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Strapped Part 2

by I. M. Stuck

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© Copyright 2011 - I. M. Stuck - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; bfold; susp; caught; M/f; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part one Part Two

(Reading part one will help to follow the story line but is not necessary.)

Still half strapped to the bed, John was paralyzed when he read the note. Anjali not only found out about his secret desires, she participated. After a period of overwhelming embarrassment and then brief confusion, John read the note again.

Dear John,

I am sorry about the door.

As you know, I am pretty strapped for cash right now but if you come to my place tomorrow at 7 pm, I will make it up to you.

It is my turn.


It was not his imagination after all. Anjali was the one who broke into his house, found him blindfolded and secured to the bed, and Anjali was the one who gave him one of the most incredible orgasms he has ever had.

John had been into self bondage for many years and this was one of his sessions. In his slut outfit, he had tied himself spread eagle to the bed while blindfolded, gagged, and hearing impaired. He used ice as a release mechanism, but while he was still stuck, Anjali somehow happened to interrupt his usual routine. He knew he locked all the windows and doors but, she found him and took over. During the time that she caressed his penis until he exploded, she did not say a single word. This added a level of excitement and sensuality that John had never experienced (fantasized-yes but experienced-no).

Anjali is the love of his life. He met Anjali in college and fell in love with her then. Her feeling for him seemed platonic so he never admitted his feelings toward her. After college they both stayed and worked in the same city. He was a medical student and she was an aspiring actress. John would continue to see Anjali. Anjali and bondage were some of the few passions in his life. John had never thought of telling Anjali his passion for bondage for fear of instant rejection. Now, Anjali had found out on her own.

What was John to do? Confusion was an understatement. He read the note again and it definitely said that he was to go to Anjali’s place at 7 pm tomorrow and it would be “her turn”. What did she mean? Could she have the same desires as I do? Could she be a dominant, a submissive, or would further humiliation be in store for me? John would just have to find out and find out, he was determined to do. He will see this to the end one way or the other.

Anjali ended back at her apartment. The whole experience seemed like a dream. Never in a million years did she suspect that John shared her interest in bondage. She came over to John’s place to discourage any romantic interest. She is an independent woman in a difficult career path and she was not about to let relationships interfere. John helped her out with her rent without permission and although thoughtful, was clearly a sign of deeper feelings, feelings that tempted her. She had a choice; end it now or go for it. Before she found John in bondage, she was committed to end it. Now, she was not sure. Without a doubt, she was turned on by the whole experience both mentally and physically. When she got to her car, she immediately hiked up her skirt, pulled down her underwear, and masturbated. She was so wet! If it were not for the car windows, someone would have called 911 with the moaning she was doing. But now she was back at her apartment and thinking now what? She was having second thoughts about the note that she wrote to John. Why did she even write it?

She loved bondage as well. She had a bad experience with a very old boyfriend when she first discovered “these feelings” as an adolescent. Since then she had kept these desires to herself and satisfied her desires with self bondage. She walked over to a trunk in her closet and opened it. Inside were ropes, leather cuffs, blindfolds, gags, locks, and special clothing. Her heart always beats faster when she looks at the collection she had amassed over years, some of which were personally made. Now with that one note, she confided in John and welcomed him to her other world. Anjali decided that the story had to be played out. John had always been one of the most caring men, she had ever met. Now they shared a special secret. Could John be that person who could understand and satisfy her completely? Anjali was determined to find out tomorrow.

The next day, Anjali went to work. As an actress, she pretty much took work where ever she could find it. This job paid well. She was a waitress at this trendy lunch place. The tips were great even though it was a lunch crowd. Probably they were great because the standard uniform was tight fitting white shirts, a form fitting black skirt, black stocking and heels. To Anjali, all the women there looked great but she always seemed to get the best tips. Too bad the restaurant could not use her more. Since she was the most junior waitress, she only got to fill in when needed. Today, however, she was distracted. Her mind kept wandering. She would get that same jolt everytime she would think about tonight as when she would open her special trunk. Some of the other waitress noticed and were joking that she must have met someone last night, all night. How right and wrong could they be! For some reason, she made the best tips ever today.

Anjali got off work at 2pm and back to her apartment by 3 pm. This would give her 4 hours to prepare. She looked at herself in the mirror. She never thought that she was very special. She knew that she was pretty or ok, but not special. She started to unbutton her blouse. The black bra held her firm breasts well. Her stomach was flat. She unzipped her blouse and let it fall to the ground. She stepped out of the blouse still wearing her black stockings and heels. She turned slightly one way then the other. Today, looking at herself, she felt special, sexy, and adventurous. She was going to go through with this. John had better show up. Anjali walked over to her cell phone and turned it on. She purposely left it off all day. Yes, there it is; a message from John. Good boy she thought as she listened to the messages, he will be here.

