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Paula In Chains 2: Jane in the Chair

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2013 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; balltie; hogtie; gag; bfold; toys; insert; torment; mast; climax; cons; X

This story carries on directly from “Paula in Chains

Part 2: Jane in the Chair

After Paula's friend Jane had discovered her, chained spread eagled to the wall, Jane had left her ball tied leaving Paula's vibrator torturing her for the rest of the afternoon. It was time Paula had a little payback revenge.  Paula is back to tell the tale of what happened next  . . . . .


I had put myself into a pretty hairy self-bondage situation a while ago and I was found by my friend Jane, chained spread eagled to the hallway wall. I was waiting for the ice release to drop a key for me to release my wrist cuffs. All the while a vibrating egg and Hitachi Magic wand tied into a crotchrope were giving me the most intense sexual work out I had ever had. 

I couldn't deny what I had done. Jane's a pretty smart cookie and although she first thought burglars had gotten in and tied me up, it was the vibrator and the ice release that had given my bondage secret away to her.

Jane came over early that Friday evening, having had nothing on at work and caught me. I was so busted. I had arranged for her to come over later in the evening under the pretext of going to a few bars to chat up guys, and to go out dancing. Really, unbeknown to her, she was also my secondary backup release in case I couldn't get loose. 

She had let me go for a few minutes and while I was too exhausted to deny anything, she asked, and I had told her why I like bondage; how long I had done it for etc.; and before I knew what the hell I was saying I revealed the hiding place of my little cache of bondage equipment I had put together over the years.

Jane had gone off like a little kid at Christmas to find and open the goodies!

Before long I was explaining how the stuff worked. Then to my astonishment she asked if we could forget about going downtown, and stay in and play tie up games.

I nodded and before I knew what was going on, Jane told me that I was getting tied up first and had my leather ankle cuffs padlocked together and had already pinned my wrists behind my back, padlocking them together before I could offer so much as a protest. As I was still wearing the leather hood, she popped the gag back into my mouth, pressing the popper studs in place to prevent my protestations. Then the leather blindfold was popper studded back in place and I was left in my dark, quiet prison.

I felt straps close around my thighs, pulling them together. I then felt the bulb of the Magic Wand pressing against my clit before another strap across the top of my thighs lashed it in place. I shook my head in a muffled protest but Jane laughed and ignored me. My arms were pinned to my side and another strap cruelly cinched my elbows, pulling them almost together. Other straps pulled my knees up to my chest and my ankles were connected to my wrists with one last strap. It was then, that Jane pushed me onto my side. There was no way I was able to move anywhere after that.

I felt the tug of the egg that was still held inside me by the crotchrope I was wearing around my waist and though my legs. It dawned on me that Jane was putting fresh batteries in the controller. I whimpered in protest as it whirred into life, and she had selected the most powerful setting. 

She patted me on the head and I could just hear her through the hood. "Well I am off now Paula, but I am going to leave you wondering. Have I left the vibrator on your timer, or will it be on for the entire time I am gone?"  Then I screamed as I felt the wand kick into life on its high setting.

I had already endured over an hour of its treatment, on and off on the timer set up I used. My body was electric and I felt little spasms all over my body, and I cried into my gag as the first of many orgasms hit me. 

I heard Jane's heels on the floor and the door shut behind her. The key turning in the lock left me a prisoner in my own home. Barely able to move anything other than my fingers and toes, the vibrators had started ripping orgasms out of my already drained body.

Now I had never been tied into a ball before but if you get to experience it with a powerful vibrator jammed between your thighs there is no way you can move to shake it free. The Hitachi is a special animal in this department. While the bulb of the wand does all the work to tease the orgasms out of you, the handle of the vibrator contains all the gadgetry bits so this also vibrates a little bit too, but obviously not as bad as the bulbous head of the thing. 

While the bulb was busy teasing my clitoris without mercy, the handle pressed in on my on my thighs created gentle tingling vibrations like you were stroking your hand over your flesh with all but the very lightest of touches to make you shiver in pleasure. So with my thighs pressed against my breasts; let’s just say it caused my entire upper body to quiver. 

The hood was already wet from the sweat and drool of the previous hour I was chained and strapped into it. But now the wand had turned me into a panting gibbering wreck! Warm drool plastered my lips and chin as I screamed into the gag over and over, every time I orgasmic. Then it went cool and clammy as it plastered the hair to my face. I was worried I would suffocate or drown, thinking the little nostril holes wouldn't be able to give me the air I would need to breathe. 

