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Puppy Love 3

by Turbo Bruin

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Storycodes: MF/ff; D/s; bond; bdsm; spank; sex; toys; cons; X

continued from part 2

Part 3

After I had finished with my email and made dinner, Tom finally removed my gag. I told him that I had invited Elexa to come visit and her girlfriend Stacy would be coming along. He was pleased, he wanted to talk to her, he didn’t know last time they met that she was the reason I was into bondage. Also I think he wanted to learn more about bondage, I told him she was a bondage freak, with an uncontrollable nag for restraints. I on the other hand wanted to meet Stacy, being her new dominatrix I wanted to see what she could teach Tom.

We had a week until Elexa was going to arrive. We cleaned house and got our two guest bedrooms ready, even though I knew Elexa and I would sleep in the basement, bound up. So I had Tom move around the basement. Weird, while I am not bound I am the dominate figure. I had him move around every piece of equipment, putting everything against the wall. The only thing left was two padded tables, so we could have the first night already prepared. Elexa and Stacy were going to be arriving at nine or ten tonight.

I was now getting very impatient, I wanted Elexa to arrive right now. I was sitting on the couch with my dog, Elexa. I was thinking of the fun times we had as teens. As soon as we turned eighteen is when I found her bound in my house. We began to buy stuff and for a year we would tie or bind each other. One time, we were both bound and our release had a problem. When the key fell it bounced under a dresser, it took us some time and we were almost caught by my parents.

I was watching the evening news, a fire, robbery, fund raiser, taxes, and world events, nothing interesting. I was on the verge of falling asleep, when Elexa rose her head off my lap and jumped off the couch. I got up thinking she wanted out when our doorbell rang. I immediately sprang to life and ran to the front door. There stood Elexa, brown hair, extra tight shirt, and jeans, standing in the doorway. She dropped her bags and we hugged each other.

"How are you? Did you find the house alright?" I asked.

"Fine, it was easy to find but not really easy to see. Stacy come on I want you to meet Allison." she responded.

Before greeting Stacy I made one last remark, "isn’t that the point, to not see it." then Stacy walked up to me, we hugged and said hello.. "So you are Stacy? I would love to know more about what we can do."

Stacy was a very attractive woman, by my standards. Brown shoulder length hair, cute curving body. She was even more attractive that Elexa, who was the hottest girl in high school. I compared them really quick. Elexa: brown hair, blue eyes, curvy body, perfect C cup breast, and round butt. Stacy: brown hair, green eyes, curvy body, perfect C cups, and round butt. They looked the same then felt like I was looking at myself, only difference was my hair was darker. Then a second had past when she responded.

"A lot, we even brought some of our gear with us."

At this time Tom came down stairs, "hello, how are you?"

They both responded, "Fine."

"Tom can you help them bring in their bags, I want to show them to their rooms."

"I’ll take care of all of it, you gals relax and enjoy your trip."

We walked around the house, I thought it was weird that Elexa, the dog, had disappeared. I showed each of them to a guest bed, as Tom took each bag to their rooms. Stacy laughed and made a few remarks while Elexa was in the bathroom.

"You know two rooms was not necessary, right?"

"I know, but if we are not playing you each should have your own room."

"Why don’t we break the ice and just say bondage already. I hate when people talk about it with weird references."

"Sorry, I am just so use to avoiding the subject, not many people that I know are into this, so force of habit."

"Its alright, I just am a very forward person, that is how I met Elexa.. She was just great for me, I will tie her up on days she does not work. Then when I get home from my work I find her wiggling around on the floor, just as I left her."

"From your last emails, it sounds like you are the best thing that ever happened to her. Truly, I thought she would turn out straight, or bi-sexual at least, not once have I heard about a guy in her life since high school."

Elexa walks up, "talking about me I hear."

"Yeah, well lets continue the tour, down to the dungeon."

We walk around the house. Before going downstairs we got a drink. Then walk to the stair way. Around the corner comes Elexa, pair of cuffs in her mouth. Stacy tries to not laugh, but Elexa can’t help but laugh.

