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Penny’s Chains 2

by West Coast Comet

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story continues from part one

Where We Left Off From Part 1...

Penny was finally able to pursue her fantasies in her own home. She had been able to purchase a condo with a basement. With no roommates to worry about, she had bound herself naked, with chains and padlocks. After all, there was no one to pull the rope around her wrists and knot it tight, so the padlocks would have to do.

“Holy Shit girl, you have really tied yourself up this time!” she spoke to the empty room. “I’ll bet you even have trouble when the keys….”

She stopped in mid-sentence and looked up at the empty hook in the ceiling. In her rush to get tied up, she had left the key in her freezer upstairs.

“Damn it!” she said out loud.

Then she looked at the key envelope pinned to the stairs, 15 feet away, then she looked at the key sitting on the furnace also 15 feet from her current position, both too far to reach while tethered.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She said at the top of her voice.

Part 2

Patty was in a lot of trouble. There was no safety coming over to check on her. There was no way to yell for help. Who would hear her? She was in the basement of her condo. She was in deep, deep trouble.

Her first thought was to increase her struggles, “Surely I can get out of these chains. Hell, my life depends on it!” she said out loud. She worked for a long period of time trying to pull her arms out of their bindings, unsuccessfully. In frustration, she tried to thrash and jerk her arms, doing little more than bruising her skin. The chains had no give, no mercy, and no hope in them.

Penny was in trouble, but she was about to get lucky. Not lucky like rolling two 6’s on a pair dice. This was like rolling 6’s on 20 pair of dice! Her rescue was about to take place. She had no clue about it, so her thoughts were much darker.

After her struggles, Penny lay peacefully on her side, shifting her weight every once in a while. Her mind had dropped from calm problem solving to panic, then to desperation and tears, then to prayer, and finally acceptance. It occurred to her that as she slowly starved, she might shrink enough to shake the chains off, but then she realized that she did not have that much extra weight, and her wrist bones would not shrink with the loss of weight. The chains would remain where they were.

She had two immediate problems that really cut into her mind deeply. The fear of dying slowly, of course, and the discomfort of the chains. She was bruised at almost every point where the chains contacted her skin. There was no give or flexibility in those chains. She could move a bit to relieve the pressure from the chains, but that fear of dying rested uncomfortably on her mind.

As a distraction from her immediate problems, Penny let her thoughts roll back to her times with Johnny. Her old words echoed in her mind, “No escape!” she said, “Tie it tighter!” Penny mouthed those words out loud.

“Jesus girl, you sure did tie it tight this time!” She said, again to nobody in particular.

Johnny & Penny Were Sweethearts

She recalled what she might call her best times getting tied up, and those were with her old boyfriend, Johnny.

Penny used to ask her brother to tie her up in the basement. Once she and Johnny connected, she found other outlets for her peculiar kink. Her brother never gave it another thought. He just assumed Penny had grown out of this behavior. Not so.

Penny smiled to herself as she thought about that Saturday. It was a hot July day. She had a date with Johnny to go up to his family’s lake cottage. She waved good bye to her brother as she went out the back door. She had told him that several girls were going up to the cottage and that Johnny’s parents would be sure everybody played nice. It was a blatant lie, of course.

“Hey Sis. You look real nice! Have fun. Be good!” her brother shouted.

Penny had on a white button shirt with a strapless bra underneath. She wanted to look alluring, so she found her shortest plaid skirt. A little green number that made her ass look very nice. She had her overnight bag with her and an old paper shopping bag with handles. Her bathing suit was at the top of the bag, but underneath were all the old ropes she had used in the basement.

Penny grinned at her brother, “If only he knew…” she thought, “Ropes in the bag and no panties on my derriere” she giggled.

The air blew up her skirt as she went down the steps to climb into Johnny’s car. He didn’t get a peak, but almost. The act made Penny’s heart skip a beat. She had never done something like this before, and found it highly erotic to go bare under her skirt.

Johnny drove a bit down the road. They had a two hour journey to the lake cottage. Johnny had made sure his parents were not going to be there this weekend, so he and Penny would have the whole time to themselves.

“Did you bring, um, did you bring the ropes?” Johnny asked tentatively.

Penny got a devilish smile on her face, “Of course silly. It just not a party without them!”

Johnny smiled, and immediately got an uncomfortable boner. He had been plotting with Penny to pull this off and now it was really happening. He wasn’t sure what to do next, so he kept driving. His mind was running wild with various fantasies. Meanwhile, he could see Penny sitting over there in Shotgun, grinning at him.