John had a terrible day. Luckily, his hospital load was light and he did not have very many sick patients. Concentration was not his strong point today, but he did not kill anybody and in a few instances he made good calls. His thoughts were of Anjali and their rendezvous tonight. She was certainly keeping him guessing with her message. “Making it up to him” could mean many different things like having dinner or getting a present. But it could also mean getting romantic or even darker. Would she offer herself to him completely as John accidentally offered himself. Just the thought of this made John have an erection which was unfortunate given that soft cotton scrub pants for surgeons do nothing to hide erections. John tried to hide his erection so maybe no one noticed, but a few flushed nurses told John otherwise. All this perseveration was going nowhere and John certainly did not want to mess things up at this point. He decided to give her a call and talk about tonight if at least to reassure her that he will be there. He got her voice mail and left a quick message. Being the bondage lover he was, he could not help but think maybe she could not answer because she was tied up at the moment waiting for him to rescue her but not before…. The erection came back.

Anjali took a bubble bath. While soaking, she was planning what to do. This is an opportunity to play out any of her bondage fantasies. Which one should it be? By what John was doing, she did not think that there was anything where John would not rise to the occasion. She did have this one particular fantasy which she used in her self bondage sessions quite often where an unknown customer, who was so hot for her, followed her as she was leaving her shift. He would chloroform her and then she would wake up blindfolded and tied up. The variations from that point were endless. A plan started to form and thinking about it was enough to get her juices flowing. It took a lot of will power to not make herself come right there.

One of Anjali’s favorite selfbondage positions is being spread eagle standing up. She had two eye hooks screwed into her bedroom ceiling and into a 1 inch thick plywood platform measuring 3 feet by 3 feet for this occasion. Basically, she would attach a chain to each eye on the ceiling. Then she could attach her leather cuff by a keyed padlock to each tether. The plywood platform has two eye hooks screwed in about two to three feet apart. This is so she could clip or tie her ankle restraints to them. All together, this simple contraption would keep her spread eagle standing up. Her body weight on the platform will keep her feet spread and in place. Add a blindfold, a ball gag, clothes pins, and a vibrator, and she would be in heaven. Her release mechanism is a key to her cuffs frozen in a small plastic bottle of ice that is hung upside down from the ceiling. The key would be tied to a premeasured string that will extend down to her cuffed hand when the ice melts. She would then have to struggle to get the key in the padlock for release. Sometimes this takes a few minutes and sometimes longer. To increase her chances that nothing unexpected would happen, she would double her safety by repeating the release mechanism on the other side as well. However, she has had lots of practice and had never needed the backup. The same key would work on all the locks.

“Why not?” she thought. That is how she will be waiting for John. Tonight, she will have one release mechanism and the other will be on a small table next to her. “John should be able to figure this out, he is a doctor.” she thought. Oh no, how is John going to get into the apartment? Anjali did not think of that earlier. Should she leave the door unlocked? No, too risky, but she was already taking a huge risk. She decided to write John a small note with the door key inside a sealed envelope with John’s name on it. This way her door would be locked and given that she knows all the people that live on her floor, it was a very low risk that anyone would open a letter addressed to someone else.

Everything was all set. Around 5:30, she decided it was time to prepare. She taped the envelope outside her door. She then made sure she locked the door. Back in her bedroom, she brought out all the bondage gear she needed, wrist and ankle leather cuffs, pad locks, blind fold, and a red ball gag. She attached the short chains to the ceiling hooks and she positioned her bondage platform underneath. Time to dress. Since she was supposed to be kidnapped after her restaurant shift, she dressed appropriately with some minor twists. She put on a black lace bra then her white shirt. Normally she would wear underwear beneath her form fitting skirt but not today. She also would not wear black 4 inch stiletto heels to work, but this was her fantasy. She checked herself in the mirror and she looked hot. John better be worth it. She made sure that her key release mechanism was properly in place just in case John did not show. She placed the extra key on a small table next to her.

Next, she put on the red ball gag. It is not very large but effective. She very much doubted that anyone could hear her screams with the ball gag in. Then she strapped on her leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Attached to the buckle on her wrist cuffs was small chain that she could attach to the chain hanging from the ceiling using the keyed padlock. She almost forgot the padded blindfold. It had a Velcro elastic that fit snuggly. At the moment, it rested on her forehead. She then started to bind her legs. Anjali used a three foot length of nylon rope to connect the inside buckles of her ankle cuffs to act as a spreader bar. Attached to each eyehook on the plywood platform was short length of rope. The eyehooks are 30 inches apart. She then put one leg next to each eyehook or as far as the spreader rope would allow. She then attached one rope to the outside buckle of one leg and tied it off. She used the other rope to take all the slack out as she tightened and tied off the other leg. She tested the setup and found that she could barely move either of her legs which were now spread exposing her clitoris beneath her miniskirt. Next she attached her left wrist cuff to the ceiling tether with the keyed padlock. She looked up and checked the release mechanism and the ice had not even started melting yet but it was in good position. She pulled down her blindfold. Holding up her right hand with the wrist cuff chain, all she needed to do was click the padlock onto it and she there will be no turning back. Click, it was done. It was 6:15pm.

