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The Rivals 3: When It Rains, It Pours

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2017 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

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Story continues from part two

Part 3: When It Rains, It Pours

Jenna saw the timer counting down on the screen. She hardly had any time to think! Kaylee had told her she had to press the button and hold it down for five full seconds. She didn't really understand the reason for this, but knew she'd better do as she was told. She didn't want to find out what the penalty was which Kaylee had referred to.

When the timer reached 6, she pressed the red button. She had given herself a one second safety margin; she didn't want to cut it too close. As she held the button down, she was understandably nervous about what it was going to feel like getting smacked with a ball launched at such a high speed!

The timer was now down to 3; it was going to launch the ball soon! It was easy for her to keep the button pressed down; it took no effort at all. She just needed to concentrate on keeping her finger in place.

When the timer reached 1, Jenna heard the sound of one of the launchers activating. She caught a glimpse on the monitor of the ball impacting her left cheek and simultaneously heard a loud, fleshy SPLAT. Then she felt the results.

It was as if a hundred hornets had simultaneously stung her right at the same spot. She instinctively tried to yank her bottom away, but could not. On the screen, she saw a welt forming. It was perfectly circular in shape and rapidly turned an ugly-looking deep red color. It HURT!

She tried shaking and wriggling her bottom in response to the discomfort, but she had done an excellent job making sure it couldn't move out of position. There was no way for her to get even the small relief such movement would have offered.

As she suffered the results of the impact, she noticed the timer was again counting down. It was already down to 15 seconds! She would have to do absolutely the last thing she wanted to do... launch another ball! It was much harder for her to do that now that she knew exactly what it would feel like!!

There wasn't much time left. She had no choice! She waited as long as possible, pressing the button just as the timer changed from 6 to 5. This time, holding it down was difficult. It wasn't the negligible physical effort required to keep it depressed, rather it was the psychology of the situation. Having felt the result of the last button press, she urgently wanted to lift her finger up off the button to avoid getting smacked with another ball. She had to consciously override those urges and keep applying pressure to the button.

*** SPLAT ***

A neat, circular welt formed on her right cheek, which was now feeling the same anguish as her left one. Even worse, her left cheek was still stinging just as badly as when it was first hit, which was over half a minute ago now.

Soon it was her left cheek's turn again. How could she possibly hold the button down and add to its discomfort? But she HAD to. The situation she was in was plenty bad enough; she didn't dare risk making it any worse!

*** SPLAT ***

Now there was a matching pair of welts on her left cheek. Fortunately the ball had hit at a different location rather than impacting the same spot. She recalled Kaylee telling her that she had loaded Jenna's heavier "cheat" balls into the launchers. The poetic justice of being punished by those balls, which hurt more than standard balls would have, was something Jenna most certainly did not appreciate!

A short time later her right cheek also had a pair of raging welts. It didn't help matters for Jenna to see the welts on the smooth surface of her bottom. It LOOKED quite painful, and seeing the welts seemed to actually make them feel worse. She couldn't look away from the screen, however, since she had to watch the timer.

After launching a few more balls, Jenna came to realize that her situation was impossible. So far she had launched a total of eight balls - four on each side. That meant each launcher still contained 96 balls! She had a total of 192 balls remaining, each one destined to smack her bare bottom hard. No matter how much she wanted to avoid a penalty, she would simply not have the willpower to keep going like this! No one could!!

That got her thinking more about the penalty. It was a little difficult thinking clearly under the circumstances, yet she managed. She thought the penalty might have to do with the odd setting Kaylee had used. That was the only explanation she could come up with for why Kaylee had set the launch power to 17. Why not 20? Surely it wasn't because Kaylee wanted to do her a favor. No - there had to be another reason.

As she reeled from the effects of another incoming ball, she formed an idea of what the penalty might be. Her idea was that if she failed to launch a ball on time, the power would be raised, presumably to 18. If she was right about this she had to avoid a penalty at all costs!

Another ball launched - 10 down, 190 to go. Her backside now had ten dark red, perfectly circular marks. So far none of the impacts had overlapped. It was only a matter of time though. She tried not to think about what it was going to feel like when a ball hit a spot that had already been hit!

In the back of her mind she recalled the settings she had used for her planned session today, before Kaylee and Mingzhu had interrupted. She had set things up so she'd receive an actual punishment, something that would definitely be uncomfortable. Well, she had certainly gotten her wish! Unfortunately, what she was now experiencing was far worse than anything she ever would have wanted... or even conceived of.

*** SPLAT ***

Another loud, wet, fleshy sound as her self-punishment continued. She was waiting until the last possible moment before pressing the button to give herself as much of a break between hits as possible. It wasn't helping at all.

Jenna glanced at the upper left corner of the screen and saw her face, looking rather distressed, staring back at her. This brought to mind something that had temporarily been pushed out of her thoughts by the incoming ping pong balls... this session was being recorded! Kaylee hadn't told her who would actually see it; she could only speculate, and every idea she had was bad. Other people would see her like THIS? That was too embarrassing to even think about! But she couldn't dwell on it, and there was nothing she could do about it anyway. She had to concentrate on the timer and make sure she avoided a penalty.

*** SPLAT ***

That last ball had unfortunately partially overlapped a prior impact. It made the awful stinging even worse. As her session continued, though, that was going to become the norm. How could she possibly deal with that?

It was then that Jenna had an unfortunate mishap. She had waited just a split second too long before pressing the button. Perfectly understandable, at least in her view, but the machinery had another opinion. When the timer counted down to 0 without a ball being launched, a message immediately appeared beneath the timer:  "Penalty:  New Setting = 18/20".

She had been right! She had guessed what the penalty would be! Not that that was particularly helpful to her - now her punishment would be even worse!

Following the penalty, the timer started counting down again from 30. This time Jenna made sure she launched the ball on time. She was rewarded with an even more painful impact. There was a definite difference between the old and the new speed setting.

There was just a small glimmer of hope. Perhaps the penalty would only apply to one ball, and now that that ball had been launched the power level would return to its former value of 17. Jenna doubted that that would be the case, but it was possible.

The next impact dashed that small hope. It had been just as hard as the last one. Apparently the launchers were going to remain set to 18 for the remainder of her ordeal!

Several more balls were launched, with Jenna being especially careful not to screw up again. It was so incredibly hard, though. She now understood clearly why Kaylee had set things up so she had to hold the button down for such a long time. It was one thing to force oneself to quickly perform an action that was going to yield an unpleasant result, but it was quite another to force oneself to perform such an action for an extended time. It was as if she had to BEG the machine to deliver her painful punishment to her.

There were enough welts on her bottom at this point that all the impacts were striking a spot that had already been hit. Despite the discomfort, however, Jenna remained vigilant and forced herself to continue launching the balls on schedule.

