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Self-Sub Susy 2

by The Technician

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continues from part one Part Two

An adventurous young woman who calls herself “Self-Sub Susy” is warned to stop playing naked bondage games on the park trails. She gets more than she bargained for when she taunts back, “catch me if you can.”

It was actually a very beautiful evening as I walked the path. If I looked down very carefully as I walked, I could easily read the small digital time display that was built into the front of the belt. I had timed things perfectly. It was only a little after 2:15 when I got to my release point. Shortly the remote would send the release signal and I would be free of the bracelets and ready to make my way back to my clothes. I walked a little ways up the trail and back so that I arrived at the trail marker exactly at 2:30.

Nothing happened. I tried to pull my arms away from my body, but the release would not open. I tried again and again and again, but my hands were not free. I looked down through my breasts at the clock on the belt. It was now 2:35. I would have to wait ten minutes before the remote again sent the release codes.

2:45 finally came, but at 2:50 my hands were still trapped. I wasn’t yet panicking, but I was starting to feel real fear that something was going dreadfully wrong. 3:00 and 3:15 came and went and at 3:30 it was time for that final release sequence. At 3:35 I started crying softly. I was trapped.

No wait.... “Safety, safety, safety,” I had backups and my backups had backups. I was going to be all right. There was a manual release button on the bottom of the release transmitter. All I had to do was turn it over with my foot and press the button. It was intentionally large just so you could do that in an emergency. Turning the unit over would trigger the punishment shocks, but since they were going to start to kick in eventually anyway, that was not a problem.

I carefully stepped off the trail a little ways back into the underbrush. The device was right where I had left it. It took a couple of tries, but I finally got it turned over and using the big toe of my left foot. I pressed the release button.

Nothing. No shock; no release; no nothing! I stared down at the dark box in the leaves wondering what possibly could have gone wrong. Then it hit me... DARK box. There was no little red power light. There was no time display. Even if the unit was off, there should be a time display.

Oh my God, the batteries were dead. How could that happen! I had never had problems with the batteries. I know I had charged the unit before I left home. I know the batteries said they had a full charge. They should have been able to last for days - or even weeks, but they were dead... and so was I.

Things were not going as planned. Instead of merrily heading back down the trail to retrieve my clothing and sneak back into camp, I was trapped in the trail bracelets with no way to release myself. No, that wasn’t true. Because of W, my backups had backups. All I had to do was to sneak back into camp and get to the remote in my tent. I could then release myself. It shouldn’t be that hard to get into camp, it was empty and Ed was asleep.

I didn’t bother going back to where I had hidden my clothes because I couldn’t do anything with them anyway with my hands behind my back. I headed directly for camp. This wasn’t going to be too bad... except the automatic release sequence started at 3:45.

It was a good thing that I had decided to use the ball gag or I would have awakened the whole county when that level 5 shock first hit me. The sudden shock was all along the area where the chains touched my body. My nipples felt like a thousand bees were stinging them and the whole area between my legs from my slit to the top of my ass cheeks was on fire. When W had shown me what this was like with level 2, I had almost pissed myself. This time, I did piss myself and was very afraid that I was going to also shit myself before the pulsing stopped.

I stood on the trail gasping for air - or as much as I could gasp through the breathing hole of the large rubber ballgag in my mouth. Why had I set that to level 5? Each time the shock sequence pulsed, it would take one minute off the timer. After the fifth sequence, it would go to continuous until the batteries were discharged. I had 14 minutes until the next shock. I knew I couldn’t get back to the camp in that time. Even if I walked very rapidly, it would take at least a half-hour or forty minutes. I could get there before the final torture, but I would be subject to at least four of the punishment cycles before I could release myself with the remote in my tent. I walked as quickly down the path as my chained ankles would allow, dreading with each step the coming punishment pulse shock.

But as I walked, and as the next pulse sequence time drew nearer and nearer, I also started to get wetter and wetter. My God, what was I thinking. I was going to be painfully punished and it was turning me on. Maybe I was more of a pain slut that I thought. As I walked, I let the sex sensations take over. The rubbing of the chain between my legs... the coolness of the night air against my wet cunt lips... the pull of the chain on my nipples... the idea of someone watching me as I walked naked down a public walking trail in a public park. Suddenly it was time. I could see that the time display on the belt read 3:58. The next pulse was coming,

This time I was going to be ready for it. I stopped walking and stood with my legs slightly spread and waited. I gave myself to the pulse... I gave myself to the pain and suddenly it was there. Again the thousand bees on my nipples and the fire between my legs. I leaned slightly back so that the chain was pulled farther into my slit in the front. I screamed into the ballgag as another thousand bees joined their friends by attacking my clit. I don’t know how or why, but I was soaring close to an orgasm - and then it was over.

