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Puppy Love 2

by Turbo Bruin

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© Copyright 2009 - Turbo Bruin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cage; gag; discovered; M/f; bond; anal; oral; toys; cons; X

continued from part 1

Part 2

I love living with my new husband, Thomas, who I didn’t say his name in my last story. We moved out of our apartment, finally, and got a nice country home. We lived in a wooded area and have a tall wooden fence in our back yard for Elexa, our golden retriever, to play. My parents gave us a large amount of money as a wedding gift to pay for our honeymoon. We didn’t use much of it and used the rest to make a basement dungeon.

For almost the past month Tom has been away on business trip after business trip. I feel so lonely just sitting down with my puppy. He says its because his company has been getting ready to sell a new product, and with him getting a promotion has made him to busy. Every time he comes home I want to give him a treat. But every time he comes home its only for a night and he is too tired to even think about it. Last time he left he said this was the last trip then they would give him a week of paid vacation for over working him for a month straight. I was so happy that I could enjoy him for myself for a whole week, no interruption.

Today is the day he returns, I have three hours to prepare. I went down to our dungeon and began to get prepared. I looked at each and everything that we bought over the last few months, cages, tables, a horse, some hooks on the ceiling, walls, and supports. I looked at each one trying to think of some creative way to use it. Nothing seemed to creative, but I did decide to go with the cage. It was just a small one that I could barely fit in. While I was looking at it I had a memory of Elexa locking herself in it, even she looked cute, stuck by her own paw.

Earlier in the day Tom had called and confirmed his arrival time, saying he would not change his plans. I think he knew what to expect, so I knew I had to do this. I got everything ready for my captivity. Three pairs of cuffs, six small straps, two longer straps, my slave collar, and a ring gag. I closed up the house and closed all of the curtains, even though no one would ever be able to see in our house. Then I fed and gave water to Elexa, then shut the door to the basement so she would not swipe the keys this time.

I began to set up my cage before I got in it. First I put the ring gag on and locked it behind my head. I loved this gag so much, Tom got it for our honeymoon and made me give him a blowjob every time we were some place private. Well back to the cage, I looped a small strap at each of the bottom corners of the cage and the last two at the top corners in the back. Then I took a larger strap and placed it around the outside, toward the front and had the ends able to meet in the middle on the inside. The last strap I looped it around the middle top bar then out the back, over the top and back in. I got all my locks ready and placed all the keys on a ring together, I did not think this was a mistake at the time, then hung them on the wall.

I began to get in and put on my collar, then decided to add something. I got out and grabbed a vibrator and a crotch belt. I lubed it up and slid it inside turning it on medium strength with a five minute delay. I put all my cuffs on now, at my wrist, ankles, and just above the knees. Then got back in the cage, locking the front gate of it. First I locked my knees to the back corners of the cage. Then I stretch my legs up and locked my ankles to the top corners, this was hard with the limited room. Once locked I bent back and grabbed the long strap in the back, and locked it around my waist, pinning my rear to the back of the cage. Then I took the ends of the front straps and locked them to my collar, making it almost impossible to move my head side to side, also pinning my back to the top of the cage. Finally I locked my wrist to the front of the cage. I then spent some time testing my bonds until my vibrator came to life.

I felt so free at this point. I was bound and helpless, until my husband let me out. The dog could not interfere, and I was caged like a dog. I have not felt this good for almost a month now. I could feel time pass, I know it was only a half hour, but it felt like a day had past. I only had one orgasm before I heard the door to the basement open. Then I began to question time and the rate at which this vibrator satisfies me. Then I see Elexa slowly going down the stairs. I was completely shocked my her appearance since I know I closed the door. A thought came to my head, we had a door handle on the basement door, not a nob, Elexa could easily open the door by jumping up on it.

She walked down and wandered around for a little bit. "Please don’t see the keys, please don’t see the keys." ran through my head over and over. I felt a little relief when she walked right past them. Then she walked behind me, I tried to watch her, and she jumped on a table. I heard a small ‘clank’ on the floor and saw the remote to my vibrator. She began to lick it, slowly turning down the power. Then she turned her head and licked it again, this time turning the power all the way up to full blast. I started thrashing in the cage, and she looked at me. She walked towards my face and began to lick me. I shook my trying to get her to stop, and after a minute she finally did.

I thought it could not get any worst and was relieved to see her walking away. Then on the way out she saw the keys. I tried to yell out "NO!" at her, but she just walked up, put her front paws on the wall, and took the keys. I began to try to yell louder and she ran off, up the stairs, with the keys. "Damn not again" was the only thought that crossed my mind, until I realized my vibrator was still on full. I have used it a lot on full in recent months, so I put all of my energy into an orgasm, sometimes not able to move until after another one hits me.

For the next two hours I had multiple orgasms. Elexa had come down every-so-often and would lick the vibrator remote and change the speed. I felt like I had a computer program running that would change the speed at random. I did try to enjoy my predicament as best I could. When the vibrator was on low and I could concentrate I thought of what could Tom do to me. Then once I did hit the two hour point all my joints began to ache really bad. My thighs began to burn, my knees hurt from sitting in one position for hours. My neck hurt from being held up in the same position, finally my wrist hurt from putting so much pressure on them.

I hear footsteps in the house. Tom was finally home, and I can finally have the relief I have wanted for a while. He walks around every part of the house, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. He spent nearly ten minutes walking around before he came down stairs. "Looks like I have a bad puppy, who has been in her cage for a while." he smirks.

"Uhhhph mmmh ka" I tried telling him to find my keys.

"Sorry I don’t understand slave." he remarks, "lets see what should I do first, ass, mouth, or try for a kid again?"

He slowly walked around me and almost stepped on the remote to my vibrator. He notices it at the last second and picks it up.

