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The Rivals 2: The Aftermath

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2017 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

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Story continues from part one

Part 2: The Aftermath

As soon as she got back to her apartment, Kaylee went into her bedroom, shut the door, locked it, and lay face-down on her bed. She was absolutely miserable and didn't feel up to doing anything at all.

She had been lying there a couple of hours when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. It was her roommate checking on her. The two normally had their evening meal together, but Kaylee didn't have an appetite and didn't want to talk to anyone. Kaylee, remaining on the bed, told her roommate through the door that she wasn't feeling well and just wanted to sleep. Her roommate wanted to come in to check on her, but Kaylee was insistent that she be left alone.

With the conflagration behind her continuously roaring for her attention, Kaylee didn't get any sleep at all that night. What made it even worse was the knowledge that it was all Jenna's doing. She had known Jenna didn't like her, but she had no idea her animosity had reached the level where she'd do something like this! It wasn't just the physical discomfort or the humiliation she had endured, either. One thing she was having an especially hard time dealing with was that she had been blamed for, and forced to apologize for, things she hadn't done! That entire sorority thought she was the one who had wronged them and they'd never know the truth! Without evidence to the contrary, they'd never believe her if she tried to tell them that the culprit was Jenna, not her. In fact, any such attempt by Kaylee to accuse Jenna would likely get her into even more trouble. It all made Kaylee very bitter, and she shed many tears that night thinking about it as her bottom burned and throbbed. Jenna had totally fucked her, and she was going to get away with it!

The next morning, after an utterly wretched night, Kaylee again heard a knock on her door. As before, Kaylee asked to be left alone because she wasn't feeling well. This time, however, her roommate was persistent. No matter how many times Kaylee told her to go away, her roommate refused, insisting she be allowed in.

Kaylee heard her door rattle as her roommate attempted to open it. When Kaylee, for the umpteenth time, told her roommate to leave her alone, she heard a soft, calm voice say:

"If you don't unlock the door I'll break it down."

Kaylee's eyes widened. She quickly got up off the bed and unlocked the door. Then she opened it a crack and moved back to her bed. Watching the door, she remained standing.

A petite oriental girl with beautiful dark eyes and jet black hair entered her room. Her features were so delicate as to appear almost childlike. She exuded cuteness.

"Hi Mingy," Kaylee greeted her.

Mingzhu, wincing at the nickname Kaylee had used, asked, "What's wrong?"

When Kaylee remained silent, Mingzhu sat on her bed and patted a spot beside her. "Sit down and tell me about it," Mingzhu instructed.

Kaylee slowly and gingerly sat down on the bed. It hurt, but not enough to prevent her from sitting there and talking to Mingzhu for a few minutes. Kaylee looked deeply into the eyes of her roommate and close friend. She found herself feeling calmer, more relaxed. She hadn't planned on talking about what had happened - ever - but now she realized she was about to tell her friend everything. As she prepared to speak, she couldn't help but to recall the circumstances under which she had first met Mingzhu.

It had been at a party early in the first semester. Kaylee had only been at the school for a few weeks and was still getting to know people. The issues between her and Jenna had already started, unfortunately, and Kaylee was in a truly vile mood as a direct result of some unpleasant interactions with Jenna just a little earlier. Kaylee saw a small oriental girl sitting there alone, and walked over to talk to her.

Kaylee had thought about it numerous times later, but she would never really understand exactly what had made her act the way she did. She knew her anger at Jenna must have had something to do with it, but that still didn't fully explain her actions. In any case, as Kaylee talked to the small, vulnerable-looking girl whose name, she had learned, was Mingzhu, she became increasingly rude.

It started out with Kaylee throwing a few mild insults into the conversation. But then, seeing that her comments had absolutely no effect, her insults became harsher and more frequent. It became exceedingly irritating to Kaylee that no matter what she said, she was not able to elicit a reaction from Mingzhu. As their conversation proceeded, Kaylee's face grew red with frustration at her continued failure to get a rise out of the girl. Finally, Kaylee, not thinking at all reasonably, brought her arm back and aimed a smack at Mingzhu's face.

In fairness to Kaylee, she was not trying to hit Mingzhu hard - just hard enough with her open palm to sting a little. She just wanted the damned girl to react to her!!

