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Runaway Chair

by Robert Kingsley

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© Copyright 2002 - Robert Kingsley - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leather; lingerie; collar; gag; chair; cuffs; straps; machine; program; toys; insert; nipple; stuck; caught; M/f; video; cons/reluct; X

sequel to 'Bound to Serve'

The meeting dragged on and on and I hid a yawn behind my hand as I leaned back in the black leather conference chair. I felt the garters slide seductively over my thighs as I crossed my legs and suddenly found it hard to concentrate on a boring PowerPoint slide showing the latest sales figures. My thoughts drifted away from this endless meeting, to him. 

I really like him, because he's cute, horny and naïve. He did not have a clue about real sex when I first met him. Women are so much smarter when it comes to sex. After all, it is the one and only stranglehold we have on this world. So I gently guided him from plain vanilla sex to the more interesting realms of bondage and cross-dressing. Once he had been hooked it had been so easy to manipulate him into a bet he could not win. And the fun I had with him afterwards. Dressed up as my maid in high-heels. Hooked to the ceiling, blindfolded, gagged, handcuffed and a spread-bar between his ankles. Moist warmth spread through my loins as I thought about that weekend and I had to struggle to sit still and not rub the inside of my thighs together, softly massaging my pussy.

Finally, the meeting came to an end and I collected my papers. One of the divisional managers tried to chat me up but I knew what he really wanted and I politely brushed him off as I left the room. I have no patience with guys who are only looking for one-night stands. And I heard a rumour that he was on his way out anyway. Missed his sales targets for 3 quarters in a row. Not the way to get promoted in this company. And getting stuck with a loser is not what I want. I made my way home but I always feel unclean after the rush hour crush in the subway and the forced intimacy with total strangers that is imposed on you by this mode of transport. It does not matter whether you sit or stand; others are always pressing body parts into you and there's no escape. So as soon as I had entered the apartment I undressed and took a quick luxurious shower. And without really thinking I entered the spare bedroom where I kept my underwear and bumped into our latest toy, the EroChair ®. 

I sat in the chair and my memories drifted back to my childhood. I must have been 11 or 12 when I played a game with the girl next door. She was the burglar who entered my house and tied me to a kitchen chair before she made off with my best comics, leaving me strapped to that upright chair. While I wriggled and wrestled to get out of the bonds I upset the chair and it toppled sideways. I squirmed, shifted my weight and the chair rolled over so that I ended up hanging facedown in the ropes, with one taut rope slipped upwards between my thighs and lodged in my crotch, pressing deep into my pussy.

Suddenly I had a strange feeling, as if my whole body was tingling and all my nerves were tuned to that single spot where the rope bit into my crotch. I moved my body again but this time I noticed I was moving my crotch rhythmically against the rope. I did not understand what was happening, but my breath started to come in short gasps and my legs were opening wider and the rope slid against my pussy and I could no longer control myself and rammed against the rope until I spasmed against my bonds and hung spent in the ropes.

I had had my first orgasm.

I had tried but had never been able to recreate that intense first time feeling. Then we found this wonderful chair. We had it just about a week now and I had tried it out once. It is the ultimate luxury in self-bondage and masturbation, especially because you can set a timer to release you, instead of messing about with keys embedded in ice-cubes. It has adjustable arm and leg supports and a pneumatically powered dildo and butt-plug controlled by two programs (hers and his).  Just sitting in the chair gave me a queer feeling in my stomach. I looked at my wristwatch and saw I had plenty of time before he came home. OK, just a quickie then, to get in the mood for tonight.

I decided to dress in my fetish outfit to enjoy the chair even better. So I fished out a leather strap bra that just encircles the breasts, a leather garter belt, black stockings and high-heeled pumps with ankle straps. Then I donned a leather collar with a ring in front and on the back and completed the fetish dress in front of the full-length mirror by strapping a red ball gag to my mouth. A shiver of excitement ran through my body as I turned around in front of the mirror in my tight leather garments. The leather straps nicely pushed up my breasts and the swollen nipples stood out hard and stiff.

The six-inch heels gave me long, dancer-like legs outlined by the sheer black stockings. And the garters framed a nice shaven pussy. I felt a wetness in my crotch as I sat back in the chair and slipped the cuffs around my ankles and just above my knees. Next came the waist restraint and then I lay back. I fastened the back collar ring to a hook in the chair, closed the shoulder straps and finally slipped my arms into the cuffs above the elbows and around my wrists.

With quivering fingers I selected program 1 (Hers) on the selector box just under my right hand, set the timer to 30 minutes and pressed the 'START' button. A taut steel cable pulled the cuffs and restraints tight, effectively locking me into the chair. With a whirr of electric motors, the chair tilted slightly backwards and the arm and leg supports swung outwards, spreading me wide open. A flexible arm with pneumatic butt-plug pushed up and I wriggled a bit until it slid between my buttocks inside me. Then another flexible arm, ending in a dildo, rose between my legs and pressed slightly against my vaginal slit. I lay back and while I tried to open my legs a little bit more, I waited excitedly for the next step in the program, the hiss of pneumatics, followed by the slow penetration of the dildo.

