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Poolside Adventure 2

by Ariadne Smith

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© Copyright 2007 - Ariadne Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; outdoors; discovered; bdsm; toys; anal; oral; cons; X

Earlier this year I wrote up "my poolside adventure" of August 2006. Just to remind you, I'm an attractive 34 year old woman - blond, 5 foot 3 inches, 110 pounds, full C cup breasts - with an interest in self-bondage and light bdsm inspired, in part, by the stories on this website. Last summer, my neighbors asked me to watch their house while they were away on vacation, and I took the opportunity to practice some self-bondage by their backyard pool so that their their cute, twenty-something pool man could find me and fuck me.

This summer, I really wanted a repeat. Although I still live in the same place with the same neighbors with the same pool and, it turned out, the same hunky pool cleaner, there was no indication that my neighbors planned to go away on a long vacation again. But then, on the last Monday morning in August, I spotted them loading up their car with suitcases. I hurriedly wandered outside to pick up my newspaper and said, "Oh, hey there, taking a trip?" to the middle aged dad, as innocently as I could muster. We had a brief conversation about the car trip he and his family were taking, and I learned that they would be away the whole week, until Labor Day. He did not ask me to collect their papers, nor did he offer me the use of their pool. Now, I don't think that the pool man ever told them what happened last summer; the neighbors were never really friendly to begin with. But since I now knew they were going to be away, I planned to use their pool and yard anyway. I watched from my kitchen window as their car pulled away, and my hand slipped down to my bare pussy. I was already very moist. The pool man was due on Thursday. I would be there for him.

Since that Monday was a really lovely day, I decided to go into work late and went over to the neighbor's backyard to sit out a while in my bikini. Everything looked the same: the pool deck, the yard, and the fencing - no one could see into their backyard. After a while, I took my suit off and laid out naked. I rubbed lotion all over my body, and felt the hot sun warm my breasts and pussy. I rubbed myself to two exquisite orgasms as I imagined being found and fucked by the pool man.

Last year, the pool man had been almost too polite about the whole thing, merely fucking me and then letting me go. At least I knew he had wanted a repeat, even though I hadn't been able to arrange it at the time. I wondered how we could kick things up a notch. But what would happen if it went too far? What if he called a bunch of friends to come over? What if he threw me in the trunk of his car and kept me in bondage? I wanted to write him a note, but I didn't really want to come across as telling him what to do. The danger of not knowing was part of what really turned me on. I decided the best thing to do would to somehow lock myself (naked) in the yard so I could not be abducted and to leave a lot of toys and things for him to use as he saw fit.

I needed some good steel handcuffs, thick steel chains, and padlocks so that my pool man would not be able to remove without some serious equipment. In addition, I would have to hide the key somewhere temporarily inaccessible, but where I would still be able to get at it later on. After purchasing a few supplies, I was more than ready and excited on Thursday morning. I knew Thursday was his cleaning day, but when would he come? Would he really show up?

At dawn on Thursday morning, I ate a full breakfast, showered, and snuck naked over to my next door neighbor's yard with my supplies. First, I put on a generous amount of sunblock and insect repellent all over my body and tied my hair back. The keys to my handcuffs and padlocks, I had frozen into a large block of ice. The block, together with a few blue gel ice packs (to slow the melting), I buried under five inches of sand in a corner of their sandbox. I really had no idea how long the ice would take to melt, but I knew it would take quite a while.

Next, I placed a cooler containing some beer on the walkway near the gate from the street (where the pool man would find it) and, on top, placed a riding crop, a package of clothes pins, a ball gag, a big dildo, some condoms, and a brief note inviting him to use me for his pleasure and leave me "to be retreived" that evening. Next I placed a vibrating egg in my wet pussy and a medium-sized, lubricated plug in my butt, then put on some tight cotton panties to hold everything in place - that was my only clothing for the day. I then wrapped and padlocked one end of the chain around a small tree on the side of the yard, and wrapped and padlocked the other end of the chain tightly around my waist. The only way to remove the chain was with big bolt cutters or the hidden keys. The only way I could leave the yard was to remove the chain or cut down the tree. I had about a fifteen foot radius of movement, just enough to reach the sandbox, the shade of the tree, a padded chaise lounge chair, a bowl of water I left by the tree, and the steps of the pool. Next I tied a nylon string around my ankles with a short space between them - this would be easy to remove (once my hands were free) but made it very difficult to walk. Then I placed a tight blindfold over my eyes and ear plugs in my ears, turned on the vibrating egg, and, with a gasp of excitement, quickly cuffed my hands behind my back.