Kaylee finally succeeded in getting a reaction. As her palm moved toward Mingzhu's cheek, she caught a flicker of motion. The next thing she knew she was bent forward at the waist with one arm locked behind her back. Kaylee wasn't in pain, but her arm was stretched in such a way that she knew if Mingzhu were to put a little additional pressure on it, she'd be in agony.

"Calm down please."

Mingzhu had delivered her request in a soft voice, devoid of any anger.

Kaylee elected to respond in a manner which seemed appropriate to her situation:

"OK, I'm calm!! I'm calm!!"

Mingzhu immediately released her. Kaylee just stood there and stared, her mouth comically open in astonishment. Kaylee's anger had completely dissipated. Instead, she was feeling a number of other things - surprise, to be sure, and some fear as well, but the strongest emotion enveloping her was disgust. She couldn't believe she had actually tried to strike this poor girl!

Kaylee apologized profusely for her actions, her words heartfelt and genuine. From that point on the two became best of friends.

Later, when Kaylee's roommate left school, she asked Mingzhu if she'd be interested in sharing the apartment with her. Mingzhu accepted, leading to their current living arrangements.

Now Kaylee, sitting next to Mingzhu on the bed, was trying to formulate the words to describe her recent experience. She wanted to tell Mingzhu everything, but was having trouble getting started.

Then Kaylee thought about what Mingzhu had said from outside her room: "If you don't unlock the door I'll break it down."

An image of Mingzhu in full martial arts garb standing in a fighting ring came into Kaylee's mind. Mingzhu's opponent, positioned on the opposite side of the ring, was... Kaylee's bedroom door. For just a moment Kaylee forgot all about her troubles and started to giggle. "That poor door!!!" she thought, and then laughed harder.

Able to speak now, Kaylee told Mingzhu all that had happened.


After Kaylee finished telling her story, Mingzhu made her a warm drink. As Kaylee brought it to her lips, a strange aroma assailed her nostrils. "What IS this?" she asked.

"It's a blend of herbs. Drink it - it'll make you feel better."

Kaylee took a sip, then looked at her friend. The stuff tasted as odd as it smelled. It wasn't that it tasted bad, just different, different than anything she had ever had.

"Go ahead," Mingzhu prompted. "Down the hatch."

Kaylee smiled at Mingzhu's choice of words, then emptied the entire cup as instructed.

"Thanks Mingy," she said.

For once, Mingzhu didn't wince at the nickname. Maybe she was starting to get used to it. Although she had tried numerous times to get Kaylee to stop calling her that, her efforts had been in vain. A small smile flitted across her face as she recalled the last time she had talked to Kaylee about it. Mingzhu had patiently explained that she was an adult and that the name "Mingy" was simply not appropriate. It lacked dignity, and furthermore was extremely embarrassing when other people heard it. Kaylee's response had been, "Sure, Mingy, I understand."

A few minutes later, Kaylee was sound asleep. Mingzhu pulled a blanket up over her and left the room.

Then Mingzhu prepared to get to work. Mingzhu generally liked to keep her feelings to herself and was very good at hiding her emotions. Thus Kaylee had been completely unaware of the cold fury which began coursing through Mingzhu's veins as Kaylee told her what had happened. Kaylee was equally unaware that Mingzhu had decided to seek what Kaylee saw no way to achieve... revenge!

While Kaylee's area of study was oriented toward machinery and electronics, Mingzhu's field was computers and software. Mingzhu was going to try to use her knowledge to make Jenna regret her actions. She didn't know if she'd be successful, but she had to try.

Mingzhu sat in front of her computer and began.


Kaylee slept soundly the entire day, not waking up until the time when she normally had her evening meal. Perhaps the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen had helped pull her out of her slumber. In any case, when she awoke, Kaylee felt a little better. Not great - she would be feeling considerable discomfort for days yet - but certainly well enough to eat. In fact, she was famished.

The next few days were fairly uneventful. Kaylee was gradually recovering and Mingzhu was secretly continuing her work. Although it was a little hard to concentrate, Kaylee got back into her schoolwork. She was glad she hadn't had classes for the past few days, as she would have had to have skipped them!

