, simply because we don’t know what our neighbor is going to do with the sole picture that she took us as we were standing there in our dresses tied and gagged.

So one day, I decided to leave work early and make my way down to the public library that is about halfway between our home and office. My intent, was to find something that might allow us to hack into her phone and delete the picture.

I was wearing a burgundy skirt suit with a white satin blouse underneath with a white undershirt underneath that. The skirt was below knee-length and fishtail in style due to the fringe on the end that went halfway down my calf, and I had a long sleeved jacket with pockets on the side. The skirt was made of some sort of rare, stretchy silk (this would be so useful later on in the tail). I had on some nicely made three inch heels. The rest was just stockings and basic underwear. My hair was done-up in a bun, prom style, simply because I wanted it to be. I also had light makeup just to touch up some things.

Eventually I get to the library as just as I’m about to walk in, I notice a sign on their door.

“The Public Library has just instituted a new policy for people making excessive noise and not being too courteous to others. We apologize in advance.”

I wonder what it could. Usually, libraries don’t make changes like that and make it public knowledge.

I continue on in, but still trying to work out what it could possibly be. I approach the lady at the front desk and ask if they have any computer labs.

“Third floor, fifth door on the right after you got off the elevator.” She whispered. She handed me a card with three lights on it.

“Thank you!” I said. Expecting this to be a card for the number of books a person could check out, I took it without question.

“Ma’am, I’ll let that one slide, but if you obtain three strikes, you’ll be the next victim of our new policy.”

“Victim?” I say to myself that can’t be good. I turn to her and whisper “Thanks again.”

She returns a smile and walk towards the elevator. I push the button, and it dings almost immediately. The ding was loud, but I got startled when someone basically ran out the elevator. I ended up squealing a little. All the sudden, one of the lights started to flash. Not questioning it, I recovered myself, and got on the elevator.

I exited on the third floor and proceeded to the computer lab. I walk in and there are only about four or five other people in here. I make my way to the corner and sit down. I accidently pull the chair out too far and hit the wall behind me.

“Shit!” I say very quickly but with more volume than I had anticipated. All the sudden, a second light begins to flash.

I ignore it, recompose myself yet again, and start looking up books on programming and hacking. This library, as I discovered, had hundreds of books on each subject, and I spent quite a while trying to figure out which books to get. All of the sudden, I found a book on hacking smart phones.

“Perfect.” I mutter. I grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote down the section, aisle, number and author of the book.

It was on the second floor. This time, I decided to take the stairs. As I enter the second floor, I notice that this is more of a lounge style with plenty of sofas and chairs to relax. There was a Starbucks over by the elevators and a pastry shop close by as well. I make way past it and over towards the aisle where the book is.

All of the sudden, I trip on someone’s laptop charger chord. I make some noises as I brace myself for the fall. I hit the ground hard and notice that all three lights on the card are flashing. I don’t have long to notice it though, as the college student who owned this cable was helping me up and apologizing when her card got its first light as well. She gave me her contact info, for whatever reason, and went back to her work.

I thank her again and continue walking towards my original destination. But then there is a hand on my shoulder.

“Ma’am, you’re going to have to come with me.” The security guard said.

“Wait why?” I ask.

“You made too many disturbing noises. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” He answered back.

“What do you mean easy way or hard way?” I question. “I am perfectly capable of walking out of here on my ownmmphh.”

“Sleep dreams bitch.” He said.

Twenty minutes later.

“Good afternoon ma’am.” A different security guard said.

“Where am I?” I ask.

“The security office. Sorry about the chloroform, but you asked for it.” He said.

“What!?! That’s ridiculous.” I exclaim. “No one asks to have that happen to them.” I said back to the officer.

“Well, my dear, we don’t care.” He said.

At this point, two other guards came in. With multiple lengths of rope. I try to say something, but I can’t.

“That’s right,” said one of the new guys. “This is the new policy to help reduce noise here.”

“No no no no. You don’t have to do that. I’ll just be on my way and we can forget all of this.” I stammer.

“Too late.” Said the other new guy. They grab me harshly off the chair and onto the floor.

They started with my wrists and ankles. While they were doing this I was yelling at them. Mostly profanities, but also explaining very angrily that I will report them to the police.

“Dumb bitch won’t shut up will she?” Said one of the guards.

“I’ll take care of that problem.” Said the guy behind the desk. As they begin work on my knees and upper body, the desk guard came over with some rags.