"Now who is this?" Elexa ask.

"Elexa, meet Elexa, my bondage dog."

"That’s cute she named her after you." Stacy says.

"She almost always has a part in my bondage games, whether I like it or not. Shall we continue?"

" I think not, she seems to want you to do something." Stacy remarks.

"Fine, what kind of lock is attached."

Stacy kneels down and pulls the cuffs out of her mouth. "A combo lock, with a six pasted on the side."

"Its number is 6-9-2, you want to place them on me."

"No, your capable, I’ll just lock them for you."

She handed them over to me and I put them on and turned my back to Stacy. She put the lock on and set the numbers to random. "That should hold you."

We walked down stairs and showed them our dungeon. I explained that we set things up so that the fun could begin tonight. She looked at our gear, pulling out a ball gag and placing it on Elexa, then found a lock to put on it. She didn’t protest at all, then Stacy placed her on a table. She locked cuffs on her and adjusted each strap to hold her tight. Then she unlocked me and ordered me to lie down on the other table, I did. She pulled out another gag and locked it on me. Pulled each of my straps tight and had me held tight. She continued to look, opening boxes, cabinets and looked in our closet. She looked at us and stared.

"I thought I should leave you like that, but the clothes really ruin the view."

Tom walked down the stairs to see us already bound. "Looks like I missed the fun."

"Not yet, I want you to remove each of your wife’s restraints, one at a time and take off her clothes, then replace her restraints, I’ll get Elexa’s."

"Okay, but be careful with the keys, our dog loves to take them and make me chase her all over the house."

Stacy went to the cabinet after our clothes were off, walking back to me with one of my vibes and a crotch belt. She turned it on just above the lowest setting and ran upstairs. When she returned she had one in hand for Elexa. While she was upstairs Tom had pulled out some blindfolds and collars, one with my name on it. Stacy fixed the blindfold on Elexa and stared at the collar, then my blindfold and collar were applied to me.

"I have a collar, just like hers for Elexa, same color too. I’ll go get it if you would like to help me sort through my bags."

Then I hear them both go upstairs, and Elexa softly moaning. Then I began to moan as well. I heard someone come down and a ‘clank’ or two, probably Stacy putting the collar on Elexa, then footsteps back up. We have now just begun out little adventure, three more nights and this will be over.

I try to get asleep, but could not. The vibrator was set on a low setting so I did not reach an orgasm, but too high to let me relax. I tried to dream off to sleep then thought of what all could happen this week. As my thoughts were organizing themselves I noticed that Elexa was not making a sound, could she really have been asleep. I knew that most of the night had past when I started to hear the birds outside.

"Time to wake up and get a move on. We have plenty of games to play with little time to get them started. You are on a strict schedule girls, you do as we say until noon and relax the evening away. If you disobey your bondage goes into the afternoon." Stacy surprisingly began. I was startled since I did not hear any footsteps in the house.

I felt my bonds being removed and a leash attached to my collar. Before I was able to get off the table, my arms were bound behind me and locked to the back of my crotch belt. Everything was quiet and I was led to the stairs. I must have bumped into Elexa, she was also being led by a leash. Then our dog was also running around and I almost tripped over her a time or two. Before my blindfold was removed I felt the warm summer air, and the soft grass on my feet.

"You will be released from your binds and let to go to the bathroom. You get thirty minutes, if you run, or try to avoid us when we call you, you get an hour added on to your time and twenty spankings."

I was not use to this kind of strict ordering. Tom just played with me and had fun, making me have fun. This was all new to me, truly being in a sex slave’s position. I was glad to be outside and free for a little while. I was hoping to have my gag removed to ask Elexa a couple of question, but they stayed locked on. I knew sign language, working in a medical profession, and knew she knew some having a deaf cousin, or some relative like that.

I began signing ‘she always like this?’

She looked at the back door and responded, ‘no, she usually just plays with me until she is done. I have never seen her this forceful.’

‘Weird, maybe she and Tom worked this plan together. Hopefully we still get to have some fun.’

The back door opened, Tom walked out, "that’s an hour and a spanking session."

