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The Release Part 3

by Lisa C

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; chast; padlocks; denial; mast; oral; climax; fpov; cons; X

story continues from part two

Part 3

I have to just calm down and prepare for my day at work. I won’t be able to concentrate and I am already developing a headache from the frustration and tears. I haven’t even left for work yet. I drag my body upstairs and get dressed. I feel wore out already. I go back to the kitchen and take the metal container and put it in a cup with warm water. It may be able to melt by the time I get home.

At the last minute, I decide to hide the glass in a locked cabinet that holds my personal papers and keepsakes; I grab the cold damp belt and place it in the front. I carefully place the glass next to it. I close the door and connect the lock. Having both of them in there seems to give me a feeling of relief. I don’t want to analyze it at the moment. I have too much already going on in my mind.

I arrive at work and begin my normal routine. I say my hello’s and start to dive into the large amount of work that will keep me busy till I am finished. The next few hours are easier than I thought and the fatigue has seemed to vanish. My mind is still replaying the events of the evening and morning, looking for a clue or an answer.

I finish my duties and complete my necessary paperwork. I am done and ready to go home and play with my new toy and try to understand what happened this morning. The drive home was quick. I pull into my driveway and close the door.

I walk around the back, heading to the door when I spot something out of the corner of my eye. I take a step back and notice the mailbox has been opened. The door is slightly pushed open and there is a small gap. I pull open the door and see a shipping bag has been shoved in to the box along with other mail. I must have completely forgotten to get the mail and it has stocked up.

I read the sender and recognize it’s from an online retailer I frequent and have gotten my items. I walk into the house, set down the pile of mail on the table and head straight for the cabinet. I unlock the door and see HER exactly where I placed her, as well as the cup. I remove the glass and walk over to the sink and dump out the water.

I attempt to open the container. It has a hard screw top lid, with the help of a kitchen towel and little elbow grease, it opens. I dump out the little key that has been placed there. I pick it up and look at it for a moment. It looks so small and really not very sturdy I think to myself. This little thing, invoked so many emotions and feelings. I shake my head and walk over to the belt. I need to unlock it.

As I put the key in the lock on the belt. I can feel it snap open. It’s been removed and I am happier that it’s no longer in possession it. I place the key inside the lock and put it into the cabinet. I laugh because the lock is being locked up. It’s more symbolic than I want to admit later.

I take off my pants and place HER on me again. I can feel the excitement building in my legs and stomach. I can feel the leather pressed against my groin. I pull the strap tight and begin to walk around the house to get a better idea of how much I can move, bend and lift. I begin to walk in very long strides, the thigh cuffs don’t seem to interfere too much. I try to bend over and lift the table while wearing it. It seems to not have any affect.

I do feel a sense of restraint when setting it back down towards the lower part of my hips. I make the adjustment to ease the length of the belt from waist to crotch. I repeat the same thing and notice more room to move. I lie on my back and begin various yoga poses to see how much the belt actually restricts my body. I notice very little resistance and I am quite tickled by this fact.

I have to use the bathroom and discover the first issue. It doesn’t have a place to urinate, I have to either remove the belt or loosen it to slide the shield out of the way.

I had not thought of that aspect when buying it or playing with it. I attempt to sit down and realize it’s not going to be an easy maneuver to loosen the strap and then sit and go. I will have to do this each time I want to go to the bathroom. I then slide the strap across the rear to get a sense of how this, will work.

I do my business and resume the placement of the belt. I’m not sure if I am not ready to have to make this adjustment every time neither; would I want to have to explain it to someone in a public setting. I am resigned to the fact that I will not be able to wear it for long periods of time.

I am struggling with the idea of not being able to wear it for certain events or on certain days. I am disappointed and I am left to thinking of other alternatives. I could make it a routine whereas I only wear it while home or on short days at work. I would have to limit my fluid intake and become more aware of my bathroom habits. I would have to be free of it during my monthly cycles.

In essence, I would have to work my life around wearing the belt. I had not thought about these issues. I was still lost in all the feelings and emotions that I had while wore it. I wanted to be vigilant about it and be able to enjoy the arousal it gave to me.

I looked myself in the mirror and began to imagine myself in a room filled with people; I have on a low cut dress and heels. No one knows what I have underneath. It’s my secret and it’s for my own benefit no one would even guess. That little fantasy plays out in my mind and I walk upstairs to my bed.