With 178 balls remaining, Jenna pressed and held the button to send the next one toward its intended target. But after holding the button down for four seconds, her finger lifted up. She had been doing her very best to avoid that, but she was only human - her bottom really stung and she simply didn't want it to be smacked again.

She knew what was coming and was not disappointed:  "Penalty:  New Setting = 19/20".

A half a minute later she discovered that setting 19 caused the launched ball to hit her a good deal more emphatically than the prior setting. Jenna decided it was a good time to test her bonds - really test them hard. But it didn't take her long to confirm what she already knew - there was no way out.

It was obvious what the next penalty would be, and was equally obvious that it was only a matter of time before it happened. All she could do was delay it as long as possible. But then she started to wonder - what would happen after that?

Jenna had no idea what the penalty would be once the machines were set to their maximum level of 20. Could Kaylee and Mingzhu have found a way to increase the launch speed beyond 20? No, she doubted that very much. Also, if that was the case, why had the display shown first 18/20 and later 19/20 when the penalties occurred? Clearly 20 was the max.

She continued trying to think about this as ball after ball was fired at her backside. She couldn't come up with an answer. Maybe there wouldn't be any more penalties after 20? That was possible, certainly, but she wasn't counting on it.

On the screen she saw the collection of red, circular welts covering her bottom. It was this bad now, yet she had so long to go? Every single welt was screaming at her with displeasure.

It wasn't long before Jenna's finger again lifted up before she had held the button down long enough. Another penalty occurred exactly as expected:  "Penalty:  New Setting = 20/20". The machine was now going to demonstrate the full extent of its capabilities to her.

A few moments later, those capabilities manifested themselves in terms of an even more painful welt on the soft, exposed surface of her bottom.

It was now as bad as it could get. Despite her best efforts to stave off the penalties for as long as possible, there were still 159 balls left. Kaylee, and Mingzhu as well, had totally fucked her.

But she had still not come to any conclusions about additional penalties. What exactly would happen the next time she failed to press and hold the button on time, as was certainly destined to occur? Would it be possible that nothing at all would happen, and maybe the machines would even pause at that point and reset the timer to 30? But Jenna was sure Kaylee wouldn't have made such a mistake.

Was it possible that the targeting would be changed? Maybe the balls would all start hitting the exact same spot on her backside - that would be excruciating. But Jenna quickly discarded that idea. In order to change the launchers' targeting, it was necessary to manually put them into a setup mode. That couldn't be done automatically. So, no, the penalty wouldn't involve the targeting.

Then Jenna had an unpleasant thought. Although the targeting was fixed, the launch timing could be changed. Rather than waiting 30 seconds between each shot, the time could be reduced! Maybe the next penalty would be for Jenna to have to launch a ball every 25 seconds, rather than 30. And after that maybe it would be every 20 seconds! Maybe control would even be taken away from her entirely, and the balls would automatically fire whether she pressed the button or not!

She didn't want to find out. She forced herself to continue her punishment despite every fiber of her being objecting.

With nearly superhuman effort, Jenna successfully launched the next 11 balls on schedule. But then, with 148 balls remaining, she slipped up again.

Now her question would be answered. What would the penalty be? She was literally holding her breath at this point.

The message appeared:  "Penalty:  Launcher 3 Setting = 1/20".

Huh? What did that mean?

A moment later, Jenna clearly saw the ball's impact on the screen. It was easy to see since the ball was moving so slowly. The impact didn't hurt, in fact it didn't produce even a mild sting. Yet Jenna was worried... very, very worried. It wasn't the speed of the ball that concerned her; it was the location. That last ball had hit her right on her clit.

The face on the screen registered great surprise. As another countdown from 30 began, Jenna processed this latest information. "Launcher 3" obviously meant that Kaylee and Mingzhu had set up a third launcher and aimed it at the most vulnerable spot on her entire body. It was painfully obvious, too, what the next penalty would be. Unless she was completely mistaken, the next time she was penalized the third launcher would be set to power level 2. And it would keep increasing for each subsequent penalty.

Jenna couldn't allow any further penalties. No matter what, no matter how badly it hurt, she had to continue punishing herself according to the machine's schedule. Otherwise... no, Jenna decided it was best not to even think about that.

With iron determination, Jenna set about her task. She made absolutely sure to press the button on time, giving herself a little bit of a safety margin, and FORCED her finger to keep pressing down. She pressed down hard. Although that wasn't necessary, she didn't want to take any chances.

One after one the balls were launched, each one doing its level best to cause Jenna as much discomfort on her naked bottom as possible. Fifteen balls in a row streaked from the launchers at a speed which made the very air sizzle. There were now 133 balls remaining.

Despite her Herculean efforts, her finger again lifted up, seemingly of its own accord. Jenna looked at the screen with dismay. A new message appeared:  "Penalty:  Launcher 3 Setting = 2/20".

This time the impact, dead on target, stung a little. It wasn't much, but it foretold of an appalling future. Jenna hadn't even reached the halfway point of her session yet, not even close in fact. She was already pushing the limits of her capability to force herself to continue her punishment. No matter how hard she tried, she would continue slipping up from time to time.

She was in a lot of trouble.


By monitoring the number of balls that had been launched via signals sent from Jenna's computer to Mingzhu's smartphone, Kaylee and Mingzhu were able to reenter Jenna's house, and then the basement room in which Jenna was still bound, just at the point where there were exactly 100 balls left.

Jenna was surprised to see them, as she had assumed they were going to leave her to her fate. She was even more surprised when Kaylee paused the program which was controlling her punishment session.

"Guess what?" Kaylee said cheerfully. "You're now at the halfway point!"

Jenna was already well aware of this. She wondered what Kaylee and Mingzhu were up to. Surely they weren't going to do something to make things even worse! Unfortunately, Jenna was completely unable to convince herself of that.

Standing directly behind Jenna, Kaylee said, "Wow, that looks sore!! I'll bet that really hurts!!!"

Jenna hardly needed to be told that. A hundred impacts of the innocuous-looking balls on her rump had left an impression she wouldn't soon forget. She doubted she'd ever view a ping pong ball the same way again. Even worse in some ways were the impacts she had received between her legs. Six impacts right on her clit, each one harder than the one before! The last couple impacts in particular had been especially memorable. Although the discomfort she was feeling between her legs was nowhere near what she was feeling on her bottom, that situation could change as her session proceeded. The next ball would be fired at her with the third launcher set to level 7. That was not going to be pleasant at all!

"We just thought we'd stop by to see how you were doing," Kaylee announced.

In reality, the reason they had returned at this point was to implement an idea which Mingzhu had come up with when the two girls had been planning Kaylee's revenge. Kaylee was still a little uneasy about it. Despite her hatred of Jenna, there were limits as to how far she was willing to go. For example, although Jenna was not aware of it, Kaylee had loaded the third launcher with the same thinner, lighter balls that Jenna had originally planned to use for her session. They still stung plenty when they were fired from the launcher, but they didn't have as heavy of an impact as a regular ball. Kaylee wanted to cause Jenna great discomfort, but she didn't want to actually injure her.

