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Riding Lessons 6

by Tar Feathers

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story continues from part five

It has been a while since we have caught up with the messy, bondage activities down on the stable yard so here is the latest edition. I hope people enjoy and if you are new to this series please read the rest in the forum.

Messy Riding Lessons - Chapter 6

My name is Claire Fullerton, I am event groom for Hilary Furness-Smyth one of the UK’s top riders, I am also her lover having left my previous life as an app developer to pursue love and my more bizarre tastes.

When I last wrote to you I shared the story of the day when Sarah, Hilary’s other full time groom and part time lover, double crossed me. She made Hilary doubt my love and left me in punishing bondage and mess. Three months had passed and so far I had resisted revenge, Sarah thought she had got away with her malice, I was only biding my time.


Hilary closed her suitcase. “I wish you were coming with me…” She frowned “I could command you to…”

I touched the collar around my neck before shaking my head. Hilary was taking a week to visit Ireland to find more event horses, she had offered and then pleaded with me to come with her but I had said no. “I have unfinished business here.”

“Unfinished business?” Hilary paused looking into my eyes. “Don’t hurt her…”

“No permanent damage.” I smiled. “She needs to be taught a lesson and thinks she has got away with it. Anyway, she will probably enjoy it.”

Hilary smiled, she knew Sarah as well as I did, she had put me through hell and the sole reason had been to be punished. She was a devious little sub who had fretted when she had not been received retaliation from Hilary or I. Life had moved on and despite everything we were very good friends, but she had this coming to her.

“Look, have a safe journey. I promise I will not be too nasty to her.”

Hilary smiled and hugged me. I watched as she stepped from the house and into the waiting taxi.


Mid-summer was a good time to be a groom. Our horses were all out in the paddocks enjoying some time resting so there was little work to do, we checked on them a couple of times a day but otherwise could relax after the long days of the event season. Sarah was quite glad of the company around the yard and we covered for each other as we took trips out to town or otherwise rested.

Of course, while she was in town shopping for clothes I was busy in seedier establishments and soon had everything I needed for my plan. Hilary had been away for a day and Sarah was pretty much at ease as we had a morning cup of coffee after checking the horses. We laughed and joked, sitting on bales in the sunshine. I watched her slurp the coffee, dressed as ever in her skin tight blue jodhpurs, worn and muddy Hunter boots and a flimsy t-shirt. I watched as she drained her mug.

“What you looking at?” She smiled in a puzzled way. I smiled. She stood up, suddenly unsteady and wavering as she grabbed for the wall of the barn. “What the hell…” Her speech was slurred.

I held up the small box, Sarah blinked as she tried to read the text. “Domosedan gel…” She knew what this was, it was a sedative gel we used with the horses who would not allow us to clip their coats unless they were dosed to the eyeballs. Sarah smiled briefly before sliding down the side of the barn.


Sarah opened her eyes, drool running down her face, she tried to move but found that she had been bound tightly with baler twine, any noise was stopped by the massive ball gag which was strapped into her mouth. She blinked and muttered. “Whoo-do… mo…”

“Sorry I can’t hear you?” I smiled, Sarah slumped down as much as the tight binding would allow her. “Do you remember what you did to me?” I watched as she slowly nodded. “So you know what why this is happening…” Again she nodded, trying to hold my eye contact. “Good…”

Sarah was tightly bound on one of of our kitchen chairs inside the barn. The barn itself was pretty empty as the summer harvest had not provided the many bales of hay and straw which would usually fill it. I had been busy and had plenty of surprises for Sarah.

As I approached Sarah I know she both deserved and desired punishment from me. It was clear that both of us had played some very messy games so that was coming first for my young groom. I pulled a tarpaulin from a range of buckets and jugs, grabbing one at random and poured the contents over Sarah’s head, coating her blond, shoulder length hair. A flood of lumpy custard slowly seeped over her skull and down her face, Sarah shuddered as it engulfed her. I paused, smiling at the image before grabbing a deep sloppy banana cream pie which I slammed the pie into her face allowing her senses to be removed as the slop filled her eyes and ears.