I had 13 minutes to get on farther down the path before it began again. My nipples hurt; my clit hurt; my slit and asshole hurt; and I was still at least a half hour from camp. The cycle would repeat itself at least twice before I could reach camp. I hurried along, wondering to myself if I could actually come from the pain next time.

I was just passing a little picnic shelter when the time display reached 4:11. The outer wall of the shelter had large poles sideways at about waist height to brace the uprights that held up the roof. They reminded me of the “leader’s bench” back at camp. I wondered what it would be like bending over that bench as the punishment shocks tore through me. Without really consciously deciding to do so, I found myself leaning over the pole just as the first shocks hit me.

The bees were back, the fire was back, the pain was back, but as I imagined a large crowd watching me helpless and pissing myself in pain, a tremendous orgasm surged through me. It was like it began deep in my cunt and spread to the tips of my toes and the top of my head. It was a good thing I was bent over the post or I would have fallen to the ground. I wasn’t sure how well I could get back up in the chains if I had fallen. It was a minute or two before I could straighten myself up again and get back on the trail. I wasn’t sure if the wetness down my legs was from cunt juice or if I had actually pissed myself again. In any case, I had at least one more shock sequence before I got back to camp.

I was almost at camp when the next punishment sequence began. I hadn’t been watching the timer, so it took me totally by surprise in mid stride. All I could do was scream into my ballgag and wait for it to finish. This time it was all pain. Perhaps that was because I hadn’t prepared myself for it. Maybe it was because I hadn’t given myself to it or thought about it. In any case, it was pure, agonizing pain that seemed to go on forever. When it finally ended, I continued down the path.

Camp was just over the next little hill. I had to remind myself not to try to run, but in fact to walk very slowly. I couldn’t just walk into camp at the trail head by the bathrooms because I would be easily seen if anyone were up and about - like Ed. I decided to work my way through the woods to the area right behind my tent. It was slow and difficult and the twigs and stones on the forest flow dug into the soles of my feet, but I kept going.

Finally, I reached the edge of the clearing, but something was dreadfully wrong. My tent wasn’t there! And the camp wasn’t empty! It was totally full of RVs and tents like the busiest weekend ever. What had happened? Was I at the right camp?

I reversed my path and went back to the trail by the bathroom. The sign said, “Ed’s Wayside Camp. Restrooms open to nature trail hikers.” This was the right place. Could my mind just be playing tricks on me? Maybe some of the people for the weekend had come it very late - or very early. True the camp was full, but that didn’t change the fact that I had to get back to my tent. I just needed to find it.

I stood on the path for a few moments and very carefully studied where I was with respect to where I usually pitch my tent. I then went back into the woods and made sure I was headed in the right direction for the right amount of distance. I again came to the edge of the woods. There was that pine tree that had broken off near the top in the big storm two years ago. And there was the oak with the metal hook driven in about six feet off the ground so you could hang your garbage bags up away from the racoons and skunks. That was my campsite. I was sure of it. But that was not my tent. And that was not my car parked in front of the campsite. I was standing there trying to figure out what was going on when the fifth punishment cycle hit me. Pain and panic are not a good combination. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I wanted this to be a bad dream that I was going to wake up from, but instead it was a thousand bees and fire between my legs and the scratching of thorn bushes as I shook and quivered in the moonlight.

The pain passed, but not the panic. What was going on? Where was my tent? I could hear W’s voice in my head, “backup plan A, backup plan B, backup plan C.” I think I was down to about backup plan G. The only option was for me to wait for the cuffs to release on their own, get to my clothes, and then walk somewhere for help.

I knew that I had less that ten minutes before the batteries would go into their final discharge cycle, but I had no idea how long that cycle would last. It was coming in less than ten minutes. I had to get as far away from the camp as possible in that time.

I went back up the path walking as fast as I could in my chains. Despite the coolness of the night air, I was sweating. Maybe it was exertion. Maybe it was fear. I imagined myself falling to the ground writhing in pain, and as I did, I felt myself once again getting turned on. This was crazy. I was about to feel more pain that I had ever felt before in my life and even though I feared and dreaded it, I was getting turned on by the idea. What was wrong with me?