Kaylee had more to say. She had some information for Jenna which she knew the girl would definitely NOT be happy to hear! Once she was finished speaking, then they'd proceed with... other things. But first things first. Kaylee opened her mouth to speak.

"I'll do anything if you let me out of this."

The unexpected statement from Jenna caused Kaylee to close her mouth again without speaking.

"What?" Kaylee responded a moment later.

"I'll do anything, anything at all, if you let me go."

Well, that got Kaylee thinking. Apparently Jenna was pretty desperate! Not surprising, really. Still, Kaylee hadn't anticipated this.

"Anything?" Kaylee said.

"Anything," Jenna responded definitively.

Kaylee turned this over in her mind. Then she gave a response which was more curiosity as to how far Jenna would really go than it was an actual suggestion.

"Maybe you should use that tongue of yours for something other than lying."

Kaylee expected a harsh rebuttal to come flying back from Jenna. After that happened, she'd probe further to find out what it was that Jenna had in mind.

But after only a short pause, Jenna said, "OK."

"Huh???" Kaylee said, dumbfounded.

"I'll do anything you want if you'll release me."

Now what? Kaylee hadn't been prepared for this at all. Neither she nor Mingzhu had ever considered anything like this when they were planning.

Kaylee had to think about this. Was she maybe misunderstanding what it was that Jenna was suggesting? No, it was clear enough. Should she actually take advantage of her that way? She would never force Jenna into doing something like that, but if she was offering...

Then Kaylee wondered if Jenna would actually get some satisfaction out of such an act. Kaylee didn't like that idea at all. But then she remembered the diary entries that Mingzhu had pulled from Jenna's computer. Jenna liked guys. She did NOT like girls. So, no, there would be no enjoyment.

As she continued thinking, Kaylee realized there were some aspects of Jenna's offer that she really liked. It would be totally humiliating and demeaning for Jenna to submit to performing such an act. For anyone else, anyone at all, Kaylee wouldn't go for it. But Jenna was a special case.

There was a problem, though. The thought of having Jenna doing that to her was repugnant. To have someone she utterly despised trying to give her pleasure? To have her tongue licking her THERE? No... just no.

"Sorry, not interested," Kaylee finally replied.

Mingzhu came over to Kaylee, grasped her arm, and whispered in her ear. Both Kaylee's eyebrows shot up with surprise. "Are you sure?" Kaylee asked. Mingzhu nodded in the affirmative.

"Could you excuse us for a moment?" Kaylee asked Jenna. "We'll be right back. Don't go away!"

Then Kaylee and Mingzhu left the room and closed the door.

After reentering the room a few minutes later, Kaylee announced, "Mingzhu has graciously decided to accept your offer."

After a long pause, Jenna answered, "OK. But if I do it, you'll let me go, right?"

"Not so fast," Kaylee answered, feeling a little guilty that she was enjoying this so much. "First of all, it only counts if you make her come."

An unhappy noise came from Jenna's direction.

"Also, just satisfying Mingzhu won't be enough. In order to be released, there's something ELSE you'll need to do afterward."

This was what Kaylee and Mingzhu had worked out when they had left the room. Their previous plan had been to suggest an alternate punishment to Jenna at the halfway point of her session. If Jenna would agree to the alternate, then she'd be released and not have to fire the remaining hundred balls at her butt. However, Jenna had made her plea before they had had a chance to suggest their alternative.

Their modified plan was to have Jenna service Mingzhu, and then when she was finished they would tell Jenna about the alternative punishment - the "something else" Kaylee had just referred to. The requirement that Jenna bring Mingzhu to climax was just a bit of subterfuge; they wanted Jenna to have to really work at her task, thus making things as miserable as possible for her. It wouldn't actually make any difference to their plan whether or not Jenna was successful in pleasing Mingzhu. Should Jenna fail to get Mingzhu to come, Kaylee would pretend to be understanding about it and would tell Jenna that since she had tried so hard, they'd count it after all. One way or another, they'd move back to their original plan once Jenna was finished with Mingzhu.

Jenna didn't realize it, but she had actually made it worse for herself through her begging. She was going to get exactly what was planned for her before, plus now she'd suffer the considerable indignity of trying to bring pleasure to another girl.

However, Jenna was understandably concerned that Kaylee was being so vague about what would happen after she had dealt with Mingzhu. She decided to press for more information.

"What else will I need to do?" Jenna asked.

Kaylee responded, "I'll let you know when the time comes."

That answer hadn't helped at all. Jenna had a strong suspicion she knew what her next task would be - servicing Kaylee, despite Kaylee's original rejection of the idea - but she wasn't positive. Jenna started insisting she be given more information.

"Look, it's up to you," Kaylee said. "If you'd prefer, we'll start things running again and leave, then you can deal with the remainder of your punishment."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Jenna said emphatically. Such was her desperation that she quickly followed this up with, "OK, OK, I'll do it!"

"This should be interesting," Kaylee thought to herself.


With Jenna's head sticking out over the end of the table, there was just enough room to allow Mingzhu to get into the proper position for Jenna to do her work. After stopping the recording and moving the monitor out of the way, Kaylee and Mingzhu positioned a low table directly in front of Jenna's table. Then they put some blankets and cushions on it to raise Mingzhu to the necessary height. Mingzhu then stripped completely naked and lay face up on the table. She positioned herself with one leg on either side of Jenna's head, with her lower legs bent over the edge of Jenna's table and her feet resting on the table's surface. Her crotch was almost against Jenna's mouth. Jenna did not look very happy.

Kaylee felt obligated to give Jenna one final chance to back out.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Jenna?"

"I'll do it," was Jenna's curt reply.

"Well then, begin when you're ready. Remember - it doesn't count if she doesn't come!"

Kaylee was amazed Mingzhu hadn't asked her to leave the room. She apparently had no issues with Kaylee watching! Kaylee actually wasn't at all sure she WANTED to watch this. Nevertheless, she positioned herself where she could get a good view and waited for the show to begin.


Jenna was not looking forward to this. The aroma of Kaylee's petite friend filled her nostrils. She resisted the temptation to turn her head away; doing so wouldn't help since she'd just need to turn it right back again.

She saw no point in delaying the inevitable. She was going to do this in order to escape what she felt was an even more unpleasant alternative. As repulsive as it was, she had to proceed.

Jenna lowered her head the small distance necessary to bring her lips into contact with her objective. Without giving herself a chance to hesitate, she stuck out her tongue. Trying, and failing completely, to ignore the smell, the taste, and the feel of Mingzhu, Jenna began to lick furiously.


Kaylee watched in fascination and disbelief. "There's something you don't see every day," she thought.

