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Roommate’s Helping Hand 4: Hardware Store

by Tommy Sox

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© Copyright 2012 - Tommy Sox - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; rope; gag; pantyhose; hood; wool; socks; cupboard; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part 3

Part 4: Hardware Store

One ordinary Wednesday afternoon my roommate said he had forgotten to tell me but the guys of his choir would be coming over to our apartment for a one hour practice session. Their usual place was unavailable that week. He had told them that all of his roommates would not be home so they would not be disturbed. Our two other roommates were in fact gone for the rest of the week but I had school the next day and hadn’t planned on going anywhere. He assured me I didn’t have to go anywhere else but he did want to make sure I remained securely in my room.

How rude.

Quickly he pointed out that was not what he meant. He proposed that I would dress up after which he would tie me up. And after his practice he would provide the stress relief for both of us. I was slightly uncomfortable. I had met a few of the choir boys before and I was certain that at least half of them would be thrilled to find themselves in the same room with a helplessly tied up guy who had a throbbing boner sticking out from underneath a very short skirt. My roommate thought that was probably a very conservative estimate. He wasn’t selling me this very well.

Sensing it was not a lack of enthusiasm but worrying about unknown factors that held me back he explained to me this would be a multiple win scenario. He and his choir could practice, I would be able to spend some time in strict bondage and he would be able to play with my sperm after practice. And he had no intentions of sharing my juice with anyone. I made him work hard enough for it.

Although I was still slightly worried, it had been some time since I had some quality alone time, so I agreed. As the members of his choir would be arriving in about an hour we’d have to move quickly because dressing me up and tying me down would take at least half that. I quickly went to my room and pulled a bunch of my play-clothes out of my closet.

Eying the closet I had an idea. The bottom half were shelves and above them was hanging space. If I removed the clothes hanging from the rod I would be able to sit on the top shelf. This would be an awesome hiding place to be locked up in. The closet was slightly deeper than it was wide. I would be able to comfortably sit in it facing the door. At the top there was a metal clothes hook screwed to the back wall. I had always thought this was useless because at the same height there was a rod for clothes hangers. However, the hook would be perfect to attach a rope to that would keep me in an upright sitting position. I now wondered if a previous tenant had put the hook there for similar reasons.

When I explained my idea to my roommate he was very enthusiastic. He could then lock me behind two doors. On the bottom of my cell I placed a carefully folded blanket to keep my ass from going sore and cold on the hard shelf. I also set a big soft pillow against the back wall to lean against. I may be a pervert but I enjoy my creature comforts.

After taking of my regular clothes I slipped into a pair of white cotton tights with my trademark penis opening in the crotch panel. On top of these I pulled a pair of thick hip-high tube socks. These were bright red with three white, wide bands around the top of my thighs. My cock immediately got hard.

I wanted to try a few new things that night so after telling my roommate how I wanted to be tied up I got a pair of yellow foam rubber earplugs and stuffed one in each of my ears. It’s not that I didn’t want to hear the choir practice but I wanted to play with sensory deprivation. After putting in the earplugs I pulled my black wool balaclava over my head and then I put my black ballgag in my mouth and tightened the straps around my head and under my chin.

On top of this I put on a very stretchy, black, knitted, cotton sweaterdress with a long turtleneck that I left unfolded so it reached over my ears and just below my eyes. This was something I had found in a box in the attic of my parents house. They had tidied up and would be giving a bunch of old clothes to the salvation army. As I had been tasked to do the heavy lifting I had been able to cherry-pick several items for my personal enjoyment. From my sisters discarded belongings I had taken several pairs of tights, a few leotards, legwarmers and some sweaters. Basically everything body hugging and tight fitting.

On my sister the dress had been stretchy. On me it was just skimpy. It just barely reached the tops of my socks and there was no hiding the big lump in front. And looking at myself in the mirror caused my penis to push up the bottom seam. Turning away from the mirror to prevent any time consuming accidents I picked up one of my black wool legwarmers and pulled it up my right arm until it was all bunched up around my upper arm.

