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Self-Sub Susy 5

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2011 - The Technician - Used by permission

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continues from part four Part Five

An adventurous young woman who calls herself “Self-Sub Susy” is warned to stop playing naked bondage games on the park trails. She gets more than she bargained for when she taunts back, “catch me if you can.”


Shit, I had forgotten I was supposed to be the main attraction. And what was the second part of the punishment Ed had promised me? It was something about honey and being left here all night.

Well, I was almost right. There was honey involved. Ed walked over behind me and I could tell that he was removing his clothing. “Don’t want to get this all over my good clothes,” he said to the crowd, and then I could feel something cold and wet and sticky being poured on the crack of my ass. “You know something, SSSuzy, most people just don’t appreciate the lubricating properties of honey. But after tonight, I think you will.”

I could feel Ed’s penis pressing against my asshole. I had never taken anyone there before. “You have two choices here, SSSuzy. You can fight this and it will hurt like hell, or you can accept it and it will only hurt a little. You might even like it. The trick is to either totally relax down there or pretend that you are taking a dump. Either way I go in easier.”

I didn’t think that I could relax in my position, so I tried to think that I was going to the bathroom as Ed slowly pushed his way into my ass. He went in surprisingly easily. He was right about the honey. After he was all the way in me he paused a moment and then began slowly thrusting in and out. He was right, it did hurt. And he was also right in that I began to enjoy the sensation. I found that I was climbing toward a climax when Ed finished and rested against me for a moment before pulling out.

“You only have five more this time, and they are all guys.”

“Thanks a lot, Ed,” I thought as the next man took his place. I couldn’t see who they were, but the second man must have been the same one who was second when they were fucking my cunt because he felt even more huge in the back hole. I found myself wondering how, even with the pain his large prick was causing me, I could keep building toward climax. By the time the fourth man stepped between my legs I was at the very edge and as soon as he began to push into me I began thrashing with an intense orgasm. Evidently that was too much for him and he shot his wad immediately. “Damn,” he said. “That was intense, but mighty short.” I lay there quietly as the fifth man finished.

I expected someone to wash me off or otherwise clean me up, but instead Ed walked over in front of me, still naked, carrying what appeared to be a five gallon bucket. “SSSuzy, I am going to prepare you for the night. Slave One and Slave Two will keep any large critters from gnawing on you, but the little bugs are going to feast tonight.” With that he poured the contents of the bucket over my entire body. I was now totally covered with honey.

I could hear flies buzzing around me and as it started to get dark, the mosquitoes started buzzing - and biting. At one point a huge bug of some sort landed on my back. I yelped and thrashed as I felt it crawling on my skin. Evidently Queenie’s curiosity got the better of her and she looked over to see what was happening to me. “Ding, ding, ding” went the counter and then I heard Slave One’s voice, “It’s just a cicada. They are big and ugly, but they don’t even have mouths, so they can’t bite you.”

After a few moments, I felt the big bug struggle to walk over to the edge of my back and slide off of me onto the ground. It was a weird feeling. Suddenly I had an idea. I yelped and thrashed in my restraints, and then stopped. Sure enough I could hear “Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,” as Queenie could not help herself from looking at what she thought was my distress. I waited about five minutes and then repeated myself with the same results. The third time Queenie had evidently caught on or at least was able to not turn her head and cause the laser to move off target.

I heard Slave One’s voice softly in my ear, “Let see if this works,” and then she yelped a high pitch little scream. I could hear her giggling softly as we both listened to a prolonged series of dings. After a few minutes, I thrashed in my restraints again and once more was rewarded with the sound of the counter clicking steadily upward recording Queenie’s ride on the electric horse. I was about to repeat my little act when I heard Ed’s voice speak sternly to Slave One and me. “I know what you two are doing. If you don’t stop that you are going to keep the whole camp awake all night, and I will have to put you two on the horse tomorrow. Keep it quiet.”

Slave One lowered her head and responded, “Yes Sir, I understand, Sir and I will obey, Sir.”

“Good,” said Ed gruffly, but as he walked away he slapped my ass hard, and I could hear Queenie’s counter again dinging repeatedly. He muttered with a laugh, “It is a pretty neat trick, though.”

The rest of the night passed without incident. I found that I actually fell asleep for most of the night. Once or twice a particularly aggressive fly or mosquito would bite and wake me up, but otherwise, it just became a dull background pain that I had to endure.

* * * *

I was still asleep when Ed began to clean me off in the morning. I was very much awake a few seconds later as the cold water from the hose hit my body. Ed kept spraying me with the cold water and Slave One wiped me down with a towel of some sort until all of the honey was gone. The bag was now very wet and sticking to my face, but the rest of my body was basically cleaned up.

Slave One dried me off with a large towel and then she and Ed walked away and the two security men came over and began untying me. After I was totally free, they lifted me up and one of the them said in a rather strange sounding high pitched voice that made me wonder if he was actually a woman - or perhaps a eunuch, “We are supposed to walk you around a bit to make sure your circulation has returned. Don’t worry if you start to fall, we will catch you.”

I thought about shaking free of their grip, but as soon as I tried to take my first step I realized that my legs were like rubber. They held me up as I walked drunkenly up and down the path for quite a distance. Finally things started to return to normal. The pain on my ass and in my ass made it somewhat difficult to walk, and the many insect bites made it uncomfortable even to stand.