Once Kaylee had told her she could begin, Jenna had hardly hesitated at all. She put her mouth firmly against Mingzhu and began licking her between her legs like a woman possessed. Kaylee had difficulty interpreting the look on Mingzhu's face as Jenna attended to her. This wasn't unusual - Kaylee often couldn't tell what her friend was thinking or feeling. If she had to make a guess, Kaylee would have said Mingzhu's predominant feeling at the moment was surprise.

There was something oddly compelling about what Kaylee was seeing. It wasn't pleasure, nor was it disgust. Perhaps it was mainly curiosity - she couldn't help but to wonder what Mingzhu was feeling, what it would be like to have another girl's tongue giving her that kind of attention.

As Kaylee continued to watch attentively, Jenna eased off on the pace of her activities somewhat. Her tongue, sticking out as far as Jenna could get it, was not shirking its duties, it was just performing them at a more reasonable rate. Jenna had presumably realized that she had been overdoing it. Soon the expression on Mingzhu's face changed. Now Kaylee had no difficulty interpreting her friend's expression - it was clearly one of pleasure.

Although it had only been a couple of minutes since Jenna had started, Kaylee thought it would now be a good time to impart some of the information she had previously withheld from Jenna. Yes, it would certainly not make Jenna happy, not in the least. Anything that would make Jenna unhappy would have the opposite effect on Kaylee. Kaylee spoke, loudly.

"Before you go any further, there are a few things you should know," Kaylee announced.

Jenna immediately stopped, retracted her tongue, and lifted her head. Her face was still nestled between Mingzhu's legs, but her mouth was no longer making contact with the young woman.

"You remember I told you that your punishment was being recorded? Excluding your current activities of course."

Jenna didn't say anything. Obviously she remembered, but in the position she was in she preferred keeping her mouth closed.

As Kaylee prepared to continue, she noticed that Mingzhu was looking at her. Her pretty black eyes were staring daggers at her. "Oops," Kaylee silently thought, "I guess she didn't appreciate the interruption. Oh well, too late now!"

Kaylee then said, "Well, guess who's going to receive the recording?"

Jenna remained silent but was listening carefully.

"We're going to give the recording to the Pi Rho Tau sorority! All its members will be able to watch it whenever they want! They're looking forward to receiving it!"

The last thing Jenna wanted was for other people to see her humiliating and painful ordeal. That sorority had a lot of members! Having them see her punishment session would be incredibly embarrassing! But Jenna didn't understand the last thing Kaylee had said - how could the sorority be looking forward to receiving the recording? That would imply they knew about this.

"Perhaps I should explain further," Kaylee continued, noting that her friend and roommate was still giving her dirty looks. Kaylee hoped Mingzhu wasn't going to give her a martial arts lesson later!

Jenna turned her head so she could look at Kaylee. It sounded to her like Kaylee had a lot to say, and she preferred not having her face practically against Mingzhu while she said it.

"You see," Kaylee said, "Mingzhu managed to pull information from your computer. You sure do store pretty much everything on that thing, don't you! Your cheating for our table tennis match was spelled out. You even had the details of your plot to get me into so much trouble by wrecking some of the sorority's property and stealing from them, and then planting evidence to make it look like I did it! Cora was especially interested in that!!"

"Oh No.........." Jenna thought.

"Yup," Kaylee continued, "you should have seen Cora's reaction when Mingzhu and I showed her your computer records. You had so much detail that Cora was easily able to double check a few things to make sure the information was genuine, and not something Mingzhu and I had made up."

"We talked at length with Cora, and mentioned our plan for revenge. She said the girls in the sorority would really enjoy watching it! But she also said that it wouldn't be enough. She really was quite put out that you had played them for fools. I'm afraid Cora and the Pirates want some payback of their own!"

A massive, but silent, groan filled Jenna's body.

"So exactly five weeks from now you're to report to the Pi Rho Tau sorority promptly at 9:00 in the morning. They plan to give you an 'education' at that time."

Jenna mentally dismissed this. There was no way she'd be anywhere near the sorority's building at that time!

"You're fortunate that the sorority has its own code of honor. They won't let anyone outside their membership ever see the recording we're going to give them. Unless, of course, you would do something to make them mad. Doing something to get back at Mingzhu or me, for example. Or failing to report to them five weeks from now. Should something like that happen, then they'll distribute the recording so people all over the world will be able to see it."

Jenna again groaned mentally. So much for avoiding the sorority! She'd HAVE to report to them as instructed. She didn't even want to think about what they'd do to her!

"You have Mingzhu to thank for all of this," Kaylee continued. "It was her efforts that made it possible. She's a great friend, and I'll remember this forever - as I suspect you will, too, Jenna. I thank her from the bottom of my heart."

Kaylee saw Mingzhu's expression soften. All traces of annoyance at the interruption had left her face.

"You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all this. Well, I figured it's only fair. Maybe you'll want to reconsider what you're doing. Maybe you'll no longer want to bring pleasure to Mingzhu, the girl who made it possible for me to get my revenge."

Kaylee knew Jenna was hardly going to stop now, not as desperate as she was to avoid further contact with the ping pong balls. Kaylee was enjoying taunting the girl who had caused her so much discomfort. Kaylee was still feeling some of that discomfort on her backside, which kept her desire for revenge fresh and strong.

"Well, what about it?" Kaylee asked Jenna. "Do you want to keep going with Mingzhu, or would you rather stop now and just face the remainder of your original punishment. You only have a hundred balls to go!"

By rights, the look Jenna was now giving Kaylee should have instantly vaporized her. Kaylee's atoms should now be scattered to the four winds. Fortunately, however, Jenna's glowering stare, while impressive, had no such inherent power. Kaylee's atoms all stayed in their proper place.

Jenna did the only thing she felt possible - agreed to continue.

"I'll keep going," Jenna submitted.

"OK, as you wish," Kaylee responded, seeing a smile flit across Mingzhu's lips.

Kaylee wasn't quite done rubbing it into Jenna though, and she said, "You're probably curious about the Pirates' plan for you."

Jenna was... and wasn't... curious.

"Well, Cora and the girls were still working out the details, but basically it'll be along the same lines as what happened to me - a long, hard paddling, an encounter with the itching pole, and then a strapping that the entire sorority will participate in. I got the impression they're going to give you even more than I got, however. Guess you'll know for sure in five weeks."

"They still like the idea you had of hanging up a signed paddle on the wall of their reception area, though. They've of course taken down the paddle that I had signed. They're planning to put a new one up in five weeks - one with your name on it, nice and large so every visitor to the sorority can see it."

Kaylee chuckled and said, "I actually had an idea for how to improve their display. Cora seemed to like it. Rather than just having a sign saying 'Thank you for using this on my bare butt' mounted above the paddle, my suggestion was to include a 'before' and 'after' photograph of your bare ass, so people can see the effects the paddle had!"

