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Riding Lessons 2

by Tar Feathers

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© Copyright 2014 - Tar Feathers - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/f; stables; jodhpurs; lingerie; cuffs; gag; toys; insert; tease; susp; water; hair; les; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2

I found the note on my tack box. It was certainly clear in its instruction, a shiver ran down my body as I re-read the text. I had a decision to make, would I follow the instructions or walk away. Although it seemed that simple this was the step into the unknown, two days ago I had been discovered, mid-self bondage session by my riding instructress Hilary. She had enlightened in me feelings I had never encountered, and to be honest I had never cum as powerfully. But I was confused, I was not gay, was I?

So the note was my get out clause, if I ignored what I had been asked I could walk away, find a boyfriend and keep my riding lessons to a perfectly professional two hours per week where the only use of my riding crop would be to control my sometimes errant horse.

I walked the horse into the arena, Hilary had my back to me. "Just go large, in a rising trot. Let's warm the horse..." She stopped as she turned to face me, a smile played on her lips. "Oh!"

That word Oh again. This time I knew what it meant, Hilary had given me a very simple set of instructions and I had complied like the helpless little equestrian I was, her words not mine, well not yet!

"You found my note then?" I nodded as I trotted in a circle around her. "Did you do everything I asked?" I nodded again. She smiled.

To be honest I would not normally be so quiet, I would usually be pretty vocal, at least that was what my ex-boyfriends usually said when they had left me, but today... Today was different, not least because, as instructed, I had a large, pink ball gag strapped between my teeth that was making any speech impossible. I had put it on after I had mounted but this had still meant riding towards the arena with a very obvious piece of bondage equipment visible to anyone who had been there at the time. I feel my new mistress was enjoying my discomfort.

Of course the discomfort was made worse, much worse by the pair love balls deep inside me. Every movement was a sweet torture and my saddle was, embarrassingly, already becoming damp.

Hilary told me to stop my horse and walked towards me. "I think we should work on your seat, ensure you are sitting well in the saddle."

She ran her hand down my black jodhpurs, they were clinging tightly to my thigh which pulsed and shivered beneath her touch.

"Quit your stirrups." I gasped, clearly loud enough for her hear despite the gag. "Yes, it will help you feel the horses movement."

I pleaded with my eyes but followed instructions and removed my feet from the stirrups and swung them across the pommel of the saddle. Hilary pulled the reins from my hands.

"No reins either. You can steer your horse with your seat also."

I knew the principle, you could work without reins but what happened next caught me by surprise, Hilary grabbed one wrist and snapped a ring of cold steel around it. My handcuffs. No... No... No... I thought. She quickly cuffed my hands behind my back. Oh no, so I had no way of controlling my movement, I shifted in the saddle and the eggs reminded me of their devious presence.

Hilary grabbed a long lung whip, over six foot long she could use it to keep my horse out on the track around the school. She snapped the whip and my horse went into a trot. I could feel every movement, my pubis ground into the saddle and the eggs shook teasing me to the point of orgasm.

"And walk." My horse was obedient to Hilary's vocal commands, just as my breathing had deepened and my pleasure had reached a near peak the movement had been stopped. I stared at my tormentor, Hilary was giving me her evil smile.

She made me trot and canter, each time as I peaked and was ready to cum she made the horse stop using the excuse of training. I was sweating and desperate for her touch, but it was clear that I was going to receive my full lesson today. Eventually the hour was up. I stared at Hilary as she walked towards us, I had spent an hour on the edge of explosive orgasms and had been denied them all. I gasped as I saw another person approaching.

"Hi Sarah, can you please put the horse away for me. I will take this one." Hilary and the groom exchanged knowing looks as she led my horse away. She was good enough not to mention the fact I was cuffed and gagged and ignored the slimy saddle.

Hilary turned to face me. "Oh you are all sweaty. You must have worked hard."

To be honest, I stank, I was wringing with sweat and my tight jodhpurs were soaked with my juices, she led me down to the yard before stopping at the wash bay. It was a stable with a rubber floor to stop horses slipping, a hose and warming lamps to help them dry off. Hilary grabbed my cuffed hands and raised them above my head, she clipped my cuff chain to an overhead hook and I was left hanging before her again. This was becoming a familiar position and was almost comfortable.

Hilary shut the door and faced me. "You ride well..." There was a wink. "I hope to find out how well soon."