When one is placed in a situation with sensory deprivation, there is nothing to concentrate on but your own dark thoughts. There is no time. You can’t see clocks or daylight to help you keep track of anything. You feel the straps digging into your flesh, so you try moving to get more comfortable. That is when it comes to light and you realise there is no relief as the ball tie restricts you from doing anything. I could lift my head and turn it a little, and had movement in my fingers and toes, but that's all. 

I kept thinking how Jane had locked me into my own apartment. If she had an accident I would be left here with no-one able to get in. I know it was selfish, not even thinking of Jane, but I would be left starving, rolling around in my own urine and faeces. I was dreading that. Hell. I couldn't even see to free myself. Not that I could, padlocked and strapped in a position I couldn't move in. 

I started to think I would die on my own floor. Christ! What would the neighbours think, having a dead bondage freak living next door to them? Shit, my mum would have a heart attack. I could feel my heart beating ninety to the dozen but wasn't sure if that was due to the vibrator or the sheer terror rising inside me. 

Having had these dark thoughts in my head about dying, or surviving; just being able to get some revenge payback started to whir around in my head. I am afraid my dark thoughts had turned to angry, ranting revenge.

You become very aware of just how helpless you are. Minutes seem like hours but you don't notice because your tortured vulva is continually spasming on the head of the wand. I was wearing my high heel boots and my feet were sweaty and I was feeling the strain on my limbs hunched up in the ball. I had to try to take deep breaths to keep the panic at bay. I thought back to my previous bondage experiences. When the panic came, keeping calm and focused had gotten me through all that, so it would here, tied like this. I resigned myself to the fates, and that Jane would eventually come back and unstrap me.
I mentioned before, the only way I could stop thinking about the assault on my vagina, was to try to add some pain to the situation just to distract myself. Digging my fingernails hard into the palms of my hand helped a little, but it was being cinched into the waspie corset around my middle that truly helped me get through the situation. Hunched over, the bottom of the corset was digging into my lower abdomen just above my fanny. It was this pain that eased the orgasms. But not much! Having my elbows pulled back to almost touching added another level of pain to the equation too.

When you use the Magic Wand continuously, you feel the heat rise up in the head of the wand and I was praying for the wand to get so hot it would burn the motor out. But it never did. You can't imagine the relief I got from Jane turning the wand off. The horrible cow had actually left it on the whole time she was off getting a change of clothes and the pizza.

Jane pulled me into a sitting position again and started to unlace the hood. She pulled it off my head and I blinked due to being back in the light. My jaws also ached, what with the ballgag being in my mouth for so long. I had to open and shut it a few times to relieve it a little. She unstrapped me and I fell into an exhausted curled up ball on the floor. My entire body was now super sensitive. I just lay there curled into a foetal position, trying to recover any senses in my body that hadn't been fried by the vibrator. 

Jane set out some plates and some napkins with the pizza box on the coffee table in the lounge and had poured out some wine from the fridge.  She sat there munching a slice of the pizza while I unzipped my boots and kicked them into the corner. In my fragile state I could hardly pull the leather corset buttons open.

Jane saw my struggles and said to me "Here Honey, I'll help. Breathe in." I did as she said and she freed me from the corset. It was dripping with sweat. I also shivered. That was when she noticed how red and swollen my puss was. I hadn't even thought of undoing the crotchrope around my waist. 

"Jesus does that hurt?" she asked. "Your cooch looks bloody sore!"  I moved my hand down to examine myself without even thinking of Jane sitting there brazenly looking at me. The rope had dug right into my lips and forced them apart. The heat and vibration from the wand pressed on my Venus mound had caused it to swell and was a bright shade of pink. Surprisingly it looked worse than it felt, which was a bit of a blessing.

Jane untied the rope letting the rope drop to the floor. Her hand trailed down my pussy as she traced the rope marks with her fingers. When she reached the control cord of the egg, she splayed the lips of my pussy open, and after a gentle tug the Egg popped out in a very messy state.

"It looks like you had a lot of fun with this." She handed me the dangling egg by its cord. "You had better go clean up. You look an absolute wreck." I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror above the fire place. I looked a right mess with damp hair plastered to my still wet face. I bent and picked the hood up and I trotted off to the bathroom without protest. 

I threw on a dressing gown to hide my naked body and washed the egg in very hot soapy water. Then I rinsed the hood and the ballgag panel, washing away the drool from inside, and hung all three items over towel rail to dry. I jumped in the shower again. Then I dried and changed into some pyjamas, before returning to the living room for a drink and a slice of pizza.