I am aroused and excited by the images in my mind and thoughts running in my head. I imagine myself kissing and fondling someone, and I begin to get the tingle between my legs. It’s being suppressed by the shield. I am more excited and want to feel my hands underneath it and play with myself.

I reach down and attempt to rub my clit and discover I can’t give enough pressure or friction to ignite the next level of passion. It blocks the sensation and dulls the feeling. I am becoming more aware of the belt around my groin and it has set off my hips to begin a natural motion of rocking back and forth. I press harder and with more force and can’t seem to get enough force to elevate it. I try to cross my legs and the turnover on my stomach. Each time, I get the same reaction.

This has become a tease for me and it’s time to take it off so I can pleasure myself and feel the orgasm I want to have. I pull the belt loose and run my hands along my folds. They are wet and my clitoris is hard and waiting to be stimulated. I begin the routine of applying pressure and touching it over and over. Until I reach the breaking point of achieving orgasm. I have just had my first sexual experience wearing HER and it feels so good in doing it.

I lay there and let my body twitch in the loose confines of the belt. I can feel the warm liquid in between my legs, and on my thighs. It’s more climatic than any orgasm I have had before. It seems to be more invested, all due to wearing the belt. I fall into a nice headspace and sleep.

I awake to a feeling across my abdomen and legs. I open my eyes and notice the belt is very taught against my body. I also realize there is someone standing over me. I blink to get the blurry sleepiness out of my eyes to make out who it is. My adrenaline has just spiked.

“You're awake” he says… it’s my neighbor and fellow safe person. He has known about my bondage activities for years and we have shared many good times. He is like a fellow compatriot and understands my desires, because he does this as well.

“Did you do this?” as I point to my belt. “Why yes I did.. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to see how it fit against you. You didn’t seem to move at all when I moved it around and adjusted the belt notch.” At this point I got up and proceeded to the bathroom. I closed the door and removed the belt. I put it in the linen closet and put on a pair of sweat pants that were in the laundry basket.

He was already heading down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. “What ya’ll’ got there?” pointing the pile of mail on the table “he has a long southern drawl on certain words, leftovers from his childhood in the rural part of the south. “ I ordered some stuff offline and the rest is just mail”

I wanted to grill him on the fact of the key and decided to sit down first and be able to really gauge his full attention. Be able to see his reactions for anything that could implicate him.

“Why did you do that this morning?” I was angry in my tone. He looked at me and became curious. “What are you talking about? He is agitated and his answer was quick. “I wasn’t here this morning... I just got home saw your car and came over to let you know I was back...What’s going on?” I stood up. You are telling me you didn’t lock the belt in the freezer in a little metal cylinder?” I grab it off the table and hold it up. My voice was stern and determined. I wanted to press hard for answers.

He gently takes the cylinder and examines it carefully. I am waiting for his response. I am also becoming more concerned that he is telling me the truth. “What is this for?” his eyes tell me he doesn’t understand.

I explain the story of the belt being in the freezer and the cylinder encased in ice. I leave out the part where I am upset and frustrated because I can’t wear it to work. He doesn’t need to know everything!

He is flabbergasted and is just as dumbfounded as I am about the situation. “So, when I came in and saw you earlier and woke you up by playing with it on you; that’s why you thought I did this?” He is now smiling and a look of reprieve has come over his face. I am still looking to see if he is in fact trying to cover his tracks or is really as clueless as I am to the whole incident.”

No, honey I swear. I couldn’t do something like that. It’s not something I would think of anyway. I don’t even know what that is...” He still looking at the cylinder and now has taken off the lid and is looking at it in the light. He seems very intrigued by it and it has lost him on some level to the conversation. “You said it was in the ice bin and it was covered in ice… Right?” He walks over the freezer and pulls out the bin. He rattles around the other ice cubes and pulls a few odd shaped ones. They aren’t the same size and shape as the rest and seem to be a little larger. I didn’t notice that before.

“Yeah it was right in there. That’s what the note said.. “There was a note? .. Where is it?” I look around and notice I had left it on the opposite counter. “Wait, here is the other one too.. I grab it from the garbage can. He takes them and begins examining them very carefully. He put them down then side by side and looks at the edges of the paper. He carefully matches up the sides and points to them.” Look, they are ripped apart from the same sheet, see how they match up.” I was too engrossed to answer him.

