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Summer Fun

by Selftiedgrrl

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If you read my last story, you know this about me. My favourite kind of bondage/release is where I am forced to struggle long and hard in order to get to my release. I love the struggle and I want to remain tightly tied until I put in the effort and earn my release. I love when the ropes offer little movement, with my release hours of hard struggling away. There just isn’t a better time to cum than when you’re tightly bound, muscles fighting against the ropes.

I also love variety. I love my hogties but sometimes I feel the need to be tied stationary with my clit resting on a Hitachi wand (could have a vibrating dildo inside me as well). And just to add to the excitement, I do this outside in a place where there is that slim chance I just might be discovered. Now there is no way in hell I ever want to be discovered but the danger; the “OMG, anyone could find me and do whatever they want!” It’s impossible to describe what is going on in my head when I get into that state.

I have a hidden place I go to indulge my desires. It is tucked away in the mountains on the North Shore. We have three local ski hills here and being so high up, I have to wait until summer after all the snow melts. There is a large fenced off forest used by a university to renew old growth forests after they have been clear cut. How do I know this? Guess who has a minor in forestry? I also know that no one ever comes here on the weekends… well, no one except me.

While doing my studies, I came upon a tree that had blown over more than 150 years ago but continued to grow. The base of the trunk is horizontal just under two feet in diameter. The rest of the tree curves straight up and is the tallest in the immediate area. My guess is that it did not get cut down because of this curve. The rest of the trees are much younger and smaller. So, this tree stood out a bit from the rest and my curious nature drew me there one day several years back. When I got close, I saw something that took my breath away! In the middle of the horizontal part of the trunk there was a broken branch sticking straight up. The bark was partially gone and after I removed the rest of it, it resembled a large phallus. I immediately saw the potential and made some plans.

I gathered some things and made some plans for another visit. I checked the schedule and made note that if anyone goes there, it is always during the week, mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some people like to go there on Friday mornings so they can leave early and hit the pub. But because we share our research with a logging company (and the logging company does not work on weekends), I knew it was safe to play there. And because it was fenced off, I was sure I wasn’t going to be eaten by a bear (a squirrel, maybe, but not a bear).

When the weekend arrived, I was quite excited. I had been thinking about this for a week and a half, planning, thinking, preparing. I checked the weather report one last time. It was going to be perfect. I got up around 7:00 am, and after breakfast and potty time, I got dressed. I put on a nice sheer pair of pantyhose (if you read my last story you will know that I just love my nylons!), a pair of shorts and a sports bra top. I’ve cut the cotton panel of my pantyhose out as preparation for later. For the drive, I stuff a couple of pairs of panties (worn with dried vaginal cream, of course) into my mouth and cover my mouth with clear packing tape. Anyone seeing me during the drive will be none the wiser. I also stuff a couple of pairs of well worn panties into my already moist pussy. I packed most of my things days ahead of time. Just have to get some things from the freezer.

The drive takes me just over an hour to get to the gate. I let myself in, locked the gate after me and drove up a bit more and park where my SUV can’t be seen from the gate. I am so excited! I know the pantyhose in my pussy will reflect this. It’s an easy hike from my vehicle – more like a walk. Just up an old logging road about 5 minutes then into the trees where it’s all flat ground. I was in a hurry to get to my destination but I did want to get into the mood so decided I would just wear totally inappropriate hiking clothes. This included stripping down to my pantyhose, 3 inch strappy heels and I changed my bra top to a sexy demi bra that pushed my tits up but let my nipples show. The pantyhose were sheer and matte while the bra was beige. You wouldn’t have to be very far to think I was hiking naked. The heels did slow me down some but I really do like seeing my hose-clad toes. I made it to the tree in good time. The tree was looking just as good as it was when I first got inspired.

Opened my backpack and laid a blanket over the horizontal part of the trunk. I sanded the protruding branch down so that it was clean and smooth with some nubs on it for texture). Right beside the branch is a small depression that nicely accommodates the head of an Hitachi wand (cordless, or course) so the head is free to vibrate without resting on the wood. I secured the wand in place with straps

There were plenty of branches above that I could throw a rope over. Being that I was alone with no safety, I made sure the release was foolproof. For this, I used two systems. First, I had a knife on a rope. One end of the rope was tied to a branch directly over where my hands would be. The other end was tied to a nylon stocking. The stocking was fed through the hole of an eyehole screw and was filled with ice. I screwed this into the upward reaching trunk. The rope would be within reach of my hands but the knife would be out of reach until the ice melted. There would be no obstruction where the knife could get caught on and the rope was strong enough so as not to break. After the ice melts, the weight of the knife would pull the nylon part through the eyehole and allow the knife to hang right where my hands would be – no other place.