"Hey nice PJ's" Jane remarked. "Love the little Scottie Dogs."

"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, besides I am too pooped to retaliate after what you did to me."

"Now hold your horses Paulie. I distinctly remember letting myself in and seeing what you did to yourself! It’s not my fault that you left yourself so vulnerable I could take advantage of it." She said with a wicked grin on her face.

As I wolfed down my first slice, I caught sight of the clock on the mantel piece. It was near to 7pm. Then it dawned on me, I had just set a new bondage record for myself. I had been tied up since about 3pm. At least an hour and a half until Jane revealed her to me; followed by 30 odd minutes free while I was explaining my fetish needs and the equipment I used to do it; followed by another 45 minutes or so, while Jane had gone home and back with the pizza. No wonder I was shattered.

I flicked the remote and turned the TV on but there was nothing on as usual. It’s always a good idea to save films to your digital box, so we flipped through the menu until Jane and I agreed on one and pressed the play button. We chatted for a bit over the beginning of the film while I ate my share of the pizza. We drank the bottle of wine and I put the film on pause while I went to open another. 

"What’s all this Paula? Are you trying to get me tipsy before tying me up, so you can take advantage?"

"Well I think I earned another glass." I smiled back at her. "It could also be a cunning plan to have you bursting to use the loo while you are too tied up to go. See how evil my mind is working after leaving me like that for hours." 

She chuckled. "I had best go use the loo before you start on me then." With that she picked up her bag and trotted off.

I was sipping wine when she came back. Jane was now dressed in the flimsiest silk nightie money could buy.

My mouth dropped open as it barely covered her ass. Talk about miniskirts the size of a belt. Well this was even smaller in size! She also had pulled her curly brown hair back into a pony tail. She flopped down on the floor beside me leaning back on the sofa, her legs stretched out in front of her.

"Come on girl, play the movie and pour me another glass. I could die of thirst round here." 

"What did your last slave die of?" I joked. I poured her a glass and handed it to her. Then I flicked the play button on the remote. While the beginning credits started to play I stood up and walked to the suitcase of bondage goodies still out in my hallway. I put all the straps back in it and I pulled it into the lounge beside the sofa and pulled out a length of rope about ten feet in length.

"I bet you are one of those people who always flick channels. You think I should do something about that Jane?"

"You could be right about that. You have something to prevent that, do you?" she giggled.

"My friend Mr Rope thinks caressing your wrists for the next hour could help prevent that affliction. If you've finished with your wine, put your hands behind your back."

She took a big gulp and finished the glass and presented her hands behind her back to me. She looked around as I folded the rope in half and looped it around her wrists. I wrapped it around a couple of turns and then cinched between her wrists so her hands were now tied palm to palm.

"This doesn't feel very tight Paula." She pulled her hands to her side and looked down at the ropes. 

"Go ahead and struggle for me Jane. If you can't free your hands in ten minutes I will tie your ankles. If you still can’t get free, I will add more rope every ten minutes until the end of the movie. How does that sound?"

It was interesting to see Jane struggle about looking at her hands trying to working out how she would attack her knots to free herself. Although she was tied palms together I had tied the knots tightly above her wrists in the middle and for good measure cinched more rope over this knot before finishing off with a couple of tight square knots.

"I can get out of this easily. It isn't tight and I can easily move around. I am disappointed in you Paula. It isn't challenging at all."

"Well you will be free in a jiffy then and I'll have to retie you. You have eight minutes now Sweetie and I can’t see that you have made any progress at all!" 

Jane thrashed about some more and although her fingers could reach the knots they couldn't unpick the knots with her hands twisted as they were. In the end she admitted defeat. 

"Huh. That will teach you to be over confident." I exclaimed triumphantly. I pulled out another rope about the same length and doubled it over. Jane thrust out her legs in front of her. I couldn't help myself looking and her long silky legs in front of me, as I wrapped Jane's ankles together. The brazen hussy wasn't wearing any panties either, as her silk nightie rose up revealing herself as I cinched her ankles exactly the same as her wrists. A knot or two, followed by further cinching over this before a tight square knot or two tied in front of her ankles to make it more difficult to reach the knots.

"There you go Jane, ten more minutes before I add some more rope. And by the way, it isn't how tight you are tied, it’s how you are tied you should be worried about."

I sat back on the sofa and pulled my feet up under me as I half watched the film and half watched Jane. She was still trying to free her wrists with her fingers, and at the same time trying to wriggle her ankles to see if the rope would slide off them. This time Jane was concentrating hard. She never said a word to me, all her effort was on the ropes binding her.