Suddenly I heard a noise that I did not recognize. I saw two flexible arms ending in small steel clamps suddenly slide up on both sides of the chair. They slowly arched over and for a moment hovered over my breasts. Then they closed with a snap on my erect nipples. A white flame of pain shot through my whole body and I jumped against the restraints. The clamps then started moving up and down, holding my nipples between their serrated claws. I tried to move my breasts away but the shoulder and waist restraints suddenly tightened even more and I lay immobilized. The clamps rhythmically pulled at my nipples and the dildo was circling my vaginal slit, just inside the lips but not penetrating and I was getting afraid. This was not the experience I had had before. Something weird was going on. I decided to end it and find out what was wrong so I pushed the 'Panic Button' on the control box.

Nothing happened.

I pushed it again but the chair kept going, if anything faster and more painful. I hit the button again and to my horror the whole control box retracted under the armrest, out of my reach. Then I really panicked and started to fight the chair, jerking at the arm and leg cuffs and trying to get out of the shoulder restraints. But the chair just tilted further backwards and the seat changed shape from an L to a flat surface. The arm and leg supports moved further out, spreading me in a great X shape and my butt was lifted up, so that my pussy was wide open and available for anything. Then the dildo retracted and another one rose between my legs. It was a big one of at least 4 Inches diameter. I screamed when this monster entered me but the ball gag stifled it to a long moan. The nipple clamps were now pulling in a furious rhythm and the dildo was pumping my pussy and the butt plug was vibrating and I was fighting the restraints until I finally came in a massive climax that shook the whole chair and left me exhausted. 

The next thing I heard was the whirring of electric motors. The chair changed shape again. My feet were brought together, while the dildo and butt plug were retracted. Then, with a loud ratcheting sound, my ankles were cuffed together. The backrest pushed me upright as the arm supports circled inwards and met each other behind my back. Another loud 'Snap' and my wrists were cuffed together. Suddenly the steel cable slithered away and all remaining restraints and cuffs opened. The chair tilted sideways and I fell to the ground. There I lay dazed and confused until I noticed that our small guest TV was switched on and on its screen flickered a message: 'Come to the living room' 

I straggled to my high-heeled feet. The ankle cuffs were so tight I could hardly move but I managed to reach the door and opened it by pushing the handle down with an elbow. But when I tried to step sideways to open it, the ankle cuffs would not let me and I fell on my knees and rolled on my side. Tired and frustrated I got up again and managed to get through the door. It took me several minutes of shuffling on my tightly bound high-heels before I reached the living room door. It was unlocked and I pushed it open. Then I froze. There he was, sitting on the couch, with a large whisky and an even larger smirk on his face. A small coffee table full of mysterious equipment was set between the couch and our VCR/TV set.

He said, "Hi babe, enjoyed your new toy?"

Suddenly I was furious! This had been his doing, somehow. The bastard! 

I tried to yell at him, but the gag was still in my mouth, so I just produced a number of nondescript sounds. He lazily got up and walked over to me. As he fondled my erect nipples I groaned because they were still sore and he fondled them none too softly. Then he hooked a finger through the front ring on my collar and pulled me after him as he walked back to the couch. I moaned against the gag and hobbled after him as fast as I could. He let me fall down on the leather couch and sat next to me, one hand around my shoulders cupping one of my breasts, the other holding a remote control for the VCR. 

I wanted to yell "Unlock me!" but the only thing I could do was nod to my feet and arms and make moaning noises.

"Oh, you want to get out of this?" was all he said.

I nodded vigorously.

"Well, maybe we'll wait a bit with that. We're not in a hurry, are we now?"

I was furious again and tried to kick him but he just moved aside and smiled.

Then he said, "If you go on like that, I'll keep you cuffed all weekend. Do you remember? Insolent and disobedient little girls will be punished!"

I suddenly felt my body go cold with perspiration. This was his revenge for the 'Maid in Bondage' weekend! Oh God.

"You like that chair, don't you?"

I nodded reluctantly.

"You see, when you were away on that sales trip this week I decided to modify the chair a bit. It has an RS232C port, so it was fairly easy to hook it up to my PC and the programming was fun. It's been a long time since I coded Assembler Language".

I groaned. "Oh God, I should have known!"

'Testing was a bit of a problem but I must say it worked out fine. You had quite a ride there!"

I scowled but he just grinned. Then he said, "Want to see how it was?"

I just stared wide-eyed at him. It could not be true. "I taped it all, you see. I thought I might as well record the results, so I set up a couple of hidden cameras. Once you went inside, I started up this little video editing kit". He proudly waved to the collection of keyboards and other equipment on the little table. "So now we have a nice video to show our friends, don't you think?"

I moaned "No!" but he switched the VCR on.

"Wanna see it?" he asked with a smirk. Before I could do or say something the image came on.

And there I was, in my fetish outfit and strapping myself to the chair. The chair began its movements and the camera zoomed in on my face strapped tight against the headrest. Fascinated I watched my expression change from enjoyment to puzzlement and then to fear. Then the camera zoomed out and panned down along my arching body and my jumping hips that tried to meet the wildly pumping dildo.

I became excited again, as I sat helplessly cuffed and still clad in my fetish outfit. My heart was beating fast and I felt wet between my legs. My body started to move involuntarily in sync with the moans and movements on the screen. Then I felt his fingers slide into my crotch and I opened up my legs and lay back and arched my back to present my breasts.

And while he toyed with my clit, he said:  "It's gonna be a long and busy weekend babe, with plenty of time for the chair".

© Robert Kingsley 2002 - All Rights Reserved


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