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The Run Pt1

by desiree

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© Copyright 2002 - desiree - Used by permission

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Slutdesiree - Part One
The Run
by desiree
(c)Copyright slutdesiree, 1998

I have been ordered by my owner, Mistress Sable to describe my experiences. Mistress Sable lives several hundred miles away. One night while I was out minding my own business, I had a rather unusual experience.

It was a warm Friday evening, around midnight. It had been a hot day and it was still around 70 degrees. I had been ordered to "go for a run" just as I had been ordered many times in the past. I got out my "run kit" and checked the contents. It was all there. One pair of handcuffs, earplugs, a cock ring, two clover clamps connected together by a 20 inch chain, a padlock, 5 feet of strong chain, a key for the hand cuffs, and a key for the padlock. The keys are each attached to a fine 12-inch chain with an alligator clip on the other end. I put on a black tee shirt, cut off jeans and a pair of slip on loafers. I got in my car and drove to a remote industrial area. I drove around for a bit to check out the area. After finding the spots I needed, I parked the car in a parking space behind some bushes. I got out of the car, put the pieces of the "run kit" in my pockets and walked about 3 short blocks to a spot where I placed the handcuff key on a window ledge of a well lit up building. I then walked 2 and a half blocks to a spot behind another building where a steel ladder was attached to the brick wall. The ladder started about 7 feet off the ground. I reached up and attached the padlock key to the first ladder rung. Then I walked another 1 and a half blocks to a spot where a steel railing was attached to a building. 

There was no one around. and it was very quiet, except for distant traffic and factory sounds. My heart was pounding. This was it, should I do it, or not? I hadn't seen my Mistress in weeks, and I was really horny. I opened my pants and pushed the cock ring over my cock and shoved it down to the base, with some difficulty, as I was starting to get hard. I clipped the clover clamps on my nipples and immediately had a raging hard on. A few jerks on my rigid member convinced me that it was time to do it. I threw off my tee shirt and inserted the earplugs in my ears. Everything went fairly quiet. I could no longer hear the traffic. I was breathing heavy and couldn't wait to do it. A few more strokes of my cock convinced me that it really was time to do it. I looped the chain through the sleeves of the tee shirt and then dropped each end of the chain through one pant leg. I looped the chain around the railing and placed the padlock through the ends of the chain. The thought 'should I do it of not' raced through my mind, my response clouded by my extreme hornyness. I had done this, to one degree or another, at least a hundred times before. So what's the big deal? A few more jerks of my engorged cock convinced me that nothing else mattered. Nervously, I squeezed the padlock. CLICK.  It was done. There was no going back now. 

The implications raced through my mind. What if I get caught? Do the Police ever come around here? What if I forget where the keys are. What if someone moves the keys?  I snapped one of the handcuffs on my left wrist. A few more strokes of my raging cock took my mind off my concerns. I was now on the verge of cumming. I had no control. Something pulled my hands behind my back, and my left hand snapped the other cuff on my right wrist. Now, the options were few. I could stand where I was or, I could make the run for the keys and get it over with. I realized I had the better part of a mile to run before I got back to my clothes. I pushed down on the back of my shorts with my cuffed hands, and they fell to the ground. I was now wearing nothing but my shoes, my handcuffs, my cock ring, and my nipple clamps, and my raging hard on. A warm breeze blowing over my ass reminded me of the reality of my circumstance. I stepped out of my shorts and turned around, just in time to notice the light of someone's headlights shining down the driveway, only a few feet from me. 

My earplugs were effective in preventing me from hearing very much. I started to run away from this building, toward one on the next street. I ran up to the next building and as I approached it, the bright headlights lit up the wall I was running towards. I'm sure my bare ass and cuffed hands were lit up just as brightly. There was a high curb between where I was and where the car was. I figured there was a bit of safety in that. I ran around the corner, and down the driveway toward the front of the building. I came to the street. There was no one around, and the car wasn't behind me. I ran across the street and down the driveway between two buildings. Now really puffing and very out of breath, scared shitless, partly a fear of falling on my face, I looked for a place to hide.  I continued past those buildings and between two buildings on the next street. Just as I started between those buildings, the headlights again appeared behind me. I couldn't hear the vehicle coming, because of the earplugs. My heart was beating even harder now, thumping in my chest and my throat was raw from trying to catch my breath. As I reached the front of the building, the car was right behind me. I turned my head and took a quick glance to see if it was a Police cruiser. I saw a full sized white car, with dark tinted windows, no more than ten feet behind me. It became obvious to me that I had been caught. I couldn't see the occupant. I ran across the front parking lot and behind two pine trees near the curb. The car paused, then pulled out unto the street, and drove away. 

I had to cross the street to get to the handcuff key. The rest of the way to the key was quite open and unsheltered, with no easy hiding spots. As I started to cross the street, I noticed the car had stopped, and the backup lights came on. I jumped back behind the trees, and the car backed down the street, stopping right beside me. A big guy in a security guard uniform got out. He had to be 6'4", and he was big and muscular. I was able to hear him slightly, in spite of the earplugs. "What's going on here?" he snapped. I didn't answer. He said he was going to tell his dispatcher to call the cops. I said, "No, please don't call the police, I'm not hurting anyone". Yes, you are", he said. "You're making me uncomfortable. Seeing you in cuffs like that is giving me a hard on that's going to rip my pants open any second now." He walked toward me. As I backed away, I tripped over something behind me and fell to the ground. As I struggled to get up again, he reached down and helped up on my knees. When I tried to get up, he pushed me back to my knees and told me to stay down. He said, "I'll make you a deal, You suck my cock, and do a good job, and I might not call the cops." I said,"No fucking way." He retorted, "I don't think you're in much of a bargaining position, just suck it, scumbag." 