This time I stood up and got a longer piece of rope. "Come on you aren't even trying. You haven't even undone a single knot. Come here your times up."  

Jane edged closer to me sliding her bum over the floor propelling herself with her legs. Her nightie had ridden up and exposed her ass to me. 

"I am going to need to tie two bits of rope on you this time just to keep your nightie from exposing your bits to my neighbours!" I laughed. "Will you be alright with that?" I asked her.

"Well if your prudish neighbours are sad old farts who don't want to look at me, I guess you will have to." she smirked.

I looped the rope around her chest below her breasts a few times then went back over the tops of her boobs before pulling the rope tight. Then I looped the rope first over one shoulder down to the mid-point between her tits, under the lower breast rope and back up over the other shoulder. I brought the rope back to the mid-point at the centre of her back. There were lots left over, so I pulled the rope under her lower arm cinching it to her body, before doing the same to the other arm. I returned the rope to the centre of her back and tied it off tightly with a square knot.

I sneakily pulled a short piece of rope out the box of goodies and joined this at the centre of her back before trailing the rope under one arm, then up around the back of her neck before down under her other arm. I walked around to see my handy work on her. She also sat admiring the ropes on her body. I went back and sat on the sofa to finish the tie off. I pulled the excess rope up under the rope at the back of her neck and pulled it down to the mid-point of her back. This created extra tension on the cinches between her arms and body. Then I whipped the excess back around the rope and tied it off neatly.

"Hey! Really nice job. I love this rope bra you tied on me. Someone could start to suspect you have done this before!" she exclaimed sarcastically. 

"Thanks. Once or twice, maybe. Besides, if you keep up the banter Babe, you will be getting a gag sooner than you think."

"Promises, promises." she giggled.

"Before you start struggling I am going to have to tie your nightie down. Your near naked body it putting me off the film." I giggled.

"That will be in a good way I hope!" She remarked back at me.

I took another short piece of rope and wrapped it around her waist. I pulled it snug then smoothed her nightie down her thighs and slipped it between her legs. "Don't worry Jane, I am just coping a feel." I laughed.

I pulled the rope down from the back of her waist, tucking her nightie between her legs and pulled the rope through and up at the front. I had a little excess rope left so I tied a knot in the rope, positioning it about her crotch level. I pulled the rope tight up through her pussy and quickly knotted the rope at the front of her waist. I let my fingers trail down the rope over her pubic mound. I pulled on the rope and Jane gasped. I smiled, as I had the knot in exactly the right spot. 

"There you go you little hussy. Your nightie won’t be riding up exposing you to my neighbours any more. You have another ten minutes, so you better get cracking."

I have to say she struggled to get free with all her might this time. By now I was ignoring the film and thinking where to add the next bits of rope. She had bent her legs at the knee and was frantically trying to pick the ropes at her ankles when I told her the ten minutes were up. She rolled onto her side panting. 

"Hey Paula, I don't think I am going to get free any time short of Christmas." 

"You are doing a fantastic job. Don't give up yet. Here I'll help you with this rope. It will pull your wrists closer to your ankles. You may be able to unpick some of the knots or not" I laughed at my own silly joke.

I looped the rope around her wrist rope and just to cause a bit of mischief, I looped it under Jane's crotchrope. I pulled her feet back and straddled her shins, pushing my weight down and bending her legs down so her heels touched the backs of her thighs. Then I pulled the rope around her ankles and pulled the rope tight before knotting her into a strict hogtie.

She groaned as every movement on her feet and hands now pulled the knotted crotchrope. She wriggled about for a little before just remaining still on the floor. The ten minutes were soon up and Jane seemed to have given up. Before she could say anything I had pulled a scarf from the suitcase and was wadding it up.
"Come on Sweetie it’s time for the gag. Bondage just isn't bondage without a gag!"

She opened her mouth without protest and I firmly pushed the wad into her mouth. I pulled out another scarf and knotted it in the centre then pushed this knot between her teeth, before tightening the scarf behind the back of her head. I checked on her mouth again and pulled the scarf really tight before knotting it. Jane just groaned a little and closed her eyes. I sat back down on the sofa half watching her, and half watching the movie on the TV. She rocked about a little trying to get herself comfortable, I guessed. Little moans came from her gagged lips.

That was when it dawned on me. Jane was moving around deliberately, stimulating herself in her own sub-space bondage world. She was humping my floor getting her off!