Tearing her t-shirt I exposed her grey sports bra and her ample bosoms, I giggled, the grubby bra was ripe for filling and I could not disappoint, I grabbed a five litre bottle of molasses and started to pour it into the ample Lycra bra. Sarah moaned in ecstasy as the thick goo caressed her nipples, I watched them harden in the glistening flow. I was amazing how much of the bottle the bra held, bulging obscenely as the thick treacle seeped from the seams. I reached for another bottle and pulled her jodhpurs open before repeating the treatment with more syrup which I pushed down her legs and into her boots. Sarah was writhing, pushing her crotch towards me. I laughed “Oh you naughty little groom!” I grabbed a bucket of lumpy rice pudding and started to smear it over her body, taking special attention to her gluey crotch, reaching into her treacle filled panties I ensured she had rice everywhere and slipped my finger into her moist pussy, fluttering across her clit which brought moans of pleasure. I cut her bra away freeing her covered breasts, licking some of the sweet goo from her engorged nipples before coating them with runny ice cream, Sarah gasped through the gag as the icy mess touched her sensitive skin.

I felt that her hair had been left too clean despite the custard so took a dozen eggs and started to smash them into her locks. Of course, these eggs were not the freshest, in fact they were weeks past their use by date as the stench which assaulted our nostrils proclaimed. Sarah was soon covered in gloopy egg yolk which I topped off with a couple of bags of flour before shampooing it in well. I thought she deserved to smell worse so poured can after can of cat food down her body. She gnashed her teeth against the ball gag.

A topping of mayo and a couple of more pies left me with only a bucket of hoof oil remaining. I showed her the heavy, viscous liquid before tipping it over her body, it slowly engulfed her, covering all of the previous mess and immediately starting to set, leaving her as a shiny black statue.

Stepping back to admire my handiwork I smiled before loosening and pulling Sarah’s jodhpurs to her knees and showing her a large dildo. “I bet you want this…” I smiled as her eyes widened, I swiftly snipped her treacle soaked panties from her body and busied myself with the vibrator, it was clear there was no need for any lubrication as I slipped the phallus like intruder into her soaking pussy. I showed Sarah a small remote control, flicking the switch she immediately saw the effect, she moaned through her gag as the device rumbled deeply inside her. I caressed her oil coated breasts, tweaking her erect nipples until she was on the very limit of cumming, just as I saw the faraway look in her eyes and her body stiffen I clicked the remote again and left her gasping in frustration. “Ah ah… You are not here to enjoy this you know…”

I looked down at Sarah, covered in messy food and oil smiling, a good start I thought and reached for the buckets of gloss paint I had waiting. Sarah gasped as I flung a bucket of red paint towards her, it splashed across her body, I followed this with buckets of yellow and blue until she was nothing more than a brightly coloured statue.

When I eventually ran out of paint she looked rather artistic and I could just make out her features beneath layers of paint her chest moving as she breathed deeply. “Right, lunchtime…” I heard a short gasp as she realised I would be leaving her in the warmth to set solid.


“Are you girls playing nicely?” I smiled and assured Hilary that Sarah was fine before sharing small talk about horses and how much we missed each other. I had been allowing myself a leisurely lunch, randomly flicking the remote control on and off. When I eventually came back to Sarah she was immobile and silent, the paint had set hard. I started my preparations for Sarah’s next treatment, taking paramedic shears and cutting off the tattered remains of Sarah’s clothing, ripping it from her body, I made sure that I was ready with handcuffs to ensure she did not attempt to escape, however Sarah was in pure sub mode and resisted any effort to escape. I knew that she was looking forward to her punishment and I had to ensure I did not let her down.

I used spirits to remove the worst of the paint, leaving her skin dyed but allowing movement, where her bra and jodhpurs had been she was virtually clean. I pulled her arms up and tied them quickly before attaching them to a rope hanging from the roof of the barn. I pulled the rope up on a pulley so that Sarah was left standing on tiptoe. I placed a plate beneath her raised heels and explained my motives. “You may notice that the dildo has wires hanging from it, they run, via the switch beneath your heels to this.” I held up an electric fence energiser. Sarah gasped and started to moan, shaking her head. The unit was emblazoned with thunderbolt warning signs and safety text, it stated it was higher voltage for cattle. We had both accidently had shocks from our more tame equestrian units and they hurt, a shock inside her would have probably been lethal. Well, that was at least what I let her imagine. The unit was infact a second hand eBay purchase which I had cracked open and replaced the charger with a tens unit purchased from a fetish shop the other side of town. It would be painful but certainly not harmful.