After about an hour, he could stand it no longer. He pulled off the road onto a side dirt road. Penny giggled and said, “I was wondering when you were going to tie me up”.

Of course, Johnny swallowed hard at Penny’s straight forward sexuality. He knew she was very into the moment and would tell him exactly what she wanted. At least there was no guessing. He reached into the shopping bag and pulled out two ropes randomly from the bag.

Penny unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over and kissed him, “You will have to buckle me back in once I’m helpless” she said slowly, with some huskiness in her voice. Penny’s heart seemed to be in her throat, and she was nervous as hell. This weekend was going to be great if she had anything to do with it. They had agreed that she would be tied up most of the time at the cottage, and her fantasies running wild in her head.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back”, Johnny said quietly.

“Sure. Tie it tight! No escape!” Penny said. She had decided to let her missing underwear be a surprise later, so she didn’t say anything about her state of partial dress. Besides, this moment was intense enough for these two teenagers.

Johnny wrapped her wrists loosely. Then he twisted the ends against each other and pulled the cinch loops tight, knotting the ends between her forearms where her little nimble fingers could not reach.

“Oh, that’s nice” Penny said as she twisted and tried unsuccessfully to pull her wrists out of the tie.

“Now my ankles” she said. Penny was always very direct in asking for what she wanted. The whole idea that a demure young lady should make her boyfriend guess seemed like such a waste of valuable time to her.

Johnny spun her around by lifting her legs up onto the seat. He wrapped the second rope around those lovely legs, also cinching it, perhaps more tightly than he cinched her wrists. Penny was giddy, and could not stop grinning. He had used a particularly long rope for her ankles, so he had made a wide wrap around the legs.

“Smart ass” Johnny said, looking her in the eye. He started to tickle her. Penny screamed and laughed, pulling her legs up close to her chest, exposing her little pussy. Johnny saw the girl’s indiscretion immediately, and it took him by surprise. He also notice that she apparently had shaved her pussy smooth. He sucked in his breath at Penny’s wanton sexual aggressiveness.

“Oh, you want some of this?” Penny said with some coyness, “Well you have to drive me all the way to your cottage before you get to sample my goods.”

Needless to say, Johnny put the petal to the metal and got there 20 minutes early.

Lake Cottage Fun

Johnny jumped out and pulled open the garage door. The garage was across the little road from the lake cottage. It was sort of a dark and dank place where the boat was stored during the winter. There was a single small window in the back of the extension sticking out the back. Very little light filtered through those dirty panes.

Johnny looked around to see if anyone was outside, and then satisfied nobody saw them arrive, he pulled the car into the garage. He got out again and closed the garage door. He had been thinking about the little vixen sitting next to him, giving him an erection for most of the trip, and he wanted a little revenge on this tease.

Johnny began to kiss Penny, and touch her all over. She was already firecracker hot when he started, and now she was ready to get some satisfaction. He brought her almost to climax just using his fingers several times, but stopped.

“Shit! Why did you stop?” Whined Penny.

“Remember, I can’t sample your goodies until we get to the lake cottage. This is just the garage. It just wouldn’t do to get started in the wrong place. We need to get to the cottage, as you said. By the way, I like what you did to your… um, well… I liked that you shaved it” He could not bring himself to be as direct to his girl as she was to him.

“To hell with that. Quit splitting hairs …or the lack of hairs. Please do me! Let’s just do it right here!” Penny pleaded.

She did look pretty appealing. Her white shirt shoved back on her arms. Her strapless bra on the floor boards, along with her plaid skirt, and flip-flops. Johnny could see her arousal in the din light. Her chest was flushed and her nipples stood out like little pencil erasers.

“Alright, but let’s get you naked first” Johnny said with a smirk. He rather liked how forward Penny was. Hell, she was almost like a guy in the way she would ask for sex. “Damn, I am lucky!” He thought. He was lucky, luckier than he would ever be again, at least with a girlfriend that was so direct about her sexuality.

“Turn around so I can untie your hands and get this shirt off your arms. You look so much better with no clothes” Johnny said in a course whisper. Penny smiled and flipped around so he could work on the knots at her wrists. He quickly untied her hands and pulled off the white shirt.

“I want to tie your hands differently. I was thinking about how to make you more comfortable and maybe more helpless” Johnny said.

“Oooooh, I’d like that” replied Penny, giving a little wiggle to her shoulders, and smiling at Johnny over her shoulder.

“Holy shit this girl is hot, hot, hot!” thought Johnny.