I was still yelling, which mean that he was easily able to wad up a rag and stuff it into my mouth before I could react.

And then a second got stuffed right in there as well. At this point, they weren’t talking, which was the only good part about this whole damned ordeal.

The desk guard came back with some stretchy bandage looking stuff and wrapped it around my head, ensuring that the two wads in mouth would stay there. Just as he was finishing up with that, the other two guards, who at this point, are just two bastards, finish tying me up. The guy working on my legs had my ankles and knees bound, and my shoes were tied to my feet. The other bastard had my upper bound in a boxtie. I was also hogtied, to add insult to injury.

Then, one of the guards picked me and carried me away. I was screaming into my gag but all that came out where some severely muffled mpfs. He carried into a back hall that had cells. Yes, legit jail cells. He opened up the nearest one and essentially threw me in there. He closed the door behind me, but making sure that I was alright.

“We’ll be back in a few hours to put you in the cage. Don’t go anywhere!” He laughed a little at that final parting shot and walked back through the door and locked it behind him.

I cried into my gag, but I don’t think the bastard would have cared. I tested my bonds, trying to see if I could get anything loose. None of the ropes would budge a millimeter. Not that my hands could reach any of the knots anyways. I cried some more, refusing to surrender to these bastards. But after so long struggling, reality set in.

I started to cry. Tears began running down my face. Eventually, I just fell asleep, as there was nothing that I could do to escape. The cell was empty save for the bars, and I couldn’t reach them. Even if I did get free, there was no way for me to open the cell door.

A few hours later I felt something hit me on the shoulder. I started to wake up, hoping the whole day was just a terrible nightmare. It wasn’t. While I was still bound as tightly as I was, I still had my clothes, and I wasn’t in some horrible sex dungeon. Just a cell in library.

“Glad you’re awake.” One of the bastards said. “We thought we had actually damaged you or possibly worse. But, unfortunately for you, your torment isn’t over.”

“Before we let you go, the policy states that you must spend at least one hour in the cage in the lobby of this floor as part of a continuing display of what happens to people that break the silence rule.” Said the other bastard. “Lucky for you, you get to share it.”

The bastard that just spoke to me gently moved so that I could see into the cell across from mine to find that college girl that got me into this mess there. She too was tied and gagged, but instead of rope she was wrapped in tape.

“She was a tough one. Took out two guards before we subdued her.” Said the main bastard, who was getting ready to move her. She screamed at him through her gag and lashed out with her bound legs.

“Insolent scum!” He roared before backhanding her across the face. He then lifted her unceremoniously, threw her over his shoulder, and walked out of the room.

“Good thing we hogtied you.” Said the first bastard.

“Agreed. But don’t worry, we’ll be a lot gentler with you than with her.” Said the other.

The first one scooped me up as if I were a delicate child, while the other opened up the doors as if he were a gentleman of old. They carried me for a few minutes and then I saw it, this cage that they had been talking about. The cage was a giant, no, titanic glass box on a raised platform, say three to three and a half feet above the ground. And there before me was the main bastard, he simply dropped his captive into cage, hit her again, and walked out.

“Good thing she’ll never be able to escape.” He said angrily before moving back to his office. The other two took a lot more care, as the two together lowered me down into.

“We’ll be back for you in about two hours. As for you, well, it’ll probably be tomorrow. You did a good number on the boss today and usually that means you’ll be getting to spend a long time in here.” She cried back. They closed the glass door behind them, and then they too went back to their office.

So are us two damsels, one in a boxtie/hogtie and the other wrapped in tape. To make things a bit clearer, I have rope around my ankles and knees, as well as above and below my breasts. I also have it wrapped up in just about every position on my chest. There is probably fifty feet worth of rope on my upper body.

And then we get to this other women. Her name is Brianna, but she goes by Bri (Bree, like the town in J.R.R. Tolkien’s LOTR trilogy). She is tall, about 5’8 and the same age as Devon (22). She comes from a mixed background, but is primarily white. Her hair is dark brown, similar to Devon’s, but I do find out that she dyes it all sorts of colors. She also has these amazing baby blue eyes. She has her hair in a ponytail in this episode of terror. Bri is wearing a grey tunic, blue jeans, and heeled boots. (After this is over, we become good friends, and she does get intertwined in a later tale).