Then one evening after they had eaten, Mingzhu told Kaylee she wanted to talk to her about something. The two sat on a sofa, Mingzhu with her laptop computer and Kaylee empty-handed but interested, and Mingzhu began to talk.

She explained that she had managed to break into Jenna's computer and transfer every scrap of information on it to her own system. Further, she said she had found some very interesting and useful things - things that would help Kaylee get back at the girl. Kaylee, having had no idea that Mingzhu had been doing this, was understandably surprised. She was also most interested in what her roommate had found.

Mingzhu showed her findings to Kaylee, and then the two talked and planned until the early hours of the morning.


As Kaylee was sleeping the day after her ordeal, Jenna was involved in a curious activity. It was her greatest secret, something no one else knew about, and never would. She'd literally die of embarrassment if anyone ever found out about it!

She was committed now, and couldn't turn back even if she changed her mind and desperately wanted to escape. She hadn't actually started yet, but she was bound in place and would remain that way until the full measure of her "punishment" had been delivered. At the moment she was feeling that unique combination of excitement, helplessness, and nervousness that she always experienced right at the start of a session. She'd get started soon, but she wanted to relish this feeling a little longer first.

This session would be the most severe she had ever experienced. Not TOO severe, of course, for that wouldn't be pleasurable to her at all. She wanted something extra intense, but nothing that crossed the line into serious discomfort. She hoped she hadn't gone overboard. She had planned this session carefully and put a lot of thought into the settings, but there was still the possibility she had miscalculated. Well, she'd find out soon enough, and anyway such thoughts were academic at this point - her session was going to proceed whether she wanted it to or not.

Was it guilt that had driven her to putting herself into this situation? Were she pressed on the issue, she would have had to admit that it most likely was. After all, it had just been yesterday when she had screwed over Kaylee, screwed her over really, really badly. A not-so-pleasant smile crossed Jenna's lips as she thought about it. Her plan had worked flawlessly! Oh how she had enjoyed paddling that bitch! Damn that must have HURT!!! And then the treatment Kaylee had received from the sorority! It couldn't have been more perfect! Oh how Kaylee must hate her!

She looked over at the large red button positioned just under her right hand. She knew exactly what would happen when she pressed it. She also knew she'd have to press it many times before she'd be released. These thoughts sent an intense wave of lust into her loins. She didn't press the button though. "Not just yet," she thought.

The young blonde, stark naked, was bent over a narrow padded table with her ankles bound securely to the table legs on each side. The sturdy table was bolted onto the floor; it was important that it be kept in exactly the same position. Jenna's head extended out over the opposite side of the table, with her face pointed toward the floor. She could turn her head and see what was on either side of her, but she was unable to look behind her. Sturdy leather straps around both her thighs and her waist, as well as solid barriers on both sides of her hips, prevented her from moving her backside. She could barely even wriggle it; there was no way for her to move it out of position.

Like her ankles, her wrists were also bound to table legs. She had a leather cuff snuggly wrapped around each wrist and buckled into place. Attached to each cuff was a bar of metal with a hole in it. Each table leg had a mechanism into which the bar of metal fit. A short time ago she had pushed each bar into its corresponding mechanism, causing a metal rod inside to be inserted into the bar's hole, locking it in place. The bars would not be released until a signal was sent to unlock them. That signal would not be sent until her session had been completed.

The most interesting components of Jenna's setup - a pair of table tennis ball launchers - were not currently visible to her. She was, however, well aware of their presence, looming directly behind her a short distance away. These two devices were about to play an important role.

Jenna had set the two launchers to aim directly at her bottom; the left launcher was aimed at her left cheek and the right launcher was aimed at her right cheek. When one of the launchers was activated, it would hit a random spot on its target.

The launchers were high quality instruments, capable of hitting their intended target with great precision. She had never known either of these devices to miss. Nevertheless, since her legs were spread wide, a miss could be most... unfortunate. Thus, just to be on the safe side, Jenna had a pole positioned directly between her legs. The pole, mounted on a heavy base, would protect her from any errant shots which could otherwise cause her considerable discomfort.

