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The Race 2: Stacy

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbff; F/f; game; bond; cuffs; gag; naked; toys; insert; hogtie; caught; tease; punish; denial; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Stacy

Kendell James stared glumly at the laptop's screen. Downstairs, Stacey Morris was overseeing the unloading of yet another truckload of furniture for her new house. Forbidden clothing, Kendell could only hide here in an upstairs room until the movers left.

Just yesterday, Kendell had lost what was probably the strangest race ever. She and Stacey, both nude, each securely bound by her own hand, had struggled through the empty rooms searching for the keys they needed to release themselves. Stacey had won that race, leaving Kendell her complete slave for the weekend.

Not, Kendell thought, that it was a bad thing, not really. It had barely been twenty four hours, and she'd already cum more and harder than she would have thought possible. Stacey had proven herself very imaginative, both in the ways she'd bound Kendell, and also in driving her to the very brink of orgasm, only to stop at the last possible second. Even now, alone in this room, Kendell's body shivered with barely repressed need.

At least, she thought, Stacey let me use her laptop to keep me occupied. Idly, she clicked through the various icons on the desktop, finally settling on one titled "Video". Opening the folder, she watched a couple of videos showing Stacey in various stages of undress. Looking for another, she saw a file marked "Security", with yesterday's date. Curious, she opened the file. Kendell's eyes widened, then narrowed slightly as she watched.

* * *

Stacey's eyes opened slowly, even as her mind tried to sort out what was going on. Last she remembered, the movers had left, and she was on her way upstairs to play some more with her new slave. How she wound up here, she had no idea.

"Here" was in a still unfurnished room. Stacey lay on the floor, her arms behind her, knees bent. Leather encircled wrists and ankles, something between them pulling her into a strict hogtie. A harness encircled her head, holding the hard rubber of a gag securely in her mouth. A belt around her waist supported a strap between her legs, which in turn held a rather large dildo inside her. As she began to tug on her bonds, the door opened to admit Kendell.

Without saying a word, Kendell set the laptop she carried on the floor in front of the bound woman, reaching down to open a video file. Stacey's eyes widened as the screen suddenly showed herself and Kendell, both naked, applying cuffs and chains to themselves. As the video continued, it showed the two women adding belts equipped with dildo attachments, then applying head harnesses with attached gags.

Next, the video showed Kendell carefully feeding the straps to a blindfold beneath her head harness, securing them in back with a small lock. Stacey's image watched. Then, once Kendell's blindfold was in place, the video showed Stacey silently removing her own bonds, the locks to which had never actually been closed. Free, Stacey had watched Kendell finish binding herself, then set off a timer. At this, Kendell could be seen slowly working her way across the floor.

Kendell reached down and tapped a key, changing the view. Now, the screen showed a different room, the floor littered with keys. In this scene, Kendell was just clearing the door, while Stacey stood watching. Kendell began her search, distracted occasionally as Stacey lowered her own body to the floor, pressing against her helpless friend.

Another click, and the screen showed Kendell, the loosened strap from her belt in her hands, fucking herself with the attached dildo while Stacey watched. Another click, and the view changed to one of Stacey removing Kendell's blindfold.

"You cheated," Kendell said, glaring at her helpless friend. "You set all of this up just to get me helpless and at your mercy." Wildly, Stacey shook her head, but her muffled protests were ignored. She could only watch as Kendell held up a blindfold.

"We," Kendell said, feeding the straps beneath the harness, "are going to have a new race. The keys to your locks are somewhere in the house, and it's your job to find them. Thing is, only I know where those keys are, and you only have so long to find them. If time runs out before you get loose, you get to stay like that the rest of the weekend. Oh, and I've added a little something for your enjoyment. Best get moving. The clock is already ticking."

With no real alternatives, Stacey began to worm her way across the floor. With no idea where the keys might be, she knew her only chance at freedom rested entirely on blind luck. Still, she had no choice but to try.

As she found and slowly made her way through the first door, the "little something" made itself known. The thing within her was no dildo. It was a vibrator, which burst into life, causing her whole body to spasm. Almost as quickly as it started, the vibrations died, leaving her quivering from the burst of pleasure.

Time quickly lost all meaning to the bound woman. The strictness of her hogtie meant she could only move in very small amounts. A room she could normally cross in a few steps now took seeming hours of slow, writhing contortions. The vibrator didn't help either, bursting into life at random intervals, driving her nearly to orgasm before suddenly going silent.