Crossing my arms behind my back so I had my hands on my elbows I turned my back on my roommate and faced my mirror. He started pulling the bottom end of the legwarmer around my upper arm down and over my entwined arms until the legwarmer covered my arms from armpit to armpit. With two arms in one sleeve my arms were tightly held together even before I was tied up. And the seamless black looked stunning!

In the mirror I could see my roommate pointing at his watch and holding up a long piece of white rope. Standing beside me he put the middle of the rope underneath my left armpit and pulled one end around my back underneath my arms and the other end over my chest. He crossed the rope under my right armpit before looping each end of the rope around my right upper arm. Crossing the ropes underneath my armpit again he pulled one end around my chest again and the other over my back underneath my arms.

He crossed the rope in my left armpit and pulled the ends around my left upper arm and crossed them again under my armpit. He then repeated this back and forth carefully building up a band of rope that reached from my armpits down to my elbows. It took a lot of rope but it looked amazing. And my upper arms were completely immobilized.

After that he tied one end of a long piece of rope around my right wrist and my left elbow. He then started coiling the rope around my arms in the legwarmer. After putting ten loops just around my arms he then fed one loop through the bottom three ropes that were tied around my chest. He continued this pattern all the way across to my left wrist and right elbow completely encasing my arms and knitting them into my other bondage.

Taking another rope he looped this around my waist to create another band there. This didn’t add anything to my restriction but he just thought it looked good. I firmly agreed, in my mind and in my crotch region.

Now he just had to add the rope that would be tied to the metal hook to keep me sitting upright. He tied one end of a long piece of rope to the band around my waist at the small of my back and then looped and cinched it around my arms before weaving it up between the ropes around my chest. After that he let the remainder hang down over my shoulder where the end dangled down to my knees.

I was allowed a few moments to admire myself. Bright red legs, black body and head, a massive amount of white rope and a throbbing pink erection. If I could I would have humped my own reflection. Then I was unceremoniously pushed towards the closet. Getting in the closet was not an elegant maneuver. Because I was unable to push or pull myself in I had to step on a chair and then into the closet. To fit I had to bend down and turning around to face out again I repeatedly bumped my head, shoulders, knees and ass. And my dress had crept up a lot.

My roommate obliged me by pulling it down again and then he helped me sit down. When I was in a comfortable position he then climbed on the chair to tie the rope hanging from between my shoulders to the metal hook. I wouldn’t be able to slide down anymore. He grabbed several more ropes from my bed and looped one many times around my legs halfway my thighs and cinched it off. But before he did this he made sure my penis wasn’t lying in my lap but was pointing down between my legs. I assumed he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have all the fun. After that he added similar ties just above and below my knees, halfway my lower legs and around my ankles. On my red legs that white rope looked just as awesome as it did on my black torso.

Now my roommate only had to add a few finishing touches. On each side of me he pushed a cushion to keep me from moving around too much. I was snug as a bug. After that he held up the airline blindfold and a thick, red, wool beanie hat. That would really complete my outfit. I would be unable to see and I could vividly imagine my black body, red legs, red head and a whole bunch of white rope.

Leaning close to my head and speaking very clearly my roommate told me I looked spectacular. And if anyone asked he’d tell them I was at the hardware store. After all, I had a hard-on and I was in storage. With that he put the blindfold over my eyes and then he pulled the beanie down over my head until I had the folded cuff around my neck.

In the darkness I could vaguely hear the closet door being closed and my imagination went into overdrive. On the one hand I was thrilled to be tied up again but on the other hand there would be a bunch of people in the living room of the apartment which was on the other side of my bedroom wall. Testing my bonds I could feel the tip of my cock scrape over the rough blanket that covered the shelf I was on. Pulling my knees up and my feet in I found out I could rub my heels against my cock.

Pushing my toes down in the blanket before me I tried fucking my cock between my heels and the blanket. Squirming around all I managed was to get a quivering erection and very sweaty and horny. But there was no way I was going to be able doing this long enough to cum. Leaning back I thought it had been very good thinking by my roommate to put the cushions on either side of me. Thrashing around I could have made a lot of noise bonking against the sides of the closet.