I waited for her orgasm then gave her a sharp crack on her bottom with the palm of my hand to bring her back down. A muffled screech came from her gagged lips and she flashed her angry eyes at me.

"I didn't say you could come, and you never asked my permission either. If you want to hump my floor like you are in heat, then I will punish you!"

I bent over into the bondage suitcase of goodies, and pulled out some more rope. I pulled her over on top of the piece I laid out on the floor, and I wrapped it around her waist pulling the wrists into the small of her back and cinched it. Jane now had no wriggle room, what with her hands welded into the small of her back. Then I looped a rope around under her thighs and pulled it back over her shins near to her ankles. I tied this tight and cinched it between the backs of her calves and the backs of her thighs putting her into a tight Frog-Hogtie. She grunted as I pulled the last of the ropes tight and knotted it with a flourish.

I pulled her ponytail back with a firm yank and looked into her face. I could see she was uncomfortable now with all the extra ropes I added to her body. Little grimaces and frowns wrinkled her forehead. She also had a little sheen of perspiration on her brow.

"There is about 40 odd minutes to the end of the film." I said to her. "If you need me to untie you, just hum the tune "Happy Birthday To You" and I will let you go. If you last till the end of the film and the final credits, I will give you a little reward. Okay?"

Jane mmmphed an "Ok" and I settled back on the sofa to watch the film.

After a few minutes she had her eyes closed again. I could see she was trying to rock her hips again to get some stimulation from the crotch rope. I let her carry on for a little while before sliding over to her on the floor.

I could tell she had entered her own little bondage sub-space again, as she didn’t even know I was there. It was only when I grabbed a hold of the crotch rope just under her hands and yanked, it she noticed me at her side. She yelled as I kept the pressure on the rope. Jane had to raise her arse off the floor as the rope must have been cutting into her pussy quite tightly. She yelped in pain and I gave her ass several wicked slaps on both cheeks. Her ass started to glow a nice shade of red when I stopped and released the crotchrope.

It was a very good job I had used a scarf to wad her mouth too, as she was mmmphing all sorts of foul un-lady like obscenities at me.

"Right you little hussy. I did say you had to ask me if you can come!" I hissed. "I guess you need a bit more punishment."

With that I pulled a small bit of rope from the bondage suitcase and I sat on her, straddling her back. I pulled her pony tail back which pulled her head up off the floor it was resting on.

I looped her hair back on itself and put the rope through the hair. Then I wrapped the rope around her hair so the rope was woven into her hair and tied it tight. I pulled the rope in the hair back, pulling her head backwards. I tucked it under her crotch rope and pulled it as tight as I could get away with, so that Jane's head pulled back and raised her boobs slightly off the floor in a wicked arch. She squealed as more pressure was put on her pussy.

I sat back on the sofa, my legs tucked under me, to watch the rest of the movie. Well I say watching, but I was more interested in watching Jane. I had to admit the way she was tied was exceptionally uncomfortable now. It had to hurt like a sonofabitch. Sipping some wine from my glass I wondered if it was the alcohol that had made me do that to her. I was vicious in yanking her head back. Tying the hair rope to her crotch rope was just plain mean of me.

I put the glass down and resolve myself not to drink anymore wine again this evening. Jane was now whimpering into her gag with her head pulled back. Her eyes were closed, grimacing in pain from the tie. She tried to wriggle to get some relief but the crotchrope just dug viciously into her pussy. She flipped onto her side and again lay still. I could hear the effort she was making just to remain still. Jane certainly had my admiration. I would be singing like a Canary to be untied. I couldn't believe it when the credits started to roll and Jane hadn't asked for her freedom. 

I knelt down next to her and started to tickle her under the arms and the soles of her feet. The laughter and the struggle to move made her pull on all of the ropes on her body as she thrashed around on her side. I couldn’t help being evil to her like this. I released her hair and gave her neck a little rub in the hope it would help put some feeling back into it. I undid the rope at her knees, then I released her from the frog-hogtie, gently lowering her feet to the floor. I then and helped her sit upright. 

Jane rested her back on the sofa, while I untied the scarf gagging her. I pulled the now sopping wet packing out of her mouth and dropped it on the floor next to her. I watched her as she mouthed and wriggled her jaw to get the feeling back.

"Wow you weren't messing around. That was so strict at the end. I would never have escaped. I thought the crotch rope was cutting me in two."

"Well Honey that’s what you get for humping my carpet and coming!"  I laughed. "So did you enjoy your orgasm then?" I enquired.