Then without warning she hit me with a spray of cold water. The water hit me hard in the chest taking my breath away. Hilary soaked my face before directing the flow towards my overheated crotch. She giggled. "Now you need a wash."

Dropping the hose she quickly pulled off my riding boots and pulled down my jodhpurs dragging the soaked material from my legs. My blouse was unbuttoned and my sports bra snipped from me. Damn! This was getting expensive in lingerie . Hilary took a bottle of horse shampoo and poured some into her hands, she rubbed her hands together before starting to rub the shampoo into my short blond hair. My body writhed at her gentle, yet firm touch. The hands soon fluttered downwards, caressing my breasts smoothing suds across my hardening nipples.

I was in heaven, this wonderful woman was smoothing her hands across my body, across my, thankfully, flat stomach and then towards my cleft. Her hands skipped my sheer panties and started to embrace my thighs and run down my legs. I was screaming out, albeit in silence thanks to the gag desperate for her. She ignored my obvious need and caressed my feet, the feeling was amazing, but so far from what my body was screaming out for. She soaped my toes before rinsing them and gently taking one of my big toes in her mouth. She sucked and swirled her tongue around my toes, looking up at me as she did watching the desire in my eyes, my clit pulsed in anticipation.

Dropping my foot she grabbed the hose and sprayed me once more with frigid water, my nipples responded once more to the temperature change, stiffening and engorging. She smiled, leaning over and switching on the heat lamps, the warmth washed over me, I could feel the water drying as the lamps glowed. "Warm, isn't it?" Hilary stood within a few inches of me, smiling she started to unbutton her blouse.

I watched as a helpless spectator as she started a slow striptease, dropping her blouse to the rubber floor before kicking off her boots and sliding down her skin tight jodhpurs. I moaned as I saw Hilary before me in nothing but a lacy bra and a g-string which left little to my imagination which was, to be honest running away from me.

“Now, what would you like?” She bit her lip, staring at me. “Go on tell me?”

I screamed behind the gag, I wanted her, I wanted her more than I could say, I pleaded silently.

“No?” Hilary pouted. “Perhaps you should show me? Come on, touch me.”

I looked up at my cuffed hands, tugging at the chain which held me. I struggled but I could get no closer to her. I sighed and dropped my shoulders.

“Oh dear...” Hilary frowned. “Well I thought you wanted me.”

I stared at her, desperate to tell her how I felt, almost as if she read my mind she unbuckled my gag and let it drop to the floor. I started to speak but was stopped by her putting her finger on my lips.

“Shhh!” Hilary smiled, reaching up she released my cuffs from the chain that held me in place and helped me lie on the thick rubber floor. I was prone, staring at the roof, the heat lamps toasting my near naked body. Hilary slipped off her panties and removed her bra. I could see her naked body above me.

I watched as she crouched and then placed herself above me, kneeling so that her crotch was inches from my face. I could taste her as her damp mound approached me. I realised immediately what was required of me as she settled onto me I licked and caressed her with my tongue. She bucked and writhed, moaning as I sucked on her clit and drunk in her juices. It was all too soon that I felt her body stiffen and she screamed out as she came before slumping beside me to lie on the warm rubber.

“Goodness you really do know how to treat a girl!” Hilary sighed. “And...” She sat up, her perky breasts before me. “I do too...”

I shivered despite the heat, I had spent almost two hours on the edge of a powerful orgasm, I longed for Hilary to take me in her arms and release me. However, it seemed that this was not to be the plan. I watched as Hilary stood up and took handfuls of bright orange baler twine.

Hilary was a skilled rigger, she wrapped twine around my wrists and elbows pulling them tight, she did the same with my ankles before using more of the twine to draw me into a foetal position, totally helpless and immobilised. She toyed with the string of my love balls, before standing up. I knew that in my restricted position what little movement I had would torment me but I would not be free to cum. I cursed her silently.

I watched as Hilary picked up a bucket, she poured some of the light contents across my body, concentrating on my breasts and crotch. I could not see what she had covered me with but it stuck to my sweaty body. Seconds later I realised, the horses had been clipped and she had poured some of the fine clippings over me, they itched like mad making me pull against my restraints I groaned as I rocked causing the balls to move within in me.

Hilary stood watching my struggles for a moment before blowing me a kiss and leaving me sweating and writhing beneath the heat lamps. I didn't know if I loved or hated Hilary, but I certainly wanted more.

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