“So, to make it clear. You have to stay hanging for as long as possible. If you slip and step on the switch then…” I paused. “Well it will be quite shocking! Oh and it increases in power each time you trigger it!” Sarah’s eyes went wide. I stepped towards her and quickly applied a pair of toothed nipple clamps, she moaned involuntarily. “Right, I had better go and do the horses. See you later!”

I walked away, of course not to do the horses but back to the house where I could watch Sarah on a hidden webcam. She was struggling with the hanging position and it was not long before she slipped and received a bolt from the tens unit. She cried out and stood back on her toes. I watched her for sometime until she became exhausted and remained flat-footed, her body writhing with shocks. I dashed to the barn and disconnected her.

Sarah slumped into my arms, her body drenched in sweat. I held her in my arms with her looking into my eyes. I released the ball gag and she worked her jaw silently, flexing her sore muscles. “This is not the end…” Sarah looked up with a spark of excitement. This punishment was having quite the opposite effect. “But it is an early bedtime for you.” I pushed Sarah down and quickly tied her wrists and ankles with soft rope, I tied a knotted crotch rope and then hogtied her. She was pretty light so I was able to pick her up quite easily and carried her across the yard and on towards the muck heap. She squirmed as she realised that there was a trench dug in the manure and where exactly she would be spending her night.

I dumped Sarah into the hole, she was a foot or so beneath the surface and quickly filled in with fresh muck until only her face was visible. I trod down the surface ensuring that Sarah was mummified tightly in the steaming pile. I had toyed with leaving her with vibrators but I could see that the bondage alone was having the desired effect. “Night, night!”

I left her trapped and hogtied, I could see some slight movement from the surface as she tested her bounds and found herself fully trapped. I smiled.


After a relaxed breakfast I walked across the yard to the muck heap. Sarah smiled as she saw me above her. “Are you thirsty?” She nodded as much as she could. “Okay, open wide.” I watched as she opened her mouth expecting a bottle of water but instead unbuttoned my jods and crouched above her. I let rip with a strong flow of piss, splashing on her face and in her mouth. As I finished I pulled up my trousers and faced Sarah.

“Thank you…” She paused. “Miss…”

I smiled, my little sub was more than pliant. “Time for exercise girly.” I dug her out of her hole and released her ropes, allowing her to stretch and rub the rope marks. She was silent, clearly expectant for the next punishment. She did not have to wait long as I approached the horse walker with her. It was designed like a carousel where horses could be exercised by walking round, driven by a motor. Any lazy horses would get a jolt from electric fence wires which hung behind them. I dragged Sarah into the walker and attached her to the front of one of the cells with a pair of handcuffs. I left them on a short chain so she would have freedom of movement.

Closing the gate I switched the machine on and it started to slowly rotate with Sarah walking along timidly. I smiled, catching her eye as I turned the speed control, soon she was jogging and then breaking into a run to avoid the electric fence behind her. I smiled, and twisted the control again, Sarah was fit and managed to sprint for sometime before she fell behind, she yelped loudly as she contacted the fence and leapt forward. I watched this repeat for a few minutes until she looked as if she was fit to drop. She glanced at me pleading for mercy so I slowed the machine down and released her.

“Oh dear, you are a lazy little groom.” I sneered at the panting Sarah. “Come with me…” I walked her to the tack room where there was a frame to hold saddles for cleaning in the centre of the room. I lay a blanket across the frame and the draped Sarah over it, tying her hands and ankles so she was trapped with her derriere in the air.