Jenna had the urge to pulverize Kaylee, but even had she decided to act on that urge, she was not in a position to do so. She was naked, tied firmly down, her head was right next to Mingzhu's crotch, and to make everything even worse, her backside still felt like it was being stung by a horde of angry hornets. She was a little tender between the legs, too. There were many, many things Jenna wanted to say to Kaylee, but she knew she dare not say any of them. Thus, Jenna continued to listen in silence.

"Another thing Cora mentioned," Kaylee said, "was that she'd like to have you ride the itching pole TWICE. Unfortunately, though, the one time they had actually done that to someone, the poor girl passed out. Oh, she was fine, of course, once she woke up, but nevertheless the sorority made a rule to only allow one session with that device. Cora did have an idea, however, about something interesting to try. She said they might make a fresh batch of the itching compound just for you. For this particular batch, Cora said they might cut down on the lubricant a little. She seemed to think that would be more effective at teaching you a lesson."

At this point Jenna really wished Kaylee would stop talking. Although she wasn't looking forward to getting back to the task that had been interrupted, she would almost rather do that and get it over with than hear more about the Pi Rho Tau sorority and their plans!

"Just one last thing," Kaylee said. "Do you know what happens five weeks from today in the afternoon?"

Jenna didn't know, and didn't want to.

"That's when the school has guest lecturers giving talks about engineering topics in the old auditorium."

Now that Kaylee had mentioned it, Jenna actually did remember. This was something that happened every year. But what did that have to do with anything?

"It should be an interesting experience, attending those lectures, considering what's going to happen to you that morning. Imagine, having to sit there on an ultra-sore ass for four full hours listening to people speak. I know I had a lot of trouble sitting down after my experience, so I'm sure it won't be very pleasant for you. The old auditorium has hard wooden chairs, too!"

"Of course you could decide to simply not attend the lectures. But some of the Pi Rho Tau girls will be watching. If you don't attend and sit through the entire set of lectures, you'll have to report back to the sorority for even MORE punishment. I don't envy you your situation - with the sorority having a compromising recording of you, you really don't have much choice other than to do what they ask!"

"Well, I imagine you're tired of hearing me talk, so I'll let you get back to Mingzhu. Mingzhu, I apologize for the interruption, but I'm sure Jenna will make it up to you!"

Jenna, utterly miserable from all that Kaylee had said, for once totally agreed with her enemy - she was tired of hearing her talk!

Unfortunately, though, that meant it was time for her to get back to her disgusting task. Jenna turned her head back to face Mingzhu and pressed her lips against the girl's. Then she stuck out her tongue.


Jenna, stung by all Kaylee had just told her, tried to focus on the job at hand. It's not that she wanted to even think about what she was doing; it was that she knew her only escape was to be effective in pleasing Mingzhu. Still, it was hard for her not to dwell on the awful things in store for her just five weeks from now.

This time, rather than starting out by licking as vigorously as she could, Jenna began with a slower and steadier rhythm. She repeatedly ran her tongue inside Mingzhu's lips, using long strokes and making sure to include her clit. It was awkward doing this without her hands to assist her, but she was actually managing well.

She had no idea how long she would have to do this to achieve the desired result. She had to succeed though, she absolutely had to! A hundred more smacks to her already anguished backside was something she dared not even think about, and even worse was the specter of more and increasingly harsh punishment between her legs whenever she had even the slightest slipup.

Jenna continued delivering stroke after stroke with her tongue. She'd think that after this amount of time she'd start getting used to the assaults on her senses, but that was simply not the case. The repulsive texture of Mingzhu's private regions against her tongue, the odious smell forcing its way into her nostrils, and, worst of all, the loathsome taste of the girl were all just as bad as when she first started. She looked forward to using several bottles of mouthwash when this was all done!

It was impossible for her not to notice the reaction she was starting to get from Mingzhu. The young woman was growing quite moist, adding to Jenna's revulsion at what she was doing. Mingzhu was also starting to move a little beneath her, sometimes pushing upward to increase the pressure against her.

Jenna thought she was getting close to her goal. She knew there would be more to come - again she assumed it would be Kaylee's turn next - but nevertheless she'd REALLY be glad when she was finished with Mingzhu.

Jenna decided to try to deliver a coup de grace. At the end of her stroke through Mingzhu's slit, she let her tongue linger on the young woman's clit, gently rubbing it several times. She began to repeat this procedure with each stroke, running her tongue the full length of the area between Mingzhu's lips and then pausing at her clit. She heard soft, but distinctive sounds of pleasure from Mingzhu. She was almost there; she just needed to force herself to continue this a little longer.


Kaylee continued to watch the captivating spectacle. At first she had assumed Jenna would not be able to bring Mingzhu to climax; after all, Mingzhu greatly disliked the girl. But as Jenna continued her work, Mingzhu began to show clear signs of pleasure. The expression on her face, her soft sounds, the motion of her body - all of these were unmistakable signs that Mingzhu was feeling really, really good.

Kaylee was struggling a little with her own emotions. She would be forever grateful to Mingzhu for the help she had given her. But seeing the effect Jenna was having created some doubts. Perhaps Mingzhu didn't dislike Jenna as much as she had claimed? Kaylee found herself hoping that Jenna couldn't get Mingzhu to come.

But as things progressed, it became more and more evident that it was only a matter of time. Mingzhu was making no attempts to hide her feelings; Kaylee didn't recall ever seeing emotions so clearly displayed on her friend's face. She considered stopping things, just pulling Mingzhu away from the horrid girl. She knew she shouldn't do that, however, and resisted the temptation.

Kaylee could clearly detect a musky odor in the air. She just didn't like what was happening! She tried to tell herself she was being stupid about the whole thing, that it shouldn't bother her. This was obviously not an experience Jenna was enjoying, so it had to be a good thing!

Despite her misgivings, Kaylee couldn't look away. She had to keep watching. Before long, what she had expected and feared happened: Mingzhu came, moaning and writhing with delight.


Once Mingzhu had recovered and dressed, she walked over to Kaylee.

Kaylee was upset and felt sick; she hated Jenna more than ever. Although she felt Jenna still deserved more, Kaylee just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. She was sure Mingzhu wouldn't want to proceed further anyway, not after what she had just experienced. Kaylee whispered to Mingzhu, "Are you ready to go? Should we release her now?"

Mingzhu stared back at her with a puzzled frown, "What do you mean?" she whispered back.

Kaylee put her hand around Mingzhu's arm and gently pulled her out of the room, closing the door behind them. Mingzhu allowed herself to be led along. Once they were out of Jenna's earshot, Kaylee said, "I figured you'd want to let her go now."

"What are you talking about?" Mingzhu's surprise seemed genuine.

"Well... after doing THAT, I thought you wouldn't want to proceed."

Kaylee's hand was still around Mingzhu's arm. Mingzhu put her other hand on top of Kaylee's and said, "I hate that girl's guts for what she did to you. Of COURSE I want to continue!!"

