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Riding Lessons 3

by Tar Feathers

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© Copyright 2014 - Tar Feathers - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/f; D/s; stables; jodhpurs; lingerie; bond; twine; hogtie; tease; hairloss; hum; les; wam; manure; buried; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part two

Part 3

Authors Note: Just to give you a warning, this chapter has more humiliation and punishment than traditional WAM and there is a quantity of horse manure for someone who has misbehaved. It follows on from part 2.

Sarah had not looked shocked some hours later when she had freed me from my sticky itchy bondage. Hilary had left the drying lamps on so the stuff had set like concrete trapping my body. Sarah had first pried my body from the floor with a shovel before washing a quantity of the mess from me. I was still pretty well caked when she stood me up.

“Look, come with me, you can use the shower in the grooms flat.” She had walked off and I had followed at a waddle, stiffened flour and syrup making my jodhpurs rock hard. When I had eventually managed to climb the stairs she had to rip and drag the fabric from me until I stood before her humiliated and naked. She had silently ushered into the bathroom, it was cramped and smelt of damp, but the hot shower was inviting. A bottle of horse shampoo sat on the edge of the bath. She saw my curious glance. “Look it is good enough for the horses, and…” She paused. “Free of charge.” She sniggered.

Sarah left me to shower, I rinsed the worse of the mess from my long hair before dousing it in almost half a bottle of the shampoo. It smelt acrid and somewhat unpleasant, but there was nothing else I could do. In the end it took at least three attempts before my hair was becoming clean. It was only as I stood under the flow of warm water that I realized that something was wrong. My head was becoming warmer, I snapped my  eyes open reaching up to my head to find that my hair was coming out. I screamed as clumps of hair came away in my fingers, running down my body and clogging the plug hole. What the hell was happening?  I panicked until I suddenly realized where I had smelt the odor of the shampoo, it had been the time I had used hair remover on my legs. I gulped sniffing the bottle again, tears pricking my eyes. A flash of light caused me to jump.

“Oh that is one for Facebook!” Sarah stood sneering. “Bald and naked.”

I could not bring myself to face her, the humiliation burnt through me. I grabbed for a towel suddenly realizing I had no clothes.

“That is for stealing my lover you bitch!” Sarah spat at me. “Bald and ugly… See her love you now!” I ran from the flat, dressed only in a towel I leapt into my car and drove home praying not to be stopped by the police.


I waited two weeks, two weeks with little growth on my head or body. I had thought of changing stables, but… To be honest I lusted after Hilary and would have to face Sarah to satisfy my desires. It took me two weeks to overcome the humiliation.

So as I walked onto the yard with my riding hat already on my head, tacking up the horse for the lesson and leading it to the arena. Hilary was waiting, she smiled as I walked in, she was about to speak but paused, looking me up and down.

“What is different?” She was staring at my head. She knew. “Take off your hat.” I resisted,  “Now!” I could not resist the order from my mistress. I slowly unbuckled the strap and slid the hat from my head. “What…?”

I turned away, running, I dropped the reins and ran. I did not want pity, I certainly did not want to explain what had happened. I just ran, fumbling with my keys and driving away. Glancing up I could see Sarah in my rear view mirror and Hilary coming to a halt beside her.


The rest of the day passed as a blur, I could not go back. I threw myself into my work, again ‘working from home’ thanking the systems which allowed me to work without seeing another human being. As night fell I was typing up a report as there was a knock at the door.

I stood slowly and walked to the front door, glancing through the eye piece I saw Hilary standing there in the moonlight, she was wearing brilliant white  jodhpurs, her riding boots were polished to a mirror finish and her white blouse and tie were spotless. I slowly opened the door.

“Hello…” I looked down. I was embarrassed to see her standing there before me.

“May I come in?”

I ushered her into my front room, papers and documents were scattered about and my laptop was open on the sofa. Hilary closed it and told me to sit down.

“Sarah told me what she did.” It was matter of fact. “It should not have happened to you. I am deeply sorry. “ She paused. “You missed your lesson.” I nodded. “It is a shame, as I wanted to work on your position in the saddle. Perhaps we could work on positions here?” She smiled warmly, coming towards me gently reaching down and kissing me softly on the lips.

I felt my body dissolve, this was an unexpected softness. She stood me up, slowly pulling her white tie from her neck quickly binding my wrists behind me. She started to slowly undress until she was before me naked, I could not hold back, but with my hands bound I could only use my lips to tease my beautiful lover. Starting with a deep kiss which she reciprocated with an urgency that made my body tingle.

I slowly moved downwards, caressing her neck and then crossing her breasts taking each of her hardened nipples in my mouth, sucking hungrily, nibbling at her pink skin as she shuddered and moaned in pleasure. I ran my tongue tantalizingly slowly across her flat stomach before kneeling and taking position between her legs. She gasped as I parted her lips with my tongue and started to rove deeper into her warmth. Hilary yelped as I sucked at her pulsing clit, swirling my tongue in circles. It was not long before she fell upon me as orgasm racked her body.

After hours of pleasure I had asked if my baldness had put her off me. Hilary had laughed, “What you think that I would have spent so much, attention on you if I didn’t love you?” She ran her hand across my bald head. “It is quite sexy in its own way…” She paused. “But what Sarah did was not acceptable. She hurt you, that required punishment.”

“You punished Sarah?” Hilary nodded. “You haven’t hurt her?”