"It was different. I didn't think I would ever get excited like that. It was a completely different experience to a toy or fingers. So what’s next?" 

"Next? You want more after what I did to you? Are you sure about this?"

I was certainly surprised at Jane. I was sure she would have sworn at me and called me all the dirty names under the sun. I sat there like a stunned Mullet for a bit trying to think up something else.

"Can I have a drink please I need to get the taste of that scarf out of my mouth." That jarred me out of my thoughts. I poured her a glass of wine and held it for her as she sipped, as I hadn't yet released her hands and torso. 

When she had had enough wine I bent to untie her hands. I released the crotchrope which got a sigh from Jane. I untied the waist rope holding her hands to her back, before letting her wrists go. She rubbed her wrists as I untied the rope around her breasts, then I curled all the ropes up before throwing them back into the suitcase next to me. 

"Well if you want me to tie you up again I can do that, but would you like your reward first?"

"Oooh. Present time. What's the reward?"

"You get to try out the Magic Wand! I'll put a condom on it for you, and then I want you to experience a forced orgasm and how torturous it can be."  I said as I ripped the wrapper off a Durex and slipped it over the bulbous head of the wand. 

As I reached behind the sofa to plug the wand into the power socket Jane piped up. “But I am not tied up. How is that forced?" she asked.

"Well, this is more of a mental thing. I want you to put your hands behind you and keep them there. You mustn't ask me to stop or close your legs either. Okay?"

Jane nodded but looked a little disappointed, so I remarked, "Look, you will be having plenty of orgasms in the next tie. I promise you." At that she smiled.

I slipped onto the floor holding the wand. "Now come over here to me."

I sat behind her spooning her. She placed her hands down between my legs and edged back pressing her body back into mine. Then she crossed her legs in an easy lotus position, and said "Ready when you are." Then I flipped the switch of the wand on to "Low".

Shocked, Jane gasped and shuddered as I ran the wand down over her breasts and onto her clitoris. I kept the wand pressing at it and seconds later Jane was panting. She leaned back pressing further into my body. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and I noticed her eyes were closed.

"Mmmmm." escaped from her lips.

I circled the head of the wand over her Venus mound and circled her clit again before pressing harder on to it. "Oh God, that’s good." she panted.

I kept the pressure on her clit and soon the panting gave way to low throaty animal groans. Suddenly her hips bucked catching me unaware, and I knew she had an orgasm. Without her being aware, I entwined my own legs over hers. Jane was panting again and I could feel her muscles in her abdomen contracting and her panting increased. Another gasp escaped her lips then a squeal as she orgasmed again. 

I kept the Wand on her clitoris and flipped the switch to "High". A jolt from the increase in power caused Jane's hips to buck. I knew this would happen. The wand is extremely powerful. You try to keep your legs open but your body can’t take the onslaught so you force your legs closed. I dug my heels in against her inner thighs keeping them apart and the wand in place on her clitoris. Her abdomen muscles were contracting wildly and her moans had turned into wails of anguish and of pleasure as the wand forced her to come over and over. Her hands were twisting and rubbed against my pussy now and I was getting turned on too.

Another wail came from her as another orgasm racked her body, but I pressed the wand down as hard as I could as her legs trashed about as she tried desperately to close her legs.

Jane gasped "Please, turn it off. I can’t stand it." Then she screamed as a powerful orgasm racked her body. " Turn it off. Ahhh, turn it off pleeease. Ahhhhh turn it off.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I am begging you. AHHHHHHHHH!"  
Her whole body shuddered against mine. Her hands wriggling against my fanny were so close to making me come I left the wand on. 

Jane became a wailing banshee as I pressed the wand harder onto her pussy. Her bottom bucked off the floor as she thrashed around. She was shaking her head trying anything to think about not coming, but it was useless. As she pressed back away from the wand, her body pressed harder onto mine. Her twisting hands grated over my clit and I came panting into her ears as I flipped the wand to off.

Jane lay back against me breathing heavily. "Are you okay? Did you enjoy it? It was bloody intense!"
I brushed her arm and moved the hair from her face. Jane just shuddered against my hand.

It took five or six minutes before she open her eyes.

"Oh my god. When you turned it off and touched me I came. I came! And you just touched my face. That was amazing." 

Jane flicked through the movie list and selected a Sandra Bullock film and hit the play button. We sat there for a good few minutes reflecting on the experience and chilling out without a word said. 

Then I picked up the courage to ask her "So do you have anything in mind you want to try out?" 

"Whatever, as long as I can sit down this time. I'll be at your mercy yet again no doubt."