John was ready. He had flowers, he had his lucky shirt on, and he had condoms. Then why could he not get out of the car? It was almost 7 pm and he felt like a teenager going to the prom for the first time. Anjali was that special. Anjali said 7 pm and he would not be late. He got out of the car, went into the building, took the elevator to the second floor, and got to apartment 3. He always thought 3 was a lucky number. Attached to the door was an envelope addressed to him. He lifted the envelope and unsealed it. Inside, he found a key and a note.


Come in.

Do with me as you please.


John’s hands were shaking as he unlocked the door. The apartment was softly lit, but Anjali was nowhere in sight. The door to her bedroom was closed. He heard soft moaning beyond and he slowly opened her door. Anjali’s intentions were now clear to him and suddenly John knew what he must do. John was well aware of the darker pleasures of bondage, pleasures that Anjali must obviously share as well. John must show no hesitation. He would know through instinct what Anjali wants both physically and subconsciously. Here in front of him was the most incredible visual experience in his entire life. All his bondage and self bondage experiences and fantasies were preparing him for this exact moment.

He walked in front of Anjali and quickly studied her restraints. She was not going anywhere. She knows what she is doing. Her release mechanism had about one hour left. He saw the spare key on the table next to her. He removed her release mechanism. She was his and could not get out without him.

Anjali was obviously uncomfortable. John saw that she was instinctively trying to hide herself. She needed reassurance it was John and no one else.

“Anjali, this is John. I have always loved you and would never take advantage of or hurt you. This can be very special. I am going to take control soon, and you will have to trust me. If you want me to stop, your safety word is “red rose”.

While he was telling her this, he was slowly unbuttoning her shirt to expose her breasts further. Despite her pleas behind her gag, he did not hear the words “red rose”. He pushed aside her black lacy bra exposing her nipples. He began to gently message the breast circling to the nipples. He repeated this several times and each time began to pinch the nipples harder and harder. Anjali despite herself was aroused by the sensation. After being tied for the past 45 minutes, she was already at a heightened state of arousal. Normally she would have had a vibrator in place but without it, all she had was her imagination and frustration. She wanted to be taken, to be played with, to be in someone else’s control. She had no voice and little movement. All she had was her body and she intended to use it. She purred and swayed her hips toward her master.

“Anjali, I am going to make you come three times before I free you. You will not be free until you do so, no matter how long that takes. The catch is that how you come will be of my choosing. If you resist, you will be punished. Do you understand me?” With that last sentence, he pinched her nipple just a little harder and Anjali moaned her reply.

Think back to yesterday’s hand job, John knew what was to happen. He told her, “First I am going to return a favor.” John was walking around Anjali admiring her body. She is and always will be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He began to caress her body like a long time lover. He started to run his hands up and down both thighs. He then hiked up her tight skirt to her waist exposing her inner thigh and labia. Slowly his hand was massaging the inner thigh and just brushing her very sensitive and swollen cunt. Her juices had already been flowing, her breathing rapid and strained, her hips slightly bucking. Anjali pleaded for release but all John heard was moans.

John did comply. He teased her clitoris with his fingers, very lightly at first and then gradually with more pressure. As she would build up, he would start the cycle all over again, frustating her. Anjali was so focused in coming, she did not even notice how John with his other hand would play with her body and the kisses he stole from where ever he wanted. Suddenly everything stopped. John walked around Anjali and knelt in front of her as if worshipping. Using her buttocks for leverage, he started to probe her private with his tongue. First gently then deeper and deeper while sucking as greedily as he could.

Anjali gave a surprised yelp. It had been almost forever since someone had eaten her and never in a position of bondage. Blinded and gagged, she could nothing but moan and strain against her bonds. Being so aroused, she began to build very quickly. John could sense her body tightening like a spring ready to recoil. Her breathing become rapid, her pleas for release became like a silent scream, her muscles become so tense and so immobilized by her restraints that John knew that her climax was imminent. John licked and penetrated and sucked with more vigor and she exploded. Anjali’s whole body spasmed and spasmed and the silent scream was silent no more. John was not sure if she was having multiple orgasms so he continued till she hung limp.

John checked to see if Anjali was all right. She was completely spent and could only moan softly. John raised her head gently with both hands and kissed her forehead.

Then he said, “That was number 1.”

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