She had a wonderfully pert bottom honed by many hours riding, and she sighed as I caressed her cheeks, slipping a finger or two between her legs. She was dripping wet, and to be honest, so was I. I picked up a short riding crop and passed it across her flesh, she moaned with expectation. I short swing brought the crop down with a satisfying thwack, Sarah gasped before muttered “Yes… oh yes…”

“Look this is supposed.” Thwack “to” thwack “be” thwack “punishment!”, she giggled as I gave her another six swipes, her skin reddening. “You like that then?” I smiled and picked up a long schooling whip, this was fine fibreglass wrapped in thread. I swung the whip down with a whoosh, it cracked leaving a welt. I left Sarah with ten more marks before I had to sit down and rest. I watched her as she squirmed on the saddle frame, desperate to rub herself. I smiled. “Ah. ah… First I need to deal with that sore botty.” I took out a tub of deep heat and started to smooth it on her skin. For a moment there was relief, then the burning started and she writhed more and more. I took a handful of the evil cream and parted her lips. Sarah almost spoke but resisted as I smeared the burning gel over her sensitive parts, flicking her clit. It was all too much for her and didn’t take too long for me to work her into a powerful orgasm. Her body stiffened and then she slumped back against her bindings.

“Right time to get you ready…” I said after I had allowed her to relax and had re-tied her in a chair in the tack room. I grabbed a set of clippers normally used on our horses but it was clear as I approached Sarah where I would be using them. She groaned, she had previously lost me my hair in a fit of jealousy, she flinched as the heavy blades made contact with her blond locks, they started to fall onto her chest and shoulders until soon she was left with just stubble. “Oh that is better, but we are not finished yet.” I took out a tub of hair removal cream and slathered it across her skull. Sarah struggled as the cream started to act.

I watched as she writhed before I rinsed her head with the icy flow from the hose, her skull was totally bald and her eyebrows rinsed off also as I had ensured I had covered these in a fair coating of the remover.

“Now you didn’t ask what I was getting you ready for?” One of the things Sarah had done to me was to force me into a tiny compartment beneath our horsebox leaving me for hours before finally letting me free. I was going to return the favour, but with a twist.

I showed Sarah a large packing case, there were holes in the edge to allow the contents to breath, inside it was deeply padded and allowed a tiny space for something, someone. Sarah gasped when she looked at the lid, there was a packing label attached to the top.


Deliver to:

Lucinda Parkinson Abbeyway Farm Aberdeen AB38 1TB

Lucinda was well known on the eventing circuit, she worked her all female staff hard on the yard and elsewhere, it was well known that misbehaving grooms would get considerably tougher treatment than I had just dished out to poor Sarah. She pleaded with me as I laid her down on a blanket and hogtied her tightly. Just before I slammed the lid shut I ensured she was covered in the same itching dust she had used on me and watched as she writhed and twitched within the padding of the box.

“Oh, by the way. I went for economy delivery. They say you should be there in a week or so!” Sarah’s eyes went wide as I closed the lid and locked it shut.

I watched as the courier collected the box, distracting him for a moment to allow me to remove the shipping bar codes and replace them with different ones. She would be lost in the system and would never come back. I waved as the lorry left the drive and Sarah left my life.


Well, of course that is what I told her through the walls of the box. I heard her moan and try to speak despite the duct tape gag I had put on her. What she thought was a courier van taking her to either a lost fate at a depot or some despotic new boss was in fact me driving our horsebox with her box safely strapped in the back. I drove about a bit and made sure I left her some time before returning to the yard and quietly unlatching the lid as if it contained a wild animal.

It was dark when I opened the lid, looking in I saw Sarah’s exhausted face, she had been crying (yeah, that made me feel a bit bad) but was ecstatic when she realised what I had done. I eased her out of the box and carried her to our flat where I washed her naked body and made her as comfortable as possible in bed.

The next day I told her all about what I had done, she sat in awe before hugging me with tears of joy in her eyes. “Thank you so much… That was the best punishment ever.” We both looked up as the door opened and Hilary stepped inside.

“Girls!” She smiled. “Have you been behaving?”

We both looked at each other before shouting “No!” in unison. We exchanged glances, there were all the toys ready and plenty of mess. I raised my eyebrows and we slowly approached Hilary.

“Girls… Now what are you doing?”


“So I should send her back then?” Lucinda sounded genuinely disappointed.

“Yes please, we do need her.” I smiled, Sarah sitting beside me.

“Okay. By courier or…”

“No…” I paused even though we had sent Hilary by express overnight service I think we had already pushed our luck too far. “I’ll pay for a railway ticket. First class.” I was trying to make amends, but I feel that we will soon be both getting some serious punishment.

Until the next time…



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