The time display in my belt moved steadily toward the 5:00 am deadline. At 4:59:30, I stopped and prepared myself. I had learned that if I gave myself to the pain, it wasn’t as bad. If I imagined people watching me, it changed the pain in some strange, perverse way. I prepared myself and waited for the bees to strike.

As I stood silently on the trail, my legs spread slightly, my body trying to relax - just before the shocks began - I suddenly saw a flash of black and felt something begin pulled over my head. It was some sort of bag. I felt a quick tug of a rope or something going tight around my neck to hold the bag in place. Then just as the shocks began, I heard Ed’s voice whisper softly and snake-like in my ear, “Hello SSSuzy.”

* * * *

W had said that the shocks became continuous in the final stage of the safety release battery discharge. What he didn’t include was that although the shocks didn’t get any higher in voltage, they changed in frequency and duration, and the longer, different pulses hurt much, much, much worse. Now it wasn’t just a thousand bees attacking my nipples. There were wolves and jackals tearing at my skin as the pulses hit longer and faster. Also, the rhythm of the pulses was irregular so I couldn’t know when the next series would hit. I stood and shook with the shocks, and then my knees buckled and I fell to the ground. I lay on my side quivering and thrashing with each series of shocks. Once again I pissed myself, and then for the first time since I was in kindergarten, my bowels emptied on their own and I shit myself. I couldn’t have been more humiliated than I was at that moment.

Finally, the shocks stopped and I felt my hands come free. Ed pushed me onto my stomach with his foot and reached down and twisted the release connector on the back of my belt. The chains were all released and the belt fell free from my waist. I felt his hands at my neck as the collar was removed and then with his knee in the small of my back, he reached over and removed the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs.

“That is a pretty fancy outfit SSSuzy. But you know ol’ Ed is pretty handy with just an old fashion rope.” With that he pulled my arms together behind by back and tightened a loop of rope tight just above the elbows. Then he made three more loops and knots on my forearms. The last of the knots he double tied at my wrists. “We call them ‘carpet knots’ SSSuzy, because that is the way they used to tie up the rolls of carpet in the old days. It’s a very effective knot, and it also makes a very handy leash when you want someone to follow you without putting up a fuss.”

Ed pulled me up to my feet and said gruffly, “Spread you legs and stand there.” I did. He passed the end of the rope between my legs so that it rested against my slit and went forward like I was balancing on it. Ed tugged the rope toward him and said with a laugh, “Come along, little SSSuzy we have to get you ready for the big show.”

I don’t know what the bag was made of, but I could see dimly through the course, black fabric and was able to make out the trail before me. I walked along behind Ed, trying to keep the rope from digging into me, but it kept rubbing roughly against everything between my legs. For a moment an image flashed in my mind of a slave being led through the streets of Rome behind the chariot of a conquering general. I could hear the insults of the crowd and could imagine them throwing all sorts of rotten fruit and vegetables at me as I passed by. A small moan escaped my lips and Ed said, “You ain’t supposed to be enjoying this SSSuzy. This is supposed to be punishment, or do you really get off on being punished?” Almost in answer to that, I felt the rope become slippery between my legs.

We walked into the camp at the shower house and I thought that Ed was going to take me into the bathrooms, but instead he pulled me around to the back of the shower house where there were several outside showers for rinsing off after being in the pool. He led me over to the open pipe fencing that formed the outside wall of that area and said simply, “kneel with you legs wide apart.” The fence was actually several horizontal bars or pipes that seemed mainly to be there to hold towels. There was one at about six feet, one at three feet, and one almost on the ground that I think was actually the water supply to the showers.

After I was kneeling, Ed pulled the rope back out from between my legs and I heard him throw it over the top pipe. I saw it drop down in front of me. He then slid the rope under the bottom pipe and tugged it upward with a sudden, strong pull. My arms were pulled painfully up into the air and my head was forced downward. Ed looped the rope across the back of my neck and then back down to the bottom pipe where he tied it in some sort of quick release knot.

“That will keep you in place while we clean you up,” Ed announced. Then I heard the sound of a hose being turned on. The spray from the water was cold and forceful, and it stung against my skin. I could feel a soapy cloth of some sort rubbing against my body. I moaned as he washed my tits, and I shuddered as he washed between my legs.