"WHAT???" Kaylee was unable to contain her surprise.

"Surely you don't think that meant anything to me," Mingzhu said matter-of-factly.

"But... after that... I mean... don't you FEEL something???"

Mingzhu confirmed, "Nope, nothing at all. It was just physical. It was just more payback for her."

Kaylee had been assuming Mingzhu was the same way she was. Had Kaylee been the one who had been on the receiving end of something so pleasurable, she'd definitely be feeling some strong emotions whether she wanted to or not. Those emotions could fade with time, of course, but certainly not THAT quickly. Apparently Mingzhu was able to enjoy that kind of experience without forming any attachment whatsoever. As Kaylee looked deeply into her friend's eyes and realized the truth of this, she had an almost overpowering urge to wrap her arms around the young woman. She felt so incredibly relieved!

Kaylee smiled warmly at Mingzhu and said, "Thanks for all your help. I doubt I'll ever be able to repay you. Now, let's get back in there and finish up!"

Up until that moment, Kaylee had had reservations about doing what she was about to do. She had been afraid it would be going too far, despite her loathing of Jenna. But for whatever reason, those concerns had completely vanished. Kaylee was looking forward to what would come next.

"I can do this if you want," Mingzhu suggested.

"Nope! Thanks, but it has to be me," Kaylee responded.

Mingzhu nodded in understanding.


After returning to Jenna's room, Kaylee said, "Now, Jenna, like I told you, you'll have to do something else before we'll let you go."

Jenna thought, "Here it comes. Now it's Kaylee's turn." She was dreading this; she still had the taste of Mingzhu strongly in her mouth. But at least after this it would be over! While in theory Kaylee could simply be lying to her and after she had given Kaylee an orgasm, Kaylee could say, "Sorry, but we're not letting you go after all!" Jenna didn't think that would happen, though, and anyway she didn't have a whole lot of options.

"OK, whenever you're ready," Jenna said, trying to mentally prepare herself. This was going to be worse. She certainly didn't like Mingzhu, especially not now, but the abhorrence she felt for Kaylee dwarfed the bad feelings she had for Kaylee's friend. She was going to HATE having to repeat her performance on that girl. Even worse, she'd have to bring pleasure to the bitch!!

But Kaylee didn't undress. Instead, she moved the low table which Mingzhu had just used out of the way, then she set the monitor up again. She turned the monitor back on and informed Jenna that she had started the recording again.

"What's going on?" Jenna wondered. "Is she going to record me doing her?"

Kaylee then walked over to a small cabinet and picked up Jenna's vibrator, the one she had originally planned to use after her session. Kaylee brought the vibrator over to Jenna and held it in front of her face.

"I imagine you're still a little sore from the third launcher," Kaylee unnecessarily pointed out.

Her statement was certainly true. Getting smacked by ping pong balls directly on her clit had not been fun, and she was still feeling the effects.

"I wonder what this would feel like right about now," Kaylee inquired, waving the vibrator. "Not so great, I'll bet."

Jenna, starting to realize she had been fooled, knew that Kaylee was correct. Although that vibrator had given her great pleasure in the past, it would not be welcome in her current state.

With Jenna watching, Kaylee turned the vibrator up to 5, its maximum setting, then turned it on.

"Wow, isn't this a lively thing!" Kaylee commented as the vibrator's head noisily shook itself back and forth with considerable power. "Who the hell designed this, anyway?"

Jenna had often wondered that herself. She never used setting 5, as it was far too powerful to be pleasurable.

Jenna was acutely aware that her legs were wide apart, and that she could do nothing to change that. She was completely vulnerable to whatever Kaylee had in mind. This could be bad.

"Guess what I'm going to do now," Kaylee said.

"Wait, wait!!" Jenna was growing frantic. She was completely at the mercy of the girl she had just recently totally dicked over. She had never been afraid of her vibrator... until now!

"Oh, just relax," Kaylee said reasonably. "I'll give you an out if you really need it."

Somehow this didn't reassure Jenna in the least.

"Now listen carefully," Kaylee instructed. "I'm going to press this against you. All you have to do is hold out for 15 minutes. You can tell me to stop at any time, but if you do then you lose. If that happens, I'll reactivate the launchers and you'll have to deal with the remaining hundred balls."

This confirmed to Jenna that she had been tricked. She had eaten Mingzhu out for nothing! Even had she not already been traumatized, she'd never be able to stand having that thing against her at its maximum setting, not for any length of time. Certainly nowhere near 15 minutes!

"Can you at least not use level 5?" Jenna unhopefully asked.

"Look," Kaylee replied, "this isn't supposed to feel good. I'm simply giving you the option to replace one punishment with another. You don't have to do this at all. Just say the word and I'll put this vibrator back, start up your session, and leave."

There were no good choices available to Jenna.

"But I can't take that! Not at that setting! It's impossible!!!" Jenna pleaded.

"Not my problem," Kaylee replied.

"Hey, maybe you should just limit it to setting 4," Mingzhu chimed in, winking at Kaylee as she spoke.

"No, not after what she did to me," Kaylee replied. "She deserves the full treatment."

"Well, it's up to you, Jenna. Do you want to give it a try or would you rather I start up the launchers now?"

Jenna was trapped. There was no way she was going to tell Kaylee to restart her session. She wouldn't be able to stand more of that treatment!

"If I try this, and I tell you to stop, will you really stop?" Jenna asked. She had visions of desperately needing the vibrator to be pulled away, and Kaylee just smiling and continuing to use it on her.

"Absolutely. If you tell me to stop, I promise I'll stop immediately."

Kaylee's response had been clear enough. Jenna tended to believe her, but was still extremely nervous about how the vibrator was going to feel. But there was simply no alternative. She had to try. Somehow, she'd have to withstand the vibrator's onslaught. She just wished she knew how!

"OK," Jenna said, defeated and anxious.

"Mingzhu," Kaylee called over, "could you bring up a stopwatch on your phone so she can see how much time she has left? Set it to countdown from 15 minutes, please."

Mingzhu did as requested. Jenna could now see a large "15:00" on the phone sitting on the floor beneath her.

"Start it up as soon as I turn the vibrator on, OK?" Kaylee asked.

"Sure. I'm all set," Mingzhu replied, her hand near her phone.

Kaylee walked to the back of Jenna. Jenna tried to brace herself for what was coming - not an easy thing to do.

Then Jenna heard the sound of the vibrator's motor.


"Kind to be Cruel"

The reversed title words of the song went through Kaylee's mind as she got started. At the moment, she had the vibrator at level 1 - its lowest setting. Both she and her victim knew, however, it wasn't going to remain there.

She pressed the vibrator against Jenna's clit. She wasn't pressing hard - that wasn't necessary. She felt a fair amount of disgust doing this, but that was easily overridden by the knowledge of just how uncomfortable the girl was soon going to be.