"Looks like my other puppy was torturing you since you got in this mess. Lets turn this off and remove it."

He began to remove my crotch belt, I was really glad I did not lock that on. Then set it on the table with the remote. Then I noticed the lights dim down, meaning he took off his clothes and put them on top of the cage. Then I could feel him playing with my clit. I was on the edge of an orgasm before, now he sent me over the edge. I start to moan in my gag and he stands back up.

"I guess your ass is first" as I feel him thrust in. "I know you love it anyway I fuck you, but today just seems like a butt sex kinda day."

I am forced against the back of the cage. It raddles every time he thrust into me. I begin to scream in my gag in pain and pleasure. I really don’t like it in my ass and I have only let him do it once, but I really do enjoy having my rear penetrated. It hurts so much afterwards is why I hate it, and while he is doing it, it feels like I am about to rip a muscle. Then I can feel him reaching the edge of his great orgasm. He grabs the strap around my waist and pulls it, pinning me even harder against the back, and releases his load. His load would not stop, I almost felt afraid that he was going to orgasm to death.

When he finally stops he says, "one month of back-up can really make an orgasm all the sweeter" then he began to laugh as he sat down on the floor. "I guess you want out of there?"

I nodded.

"Then where did you put the keys?"

"Oogg!" trying to say dog.

"I think I heard you say ‘dog?’" I nodded again. "I’ll go find them, hopefully she didn’t have them when I let her outside." I looked at him, having a worried face and his hand on his head, which got me worried.

I was really starting to get mad since he sat for a minute before doing anything. Also my rear was beginning to burn as my muscles tried to close up. Then when he finally got up he grabbed my vibrator again. I thought he would put it in my sex again, but he changed destination up about three inches, thrusting it deep in my rear. After a few seconds of pushing it all the way he put the crotch belt back on me, and walked away.

I heard him walking around again, then call out our back door for Elexa. I heard her come in acting all playful and running all around. She ran across the house and Tom followed. Then I hear her getting playful again and dart across the house again. Tom must have tripped chasing her a time or two before she came down stairs. I saw the keys in her mouth, then heard Tom run down the stairs. He ran straight for her, and right before he reached her he slipped. Our floor is concrete and he was barefoot, meaning no traction. Elexa ran back up the stairs, Tom was able to get up and grab her after a few stairs, I was just glad Tom didn’t hit his head.

Now that he had Elexa, he tried for the keys. She dropped them in the struggle, making them fall under the stairs. They must have just been out of reach, because Tom gave up after a few seconds. So tom walked around to the other side of the stairs and opened the closet door. The closet under the stairs was where we kept most of our larger bondage gear in. So Tom spent ten minutes moving everything out of the closet. Finally he walked out with the keys in his hand, and I was so relieved. But instead of unlocking my restraints, Tom began to move all of the gear back into the closet.

When he was done he began to unlock my restraints. He unlocked my legs first, which had since fallen asleep and I could not move them. Next he unlocked my waist and my collar, which let my body collapse on the floor of the cage. Last came my wrist, and the first thing I did was go for my crotch belt. He grabbed one through the bars, "no, not yet, hands behind your back." I complied and he locked my hand behind my back. Then he attached a leash to my collar.

When he let me out of the cage, he guided me carefully. Once I could stand he walked me upstairs and out to the back yard. I did not resist until we hit the back door, but he just pulled harder. Elexa followed us out, beginning to sniff all around to go to the bathroom. "Well lets get you out of that crotch belt so you can go to the bathroom too." He pulled off the belt and spent a few seconds removing the vibrator with a towel he grabbed on the way out.

"Okay, I will tie you to this tree and be back in five minutes, that should be enough time for you to go to the bathroom, also should give you some privacy." he said while tying my leash to a branch above my head.

He walked back inside, Elexa following, and closed the door, walking out of sight. I knew this was my only chance to relieve myself and I already could feel his cum coming out of my ass and down my leg. I leaned against the tree and began to have a bowel movement. Then once I was done I waited for Tom to return.

When he came out he had a container of baby wipes in his hand. He took me to our back porch and began to clean my ass and my legs. He sat on a lawn chair and put me in front of him. I knew what he wanted and spent no time getting started. "This is my reward for chasing that dog all over the house and having to move all of that heavy crap out of the closet."

I continued to bob my head on his shaft. I wanted to do this in the first place, that is why I wore the ring gag. I was spending each and every movement trying to please him, until he finally hit his climax. He usually gives me a short warning by grabbing my head against his crotch, then orgasm.

He handed me the keys and I removed my cuffs and collar, but could not find the key to my gag. "If your looking for this, I am holding onto it until dinner time" holding the key in my face.

I just walked away and went to take a shower. Then walked around the house naked and wrote out a note asking when he wants dinner and what he want for dinner. He replied "in two hours, and what ever you want to make."

Now I was thinking of how to waste time so I went to check my email. I usually don’t go through my email over the weekend, so I had a lot to go through. I had maybe 20-30 messages, most being spam, or updates on my facebook account. Other than those, there were three messages: one from mom and dad, inviting us to a family friends wedding in a month, another from the hospital, saying a co-worker had a baby girl, then the last one was from Elexa.

I paid special attention to this one since I had not talked to her in almost a year. She was the one I named my dog after, since she got me started in bondage and when I was the submissive, took the keys. She wrote:

It has been a long time since we have seen each other. I would love to meet up with you since I missed your wedding. I have a lot to tell you. Also I want to introduce you to my girlfriend Stacy, I met her shortly after we last met. She is just the perfect person for me. Hope to see you soon -Elexa.

I was really happy for her and wanted to see her again. So I decided to invite her to come out to our house. Then before I sent it, I took a picture of me in my gag, putting a note on it saying "please will you come out?"


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