Each launcher was capable of holding up to 100 table tennis balls. For today's session Jenna had filled them nearly half to capacity, placing 40 balls into each machine. The balls she had used had thinner shells and were lighter in weight than regulation table tennis balls. When they impacted they would still sting, but the effect wouldn't be as severe as if she had used balls of normal thickness and weight.

The launchers had speed settings of 1 to 20, with 1 being the slowest and 20 being even faster than the hardest smash shot which could be delivered by a professional player. The machines were currently set to 5.

Jenna, looking again at the red button but declining to press it, reviewed the setup in her mind. Normally she loaded 20 to 30 balls into the machines for her sessions, depending on her desires. Forty balls was more than she had ever used before. Also, she had cranked the speed up a notch, setting the machines to 5 rather than the value of 4 which she had typically used in the past. Her tail was definitely going to be feeling the effects of her discipline by the time she was through. But that's what she wanted, or at least that's what she HOPED she wanted. She had a feeling she might be changing her mind about that before her session was over.

Jenna's upcoming task was simple - she just had to keep pressing the red button to activate the launchers. Each time she pressed the button one of the launchers would fire a ball at her bare bottom. The launchers would automatically alternate - first the left launcher would fire, then the right, then the left again and so on. Since there were a total of 80 balls between the two machines, she would have to press the button 80 times. She could take as long of a break as she wanted between impacts; there was no timer involved at all. However, she would not be freed until all 80 balls had been launched and had delivered their stinging payload to her waiting rear end. A simple program running on her computer would unlock her wrist cuffs once the required number of balls had been launched.

Despite her nervousness and mild misgivings, Jenna was feeling exceptionally horny. She wanted - needed - this so badly! Anyway, it wasn't going to be THAT uncomfortable. She thought again about what she had done to Kaylee, then thought, "I'm a bad girl! I DESERVE this!!" She was literally dripping with excitement now.

Jenna decided it was time to begin and pressed the red button.

Immediately she heard a fleshy "thwappp" as a ball hit her left cheek. Ouch, that stung! There was a noticeable difference between her new setting of 5 and the older setting of 4. Maybe too big of a difference? Had she made a mistake?

She waited a little, then pressed the button again. Shortly thereafter her right cheek felt a sting, joining its companion.

"78 more of these?" Jenna thought.

But the sting was not so bad as to really worry her. She had no doubt at this point that as her session progressed she was going to be regretting using so many balls at a higher setting. But although she'd certainly be feeling discomfort, it wouldn't be anything unreasonable. As she thought about her situation - naked, helpless, and right at the beginning of a punishment she couldn't avoid - her lust grew even further.

She pressed the button again.


After they had made their plans, Kaylee and Mingzhu procured the things they needed and placed them in the trunk of Kaylee's car. Nothing had been particularly difficult to obtain. Now it was just a matter of waiting.

Mingzhu had been every bit as angry and upset about what had happened as Kaylee was. When the two had talked and planned, a few of Mingzhu's suggestions had been too harsh even for Kaylee, who had to talk her friend out of them. Although Kaylee certainly wanted revenge, it seemed Mingzhu wanted it even more!

Kaylee thought about one suggestion in particular that her friend had come up with that she had accepted, but with reservations. "Kind to be Cruel," Kaylee thought to herself, reversing the title words of an old Nick Lowe song.

If everything worked out, Jenna was going to be one sorry young woman.


Exactly one week after Jenna's last session, she was at it again.

She had gotten a lot of satisfaction a week ago. As expected, the further into her session she got, the more she regretted the severity of the settings. It had become harder and harder for her to push the button, and she had taken some fairly long breaks to let the stinging subside. She was glad she had used common sense and had loaded the launchers with ping pong balls which were thinner than regulation!

Immediately after she was freed she had grabbed a vibrator and went over to another padded table she had in the room, this one larger and lower to the ground. She lay face up on the table and got to work. With her stinging bottom pressed against the table, she thought about the paddling she had given Kaylee - the sound of the smacks against the girl's naked cheeks and the painful-looking result of the strikes. She came in almost no time at all.

But she needed more. As insane as it seemed, even to her, she had bumped the settings up even further. For today's session she had loaded 50 balls into each launcher and set the power all the way up to 7. Today she was going to get a genuine punishment, something that would certainly cross the line. She wasn't going to like it, but she both wanted and needed it. At least that's what she was thinking at the moment, filled with sexual excitement.