Almost immediately, I started worrying and wondering about what the hell I was doing. I thought, more than once, of the keys I could retrieve: If I dug them out, however, I would probably still have to wait quite a while for the ice to melt, which would also increase the chance that the pool man would arrive and get access to the keys - something I wanted to avoid at all costs. The vibrator was making my pussy hot and wet and my panties were getting soaked. I laid face down on the lounge and felt the sun on my back. I daydreamed about being found and man-handled and fucked and about the pool man's cum dribbling down my face and breasts. I desperately wanted to orgasm, but the vibrating egg wasn't enough by itself to get me off and I couldn't reach my clitoris with my hands. I wanted, I needed to be touched, grabbed, pinched, and poked. I couldn't keep my hips still. Eventually, I had to flip over onto my back, even though my arms were pinned painfully behind me and the padlock dug into the small of my back. I could only stand that for a short time. Eventually, the batteries for the vibrating egg ran down and it stopped altogether.

I had been bound for a long time already and was getting hot from the sun. I hobbled over to the pool, sat on the hot deck, and swung my legs into the water. I sat on the first step a while in the cool water. Then I scootched on my butt over by the tree to sit in the shade. My full weight pressed down on the base of the anal plug, and I wiggled on it because it felt so good. But I also started to feel the need to pee and wondered if I should drink some water. I stood up and hooked my thumb into the back of my panties and was eventually able to push the panties down to my knees. I was able to grab the cord of the vibrating egg and gently pull it out of my pussy. I hobbled over to leave it behind the tree, and my panties fell all the way down to my knees. There behind the tree, I squated and peed on the grass, then I got on my knees to carefully drink from the water bowl - it was hard not to fall forward and spill the water. After a full drink, I went back to the lounge chair and laid down on my tummy again. The hot fabric burned against my tummy and breasts, but soon it became a bit cooler. I was able to open my knees and felt the breeze against my hot pussy. I fell asleep.

I woke up in a panic, having forgotten that I was bound, and fell off the lounge onto the grass with a thump. I stood up and moved around to reawaken my arms and legs. It had cooled off considerably and, I guessed, the sky had gotten overcast since the sun was no longer warming me. I didnt think it was night yet. I sat on the lounge and wondered what to do. I had been bound by then for hours, I was horny, and I was starting to wonder if the pool man was ever going to come. I knelt by the side of the lounge chair and used the edge to push the blindfold off my face. I could tell from the partial sunlight that it was still only mid-day; I guessed I had only slept a few minutes.

After scooting over for another little dip on the pool steps, I had to decide whether to dig up the keys or to get back up on the padded lounge chair, on my tummy, knees apart and pussy exposed, and wait. My stomach turned over yet I also felt a rush of heat in my pussy. I also knew that I might never ever have a chance to repeat the sort of outrageous scenario I was performing, especially one where I knew the stranger finding me was not crazy and was actually really hot. I found myself laying down on the lounger, spreading my knees and pushing my ass and pussy up. I closed my eyes tightly. First, I thought I'd count to five thousand, something like that, and then get the keys. I didn't really know how long I'd dare to wait. My pussy was juicy and hot again. I wanted him to find me, I wanted him to use me, but I was so nervous.

I didn't have to wait long. Suddenly, with no warning, I felt a huge smack on my butt cheek. My eyes opened but I couldn't see who it was, and couldn't hear as the riding crop swished through the air and smacked my ass again. My butt was on fire and I thrashed about. Whoever it was, he put the blindfold back over my eyes, and then went to work with the riding crop, smacking my thighs, my ass, and my back, all over. For a few minutes, he smacked the base of the anal plug over and over. My whole backside was on fire from the whipping I was getting, especially my ass. Then he flipped me over onto my back, my arms pinned beneath me. He went back to work with the riding crop, smacking my tits, tummy, thighs and pussy. He kept pulling my thighs open but I was afraid of being hit too hard on my pussy and wouldn't open them.

Finally he took the string off my ankles and tied my knees wide apart on the lounge chair. That's when he started smacking my pussy, and I started to cry out. He stopped to stuff the ball gag into my mouth, then went back to work on my pussy and thighs. Before long it felt like I was on fire, but I could also tell that my pussy was sopping wet. His fingers probed inside my pussy and indeed he slid them in and out easily thanks to my extreme state of lubrication. Suddenly he was on top of me, sliding his fat throbbing cock into my wet pussy. Between his cock and the anal plug I felt so full, as he slammed into me harder and harder, grunting and dripping sweat on me. We both came, me first, before he relaxed and slowly pulled out of my pussy.