I just looked away and went to go to the bathroom behind the same tree I went on last week. I avoided Elexa, but was interrupted during my restroom break by my dog. I looked at her and saw a pair of keys in her mouth. I took then from her and slipped them off the ring, this was the first time Elexa took the keys to help me. I thought of ways to hide the keys, knowing they were from the lock they used on me to bring me upstairs. I slid one under the leather, above the padding, of one cuff and hid the other on my other cuff. I did leave a couple of keys on the ring, that were for different styles of locks.

I handed the keys back to my dog and walked up to the porch. Tom had a roll of toilet paper in his hand and gave me a couple pieces to clean up. Elexa did the same shortly after, and cleaned herself up. Once we were done, just tossed them in a trash can we had sitting around to the side of the porch. Then sat and relaxed on the back steps until our time outside was up..

Stacy walked out, "I heard something about a spanking session. Who is first?"

We looked at each other and I was beginning to raise my hand when Elexa raised hers. Then saw her lock her cuffs and take her inside. I sat waiting, until Stacy returned for me. I was locked back up and led by my leash into the living room. Elexa was taken by Tom to the kitchen, I could see red marks covering her ass. I continued walking and was bent over the back of the couch. I closed my eyes and bit into my gag, waiting for the first hit. When it finally came I tried to scream in my gag. It landed on my right cheek and felt like she was ready trying to hit me with all her might. Then the next one hit on my left, then right, and so on until he counted out twenty.

"All done now lets get breakfast ready"

She walked me to the kitchen as well and Tom held a crotch belt in his hand. I was probed and had it locked on, Stacy held the remote and guessing one for Elexa. My cuffs were released and I was put next to the stove.

"Allison, you are on eggs and toast, Elexa is on bacon and sausage. We want breakfast ready and if we have problems with it you remake it and also get another punishment." Stacy ordered.

We began cooking and as we were just getting started our vibrators came to life, making both of us jump. I could feel the power increasing until it reached full power. I had a hard time concentrating on the food, but tried to keep my head clear. I felt really sorry for Elexa, I think she jumped every time the bacon grease popped, must be hurting her bare stomach. While I was waiting for toast I turned and looked at Tom and Stacy, I thought I would try to impress them. Pulling out a piece of paper and a pen and quickly writing, ‘anything to drink?’ before Tom grabbed my wrist.

"Okay, for a second I thought you might cause trouble. I’ll take a cup of orange juice."

"I’ll just have a cup of black coffee."

I turned, checked the food to not burn it, and opened the cabinets to get cups. I poured Stacy a coffee and pulled out the cream and sugar incase she changed her mind and wanted some. Then pored Tom a glass of juice and placed it all in front of them. Then they began to talk while we finished up..

"What should we do first?" Stacy asked.

"We can put one in the stocks, the other in a cage. Or force them to do stuff to each other."

"Good, good, how about we strap a dildo to your wife and make her give anal to Elexa?"

"Or other way around, or I can take Alli and you strap one on and take Elexa."

"Okay, lets just stick with the last one, looks like breakfast is ready."

We platted everything and stood there watching them eat in front of us.. They locked our cuffs and tied out leashes to some stools we had bolted to the floor. I was feeling really hungry and heard my stomach growl a time or two. I even heard Elexa’s stomach. Then I tried to look away, but there was my dog eating her food from her bowl. Elexa downed her food, while Tom and Stacy ate slowly. When they were finally done, Elexa and I had to clean up, taking us about ten minutes. When we were almost done I reached my breaking point and the vibrator finally sent me over my limits. Elexa grabbed me and made sure I didn’t drop the plate in my hand.

"So what kind of equipment do you have that can restrain these two?"

"I was thinking of putting Elexa in the stocks, low to the ground and holding her legs in a frog tie."

"And for your wife?"

"Put Alli on a horse and leaving her there until we let her out this afternoon."

"I like that, but lets add in a punishment for them. First one to have an orgasm, while we fuck them, gets fifty spankings. then if they orgasm before you do, they both get twenty."