She had masturbated many times over the last week, each time thinking about some aspect of Kaylee's ordeal. Her favorite recollection was her paddling of Kaylee's bare ass, but she also got considerable satisfaction recalling how the girl had totally humiliated herself on the sorority's strange device, and also the lengthy strapping she got on an already anguished butt. Maybe it was because Jenna was getting so much pleasure from these sadistic recollections that the need she felt to be actually punished had grown so powerful. Even if that was the case, however, it wasn't something she consciously thought about.

Although helpless and more nervous than usual, Jenna felt cozy and safe where she was. The room in her basement was spotlessly clean. There were no windows - that wouldn't do at all - but nevertheless the room was brightly lit. There was a single door leading to the main area of the basement. Even though it was only a small single-floor house, the basement was actually quite spacious.

Now, just like last week, Jenna was bound in place; she was at the point of no return. Her finger was poised over the large red button which would launch the first of the hundred table tennis balls. She wondered just how much it was going to hurt when she pressed it.

Jenna decided it was time. But as her finger prepared to press the button, she heard a noise. It startled her. Just as she was trying to figure out what it was, the door to the room opened!!!

"Hello Jenna," a familiar voice said.


Once they had obtained everything they needed, Kaylee and Mingzhu didn't have to wait long. The morning of the very next day after they had placed the materials in the trunk of Kaylee's car, Mingzhu's smartphone sounded an alert. The code she had loaded onto Jenna's computer system had been triggered; apparently Jenna was about to start!

As Kaylee drove the two of them toward Jenna's house, they listened for Mingzhu's phone to sound another alert. They hoped to be close to their destination when that happened.

As it turned out, they reached Jenna's house before the alert occurred. As she parked, Kaylee commented, "I can't believe her parents got her a house as a graduation gift! Who ever heard of that??" It was just another reason for Kaylee not to like her, as if she needed one.

They waited in the car until the expected alert occurred. That meant that the cuffs had just been locked into place. Time to go!

They gained access to the house by using the spare key Jenna kept under a rock. Then they stealthily entered and headed for the basement.

They quietly walked to the far end of the basement, then Kaylee opened the door. As they took in the interesting sight, Kaylee said, "Hello Jenna."


It was perfect. Although they found exactly what they had expected based on the detailed information Mingzhu had retrieved from Jenna's computer, actually seeing it firsthand was something else entirely. Jenna was stark naked and bent over a table with her butt sticking out. When Kaylee and Mingzhu entered the room, Jenna struggled like a madwoman, but her bonds easily held. She wasn't going anywhere. To make it even better, her face glowed bright red with humiliation.

"Kind of an interesting situation you've got yourself in," Kaylee noted.

Then came a series of loud threats from Jenna, accompanied by demands for immediate release. These were ignored.

When Jenna gave up on her threats and grew silent, Kaylee said, "You have the right idea - if ever anyone needed to be punished, it's you! It's good you realized that and set all this up."

Jenna's face again smoldered with embarrassment.

"I wonder, though," Kaylee continued, "if you've set up your punishment to be severe enough."

Jenna didn't like the sound of this - not at all. She tried another verbal outburst, against demanding to be freed, but didn't persist for long. It was obvious nothing she said was going to make the slightest difference.

"Let's see....." Kaylee said as she took a ball out of one of the launchers. Inspecting the ball, Kaylee said, "Well, I have to question if you're really serious about your discipline, Jenna. I mean, really, if you want to punish yourself why are you using these extra light balls? Their shell is too thin. Wouldn't you want to use something more..... impactful?"

Jenna was getting worried. Very worried indeed.

"I'll tell you what." Kaylee said. "We'll take a closer look at your setup. Maybe if we tweak a thing or two we could make it more effective. You know, give you what you really need."

Jenna, feeling more vulnerable than she ever had in her life, didn't respond to Kaylee's suggestion.

"Ming...zhu, would you mind taking a closer look at her bindings? We wouldn't want her to accidently get free and deprive herself of an experience she needs so badly!" Kaylee avoided her usual nickname for Mingzhu; she just didn't feel right saying it in front of Jenna.