He goes on to explain that the ...“The pen is also the same too, it was written at the same time and with the same pen. They just folded the paper and ripped it off to create two notes” his eyes were all glassy and wave childish excitement came over his face. He was concentrating on the sheets intensely. He is pacing back forth in the kitchen, his hand placed over his chin and running his fingers thru his hair. I have come to enjoy watching him look so intent and determined.

In all the years I had known him, this was not a look I have ever encountered before. He looked happy and with a deep sense of deliberation to his face. I am always amazed when you see something new in someone who you have thought you have known. This was a new experience for me watching him. I was taking it all in. I just wanted him to figure it out.

This is a man who can tie himself up in such intricate webs of rope and can get himself out of with calculated effort. His skill to be calm and focused is something I have witnessed before and have always given great affection on his abilities. Even when being teased and pushed he has always stead fast in goal. I am just upset and hungry to want to figure it out. He has found a new game.

“I’m hungry!” I announce. He slowly looks over at me and says “Really? You’re suddenly hungry now? “ He is dead serious. Well... We could figure this out over dinner.. I need to eat.” He shakes his head and mutters something about my common sense. I don’t really care about what he says at this point. I have food on my mind and it’s the only thing I want to think about.

I decide that we are to go to a local diner and he should drive. He just looks at me and say.. Yes, ma’am. He says that when he knows his input will not be heard or entertained. He has learned to just adjust to my frequent bouts of calling the shots. “Your paying” he says. I nod in agreement.

I debate if I should put the belt into the locked cabinet again or wear it. I decide to wear it and see what transpires. I would leared wear her with more caution and planning later. We arrive and sit down to dinner. He is still intent on the notes and starts to grill me for what considers vital information. I go into detail of what transpired .Leaving out the inside feelings and emotions that resulted from the belt.

I suspected he knew but was polite enough to not say anything. He asked me if I worked and what time I left the day before. I told him what happened and about the party I attended and help host. I told him when I got up and showered. He then lowered his head. I have an idea. Would you be willing to test out a theory for me? Again the look of excitement waved over his eyes.

Umm sure.. why not. . What was I thinking I thought later. …We finish our meal and head out the door. He gets in the car and begins pulling my shirt up. What are you doing? I ask him grabbing my shirt and pulling it back down. I thought so.. I knew you were wearing that thing, explains the baggy pants. You have the most defined ass.. yet you chose to wear those pants.. now I now why… a dry hearty laugh escapes his throat. That laugh has caused me numerous irritable moments.. this was another one.

He pulls down the road and into a local hardware store. I don’t bother asking. I think I know the answer already. Being a gentleman he walks around ,opens the door and leads me to the door and down the aisle with a vast array of locks. I have been down the aisle before and know the merchandise too well. I wave off the sales clerk when he appears to be of assistance. He is studying the locks carefully and grabs one. Is this the type of lock that was on there? I just look at him. I have the lock at home in the cabinet. I kept it. He this the lock you think? Yeah I think so.. yeah.. Good. He pays for the lock.

I look over to him in the car and ask him why you bought that when I have it at home. Ahh.. your not thinking are you? I guess not. Explain this to me. It’s a replacement lock and key. I want to see if it works. I have no idea what his plan is or what he thinks will happen. We pull into the driveway and find that the house is just as we have left it, dark.

I walk into the door and immediately notice that all the lights are off. Its pitch black. I fumble to find the switch on the wall. Finally some light. He walks over to the cabinet. He tried to open it and asks me for the key. You have it on my key ring. He unlocks the door and pulls out the lock with the key that I have carefully placed in there.

He pulls out the new purchased lock and matches the key. Its identical and unlocks the tiny brass lock.

“I wanna see something come here” I walk over and he pulls down my pants and slaps the lock in place. I hear the tiny click and become aroused and panic stricken in one fluid moment. What are you doing? I hear the dry throat filled laugh again. A wave of anger shoots in my veins and within one instant a hard felt slap lands on the side of his face. I can feel the impact against my palm. It was loud and left a red mark. He laughed even more.. and backs away. “Whoa there.. he is now at a full out giggle and is holding red spotted area. Give me the key I demand.. Give it to me.. I am groping him for it.. He is struggling to hold me back and has managed encased me around his arms and has me in a total locked wrestling move. My ten seconds of wrestling has me now locked against him arms and body. A wave of excitement is rushing against my body and groin. This is not what I expected.