Finally, she could go no further. All pretense at forward movement was gone. She lay still, moaning into her gag, her only motion the steady rocking of her hips. Desperately, she focused on those random bursts of vibration, grinding herself against the floor with each as she struggled to reach that now urgently needed orgasm. An orgasm that was repeatedly denied her, the vibrator going silent each time she approached the peak.

Vaguely, she could hear sounds around her, but these barely registered on a mind now totally fogged over by unfulfilled need. The silence that followed was equally vague, and it was only the feel of something touching the back of her head that brought her tormented senses back into focus.

Stacey felt her blindfold removed, the resultant influx of light rendering her nearly as blind as before. Hands grasped her arms, lifting her into a kneeling position. Slowly, her eyesight cleared, allowing her to gaze at the quivering, moaning wreck in front of her.

For long moments, she stared at her reflection in the mirror Kendell had placed before her. Finally, her gaze turned away, focusing on Kendell, who sat in a chair in a room that, somehow, had become furnished. Shocked, her eyes bounced from the bed to the dresser, the makeup table, then back to Kendell, who smiled at the confusion in her eyes.

"Oh," she said offhandedly, "the last load of furniture came in. You were preoccupied, so I just had the movers set the stuff up. They did have a bit of trouble concentrating on their work, but you were so good! You didn't get in the way even one time. I think I may have to reward you for that."

Stacey watched helplessly as Kendell held up a control. At the press of a button, the vibrator within her surged once more into life. With a jerk, Stacey's whole body began writhing with the approach of what felt like the most massive orgasm of her life. Closer it came, then closer, closer, then....

Nothing. "Not quite yet, though," Kendell remarked, grinning. Stacey, now so close to orgasm that she could almost see it, wailed into her gag as her body, once more, began its slow withdrawal from the peak. With glazed eyes, she watched as Kendell rose from her chair, dropping into a squat before her bound friend.

"You know," she said softly, "I did enjoy myself yesterday, even if you did cheat to get me in that position. And I'm enjoying myself even more today." Softly, she stroked Stacey's cheek, smiling as the bound woman closed her eyes and, moaning, pressed her face against the hand touching her. By now, she wanted, needed, any touch to her overly excited body. When the hand was withdrawn, she nearly fell forward, stretching herself toward further contact. Kendell laughed as she returned to her chair.

"My, my," she said, her voice mischievous, "what an attention slut you've become. You need to learn that it's not all about you. If I remember correctly, you told me you'd taken two weeks vacation to get the house ready. I think we'll spend that time teaching you that other people come first. If you learn that, maybe we'll let you cum."

With a sigh, Stacey closed the door behind her. It had been a long week, but now the weekend was here. Time to relax.

Humming softly, Stacey moved quickly to a smallish room just off the kitchen. Standing beside the narrow bed, she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the sturdy leather collar encircling her neck. With quick, careful motions, she removed her clothing, placing each item within a hamper beside the door. Naked, she left the room and made her way upstairs.

Pausing at a closed door, Stacey smoothed her hair with nervous hands. Then, straightening her shoulders and thrusting out her smallish breasts, she knocked once on the door.


Opening the door, Stacey entered what was obviously the master bedroom. On silent feet, she glided across the room to where Kendell sat in a chair by the window. Dropping lithely to her knees, she leaned forward until her lips brushed the other woman's feet.

"Did you have a good day at work?"

"Yes, Mistress," Stacey replied softly. "But it's better now that I'm home with you."

Kendell smiled. In the month since their bondage race, Stacey had proven to be an apt pupil. Her controlling nature had vanished, replaced by a submissiveness that seemed total. From the first, she had seemed to enjoy her loss of control, even begging Kendell to move in with her and dominate her full time. Now she seemed perfectly content in her new position as slave within her own home.

"Is my little one happy?" At this, Stacey raised her head.

"May I speak freely, Mistress?" At Kendell's nod, she went on. "I should hate you," she said softly. "You were supposed to be my slave, not the other way around. If you hadn't found that video, it might be you kneeling at my feet. Instead, you've turned me into someone who can barely function without you to control me."

Rising, Stacey slid onto Kendell's lap, her head resting on Kendell's shoulder. Softly, she kissed Kendell's ear. "Thank you, Mistress." Closing her eyes, she relaxed in the embrace of her Mistress, even as her mind, her heart, relaxed into the life she would never have considered, the same life she now would never consider changing.

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