Mingzhu went over to the table holding Jenna and began to inspect the bindings which held her in place. Or at least she pretended to. As planned, Mingzhu's hand moved toward Jenna's neck and, before Jenna even knew what was happening, tapped her at a specific point.

A moment later Jenna was sound asleep. Kaylee, a little concerned about this part of their plan, came over and looked into the face of her nemesis. Jenna looked completely relaxed; she was sleeping like a baby. "You're sure she's alright?" Kaylee asked Mingzhu.

"Yes, of course she is," Mingzhu confirmed.

Kaylee shook her head. It had appeared that her oriental friend had barely touched the young woman, yet that touch obviously had a profound effect. "Remind me never to piss you off, Mingy."

Mingzhu couldn't help but to smile. The use of the irritating nickname in that particular context seemed a little contradictory.

Now that Jenna was asleep, the two girls got to work. First they went back to the car to unload the necessary items from the trunk, then they started on the changes. Having Jenna sleep while they worked hadn't been strictly necessary, but it made things easier. Neither Kaylee nor Mingzhu wanted Jenna to be able to hear them talking to each other as they worked; it would have been awkward, plus there were some things they wanted to keep secret until later. This way Jenna would have a pleasant nap, then when she woke up everything would be all ready for her.

It took nearly two hours for Kaylee and Mingzhu to complete their work.


Jenna felt a little disoriented when she awoke. It took her a few moments to remember the situation she was in. Then she noticed something had changed. There was a monitor on the floor slightly in front of her, positioned so she was looking directly at it from where she lay.

As she became fully awake she heard Kaylee say, "You've probably noticed the monitor in front of you. Here, let me turn it on for you."

An image of Jenna's naked bottom suddenly appeared on the screen, filling most of the display area. With her legs spread, there was nothing left to the imagination. In the upper left corner of the monitor Jenna could see her own face peering back at her.

"We had to get a special extra-wide monitor so the image would fit," Kaylee said.

Even though she knew Kaylee was deliberately taunting her, Jenna bristled at the implication. In reality, neither the monitor nor her backside was extra-wide.

"As I mentioned before, I completely agree with you that you need to be punished, but we're on slightly different wavelengths regarding the severity of the punishment. Your contraption here was set to deliver far too mild a penalty for your behavior, so I made a couple minor adjustments.

Jenna, troubled and embarrassed by the view on the monitor, had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"For example," Kaylee continued, "you had your launchers loaded with thin, lightweight ping pong balls. Well that's just ridiculous. Those balls aren't even regulation. You need something which will discipline you more effectively; I'm sure you agree. I first thought I'd simply replace your lightweight balls with official ones, but then I had an even better idea. I purchased a whole bunch of the extra thick balls you used for our recent game. They're not regulation of course, but since you decided to cheat, I think it makes perfect sense to use the same balls you cheated with."

Jenna was not happy that Kaylee had figured out that she had cheated in their game. Jenna had purchased counterfeit balls with the exact same markings as official tournament balls. They were a little thicker and heavier, and thus behaved differently when hit. Jenna had no issues using them because she practiced hard with them prior to their game, but she had correctly determined that they would throw Kaylee off. The balls weren't different enough from the regulation ones to be easily noticed, which was how she had managed to get away with it.

But apparently it was those heavier balls that were now in her launchers! That was of great concern to Jenna... getting hit in the butt with those balls was not going to be pleasant.

"Another way you skimped on your discipline was the number of balls you had loaded into the machines. You only had 50 in each machine. I doubled that, so you'll now get 100 smacks on each cheek.

This was getting worse and worse. Jenna was frantically trying to think of a way out of her situation, but didn't see any hope at all.

"We've also made a slight change to the button you press to launch the balls. The way you had it set up, you'd only have to press it down, and then a ball would instantly launch. We've changed it so you have to hold the button down for five full seconds to get a ball to launch. You'll have to show the machine that you REALLY want to receive your punishment."

This sounded odd to Jenna; she didn't get the point. She had the uneasy feeling she was missing something important.