“Let me put this on you,” one of the men said and began to slather my body with some sort of lotion. I don’t know what it was, but the itching of the insect bites stopped almost immediately and the heat of the welts on my ass cooled down significantly. I thought he was spending a little too much time applying lotion to my breasts and ass, but I guess that was his perk for applying it. “Time to go up to the meeting,” the one with the deeper voice of said, and they began to walk me over to the large building that was used for group functions.

When we entered the large dining room, it was full of people standing around one long table set up in the middle of the room. Ed was standing behind the table and I recognized my clothes, backpack and trail bracelet equipment lying on the table. The two men escorted me into the middle of the clear area and left me standing at the center of the table across from where Ed was standing.

Ed looked at me and spoke, “SSSuzy, your punishment has ended. I don’t think I have to tell you that it would be pointless for you to go to the police about this. Sargent Baker over there or Lieutenant Robbins would sidetrack any complaint you have and if they couldn’t, Judge Madison or Judge Dimato would make it very difficult for anyone to follow up on anything that you might claim. We also have some very interesting video that makes it very apparent that you were enjoying yourself quite a bit in all of this.”

Ed cleared his throat and muttered, “Well, I had to say that as head of the club.... Now SSSuzy, you have a decision to make. No one here, except me, knows who you really are. You can walk up to the table, put your equipment in your little backpack - by the way, the only thing wrong with your release mechanism is that I disconnected the internal battery. Just open the little door and push the connector back onto the battery. So, choice one is that you can walk up to the table, put your equipment in your little backpack, put on your clothes, and walk out that door to never return. You will find that your tent and camping equipment are in the trunk of your car.”

“Or,” Ed continued, “if you desire to become one of us - specifically if you desire to become my personal slave - you can pick up your equipment and put it on like you did back on the trail. It is already set just like you set it for yesterday. After you have it all on, clip your remote to your collar so that it becomes the leash it was intended to be, and hand that leash and remote to me as your master.”

I walked up to the table and grabbed my backpack and put the remote release mechanism inside it. I was going to pack up the rest of the equipment and storm out of there as fast as I could, but when I picked up the collar, something happened inside me. Everything that I had been trying for in all my walks surged through me. I was wet and flushed and barely able to stand up. I looked across the table at Ed and knew what I had to do. I slowly raised my hands to my neck and clicked the collar in place. I then put on the wrist and ankle cuffs and attached all of the chains so that except for the fact that my hands were still free, I was bound like I had been on the trail Friday night. I attached the remote to the leash and attached the leash to my collar and then I reached up to pull the bag off my head.

This was the true point of no return. Once that bag came off my head, everyone would know for sure who Self-Sub Susy really was. I pulled the bag off my head and in almost the same motion brought the ballgag up to my mouth and strapped it in place. I then walked around the table and handed the remote - and my leash - to Ed, who stood waiting for me.

“SSSuzy,” Ed said, “your final decision is made when you lock your arms in place in your belt, but before you do that, let me explain what being my slave really means. It means that you and your body will obey every command that I give you. So that you understand, I am going to give you a little test using your trail bracelet equipment. You are going to stand there with your legs spread and your arms held out to each side while I step the shock circuit through all six steps. While I do that, you are going to remain in place and remain totally quiet. At step 5, you will piss yourself - not before, not after, and at step 6 you will experience one of the most intense orgasms you have ever had.”

I stared at Ed as he continued, “If following that, you still wish to become my slave, lock your hands into your belt and await my commands. So that you know what might be in store for you, let me warn you in advance that after your equipment discharges tonight, I am thinking of having you repeat last night as tomorrow night’s entertainment. Only it won’t actually be a repeat of last night. You will be doing it this time as my true and absolute slave.”

I spread my legs slightly and raised my arms out to my sides. “One,” Ed said as I felt a slight tingle from the chains. “Two.” I held totally still. It surprised me because when W had tested the chains at 2 in his shop, I had nearly jumped out of my skin. I thought that it hurt so much then, but now it seemed very mild. “Three.” That hurt, but I did not move. “Four.” I jumped slightly, but Ed did not say anything. “Five.” Even if Ed had not ordered me to piss myself at five, I think I would have anyway. My whole body shook and pulsed with the shocks as my urine sprayed onto the ground. “Six.” I still didn’t think it was possible to order someone to orgasm, but when Ed said “Six,” I exploded with a tremendous, long-lasting, intense orgasm. I wasn’t really aware of what was going on for a moment or two but finally I came back to earth. I moved my arms to bring them down and put them in the locks on the belt and found that I had already done so and was already securely bound. Evidently I had done it while in the throes of my orgasm.

Ed tugged slightly on the leash chain and said, “Come with me, I will introduce you to some of the members of the club.” He stopped and picked up something and turned back to face me. “First we should put this on you.” He held up a small metal tag with elaborate writing on it. It read, “Self-Sub Slave Susy.” As he hung it on the chains above my breasts he said, “Hello SSSSusy.”


All that was three years ago. A year ago Ed asked me to marry him. He said it was to give me some legal protection in case something happened to him. One of the judges in the club performed the marriage and it is a legal marriage even if the words were changed somewhat. Ed promised to love me and control me, I promised to love him and obey him. At the end, rather than pronouncing us “man and wife,” the judge pronounced us “permanently bound master and slave.”

I live with Ed out at the camp and he regularly takes me on walks in the park. He wears standard hiking clothes, I wear my trail bracelets, only now there is no remote release mechanism. I am Ed-bound until he decides to let me loose.



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