A sinister smile formed on Kaylee's face.

She recalled the discomfort she had felt, and was still feeling, from Jenna's unjustified actions against her. She also recalled watching Mingzhu coming with abandon as Jenna licked her.

"You deserve this," she thought.

Her unpleasant smile broadened.


Jenna saw the timer on Mingzhu's phone slowly counting down. She wished the seconds would tick by faster!! She was doing OK at the moment, but that was only because Kaylee had the vibrator set very low. Jenna recalled how she had taunted Kaylee during her paddling by holding the paddle against her rear and gently rubbing it. That's exactly what Kaylee was doing to her now - taunting her!

After one minute had gone by, she heard and felt the vibrator increase in power. Kaylee had apparently turned it up a notch. This was psychological torture! It made what Jenna knew was coming all that much worse. In a few minutes she was going to have to find a way to withstand the unwithstandable!

Jenna grew increasingly nervous as the seconds of the next minute ticked down. She fully expected another change - and not a good one - to happen when the timer reached 13:00.

The moment the second minute had elapsed, Jenna received confirmation that she had been correct... sort of.


With the vibrator set to level 2 and the second minute just now completed, Kaylee decided to begin in earnest. The chorus of the song, slightly distorted, that had recently been invading her thoughts played through her mind:

"You've gotta be kind to be cruel, in the right measure
Kind to be cruel, it's a very bad sign
Kind to be cruel, means that I hate you
Baby, you gotta be kind to be cruel"

Then she began to gently rub and twist the vibrator in a very specific way. As she heard a surprised gasp from the recipient of her actions, Kaylee recalled when Mingzhu first suggested using a vibrator as a punishment for Jenna. Mingzhu got the idea from something she had read in Jenna's diary on her computer. In order for it to work reliably, however, Mingzhu had to extend Kaylee's knowledge of vibrators a little. It wasn't that Kaylee didn't know how to use one - after all, she had one of her own that she was plenty familiar with - it was just that she needed to learn a little more. Thus Mingzhu, whose understanding of the human nervous system seemed to know no bounds, showed Kaylee what she needed to do using a sofa cushion. She then had Kaylee, using the same model of vibrator which Jenna owned, practice on the sofa cushion until she had the technique down pat.

Kaylee continued attending to Jenna, thinking ahead to where this would lead.


When the timer on Mingzhu's phone displayed 13:00, Jenna felt a change to the vibrator. She had fully expected that. It was not, however, the change she had been anticipating. Jenna had been sure the vibrator would be turned up to its next higher setting. Instead, the vibrator remained at the same low setting, but rather than just holding it against her, Kaylee was now slowly rubbing it, gently teasing her with it. Fortunately it wasn't causing her any discomfort, at least not at the moment, but the motion nevertheless surprised her. Jenna let out a gasp.

As the third minute counted down, Jenna wondered what change would occur when the timer reached 12:00. At the moment she couldn't even guess. In fact, she was starting to find it difficult to focus on the timer. The sensations of the vibrator moving against her began to dominate her thoughts. On the positive side, she still wasn't feeling discomfort from Kaylee's actions. Strangely, she was beginning to feel the exact opposite.

"Wh...what are you doing?" Jenna asked Kaylee.

"Exactly what I promised. Any time you want me to stop, just let me know."

Jenna knew what would happen to her if she told Kaylee to stop, so she certainly couldn't do that. The way she was feeling, she almost preferred if Kaylee DIDN'T stop. This was really screwed up. Jenna didn't understand what Kaylee was up to, but it really didn't matter - all she had to do was wait for the counter, now at 11:35 she noted, to reach zero, then she'd be free!

As this went on, however, Jenna was starting to realize she had another problem. It should not have been possible, not with the pain she was feeling on her bottom and the discomfort from the balls hitting her between the legs, but nevertheless she was starting to get aroused. Extremely aroused. Why was Kaylee doing this to her?

It was obvious that Kaylee was deliberately building up her pleasure, getting her so hot she couldn't think straight. Was this just another taunt? If so, at any time now Kaylee would turn the vibrator up to maximum, turning this pleasure into sudden distress. That change was going to be nearly impossible for Jenna to take! She tried to ready herself for it. She couldn't let Kaylee force her to tell her to stop!

On and on Kaylee went, still not changing the vibrator's setting. The raw sexual lust Jenna was now feeling was getting almost out of control. She dimly noticed that the timer was now at 10:21. She had a LONG way to go!

Jenna continued trying to think through the pleasure-filled haze. Suppose Kaylee managed to get her to come? That was seeming more and more likely, considering the way she was feeling. If that happened, Jenna would immediately tell Kaylee to stop and move the vibrator away. She'd have no choice. No amount of desire or willpower would allow any other action. But suppose Kaylee had been lying before and that she'd ignore Jenna's command to stop? Could that be what her plan was?

Jenna decided she didn't dare let herself have an orgasm. If Kaylee's plan was to continue vibing her after she came, it would be terrible. Even if the vibrator were turned off, having it brush against her clit would be unbearable. But suppose Kaylee turned the vibrator up to maximum and kept it pressed against her? That would cause her agony beyond anything she could ever imagine. The more she thought about it, the more she thought that's exactly what Kaylee was planning to do!

But trying to stave off an orgasm was proving to be increasingly difficult. Kaylee was playing her like a musical instrument. Jenna - naked, bound, and helpless - had no defense against her. Jenna's sexual desires were nearly off the charts, yet Kaylee continued to rub the vibrator against her... gently... enticingly...

The caresses against her clit were nearly driving Jenna out of her mind. But she couldn't pull away; she couldn't avoid the pleasure. Unless she told Kaylee to stop, she was about to be engulfed. But she couldn't tell her to stop because then she'd lose.

Jenna couldn't hold it back any longer. She came... hard. The powerful pulses of pleasure that coursed through her body were almost frightening in their intensity.

But despite its power, the orgasm didn't last long. Soon Jenna's body, now fully sated, began to return from its high.

Kaylee, however, was still rubbing the vibrator against her.

"GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!! STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!!" Jenna yelled.

Fortunately for Jenna, her fears had been unfounded - Kaylee did as promised and immediately pulled the vibrator away.

"Too bad you lost," Kaylee said.

As Jenna was trying to comprehend this, Kaylee said, "I'm turning the machines back on now. You know what you have to do. Good luck!"

As Jenna, her body still enveloped in the orgasm's afterglow, continued to try to understand what was happening, Kaylee and Mingzhu both quickly exited the room.

Then Jenna saw the image on the screen - her welted bottom, her face, and, most importantly, a timer. Counting down. As she watched, it changed to 23. Then 22.

She understood clearly now. But she wasn't in a state where she could handle more punishment. She'd need some time to recover!

But the timer didn't care. It continued counting down. Jenna recalled Kaylee's words: "You know what you have to do."