"I think that covers the basics. There's just the matter of the timing to explain now. The way you had things set up, you could wait for as long as you wanted before launching the next ball. Well, that would have been much too boring, and simply not effective enough. We've modified it so you have to launch a ball every 30 seconds. There will be a countdown timer displayed on the screen so you'll know when you have to press the button. Since, as I've explained, you have to keep the button pressed for 5 seconds, that means you'll have to be sure to press it when there are still at least 5 seconds remaining in the countdown."

"Now it's possible that you'll be reluctant to press the button in a timely manner. If that should be the case - if you don't launch the next ball in time - then there will be a penalty. My suggestion is to avoid that. I'll guarantee you that you wouldn't like the penalty."

"I don't think this timing is unreasonable. You'll only get one smack per minute on each cheek since the left and right launchers will alternate, just the way you had them set up."

As Jenna listened, her mind was still on the "penalty" Kaylee had mentioned. What was she talking about? What would the penalty be if she didn't press the button in time? From the way Kaylee had been talking, it sounded like it would be something pretty bad.

"Let's see... did I cover everything? Yes, I think so. Did I miss anything Mingzhu?"

"The speed setting," Mingzhu responded.

"Oh, yes, of course! How silly of me! Not a big deal, really, but it's still something you should be aware of."

Jenna did not like where this was going.

"You only had your launchers set to 7. I'm sure that was an oversight on your part. After all, how could you possibly be disciplined effectively at such a low setting?"

Jenna, recalling what she had recently put Kaylee through, was very, very worried.

"I've changed it to setting 17."

Jenna was having trouble even processing this information. She had to get out of this. She HAD to. But she didn't know how.

Then Jenna, having previously failed in her attempts to free herself via threats, began pleading with Kaylee. Just as with her threats, however, her begging was having no effect whatsoever. As Jenna realized there was no escape for her, she noticed something on the monitor. Something which shot her anxiety level right off the scale.

"Where's the pole????" Jenna asked. She had just noticed that the pole which she had positioned between her legs to block errant shots was not shown on the screen.

"You mean this?" Kaylee asked, sliding the pole on its weighted base over so Jenna could see it.

"PLEASE!!! You CAN'T!!! What if it misses???" Jenna said in a panic.

"Why would one of the balls miss the target?" Kaylee asked, her tone reasonable. "Your launchers have sophisticated optical targeting systems. They won't miss."


"Have either of your launchers ever missed in the past? Did your pole ever actually block any stray shots?"

Jenna had to admit that they hadn't; every ball ever launched had been right on target.

"Anyway," Kaylee pointed out, "it wouldn't be fair to the audience if I positioned that pole where you had it. It would block part of their view."

"Audience????? WHAT audience?????" Jenna blurted out.

Kaylee lightly smacked herself on the forehead. "Oh, silly me! That's something else I forgot to mention!"

Kaylee, enjoying Jenna's discomfort at this latest piece of information, continued. "Your session is being recorded. As soon as we start the program, the recording will start automatically. It'll record the image exactly as you see it on the monitor."

Jenna took another look at the monitor and saw her bare bottom, along with a completely unobstructed view of the area between her legs. Her face, currently wearing a horrified expression, was also clearly visible. She was speechless.

"We haven't decided who we'll give the recording to yet," Kaylee lied. "We'll have to think about that. We'll let you know later." Kaylee already knew who the recipients of the movie would be, but she didn't want to give Jenna that information just yet. It was more fun watching her squirm.

"Now I'm certain I've told you everything. I can't see any reason not to get started, can you?"

Jenna could think of many reasons not to start, but could think of nothing to say that would make any actual difference.

"Remember," Kaylee said, "to avoid a penalty you have to press the button and KEEP it pressed for five seconds. Don't wait until there are less than five seconds left on the countdown timer or you'll be too late!"

"Well Mingzhu?" Kaylee asked her friend. "Are you ready to get going?"

"Sure," Mingzhu replied.

Kaylee walked over to Jenna's computer and started a program running. A "30" appeared in the upper right corner of the monitor sitting on the floor in front of Jenna. Directly beneath it was the number "200," indicating the total number of balls remaining in the launchers. As the timer began counting down, Kaylee and Mingzhu left the room, closing the door on some final pleas from Jenna.


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