Johnny started in the middle of the rope, wrapped the cord around only one wrist. He wrapped it four times and then passed the rope under the wrapping, tying so that the wrist was secure, but the wrapping would not tighten. He did the same for the other wrist as well. Then he folded her arms across her back, and wrapped the 2 rope leads from each wrist around her chest, just under her breasts. He tied the leads in a nice square knot. This created a box tie pulling Penny’s hands out to either side of her back, and pulling her arms parallel across her back.

“Oh” She said in surprise. “That feels different”.

“I thought you might like the way it feels. You can’t use your hands now, and your arms are pretty much useless” Johnny said quietly, as he pulled the leads over her shoulders, a pair on each side of her neck. He tied the loose ends off by wrapping them around her arms at the middle of her back.

“You can’t reach any knots. You can’t pull your arms down, and you can’t protect any part of your body from my evil intentions! Haw!” He said in a mock threat. He reached around and squeezed both of her breasts.

Penny squealed, giggled and twisted, trying to pull her arms out of the bind, or get leverage somehow. It was impossible.

“Holy shit this is… I can’t…. Yes, this is good” She said with a note of defeat. “I like it! Now let’s get going!” She tried to pull herself up on the seat, but found that, indeed, her arms were useless. She couldn’t maneuver at all.

She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder, with her most wanton look she could muster on her face, but Johnny was already opening his car door.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked with a pout.

“I can’t wait to get to the cottage” Johnny said over his shoulder as he slammed the door.

He walked around the car in the narrow garage, and opened her door. She started to lay back, thinking Johnny was going to do her right there. Instead he reached in and grabbed the rope across her middle, and pulled her out of the car. In one move he dipped his shoulder and swung her over.

“Hey what are you doing?” She said in a loud voice.

“Shhhhhh! Be quiet! We don’t want anyone to know we are here. Do I need to gag you?” Johnny said quietly, almost in a whisper.

They had played with Gags, and Penny did not like them. She liked being helpless, but she also liked to keep her lover informed of what she wanted. While she did think the gag added to her helplessness, it also kept her from being as satisfied with the love making. The use of a gag was still undecided, but she did not want one right now.

“Okay, I will be quiet” she conceded.

“No matter what I do? Johnny scolded.

“Yes, yes. Do what you want. However, I think if you carry me across the road to the cottage, you might want to think about that. You’re going to attract attention with a naked girl over your shoulder, you know. Hell, if they see that I am tied up, they will probably call the cops. I’ll tell them you kidnapped me!” Penny threatened in a whisper that was loud enough to be clearly heard.

“I got it covered” Johnny said as he walked toward the back of the garage, away from the door.

“I’ve going to stash you here until I can take our stuff to the cottage, get the door open, and get a blanket” He said quietly, but with a smirk in his voice. He grabbed both her legs at the knee and pushed them upward, hooking her ankles over the large block and tackle used to hold the boat. He ducked away and let her swing down. The hook had a turnbuckle, so Penny slowly turned and swung as she struggled.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Penny said as she sucked her breath in while swinging by her heels. The suspension took her completely by surprise. Penny twisted and struggled, bending at the waist to protect herself (unnecessarily of course).

Johnny grabbed her ass as she swung toward him and stabilized her.

“Take it easy, babe. You can wait here while I clear the way to get you to the house. I know how you like being helpless. I just thought I’d up the ante.” Johnny said.

He was looking straight at her pussy. He had not planned it that way, but as she hung there, her snatch was right in his face. He kissed it, which made Penny moan.

“Johnny, you can’t leave me like this!” Penny continued to plead in a hoarse whisper, “This is too scary! …and I’m all hot and bothered. I need some relief” Always direct, of course.

She jerked in her bondage, “I am so horny. I like this! You have to help me” She stretched, arching her back, pushing her crotch closer to Johnny. “I need you to fuck me just like this, while I’m hanging here!”

Johnny was getting his revenge, but he was not sure how long he could last. The rock in his pants was about to explode.

“How the Hell am I going to fuck you like that? I’m not a bat you know!” Johnny said with a grin.

“You take care of me, and I will do what I can for you” he said. He started to lick and kiss Penny’s pussy while dropping his own pants. The couple had not tried any oral sex before, but they had both heard about it. It took some experimentation, but they both managed to get off pretty quickly. Frankly, the long drive while being continually aroused made the task easy. They both came with roaring violence with minimal stimulation.

Afterward, Johnny pulled up his pants, pulled their stuff out of his car, and pulled up the garage door enough to scoot under it.