“We can’t have you soiling yourself like that in front of the crowd tonight, can we SSSuzy?” muttered Ed as he walked around to stand in front of me. He set something on the ground. It looked like a six pack of beer bottles. And that was exactly what it was.

“I know this is your favorite brand, little SSSuzy, because we took this here six pack out of your tent. And I know why you really like the long neck bottles.” Ed held something up in front of me and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

It looked like a small telescope but it had an on / off switch and appeared to have a camera tripod mount on one side of the small tube. “This here is a deer camera. You place these along a trail and every time a deer walks by - day or night - it takes a picture of them. Then you know what trails the deer like to take, and when. You probably didn’t know that I have security cameras at all the entrances to this park, including the trail entrances. I watched you go out on your night hikes ever since you started camping here a couple years ago. But I also have these deer cameras placed all along the trails on my land and throughout the park. The park knows about them, but doesn’t object because I report any vandals or unwanted animals that the cameras pick up.” He laughed and continued, “ They also pick up anyone walking past on the trail naked in the moonlight.”

I gasped. Ed had known exactly who I was and what I was doing for a long, long time. He continued. “One day about a year ago, you finished off most of a six pack of this beer before taking one of your nighttime bondage hikes along the trail. You didn’t have the fancy chains back then, but used handcuffs and nipple clamps with little weights on them. Anyway, you took the last bottle of beer with you as you went back into the park. You know you aren’t allowed to take glass on the trails, don’t you? I didn’t report you because I so enjoyed what you did with that bottle. When you stripped off to start your hike, you realized that you had brought the beer bottle with you so you carefully wedged it onto a broken off tree stump so you could pick it up when you came back for your clothes.”

Ed laughed. “I guess that makes you a good camper, but as you put on your handcuffs and nipple clamps, you brushed against it and realized that it was sticking up at just the right height from that little tree. You walked over and straddled that fence-post like stump and lowered yourself down on that bottle until it went all the way into your sopping wet pussy. Each time you went up and down on that bottle, your movements triggered the deer camera that was pointed right at that spot. I don’t know for sure if you came or not, because the camera didn’t show your face, but I do know for sure that after a little while you raised up a bit further and then sat back down on that bottle so that it went up your ass all the way to the wide part of the bottle in one stroke. You nearly filled up the memory card on that camera as you bounced on that bottle in one hole or the other for almost a half hour. You looked pretty beat by the time you had finished, but you must have had to go find the key to your handcuffs because you staggered down the trail and didn’t return for a couple of hours. Since your face didn’t show, I posted those pictures on the web so some of my friends could enjoy your little performance.... and I decided there and then that we were going to have to trap you into a live performance for all of us.”

I don’t know how I could have felt more shame that I already did, but the idea that my wild night of impromptu sex with a bottle was posted and viewed by thousands, if not millions of people caused me to whimper and cry.

Ed lifted my chin so that I could look at him through the fabric. “The bag isn’t part of the punishment, it is to hide your face so that when this is all posted on the web people won’t know for sure who you are. I know that this is going to be hard on you, so I am going to use your beer not only to clean you out, but also to loosen you up so you can enjoy yourself a little bit more than you already are. This may be your first beer bottle enema, so let me tell in advance that it is not only very effective in cleaning you out, it is also very effective in putting alcohol in your blood stream. You have to be really careful doing this or you can get you blood alcohol level up to the poisonous range in a hurry. Luckily for you, several members of our club are doctors and we are ready if you have a problem.”

I heard Ed opening all six bottles of beer with an opener. One of the reasons I liked this particular brand was that it was an import that used real beer caps rather than those twist off things that needed a screw thread on the top of the bottle. It wasn’t what you are thinking. I didn’t use the bottles as dildos all the time. I just liked the feel of the smooth glass sliding against my lips as I drank from the bottle.

The smooth glass without cap threads also let the bottle slide more easily into my pussy as Ed pushed it into me. “Got to lube it up a little,” he remarked. Then he pushed the bottle against my puckered asshole and started to slide it into me. I clenched my muscles and he slapped me on the butt and said sternly, “Don’t fight me SSSuzy.”

After the bottle was all the way into me, I felt Ed shake it back and forth several times. “Got to stir it up to get some pressure,” he explained. The warm beer began to fizz and foam, and the pressure generated forced the warm liquid into my bowels. “Hold that for as long as you can,” Ed ordered.