The other system was the rope that would cinch my wristcoils. For this, I used two ropes that are frozen into a large ice block to make one rope. One end with a cinchnoose would go over an overhead branch, the other end tied around the base trunk. When the ice melted the two pieces of rope will separate and I can pull my arms down. I tried to do some experimenting beforehand, trying to get about two hours of fun before the ice melted. Both this ice block and the one in the stocking were of decent size after wrapping up in my blanket, but they fit into my backpack. I was happy to find that they didn’t melt at all during my trip up here. I had made my plans well and it did not take long to set everything up. Great! Now, the fun starts.

I freshen up my gag with the panties that were in my pussy, taping them in securely, wrapping the tape around my head several times. Mmmmm, moist and fragrant, they were not going anywhere. I took care to place the dried grool on my tongue. As the panties got wetter in my mouth the dried cream released its flavour for a taste that lasts.

I put a condom over the protruding phallus (I advocate safe sex even when fucking a tree!). Making sure everything is within reach, I climb up and squat on the blanket so my pussy is up close to the protruding branch. I tie my legs up in a frog tie, looping rope around my thighs, then running under my heels. When I pull the rope tight, my toes are pointed and my heels are touching my butt. I tie a rope around my waist, looping it a few times and run ropes down to my ankles and back up. The hole in my pantyhose is stretched wide. The effect I am hoping for is that my feet will be drawn up and all my weight will be on my pussy.

I ease myself down onto the phallus. I go slow as it is large. It is feeling as good as I imagined it would, being the same size as my largest dildo (yes, I measured, cut and shaped it). Being wet with anticipation, I would need no lube. As I lower myself down the full length of the phallus, my ankle ropes are having the desired effect and my feet are pulled up. As I impale myself as deep as it would go, the branch touches my cervix and my clit sits perfectly on the Hitachi. I fight hard not to cum, trying to think of something non-sexy to calm myself down. Wait just a little longer…..

I use a couple of small strips of duct tape to tape my eyes shut. Then I tie a pair of opaque tights around my eyes. This blindfolds me completely; even on this sunny day I am in total blackness. For an added touch, I pull a stocking over my head. Then I feed the other end of the stocking to the rope at my waist and pull it tight before tying it off. This is to pull my head back.

I slide one hand into my wristcoils and reach back to find the cinchnoose hanging from the branch behind me. When I have a good grip on the cinchnoose, I use my other hand to turn on the Hitachi. The sensation is immediate and I race to finish off my bondage. Because of the intense stimulation, I find myself fumbling with the wristcoils, even though I have used that technique hundreds of times. I squeeze my hands into the wristcoils and pull down to cinch just as an orgasm hits me hard. I don’t know how but I remember moaning the longest moan I have ever moaned. And from there it just went on.

My legs were immovably frog tied and I was stuck on this tree branch that was so big and thick and hard and in so deep. Having my hands behind me and drawn up makes me lean forward forcing my clit full on to the head of the Hitachi. I struggled as hard as I could, but moved absolutely nowhere. The phallus holds me in place. My body convulses uncontrollably. The taste of my grool is strong enough I can smell it with every breath. My brain just stops working and the effect is purely physical – my body in a constant state of orgasm. I try to squirm, to struggle, to find some way to move my clit off the Hitachi. When I can gather myself enough to think, I wonder how anyone can think this is fun. I can move my hands side to side, but that doesn’t give me any relief from the constant attack on my clit. I struggle hard to move my legs. Shifting my weight as much as I can allows me to feel the branch move inside me, rubbing my cervix. I truly am fucked in more ways than one!

Time had lost all meaning. I could not tell you if I was tied for a long time or just a couple of minutes. I don’t know if I was making much noise but I was screaming inside my head. But at some point, I realize that my arms were no longer in strappado. My hands are down, touching my butt. The size of the branch impaling me keeps me from falling forward onto my face or off the side. I don’t know how long it took me to get my hands out of the wristcoils, but eventually, I was able to untie my legs. It took a Herculean effort to get myself off the impaling branch. I remember waking up on my blanket on the ground, so I must have had enough wits to take the blanket off the trunk and put it on the ground. The gag and blindfold were still in place so maybe I didn’t have that many wits.

Eventually, I did remove my blindfold and tape. I knew I had to be able to see. As I gathered my things, I got more coherent and was able to move purposefully. The hike back through the trees was therapeutic and I had absolutely no worries in my head. I’m sure I was smiling underneath the tape still covering my mouth. By the time I walked back to my SUV, I realized I wasn’t wearing my bra anymore. Thankfully it was in my backpack so I wouldn’t have to hike back (I didn’t want to leave any signs that I was there – it might invite a curious someone).

When I got back to the vehicle, I removed the gag and put on the shorts and sports bra I arrived in. When I get home, I decide to leave everything for later and go soak in the tub. This was truly a memorable experience that I would continue to do a few times each summer for many years to come.

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