As I look at Bri, thrashing about wildly, I can make out bonds beneath the tape. Thinking rope, I roll over to try and remove the tape so that I can untie her hands. Seeing what I’m trying to do, she shakes her head back and forth. Giving her a confused look, she spells it out in the air.

“C. H. A. I. N. S.” She writes in the air. And everywhere there are chains, there is tape over it. She has tape around her ankles, calves, knees, thighs, waist, wrists, and above and below the breasts and elbows. She also has a very very thick gag, easily ten layers of duct tape wrapped around her head. She also had some rags stuffed in her mouth as well, and quite possibly a ball gag. I never do find out about this, but usually people don’t ask what you were gagged with after you’ve been through a hostage situation.

As we struggle some more in our cage, I spot a crack in the glass. Clearly, someone or someone’s had made a very good effort in a previous escape attempt. I roll over towards it and begin trying to smash my heels into it. Would’ve worked too if I weren’t hogtied.

Seeing what I was trying to do, Bri came over me to, moving like a slug along the bottom of cage, and kicked her heels into the floor. All of the sudden I heard a click, and small knife appeared out her right foot. She carefully proceeded to cut the rope securing me in a hogtie. After a few minutes, I was free of that horrible bind. I was able to move my legs again!

Next up, we positioned ourselves so that she was able to undo the ropes around my ankles. Finally being able to stand up was an absolute relief. Not to say that it wasn’t difficult, especially having been bound for at least several hours, almost all of it in a strict hogtie (my heels nearly touched my butt). Eventually, I was able to wiggle off the bonds at my knees. I tried to convince her to do my upper body, using motion and sound from my gag. She refused, however, not risking to injure me. She did, however, start bashing the glass with her feet. I carefully lower myself back onto the floor of the cage and lend my weight to it.

As the minutes went by, the crack became larger, and suddenly, the whole glass cage shattered. We did our best to cover our eyes, but we mainly just flipped over and prayed. After the shock of all the glass was over, she motioned me to the elevators. She wanted me to run out of here. For a few seconds, I tried to think of way that I could rescue her with me, but there was no way without help. Therefore, I did what I was told to do, and I ran for the elevators. I was able to move my upper body in a way so that my useless hands could reach the button. The elevator door opened immediately, just as the bastards came out to see what the noise was.

I heard one of them shout “Stop her!” Another one got on a radio and I was just barely able to make out “Code red! Someone stop her on 1!” Just as the doors closed. I tried to think of something to do once I got there. And then it hit me. To all the male readers out there, brace yourselves. The door opened, and sure enough, was another bastard.

“Hello beautiful.” He said. While I didn’t say anything, I simply glared back at him, and also dared him to lay a hand on me.

“Challenge accepted.” He responded. And those were the last words he muttered before he screamed in pain. As he entered the elevator, I kicked him in the nut sack, with pointed heels on. And remember, I am a former Navy Seal, so there was more power behind that kick than anticipated from somebody of my stature. As he lay there in the elevator, writhing in pain, I bolted past and out the library front doors.

And then I saw Devon. Tears began flowing down my face as I collided with him. He caught me, and embraced me, saying the usual “everything’s gonna be alright” and stuff. As he was taking off my gag, the original three bastards came barreling out the library, yelling at Devon to give me back.

“I don’t think you realize that I brought friends.” Devon said. And then I too looked around. There was the city police department. Six squad cars and a SWAT van alongside some agents of the FBI had surrounded the front of the library, while other police forces closed in on the other sides of the building. The guards surrendered without putting up a fight at all.

When Devon had finally removed my gag, he asked if anyone else was with me.

“Yes, there is another girl in the lobby on the fifth floor in chains and tape.” I sputter. Devon got me a water as the police chief, who was next to him, ordered a search and rescue for Bri.

We stayed long enough to make sure that Bri was indeed safe and sound. I chatted with her some more. We exchanged numbers and invited her to our place. It took the police over an hour to get the chains off of her, as they were padlocked together and former security staff didn’t even have keys to them.

The police ended up arresting the security staff for false imprisonment, and we, along with other victims ended up suing the library ownership for everything that they were worth.

Later that evening, Bri arrived for dinner with us. We had a nice time together, as Devon prepared us some masterfully done salmon, potatoes, and green beans with some red wine from one of the local wineries.

She came over in a tea-length black sheath dress. I was still in my skirt suit, as it fitted the occasion. Devon was in his black suit pants, a blue button up shirt, and had on a blue and black striped tie.