Yes, she knew. But she couldn't! Not now!!!

No choice. The timer was fast approaching the point where she had to act. She had to press the button.

Waiting until the last possible moment, Jenna forced herself to press and hold the large red button which would add another painful welt to her collection. Soon she heard the sound of the launcher firing a ball. Almost immediately she saw the blur of the ball's impact on the screen. A split second later, she felt the result.

It had been bad enough before, but now it was even more painful, considerably so. With her mind and body still basking in the joyful effects of the orgasm she simply wasn't ready for more impacts against her backside. She howled from the intense stinging sensation of the newly-added welt. She could see it clearly on the screen, nestled uncomfortably atop many existing welts. She couldn't help but to notice the timer was again descending. Now that her left cheek had been punished, her mechanism wanted to attend to her right one!

In the back of her mind, Jenna recalled an episode she had a few months ago where a boyfriend started to give her a spanking just after she had climaxed. It hadn't been particularly hard, it was meant to be erotic. But she couldn't stand it. Under other circumstances it would have been fine, but not just after she came. She had yelled at him and wrote many paragraphs of complaints about the episode in her diary. She ranted about how much more a spanking hurt her after an orgasm. The situation she was in reminded her of that episode. Although she didn't know it, it was that very diary entry that had given Mingzhu the idea to get her to climax and then immediately restart her punishment program.

It was time to launch the next ball. She dutifully pressed the button on time, holding it down so it would register. Her right cheek received the incoming ball, making it just as miserable as her left cheek.

How was she supposed to continue doing this? It hurt too much! But the timer was already on its way to her next deadline.

She again pressed the button with little time to spare. She knew she shouldn't be cutting it that close, and decided she'd give the next one a little more of a safety margin. She dare not be late!

Her finger twitched. It was only for a moment, the merest fraction of a split second. But it was enough. She hadn't fulfilled the requirement. She hadn't held the button down for five seconds. Even though she was now pressing down hard, it wasn't going to make a difference. She knew what was coming.

The dreaded message appeared:  "Penalty:  Launcher 3 Setting = 7/20".

"no no no," she whispered.

The third launcher scored a perfect hit on its intended target.

It was a thousand times worse than any of the previous balls that had been launched at her. It was the worst thing she had ever felt in her life. Her clit had still been in "do not disturb" mode from Kaylee's ministrations with the vibrator. It was most displeased at having a ping pong ball fired at it, especially at that speed. It relayed its displeasure to Jenna in no uncertain terms. Jenna received its message loud and clear.

Jenna's face in the upper left corner of the monitor was wide-eyed with shock. She now understood the full extent of Kaylee's revenge against her.

But what was she to do now?

She HAD to find a way out - the alternative was unthinkable. Kaylee had put her into a truly diabolical situation. How had it come to this?

But struggling wouldn't help. She had already tried that repeatedly and failed miserably every time. Even if she were twice as strong she still wouldn't be able to break free by force. If there was someone there with her, she could beg and plead. But Kaylee and Mingzhu had left her alone.

Regardless of the obstacles, she HAD to find a way to escape!! But how???

Most unfortunately for her, there simply WAS no escape. It didn't matter how badly she wanted and needed to get away - it wasn't going to happen, not until the punishment that Kaylee had set up for her had been completed in full.

One thing she knew - she could NOT be late pressing the button anymore, nor could she allow her finger to lift again, not even once. She had to be flawless with her self-punishment, no matter how much it hurt, for all 98 remaining balls. It didn't matter that it seemed like an impossible task; that's what she had to do.

With her bottom ablaze and her agonized clit still screaming at her with deafening volume, Jenna looked over at the timer. She planned to give herself a safety margin of a full second this time. She looked at the upper right corner of the screen and saw the timer change from 5 to 4. She had waited too long! The shock from that last impact had thrown her sense of time completely off! Her finger immediately pressed down on the button hard. But she was too late. There were only 4 seconds remaining and she needed 5. Her mind numb, she watched as the timer reached 0.

Then she saw the message... "Penalty:  Launcher 3 Setting = 8/20".


As they climbed into the car, Kaylee asked Mingzhu, "Do you think she'll cause me any more problems?"

"Nope!" Mingzhu answered. "I don't think she'll bother you again."

Kaylee was satisfied with Mingzhu's answer. She was glad the unpleasantness was over... at least for her. As she began to drive off, she said, "Hey Mingy, how about if we stop and get something to eat. I'm starved!!"

Mingzhu, with an imperceptible grimace and a very perceptible smile, wholeheartedly agreed.

The two stopped at a nearby restaurant, went in, and sat down. They examined the menu, happily discussing the options, then ordered their meal. The drinks came first; both girls had ordered sodas.

After putting a drinking straw in her soda, Mingzhu picked up her glass. As she brought the drink to her lips, Kaylee saw that some water droplets had formed from the condensation on the outside of the glass. As Mingzhu put her lips around the straw and began sucking some of the sweet liquid into her mouth, Kaylee watched a water droplet as it slowly ran down the side of the glass. The little droplet fell from the glass...

... and landed on the floor, joining the other tears which had previously fallen. The owner of the tears, all alone in her basement room, was still being severely punished, and would be for some time yet. The area on the floor just under the unfortunate girl's face looked like it had been hit by a miniature rain shower.

After getting hit twice in a row between her legs just after Kaylee had forced her to climax, Jenna had been understandably very careful not to make any more mistakes. Some inevitable mishaps still regretfully occurred, of course, and each such slipup was dealt with more harshly than the last. Her next mistake would result in a ball being launched at speed 12, not a prospect she looked forward to. Kaylee's revenge on her was truly awful, and it was far from over. Kaylee's use of the vibrator on her, along with the restarting of her punishment session with no delay whatsoever, was the cruelest thing anyone had ever done to her in her life.

She was sorry for what she had done to Kaylee, sorry in every way imaginable. But that wasn't going to help her now.

Forced to continue her self-discipline, Jenna launched another ball. As usual, it made a wet, fleshy noise when it hit. It sounded just like it felt - painful. The image of her naked, abused cheeks on the monitor screen showed just how effective the launchers had been at delivering payback for her actions against Kaylee. Those cheeks stung terribly, and felt scorching hot as well, just as hot as...

... the steaming dish of food sitting on the table in front of Kaylee. "Wow, this is good!" Kaylee commented, tasting her meal. "How's yours?" she asked her friend.

"Delicious!" Mingzhu replied. "We'll have to come here more often! Although I guess it's a little expensive."

"Don't worry about it," Kaylee said smiling, "this meal's on me!"

Mingzhu's protests against Kaylee's offer were ineffective. It was unusual for Kaylee to win an argument against her small friend - Mingzhu could be quite persuasive - but this time she got her wish.

Chatting happily, the two girls continued their meal.

*** The End ***

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