Penny whispered, “Oh God!” at the prospect of being exposed while hanging like a hunk of meat. There was nothing she could do about it, and that made it all the more exciting. At least she had been given some relief from the unrelenting sexual arousal.

Johnny got to the house and unlocked the door. He put their stuff inside, and grabbed a blanket from the linen closet. He thought about just carrying Penny across the street naked, but he heard some kids playing next door near the lake. He really didn’t want to expose Penny anyway. It was enough that he left her hanging in that old garage.

Johnny lifted Penny off the hook and covered her with the blanket. He then carried her across the street to the lake cottage. Once inside, they preceded to the bedroom to really get off. Penny had agreed to be bound one way or another for most of the weekend. She would be let out of the ropes for bathroom breaks, showers, and sometimes for eating. Johnny had gotten a kick out of feeding her a couple times, but it got tedious after that, so he let her feed herself.

Almost Caught and Other Regrets

Present day Penny, self-bound in those awful chains and locks, smiled to herself as she recalled that they spent most of that time at the lake cottage tied up and fucking. It was wonderful. She remembered that she and Johnny repeated this weekend getaway 2 more times before they got caught. She smiled at that as well. These memories helped her not think so hard about her desperate situation. She also found that she was getting slightly aroused, even in her deadly situation.

“Yes, we did get caught”, she thought, “Thank God Johnny was a quick thinker”. She chuckled out loud, “A quick thinker and a quick tinker”. It was their joke after they survived a day with Johnny’s folks at the lake cottage.

She recalled the panic that went through her, and him too. They had repeated the same actions as before when they first visited the lake cottage. He left her hanging by her heels, naked in the garage. He grabbed their things taking them inside the cottage. As he opened the door, his mother greeted him from the kitchen.

“Hi Johnny. I am really glad you could make it. I heard you were coming up here so we decided to join you. Dad and your little brother are out on the boat” his mother rushed up to hug him. She continued talking to the very surprised and panicky Johnny, “I hope you brought your girlfriend up with you”

What was he going to do? He knew he couldn’t leave Penny hanging all day in the back of the garage.

“The little minx would probably like it” He thought to himself. Then he came up with a plan.

“Penny is out in the garage. She wanted a little privacy so she could change into something nicer before coming in. I’ll go get her” He was blushing and his tongue felt like it was 4” thick, but his mom bought the story. Johnny headed back to the garage.

Johnny carefully lifted the garage door just a crack, feeling his mom’s eyes on him. Just enough to allow him to scoot under the door. No way did he want her to catch sight of his girlfriend hanging by her heals, naked and bound. He dropped the door behind him and rushed to untie Penny. Soon she emerged from the garage in her neat white blouse and little plaid skirt. No underwear, but she didn’t intend to flash Johnny’s mother anyway.

It was a nice weekend. They rode in the boat and enjoyed the lovely weather. Johnny slept on the couch, and Penny got his bedroom. Everything turned out okay for the young couple. Well sort of okay.

As she thought about those days, her mind wandered to the way they split. Johnny had gone to college the year before Penny. He would come back to town and see her when he could. Penny decided to go to another school a year later, and that’s when the problems really started. She was very focused on her academics, and pretty well ignored her relationship with Johnny. He made many attempts to keep them together, but after a while he cooled on her and found someone else.

It was only after he was gone that she realized her loss. Then she made some attempts to get back together with him, but he had moved on. Much of what they had, should have been classified as lust rather than love. It might have matured into love in time, but she had cut it off. Johnny seemed to have sensed this. He told her on the phone that she really didn’t have true feelings for him, and he found someone who he could love, and be loved by her in return. His new girl was never as direct as Penny about what she wanted, but by then Johnny was pretty good at reading a woman’s needs.

After “that phone call”, Penny had cried for some time. She finally realized what she had thrown away. Now, wrapped in chains and facing her own demise, her mind drove right back into that sorrow. She remembered the rest of that story about the lake cottage. How petulant and bitchy she had been when she realized that she would not be having a weekend filled with sex and bondage. She had been sullen and withdrawn the entire time she spent with Johnny’s family. Johnny later told her that his mom really didn’t think she was the girl for him. She had been selfish and stupid.

“I’ve thrown away the love of my life, and now it seems, my very life, for what? This selfish lust? I knew better, damn it! There should be someone in my life. Someone to rescue me now!” she thought, “If I had just been more attentive to others, if I had just...” Her list of regrets went on and on.