He pulled an ear plug from my ear and said, "I have one more client to take care of, then I'm coming back to fuck you all afternoon." I flushed, knowing I would wait for him, wanting him. "Please," I garbled through my gag, "you have to put me on my front, for my arms." He did then untie my knees and flip me over. I heard him gathering his equipment and leaving through the fence gate. Would I wait for him? Would I rush to the sandbox and recover my keys and escape now? Somehow, I felt safe. The fact that he had turned me over when I asked suggested he was not really interested in hurting me, or maybe it was something in his manner. I wanted his cock so badly. I decided to wait.

Since I only had one ear plug in, I heard him coming this time. He got a beer from the cooler. He told me to sit on the edge of the lounger. I rolled over and he pulled me up to sitting. He took the gag from my mouth. "So you're mine to use until dark, huh?"

"Yes, sir," I replied.

He pulled on my nipples and then attached clothes pins to them, and not just on the nipples. He attached clothes pins all around my breasts, on my tummy, and then on my labia. His fingers went into my pussy again, and he found I was soaked. His fingers went into my mouth and I sucked greedily. "You like pussy, huh? Ever eat out another girl?"

"No, sir, I have not," I gasped; the clothes pins stung terribly. Actually, I had never seriously thought about being with a woman.

He told me to stand up. I stood, and he used to riding crop to strike the clothes pins and knock them off. It hurt like hell and I had a hard time standing still. I kept trying to move out of the way, but I couldn't see where he was. When he was done, he pushed me down onto my knees and fed his hard cock into my mouth. I made love to his cock like he was a god - licking and sucking and playing it with my teeth and tongue, licking his balls, and all around. Then he pushed my head down to the ground and lifted my ass. He withdrew the anal plug from my ass. His cock slammed into my pussy and he pumped me in and out, then raised his cock and pushed it, gently, into my ass and fucked my ass slowly, then faster, then he was grunting and cumming again. I collapsed on my side on the grass, and my pool man immediately spread my legs and started sucking on my clit. In no time, I was cumming too, even though he only licked me for a minute.

I was tired. It was late afternoon. I'd been fucked in my mouth, pussy, and ass. But the pool man wanted me again. He pushed my mouth down on his softish cock and had me lick and suck until he was hard again. He stood me up and got behind me this time, fucking me from behind. It took longer this time, but he came again, and then I heard him jump into the swimming pool and splash around. Then he was silent for a while. I sat down on the grass. I heard him get out and walk around me, and then he sat on the ground next to me.

"What's your name?" he asked. I was silent. He pulled off my blindfold and looked me right in the eye. Then I saw a tripod behind him, with a video recorder. "You must live around here, that's my guess," he said. "Who is it exactly that leaves you out here?" I didn't answer. "Hmm, then why don't you tell me where the keys are?"

He crept up to me and gently squeezed my tit, then ran his hand down to my pussy. Two fingers went in as he cupped my mound; I found I was grinding down on his hand. He whispered in my ear: "I've learned a lot about women like you this past year. Would you like to be my slave? I promise I will treat you very well, but you have to tell me where the keys are." His fingers were making me so hot, I couldn't think straight, so I said nothing but moaned. "Well?" he insisted, as I neared orgasm.

"If you leave me your phone number, I will call you, I swear. I'm not ready to be a slave, but I, I could be your girlfriend. We can do anything you like," I gasped.

He pulled his fingers from my pussy, leaving me wanting. He fetched a pen and wrote his number on my chest. "I'd like you to call," he said, and gathered up his things, his clothes and video recorder. Before leaving he came back to me and kissed me once, sweetly, then he left.

I went to the sandbox at long last, just as the sun was setting. It only took a minute to get the keys and unlock myself. Diving in the pool, collecting all my toys and the garbage and condom wrappers before dark, drinking a beer, I was in a daze. I had serious marks all over my body, and my pussy was very sore. I got back to my house next door after dark and ran for something to eat. From my kitchen window, I could see the pool man, parked in the company van in front of the neighbor's house. He saw me, smiled, and waved.

I called him 10 minutes after he drove away and left my name and phone number on his machine. We have a date this Friday night.


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