"Seventy would be too much, how about just twenty and twenty?" I was relieved at the thought of less spankings.

"Okay, lets get them restrained. Girls down to the basement, put away your beds!"

We quickly ran to the basement and started folding up the tables, pushing them to the side. I opened up the closet and we pulled out the pony and stocks. Not much to really set up, so we got even more ready. I pulled out thigh and ankle cuffs for Elexa. Then some cuffs and straps for me, and sat next to our eventual binding. Tom and Stacy came down and looked at us.

"Good girls, you even got set up. Well don’t waste time get in them so we can begin."

We both got in and let our masters strap us down, until we were trapped and immobile. Elexa was easy to set up, close the stocks on her neck and wrist and lock her thighs to her ankles. Mine I was leaning over it and collar locked to the front, were the horse head covered mine. My cuffs locked together and locked to a bar in between the front legs. My knees strapped to the back legs and ankles locked to the back part of the rocker. Then our crotch belts were removed and we were now ready.

"Stacy, lets give them and hour to calm down. Elexa just had an orgasm and both were being played with while we got ready. When we come back it will be a fair start."

"Yeah, I know I already planned to, but I was going to wait only half an hour."

"Okay, see you girls in half an hour!"

Time seemed to go by slowly. I heard footsteps, the door opening, Tom chasing Elexa realizing she had the keys, and the tap of high heels. The basement door opened and I hear tapping on the stairs. Stacy comes down in a corset, latex stockings, and three inch stilettoes, holding a strap-on in her hand. Tom followed, just in boxers, he was never one for show. They walked behind Elexa and I, and I no longer could see them.

A short time went by, "you know the rules and the punishments, so begin."

Tom rammed in and began to go at it. I heard Elexa begin to moan, and so was I. We were both trying to keep from reaching our climax, but I could feel I was approaching fast. I knew if I could at least outlast Tom I would win overall and not get any spankings. I know he slows down to a stop when he breaks the edge, then once he stops Stacy should keep going until Elexa cums. I was just trying to last, but my mind went wild with pleasure. I was almost to the end, when I felt Tom finish off. My mind was now in relief, that was twenty spankings I was not going to get.

"Surprised you outlasted me honey, you usually break long before I do."

"Well, she is even more lucky, Elexa broke a minute ago. We’ll be back after we relax to inflict your punishment darling. Allison you relax, once we come back you’ll be released, I made a bet and lost so you will be freed in... twenty-three minutes."

"Actually we both lost, I was hoping you would loose so I could have you for five more hours of fun, but she bet Elexa would loose to you. The winner would be set free at nine, loser at two p.m."

They walked away, hearing Stacy’s heels clanking on the floor. Now the keys I had hidden in my cuffs were useless. I was to be free in a short time and I had them for nothing this whole time. Well I had twenty-two minutes to kill, why not try to escape early. I had slipped them out, and tried each one on my cuffs ‘click’ hand were free. Felt my collar, and a combination lock, I turned the dial trying to feel the tumblers. I had tried this before, but always messed up multiple times before I got free. I must have spent almost ten minutes, then finally ‘click..’ I put my hands back and removed the strap holding my waist, this was hard because I could only reach one hand. Finally came my legs, which was easy since Tom used combination locks. Then my ankle were impossible, the other key I had did not fit either lock, and I was out of reach of any keys that could be in the room.

I rested back on the horse in defeat. Waiting for another ten minutes to pass when Tom and Stacy returned. Then looked at me and I sat up on the horse’s back.

"How?... how did you get free?"

I mumphed in my gag, and Stacy came over and unlocked it and let it drop. "You need to keep an eye on your keys" and held up the two keys I had. "But, since I am still stuck by my ankles I did not escape, so is my time up or not?"

"Yes, I guess it is," Tom said, "go get your shower, we will be up in a minute after we punish and prepare Elexa for her next game."

He unlocked my legs and I walked out of the basement and got a shower. I made sure I was totally clean, then relaxed my aching muscles. I must have fallen asleep in the tub, since I was woken up by Stacy. I looked at her and tried to ask her why she was in here, when I realized my gag was back in.