"Mercy is right. I am sorry if I hurt you Jane. I shocked myself. I am not sure I did it as revenge for you tying me up and leaving me earlier, or if the wine made me do it. Why didn't you ask me to release you?" I asked.

"I don't know Paulie. I didn't want to be let go even though it was brutal. I was enjoying it until you pulled my hair back. Christ, it gave me an orgasm after all didn’t it! I never would have believed that." Jane stood up.

"I am off to use the loo. Stop brooding over it and think of nice bondage thoughts. You may have excelled in your first tie, but I am a hard to please, so I am expecting even better things this time." 

When Jane came back her mouth dropped open in surprise.

I had set out a chair in the middle of the lounge ready to tie her to as per her request.

I guess she wasn't expecting the large vibrating cock and balls with suction cup placed just off centre to the back of the chair. It was made of a jelly like substance for a realistic feel and has a wicked little upward curve to it, guaranteed for G spot stimulation. It is also eight inches long and very thick. It was shining in the light with a fresh ribbed condom pulled over it.

"Oh my God! How the hell is that going to fit me?" She gasped.

"I would suggest you get on your knees and worship it with your mouth first. At least that would stop you complaining." I laughed at her. "Now get on your knees and suck it, and be quick about it or you get a riding crop on your arse for not doing as I say."

She slid down onto the floor and put the tip of the thick cock into her mouth. She started to lick up and down the shaft like a pro. I could see she was doing it for my attention as she glanced up at me every few seconds as if trying to earn my approval while her head bobbed up and down on the phallus. Her cheeks bulged around the big cock in her mouth and drool flowed from her lips.

"That's it Jane, get it really wet." I used the riding crop to lift the hem of her nightie up to reveal her arse. I slipped the crop between her legs and rubbed it between her thighs spreading the lips of her pussy open as I caressed her clitoris with the tip of the crop. 

"I want you to touch yourself Jane. Masturbate for me. No! Keep sucking the cock. I never said you should stop."

Jane started to rub herself off and was panting when I told her to stop and stand up. I unscrewed the cap off a tube of KY Jelly. "Hold out your hand."
I squirted a large dollop onto her fingertips.
"Bend over and make the cock good and wet with this." I ordered while I squirted another large dollop of KY onto my fingers. I knelt behind her and lifting her nightie, I started to rub the the KY into her pussy. I was amazed how brazen I felt. I had only ever seen women in the showers at the gym. I had never touched a woman before other than myself and in my own orgasmic practices. 

I put it down to the wine. I forgot all about any embarrassment I had and spread her lips and rubbed the KY into her fanny. I inserted a finger into her tight little hole. Then I slipped in another, before diddling her with my fingers for a bit. I slipped in a third finger and proceeded to push them all the way up to the knuckles. I kept them there, slowly twisting them side to side inside her. Jane gasped aloud as my thumb circled her clitoris and brought her to orgasm.

I was actually having my first lesbian sex. Well, at least I thought it was. I was a bit confused as I love guys, but Jane was so soft and she was really getting off on my thumb caressing her clit. 

"Now I want you to sit on the cock. Slowly, crouch over it and rub your pussy over the tip. That's it, now slide onto it just an inch. Yes that's right, now go a bit lower. Now come up and slide down just a little bit more. Now up."

Jane was squatting over my toy gently sliding in and out, gradually getting deeper and deeper impaled onto the cock. When I ordered her to sit down she just gasped as she realised the entire cock was now stuffed deep inside her.

"Oh ye of little faith." I exclaimed. "I knew it would fit you. Feel free to squirm around on it while I get you tied up."

I pulled her arms up and over the back of the chair back and crossed her wrists. Then I lashed them together before stretching the last bit of rope down underneath the chair and tying it off at a crossbeam under the chair.

"There, that should hold you for a bit."

I selected a very long piece of rope and doubled it up, before wrapping this around her chest, both above and below her breasts. As I pulled the rope tight and tied it off to the back of the chair, I couldn't help noticing how tight the rope was and how it made Jane’s breasts stick out in front of her. I knelt at her side and asked her to breathe in. Then I tied another length of rope pinning her waist to the back of the chair so her back was rigidly set against the chair back.

I was debating how to tie her legs to the chair when an idea hit me. I wrapped short pieces of rope around both her ankles making sure the knots wouldn't cinch tighter. I had also left them a fingers width or two, loose. I pulled the first of Jane’s ankles back to the back leg of the chair. To tie it off at the back leg or to tie her with her leg suspended in the air from the seat of the chair? The easy option, or the hard? If I tied her ankle up in the air, she would slip forward impaling herself harder onto the jellylike rubber cock inside her. It was a no brainer. Jane had asked me to better the hogtie. This would turn a nice normal comfortable chair tie into something so much more unusual. 