He has me completely unable to move only my legs are dangling in the air. He is using every muscle, his inducted strength to hold me up and walk me over to the couch. I struggle with little effort. I am more induced into the feelings that belt is giving me at the time. It has now pulled my inner folds tight and hard against my skin. Feeling of a forced encasing, forced to push against the pressure it holds. I want to just grind against HER. I cant.. I am held and now bound. It’s a feeling of intense pleasure. I want to just push and pull. Its just too overwhelming of a feeling and I can’t fight back. I just become relaxed and melt deeper into his arms and the belt.

He has loosen the grip and has began kissing my neck. Nibbling on my ears and kissing the nap of my neck, driving me more and more. He has loosened his hold but the not the hold that the belt has on me. I can feel the wetness of it beginning to form on my legs and pool around around the insides of my legs. I want to just grind or push or something! The tease is worse and the reality of the denial is all too real now. It won’t let up and its about to get worse. He reaches down into my shirt and finds my nipples. He gently touched the nipple and squeezes it , hard. A wave of pain and pleasure has transpired down into my stomach and clit. I can feel the throbbing of it against the belt. It’s hard to not feel it without wanting more. He reaches down further and works his hands against the waist band of the belt then runs his fingers around the inner sides between my legs I open them wider wanting his hands to go further.

I am released from the hold and orders me to take off my pants. I do so… quickly! He then runs his fingers along all the edges of the belt and follows its curves down my inner thighs and around my legs. His finger tip is wet and glistening from the wetness. He smiles and puts it into my mouth. I can taste myself. He has tasted me before and I him. He then reaches down again and pushes the palm of his hand against my pubic mound. I try to push back, hard. I can’t feel the pressure I so desperately want. I push again and again.. Moving my legs and hips to adjust and give more friction, more pleasure. Its muted and dull. I can’t seem to push it past this slight dull feeling.

I reach over and kiss him on the lips. He reacts by giving me a long deep kiss. Holding my head in his hands and ingesting my breathe with his kiss.

It draws me and I begin to climb over him and want to ride his hard cock between his legs. I reach down and pull it out and start stroking it. I squeeze and watch for the little beads of wetness form on the head.

He sees me watching this and pushes my head down to accommodate his member. I suck, lick and rub his swollen cock till its about to cum. I look up at his face and notice he is too on the edge. I say to him.”Now can I have my key.. he shakes his head NO and pushes me back down to finish what I have started. He is breathing hard and looks very pleased with himself.

I, on the other hand, am at the point of nearly ripping off the belt and having my way with him as I see fit. He won’t get off that easy I mumble. He then pulls me closer to his mouth and whispers. If you want the key.. you will have to work for it. I look down he is still rock hard. I know what is about to happen next.. I bend over and spread my legs. He takes the head of his cock and rubs it against my bottom and presses it against the tightly held flap around what should be the entrance to my opening. It’s barred and closed off. My legs are shaking and trembling from the shear touch of his head against my skin. My legs are wet and becoming sticky from my own inner juices that have been flowing around and out of the belt. They seem to be sliding against one another and have soaked the cuffs around my thighs.

It frustrating, infuriating and almost painful pleasure is being in this state. The intensity of the tease and the harshness of being truly denied access has me in a state of full body shakes. I can’t control my legs, arms or stomach from moving. My body is reacting the only way it knows how when I am excited. It’s automatic and won’t stop until I have some relief. I am beginning to sweat and little beads are dripping down the sides of my arms and torso. I am getting hot and need to cool off. I rip off my shirt and left with just a bra and HER. He takes this vision in and bends over and pulls me closer to my body again holding me tightly against him. He pulls my hair back and instructs me to open my legs wider. I comply.

He slides the strap that is against my ass to the side.. causing the belt to constrict even more.. I just want something to take the pressure and feeling to the next level. I am dangling on the edge of being almost able to cum but cant. I am grabbing the couch in anger and hoping to field some sort of stability. Thrusts it in and holds it in and me still. I am locked with him inside me and no way to move.

The quickness of the push sends a jolt thru my legs, and stomach. I can’t speak or move I am literally locked with his cock in my ass. To move would mean more pain and more pleasure. To not move would mean more tease and edges me to the point of tears. I am only able eek out ability to say one word.. PLEASE.

He reaches around and unlocks the belt, pulls the strap lose and it falls between my legs left dangling by the thigh cuffs. He is still inside me and hasn’t moved or loosened his grip around my body.

I have had him take me before, but never with this kind of quick hardened force. His muscles are bulging against my body and I can feel his legs are shaky as well. He wants to push just as bad I want to pull. We are dead locked and we both know it.

Part IV is next…

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