"I am sorry I gagged you for this, but... Tom asked me to check on you while he prepared your sleeping quarters tonight. We were testing to see what you guys liked better, what we usually do or what we did today? I want you to think about it and tell me your answer later." she began to walk out, " and please keep your gag on you look so much cuter in that!" she winked and closed the door.

I thought about what she asked. I really did not like what we did today at all, it was not that much fun to me. When I am in bondage I want to be free and have all the pleasure I can handle. Today I was limited to one orgasm, which almost made me break a dish.

I fell asleep again, thinking about the question. Having a dream about what Elexa and I use to do on my family farm for that year before we left for college. As I came to, I thought on how much fun we use to have and now did not was them to leave after only a four day trip. I began drying off and looked at the clock In the bathroom, just after noon.

I walked around the house, almost going to my room the get some clothes, but I didn’t feel it was necessary. I dropped my towel back in the bathroom and walked downstairs. I went to the basement door and saw a note.

‘Allison, If your come down stairs you get locked back up until dinner. I will be up at two, Tom got called to work, some typographical error. He said he was sorry, he would be back for dinner, hopefully, and was mad at his office for interrupting his vacation.

I know you are hungry, but I will take off your gag when I am done with Elexa.

Kisses, Stacy’

I waited, then as two had passed I decided to knock on the basement door. Grabbing my watch off a nearby table. Stacy came up, and before she could talk I showed her the watch.

"Okay, let me get Elexa free then you get your gag off."

I nodded and walked back out to the living room. Stacy came up behind me and unlocked my gag. She sat down, as Elexa limped upstairs to the shower. Her ass was as red as a cherry, which made me feel bad for her.

"So what is your answer?"

"What?" I was thrown off since I was concentrated on Elexa.

"Your answer? To the question, what did you like better, today or before?"

"Before, today was not enough for me. I love being bound and having multiple orgasms, I love to be played with. Not being toyed around without any relief."

"I would say Elexa thinks the same. She was rather uncooperative for me, so she had multiple spankings all day long. Tom and I wanted to try something new on you. If you guys were okay we would continue it all weekend..."

She was interrupted when my stomach growled. "Can you wait a second, let me get a snack."

She walked with me to the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich while she talked. "So where was I, oh, you guys playing all weekend, so what would you like to do?"

"Well I have two things to say to you. First, I was planning all week on spending today, going shopping for some new attire for our games. Second, while I was up in the tub, I remembered how much fun Elexa and I use to have on my farm. I now don’t want you guys to stay the weekend..."

She interrupted, "what?"

"Let me finish, not all weekend, but all the time. I know I am bi-sexual and I still love Elexa, and now love you. The three of us look very similar, and just meeting you, love having fun with you. I even thought out most of this plan. My hospital is looking for a new Physical therapist, and Elexa would love it, it pays a lot more than where she works now. The only flaws so far are, where would you live and where would you work. I don’t know too much about you, or what field you work in."

"I work in reality. I can talk to my boss back at home and see if they have a branch out here I could transfer to."

We continued to talk for a while, planning out a way we could all be together. When Elexa came down we filled her in. She was excited about the plan. We kept talking until Tom came home from work. We waited until dinner to tell him of our plan. He was a little troubled by it, but loved the idea..

After dinner I talked to him. He said his problem with it was being around two other, attractive women. He was a traditional guy, only wanted to be with one woman, that is why I loved him so much. I tried talking to him and told him I was fine that he looked at them, he was not cheating on me since I made up this plan. He was more relaxed about it, but still a little uneasy. Then he made one last remark.

"One thing I really have a problem with is sitting for dinner in my work clothes and having three naked women sitting around me!"

I laughed and walked back to the living room to talk to Stacy and Elexa again. As time went on our dog sat on Elexa’s lap. This was the most calm I have seen her, except right before we went to bed. We talked for hours, Elexa and Elexa not leaving each other all evening. We had a fun night just talking, that when it came time for Elexa and I to be bound, no one wanted to do the binding so we all just went to bed and planned to shop all day tomorrow.

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