I could feel the beer inside of me and I could feel a sudden buzz like I had been drinking for a while. I don’t know how long I could have held it, but it was only a few moments later when Ed followed the first bottle with a second. This time he had shaken the bottle violently and held his thumb over the top until just as he pushed it inside me. The sudden release of foam splashed over my ass as the bottle entered me and I could feel the pressure build up within me.

“Hold it. Hold it. Hold it...” I was starting to cramp and had never felt so slippery up there before. If I didn’t still have the ballgag in my mouth I would have pleaded with Ed to let me release the pressure. “Hold it. Hold it. Hold it........ Now, everything out. See how far you can spray that beer across the room”

I know that Ed was exaggerating, but it did feel like I was shooting a stream half way across the concrete shower floor when I emptied myself. I could smell the mixture of shit and beer and knew that it was all over me. Again the shame mixed with sexual pleasure as I realized that I had done exactly what Ed wanted me to do.

“Let’s hose you off and then repeat that two more times and you will be ready for the show.” I felt the cold sting of the hose followed by the warm soapy rubdown and then Ed said, “Here comes another bottle, SSSuzy. You make sure you hold these two in for as long as you can. I won’t tell you when to release, you just make sure that it is long enough.”

With that I hear him shake up another bottle and plunge it into me followed almost immediately by a second bottle. I don’t know if it was the effect of the beer in my bowels or the alcohol in my blood, but I desperately wanted to expel everything from inside me. I was cramping. I was in pain. I desperately needed to shit, but I didn’t want to disappoint Ed by going too soon. Finally, I could stand it no longer and everything gushed out of me.

“That was pretty good, SSSuzy,” said Ed in a voice like he was talking to one of his horses. “Let’s see how you can do on this final flush.” The whole thing repeated again. This time, after he had emptied the second bottle into me Ed gave me this instruction, “SSSuzy, I am setting this timer for somewhere between five and twenty minutes. You won’t know how long you have, but if you can keep that beer inside you until the timer goes off, I will give you a special reward. If you don’t, I am going to give you a special punishment. Do you understand that?”

I tried to nod my head as best I could with the way I was tied in place. Then I began to concentrate on holding in the slippery, foamy mess that was inside me. After what seemed like hours, I started whimpering and shaking. I felt like I was going to explode and I felt more drunk that I had been in a long time. Finally I could hold it in no more and beer and shit exploded out of me and again covered me and the floor in the foul smelling mess. Just as my bowels stopped contracting and I was totally empty, I heard the metallic clanging of a kitchen timer bell ringing.

“Oh, you almost made it, SSSuzy. Because you were so close, I am only going to give you one. I was going to give you six, but since you tried so hard, it will only be one.”
With that I felt something press against my asshole and slit. It felt like a stick, but it had a couple of cold metal barbs on it.

“Do you know what this is? This is a cattle prod. Can’t use them on cattle any more because the soft-headed animal protection people think its too cruel. What do you think, SSSuzy?”

A jolt of fire roared through me with lightning flashing from my asshole to my cunt. I screamed into my ballgag and tried to raise up from the floor. The ropes held me in place and the only result of my violent thrashing was that I expelled some more of the beer enema.

“Oh, you weren’t completely empty. We have to do something about that, don’t we. I promised you only one for punishment didn’t I, but I guess this here isn’t punishment, SSSuzy. This is part of getting you totally cleaned out.”

The fire and lightning struck again... and again... and again... and again. This was much worse than what the belt had done to me. By the time Ed was finished, I was no longer on my knees, but was laying flat on my face on the concrete shower pad. I was covered in filth and lying in filth and could do nothing but whimper and cry.

I felt Ed untying the ropes that held me in place. He helped me to my feet and said, “One final wash and rinse and you are almost ready.” The cold sting of the hose was followed by the warm soapy cloths and then another cold rinse from the hose.

“This is the final preparation, I promise you. Stand here with your legs spread as wide as you can, SSSuzy.”

I wondered what painful and degrading thing Ed was going to do to me next when to my surprise I felt a warm soft brush rubbing against my pussy. “You keep this all neatly trimmed, don’t you SSSuzy, but for what is going on tonight, we want you as bare as a baby’s backside. Now don’t you move because I am using a straight razor and I don’t want to cut you as I do this.”

Ed swiftly and deftly flashed the razor between my legs and soon I was, as he had said, “as bare as a baby’s backside.” Ed used the hose to rinse off any remaining shaving soap and announced, “Now Self-Sub Susy, it is time to face the music.”



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