And then the most peculiar thing happened. As we are eating, Bri asked me if enjoyed being in that situation.

“Of course not!” I exclaim. She got red in the face, and I gave Devon a look. He got it, which is surprising, and we hatched a plan. When we were done eating, Bri asked to use the bathroom. We directed her to the nearest one, and as soon as the door closed, we hatched our plan.

“Do you have the rope?” He asks me. “Yes, do you have the scarves?” I ask back. He gives me a thumbs up. We hear the door open, and we surprise her.

“So darling, interested?” I say to her.

“Yes.” she says “And by the looks of things, I don’t have much of a choice.”

“That would be correct.” Devon says. I get behind her and tie her hands together. Securely but comfortably, similar to how Devon and I like it. With her hands bound, we lead her to the couch in our family room and tie her up there. Considering that she had been in chains are duct tape earlier, and everywhere, we went very light. Just ropes around her ankles, knees, wrists, and below her breasts. We did a very light cleave gag with a silk scarf to top things off. We knew of course that as we were doing this, she was getting horny as well.

We teased her most of the rest of the night with some feathers that I had gotten to use on Devon. We got bored with that after an hour and explored some other things to do with her that also didn’t cause her to feel threatened at all (especially considering what we had gone through earlier that day). Nine o’clock rang and we began untying her. I started on her legs while Devon did her gag.

“Can… can I… can I stay here tonight?” She asked weakly. We were blindsided by this.

“Tied up?” I asked.

“Yes.” She answered back, meekly. “Seeing you all tied up earlier actually lit something within me. It’s partly why I dressed so nice tonight. I didn’t see it originally given our situation…” She trailed off. A look of sadness came to her and tears started to form.

We rushed over and hugged her and comfort her. We explained to her that we too are bondage enthusiasts, and that she is welcome to stop by and join us in our games, or to just hang out and skip the ropes. She was very grateful about this, especially since she didn’t want others to know about this new like of hers. Just like us.

Since she was going to be staying the night, we did change some things up.

“Can you tie me a bit tighter, or with a bit more?” She said.

“Already wanting more despite having spent how many hours in chains and tape?” Devon said. He was quickly greeted by a spit to the face.

“See someone’s a bit salty…” he mumbled. I gave him a jab with my elbow and he quit giving her a hard time.

I went to our room and grabbed our new ankle cuffs. This way could get up and move to use things like the facilities and not have to hop. We also retied her hands in front of her. Devon made a rope harness and secured her wrists to that. This gave some freedom with her arms, but not much.

“Would like a gag?” I ask.

“Yes. The cleave gag from earlier just seemed… inadequate.” She responded.

“Very well.” I say. “Open up.” She obeys without question as I roll up a scarf and shove it home. I tie a second scarf in a knotted cleave gag over that. And finally, a third scarf was used as an OTN. We then picked her up and carried her into one of the spare bedrooms right next to our master. That way, if something went wrong, someone (likely me since I am a light sleeper) would be able to respond quickly.

We both kiss her goodnight, and she mppfs back. We go to our room, undress, and have sex till we fall asleep on each other. Morning comes around and we shower together. We starting to get hot again and then we remembered that we had a visitor. We dry off quickly and throw on a dressing robe and rush in to free and feed our guest. I make breakfast this time around. Just some eggs, muffins, and juice.

As we finish up, she thanks us tremendously for everything, and kisses each of us on the cheek before she leaves. Devon was still blushing a little after she left.

I turned to him quickly “No funny ideas.” I said sternly.

“Same goes to you too.” He replied. He was right as well.

“Nice lady though.” He added.

“Yes very nice. We should invite her to things more often.” I mumble. “That was also a nice dress that she had on. Shame I didn’t really ask her about it.”

“Speaking of dresses, we have that opera in a couple of weeks.” He states. “And taffeta gown that I ordered came in yesterday while you had fun at the library.”

“Well, let’s see how it looks. If we have to get that adjusted, that will be a rather unpleasant experience.”

This story was entirely made up and conceived within the depths of my own mind. Any likeness to an existing story, characters, or real life event is entirely coincidental. The names “Devon”, “Allison”, and “Brianna/Bri” were not chosen to represent specific people, rather, they were names that I came up as I was writing this story. You can follow the beginning of their tale with Devon’s adventure in: My Wife the Shining Knight and in the second part with Allison in: My Surprise for Him. Also, don’t forget to view The Tale of Two Brides, starring both of them!

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