Jane looked at me as I pulled first one ankle, then the other, up, and tied them off to the back of the chair. "You really aren’t playing fair are you Paula?" she asked. "How am I going to get free from this? It's impossible." 

"Well the idea for this tie is for you to just come over and over again! Just like I did in the ball tie you left me in."

I pressed the control for the vibrator on the chair and it whirred into life. I left it on a nice medium tempo, and sat in front of Jane to watch. I could see her tied legs were already getting uncomfortable, as Jane wriggled in the seat to help relieve the dull ache in her thighs. This only moved the vibrator inside her adding to her stimulation. 

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked her.

"Mmmmmmm. Oh yeah!"

That was when I turned the vibrator to full power. Jane just leaned her head back closing her eyes to think of naughty thoughts. I lifted the silk nightie up and watched the vibrator in her pussy. She was reasonably full up with the vibe, and I watched fascinated at her lips quivered around the big cock. It was then I noticed Jane’s thighs trying to close and sensed she was about to orgasm. With my thumb, I pressed down on her clitoris and I could feel the vibrators power surge through it, so goodness knows what it felt like on her clit. Jane started panting and soon a moan escaped her lips as her thighs started trembling as she came.

I left the vibrator on full and let Jane come to the beginning of an orgasm when I wickedly turned the vibrator off. She opened her eyes and glared at me. "Hey what’s the big idea? I was enjoying that."

"You were. And I was enjoying watching you." With that I got up and walked out of the room without another word. 

It was fifteen minutes before I returned. I went straight to the suitcase and selected a harness ball gag with a two inch ball and a leather blindfold. Jane, I could tell, had tried her best to free herself in the time I had given her. But she had made no progress in escaping. She sat there in defeat watching me as I walked towards her. "Here you go Honey. I have some new toys for you to play with." I placed the blindfold over her eyes.

Now I like this sort of blindfold. It’s damn cute and sexy on, and it has a little nose hole so when it’s buckled on you, you can’t rub your face on anything to rub it off. It was also very soft on the face. Not that I was going to give Jane a chance to rub it off.

"You comfy in the blindfold, Honey?" I enquired. Jane nodded an okay, so I asked her to open her mouth as wide as she could. Using both of my thumbs, I pushed the big ball behind her teeth as gently as I could.

"This is a bigger than normal ball gag Jane. It looks lovely on you but it isn’t very comfortable." I pulled the strap tight behind her neck, and then just for good measure pulled it on another hole. "I am going to pull the rest of the straps over and tighten them up, but are you okay like this before I begin?"

Jane nodded an affirmation, so I took the inverted Y shaped strap attached to the ball of the gag; I pulled it up around her nose and up over her forehead. I left it dangling on her head as I connected the two side straps just behind each ear to the strap on the top of her head. I pulled each of the straps tight. I put my finger in the d ring on the top of the head strap, and wriggled her head. I tightened each strap by one more hole, not because the harness was loose, but out of shear devilment making it as tight as I could. Then I buckled the strap at the chin which has the effect of forcing the ball down onto the tongue and into the lower jaw.

There was nothing Jane could do about anything anymore. She was very well gagged with a tight head harness. She was blindfolded but with the head harness straps over the top, there was no way Jane would be able to see anything until I freed her. And I had made up my mind that it wouldn’t be any time soon. It was also highly unlikely she would be able to free her hands either. I would be able to put the last stage of my revenge in place.

I brought over the Magic Wand with two shoe laces I had pulled from the suitcase. I put the head of the wand in the middle of both the laces and used a square knot to tie the wand in the middle. I positioned the Magic Wand against Jane's clitoris and slipped the laces under and over each thigh before tying the laces tight and holding the head of the wand in place on Jane’s clitoris.

With the Magic Wand tied over Jane's thighs she could wriggle about a bit on the chair, and this would move the the head of the wand a little on her clitoris, but she wouldn't be able to shake it off. I flipped the wand back on to "Low" and sat in front of Jane to watch the show. She was already sensitive from her previous orgasms and little throaty moans came from behind her ballgag.

I had every intention to turn the wand off before she reached orgasm, and to flip the power to "High" as soon as she had an orgasm. The next hour was going feel like it was the longest hour she would have in her life!

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