As he spoke, he opened his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I've ever seen. It must have been 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. No wonder keeping it cooped up in his pants was uncomfortable for him. He pushed his enormous cock against my face. I resisted, holding my mouth tightly closed. He lifted his right foot and kicked me lightly in the nuts and tugged sharply on the chain of my nipple clamps at the same time. It didn't really hurt, but, the fear and shock caused me to cry out, and when I did, he forced his huge cock into my mouth. His enormous member easily filled my mouth. With my hands cuffed behind me, I really didn't have many options. I started to get into the rhythm of his thrusting. As he continued, i started licking and sucking his cock more cooperatively. Much to my amazement, and fascination, my cock was now feeling harder then ever. He seemed to be enjoying the situation, as his thrusts were becoming faster and harder. His breathing was becoming quite heavy. It was hard not to notice that the long grass was rubbing against the bottom of my hard cock and making me more aroused. His pace was increasing and he seemed to be breathing heavier. I was just thinking that it seemed like he was ready to cum when he put one hand behind my head forced his big cock into my throat. At this point his hot juice suddenly shot down my throat and also filled my mouth. I couldn't believe how much cum there was. I started to gag, and then remembered what he had said about doing a good job. This being my first blow job, I wasn't really sure what a good one was, but I was certain that he wanted me to swallow all of his cum. 

He was still holding the nipple clamp chain with his other hand and as he tensed when he came, he pulled on the chain. The sensation of him pulling on my nipple clamps, the cock ring holding me rock hard, the grass tickling the underside of my cock, and the thought of my new Master shooting his hot cum in my throat caused me to cum at that instant. The pressure from the cock ring caused my cum to spurt farther than usual, and some landed on his pants and shoes. I wanted to snicker, but I held back because I didn't want to piss him off. After I managed to swallow all of his cum, and lick his cock clean, he looked down and noticed my cum on his boots and pants. He tried to act really pissed, but I'm sure I saw a little snicker as he turned his head away. He yelled at me, "Why, you fucking scum bag, you'd better lick that mess up, and make it quick, I have to get back to work." As he was now my Master, and I was still cuffed, I had no choice but to follow his orders. He pushed my head down and put his foot on the chain attached to my nipple clamps. I licked up my cum as best as I could in this position. He seemed to be bored with this and he suddenly turned and walked back to his car. As he was getting into the car, I heard him mutter, "If I were you, scumbag, I'd get the fuck out of here, before the cops get here. When I tell them that there's a break in at that building where you left your clothes, they'll be here in minutes. 

With that, he slammed his door and took off. I struggled to get to my feet, still licking the remains of his and my cum off my lips and face and headed across the street to retrieve the handcuff key. There was still no one else around, but I was feeling very self conscious because I was still very exposed, but no longer as horny as a was, because I already came. On the other hand, I was still feeling very excited by the whole situation. I went to the ledge where the handcuff key was and with some difficulty, released myself from the handcuffs. I immediately removed the nipple clamps and the earplugs. I felt pain as blood rushed into my nipples for the first time in at least 45 minutes, and the eerie silence was replaced with the sounds of the real world around me, obvious signs that real people were not far away. My hornyness of earlier had masked these sounds or I may not have done what I did. I was pleased and satisfied and I was sure that Mistress Sable would also be pleased. But I was still afraid. I ran down the street, to the building where I had put the padlock key. Fortunately, again, no one was around, as there was not a whole lot of shelter here either. I got to the building where the padlock key was and ran down the driveway, to the back of the building. It was quite dark in this area. I ran over to the steel ladder and reached up to get the key. It was gone! My heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach. I considered my options. I could go back to my car and drive home naked. I couldn't think of any other options. Had someone seen me put the key there? What could have happened? Was I losing my mind? 

I started to walk toward where my car was as I tried to think of other options. When I got to the next building, I realized that it looked similar to the one I was at, and I was at the wrong building. I walked over to the steel ladder and retrieved the padlock key.  I ran back to the first building unlocked my clothes and put them on. I put the 'kit' items back in my pockets and ran back to my car. I felt relieved. I started my car and drove out onto the street and up to the corner. As I stopped at the stop sign, a Police cruiser with his lights flashing approached and turned down the street. As I pulled away, I saw the Police cruiser pull into the driveway of the building where my clothes had been captive. Then another Police cruiser with flashing lights and siren on came from the other direction and pulled in behind the first cruiser. I drove home and called Mistress Sable to report on my evening.

I returned home and immediately phoned Mistress Sable to tell her about my evening. I was sure that she would be pleased with my report, as she always had been in the past. When I finished telling her what had happened, Mistress became very angry and called me a "fucking low life slut". "How dare you be unfaithful to me when you're already being punished", she screamed, "and on top of that, you had the nerve to enjoy it"? She felt that because I came during the ordeal, that I had enjoyed it.  She continued to shout at me for the next ten minutes, calling me every name she could think of. She told me that I would be severely punished as soon as she could think of a punishment that was severe enough for me after I had been unfaithful to her in such a blatant manner. She said I should have bitten his cock and not cooperated. I attempted to apologize to Mistress, but she said that wasn't interested. She said she would have to think about my next punishment, and that she would contact me when she came up with something. I was forbidden to contact her or masturbate until she contacted me. She also very sarcastically warned me not to be giving any blowjobs either. At that point, she abruptly hung up on me. This was the second adrenaline raising "CLICK " I'd heard in the last few hours.

Slutdesiree - Part Two

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