Her tears rolled across her cheeks as she finally deeply understood who she had been, and how she had acted. She had started down this path so innocently in her family’s basement, but became lost, being far too focused on her own satisfaction. Now she lay on her basement floor, naked, bound with implacable chains and padlocks. Bound by her own hand, with no escape.

“Perhaps this is fitting punishment, eh? No escape! No escape for the girl who was an asshole!” she said out loud, sarcastically to herself. If only she could get out of these chains. She pulled once again at her arms and found they would not budge from their wrappings. She realized that even with her hands free, unless she could get free of the tether chain around her ankles, she still couldn’t reach any keys.

Suddenly her dark revelry was broken by a strange sound. It took Penny a few moments to realize what she was hearing. Someone was knocking on the door! She began to yell as loudly as she could, “Help me! Help Me! I’m in the basement!”

On the Mark

Mark Samuels decided to stop by his old condo to drop off some keys and a second garage door opener. It was Saturday afternoon and he was passing by the place. He decided to take a chance the new owner would be in. Still, he was a little uncomfortable being there.

“Maybe I should have just given these keys to the realtor and been done with this BS” he thought.

The noise of the street nearby masked any noise from the basement. When no one answered the door, Mark turned away and walked back to his car, then stopped. He was going to leave but then, he had second thoughts. He grabbed an envelope from his car and wrote on the outside:

“Sorry to bother you. Here are the extra keys and the opener. Once I give these to you, you can be sure no one else has keys to your new place. Hope you enjoy the condo! Thanks, Mark S.”

He placed the items inside the envelope, and slipped it inside the storm door, and started to leave again. Looking back at the door, he had second thoughts, again. He was concerned that the envelope could be stolen.

“I’ll put these things on her kitchen table and leave. I hope she doesn’t freak out that I entered her house” he thought as he retrieved the back door key and pushed it into the lock. Twenty pairs of dice just came up with sixes. Of course Mark heard Penny’s screams once he entered the house. He tore open the basement door and ran down the steps.

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed, “Who did this to you?

He ran to Penny and knelt down, cradling Penny’s head in his hands as he looked her over, “You poor girl, who did this? Let me get you out and then I’ll call the police” he said.

Penny was still weeping, “I thought I was going to die down here. Thank you, thank you, thank you” she choked out.

Mark tried to pull the chains off, but had no success in getting the girl free. He looked around for any sort of tool to cut the chains, when Penny spoke, “The key is in that envelope pinned to the stairs”

Mark gently laid her head down on the carpet and ran over to the stairs, retrieving the key. He went directly to her tether chain and removed it. He undid her ankles and then working up her body, he undid her knees. Penny stretched and then spread her legs, giving Mark an unexpected view of her private parts. She had continued to be clean shaven ever since her first trip to the lake cottage with Johnny. She liked the look so she continued to maintain it.

Mark couldn’t help but look. In fact he found this lady very attractive.

Now she rolled onto her side which showed her figure nicely. Her hips rounded out contrasting with a small waist. Her breasts were round and full, and not overly large. All this he had taken in at a glance when he was running down the stairs and saw Penny on the basement floor, but wow, she looked even better close up. He sucked his breath through clenched teeth.

Now free of that tether, Penny gathered herself and sat up, still with her arms bound. She looked over her rescuer closely as she blinked away her tears. Mark explained who he was and why he had entered her house. She just nodded.

“Please, do you have a handkerchief or a Kleenex?” Penny asked.

“Sure” Mark used his handkerchief to wipe away her tears. His touch was tender. “Let me finish unlocking these padlocks. We need to call the police as quickly as possible. In fact I have probably already contaminated the crime scene in my rescue”

“Well, don’t worry about that” Penny realized she had better get ahead of this before she had half the city’s police force stomping around her basement looking for a non-existent villain. “It is not a crime scene. I did this to myself”

“What?” Said Mark as he looked with an odd expression on his face. He quickly processed what she said and incorrectly figured she was protecting someone. “Listen, it is okay if you don’t want to tell me who did this to you. I won’t call the police if you don’t want me to”

He stepped around behind her and continued to unlock her. Penny was sore as hell, but relived that she was now free. She invited him to come up the stairs and have a cup of coffee with her. She would explain everything after she put on her robe, if he had the time to spend with her.

He watched this naked goddess walk up the basement stairs in front of him, her ass gently moving side-to-side as she climbed. Mark decided he would make time. This had to be a good story, besides, he would like to get to know this young lady a little better.

“I ought to get some reward for being the hero in this story” he thought, and he was right. He got plenty.

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