Hilary shook her head. She told me to get dressed as we were going on a trip. We went to her car and took the short journey to the stables. Hilary stepped out of her old Land Rover and gestured for me to follow her, we walked across the yard and towards the muck heap, a huge, steaming pile of manure, straw and woodchips. Hilary waved towards the pile. I shrugged. “I don’t understand.”

Hilary smiled.

Five Hours Earlier

Sarah opened the door to the flat, she gasped as she saw Hilary standing in the doorway. “Kneel!” Sarah stumbled backwards. “Get on your fucking knees.”

Sarah fell to her knees. “Yes miss.”

“What did you do?”

“Miss?” She looked up.

“Did I give you permission to look at me?” Hilary slapped her hard across the face.

“It was a joke…”

“A joke?” Hilary laughed coldly. “Okay, very funny. Strip.”

Hilary watched with disgust as Sarah dragged off her filthy blue jodhpurs, shirt and socks. She stood before her wearing a non-matching pair of gray underwear. “I told you to strip, don’t make me ask you three times.” Sarah shuddered and quickly pulled the last items off. Hilary looked  her up and down. She was lithe on the point of skinny with ribs showing, her legs were crossed with bruises.  “Come with me.”

Hilary walked quickly across the yard until she was standing by the muck heap, she grabbed Sarah’s arm and flung her into the mud at the base, she landed in the lack ooze, thick mud splattering her naked body. “Get to the top.” Sarah scrambled up the heap with Hilary following, she handed her a pitchfork and told her to dig a hole. Sarah looked nervously at her but started to dig.

It took almost half an hour before Hilary told Sarah to stop digging and helped her back to the top of the heap. Sarah looked nervously at the hole with a sense of foreboding. Hilary pushed her down to her knees and quickly bound her ankles and wrists with orange baler twine, before pulling her into a tight hogtie. Sarah tried to struggle but found that she was unable to move at all. “Miss it is very tight…”

“Yes it is.” Hilary snapped, pushed her back into the hole. Sarah looked up nervously as Hilary started to backfill the hole, treading it down so that she was firmly trapped in the steaming mass. As she reached her shoulders she stopped putting the pitchfork down. Sarah looked around, her head was at least a foot below the surface of the muck heap. “Oh wondering what happens next?” Hilary smiled and pulled out a snorkel. “I wouldn’t let you suffocate. “

Sarah started to plead and beg. Hilary grabbed her nose until she opened her mouth and shoved the rubber mouthpiece in.  Sarah tried to spit it out but it was firmly attached. “Super glue… Good night Sarah.”

Sarah screamed but no noise escaped the tube as her world went dark.


So that was where I stood, staring up at the steaming pile of manure a short pipe exposed on the surface. I turned to Hilary. “Would you do that to me?”

Hilary looked flustered. “No…” She stammered. “I would never need to punish you like that, Sarah hurt you.”

“No…” I smiled, taking her hand. “Would you do that to me…” I paused. “Please.”

Hilary gasped. She stuttered before regaining her composure. “You understand what you are asking?” I nodded. She smiled for a moment. “Kneel.”

I sunk to my knees facing my mistress, she gently unbuttoned my blouse, my naked breasts fell  free, Hilary gasped for a moment, pausing to fondle my nipples. She smiled running her hands across my shoulders, she came closer I could smell her sex and feel  the moisture from the front of her jodhpurs as she leaned her body into my face.

“Enjoying this?”

“Quiet slave…” Hilary spoke sternly but with a smile. “Stand up…”

I stood nervously, Hilary commanded me to remove my clothes. I slid off my boots and jodhpurs until I was naked before her. She looked me up and down hungrily before handing me a pitchfork. I needed no instruction, I clambered to the top of the muck heap and started to dig until I had made a deep hole. I knelt before the edge with my arms behind my back, Hilary swiftly bound them before doing the same with my ankles. She drew them together with a third piece of twine until my back was arched.

She gently took me and lifted me into the hole, she was so strong as she dropped me in the soft, warm straw. It started to engulf me as she filled the hole, it was comforting in a strange way, it held me tightly and embraced me. Soon I was buried to my neck. “Are you sure?” I nodded my assent and she placed a snorkel between my teeth.

Soon my world went dark and silent, the warmth closed in upon me. It was not long before I drifted into a form of subspace, my mind flying with thoughts of Hilary and all I would let her do to me.


The light stung my eyes as Sarah dug my head free. She was smiling like a Cheshire cat. “Hello Miss…” She released my shoulders before slowly freeing my body. She cut my bindings and helped me crawl from the hole. “I am so sorry…” She looked away. “I was jealous, stupid.” She sobbed. “Sorry!”

I smiled. “Please, that was pretty amazing.” She smiled faintly, looking coyly away.

“Anyway, you need a good warm bath.”

Hilary was waiting for me in her flat, she had run a deep bath and helped me sink into the deep bubbly water.

End note:
If you have made it this far, I feel that some explanation is required. Burying someone in a stable muck heap will seem harsh, and pretty much is, however punishment was required for a pretty nasty deed. But, dear reader, you should understand that horse people generally are always mucky and dirty and the sweet smell of the muck heap is not as nasty as it may be to a non-equestrian muggle. The muck is from a veggie animal, it is generally pretty safe and does not smell nasty. I have known grooms who would lose weight by being buried in the muck heap, letting the heat act as a free sauna, but that is another story! 

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