Using my heels and letting my imagination run wild I managed to keep my dick hard, pretty much full time. And at one point I realized I had completely forgotten about the people in the next room. This allowed a whole new bunch of fantasies to flash through my mind. But I had no way of getting off. I didn’t even know how long I would be tied up before my roommate would start playing with me. We had agreed he would begin as soon as the last of his choir had left but I was literally in the dark about everything. I just kept fantasizing about how I looked and coming up with new ideas for other bondage sessions.

Trying once more to fuck my throbbing boner under my heels I felt a hand on my left calf. Then my ankles were pulled to the edge of my shelf where I had the brief impression they were being untied. Instead I then felt my legs being pulled up by the rope around my ankles until they were way above my head. My ass was still on the shelf, my knees were very close to my face and my legs were almost completely vertical. I figured my roommate had tied a rope to my ankles and pulled the other end over the clothes hanger rod. As my erection sprang to attention I realized why he hadn’t allowed my penis to be in my lap. With my legs out of the way it was pointing straight out of my cell.

Not knowing what was coming but at the same time desperate for any kind of relief I felt something extremely itchy and scratchy being slipped over my rockhard boner. Feeling his fingers massaging my shaft and my tip being rubbed between his palms I realized my roommate had once more sprung the sock vagina on me. I tried humping it but suspended the way I was I couldn’t do anything. And every time I got a glimmer of hope he would pull away leaving me groaning and squealing.

Having once more been left quivering on the edge of an orgasm I felt him grab my cock with both his bare hands. He teased back my foreskin and with only small movements of his hands and fingers he kept me on that edge for what felt like forever. And then he simply let go again. My cock hurt. It was so hard it felt like it would burst. The skin was raw and I desperately wanted to unload my sperm.

Then I felt my roommate grab me with one hand and he started giving me fast, deliberate strokes. After less than ten I felt my cum exploding out of my tip. Even the second and third gush felt to me like they could have hit the opposite wall. While I was still going through the aftershocks my roommate rubbed and massaged every last drop out of me and as soon as he let go of me I felt the rope holding my legs up loosening. My ankles were guided down and my feet were stuffed in the closet again and I heard the door being closed and locked.

Finally satisfied I just luxuriated in my bondage, very comfortably warm. My ass was getting sore though and the time with my feet up in the air had only added to this. After a while I once more felt a hand on my calf and my feet were pulled out again. This time my ankles were untied followed by the rest of my legs. I then felt the rope holding me up fall away. My roommate then pulled me out of the closet simply by sliding the blanket I was sitting on over the smooth shelf. When I was sitting on the edge I could just put my feet down and stand up.

Instead of untying me my roommate marched me over to the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. He pushed my upper body back and then he pushed my knees apart. I really needed to go. Feeling the liquid come out normally but not being able to hear it was very weird though. When I was finished I had to stand up again. Expecting to be untied now I was guided into the living room instead.

Once there I was sat down on the couch and steered sideways until I was leaning very comfortably against one armrest and had my feet put up on a cushion. Only then did my roommate start peeling the beanie off my head, followed by the blindfold. Quickly checking around I could see we were alone. He meanwhile folded my turtleneck down, undid the straps of my ballgag and pulled it out. Following this he managed to take my balaclava off and then he pulled the plugs out of my ears.

I actually really enjoyed it. The bondage my arms were in was looked and felt absolutely amazing but there was no problem with muscle ache. And in this position I could really relax my ass. My roommate meanwhile informed me I had spent an hour and forty-five minutes locked up after which he had played with me for half an hour. He had then spent fifteen minutes enjoying my results.

He also hadn’t heard a single noise from my room but he had been very distracted during his choir practice. He was somewhat disappointed that I had been able to tease myself but content that I hadn’t been able to come. I then told him that if he didn’t want me to do something he would have to tie me up in such a way that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Then I told him I had one question for him before I wanted him to untie me.

He accepted my challenge and confirmed to me that the first three waves of my orgasm had flown clean through the air before hitting him in the face and chest.


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