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Unintended Entertainment

by ElectricCD

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Storycodes: Sbm; FF/m; harness; stock; pillory; basement; hood; gag; nipple; bdsm; crop; paddle; toys; voy; cons; X


In my last recounting, "Building My Dungeon" I spoke of how I constructed my new play space and a pillory with an auto-locking & release system. I also related how my wife was introduced to my new toy. I continued to do self-bondage activities in the pillory using the auto-release mechanism. Each time I would tell my wife what I was planning and that she was my safety. On occasion I would intentionally set the timers longer than I knew it would take her to return. This allowed me to create scenes similar to my first solo attempt. She would cooperate by teasing and spanking me until I was released by the system. She would frequently increase the time left on the timers when she was done.

The Next Level

I decided to add the ability to record the activity in my dungeon. This was done through a small camera / microphone mounted in the corner and wired into the house cable system. This way I could record it on the VCR in the family room. The side effect was that the dungeon could be monitored on every TV in the house. I planned to surprise my wife with the new additions.

On Saturday my wife was going to the mall for a couple of hours. I didn't tell her what I was planning, as I wanted it to be a surprise. My preparation consisted of striping in our bedroom, going to the family room to start the recording and leaving my wife a note to turn on the TV to channel 4. I went down to the dungeon and started to get ready. I set the timers for 3 hours, more than enough time for her to return.

This time I planned to use a new attachment for the harness. It consisted of a pouch for my privates that snapped onto the harness. The interesting part was the inside of the pouch was lined with these blunt metal points. As I got hard the pouch became more uncomfortable. I slowly inserted a well-lubed, medium butt plug and put on the harness with the pouch. Next came the leather hood, the gag & blindfold would go on just before I locked the pillory. This all locked on and the keys were upstairs with the note.

I stepped into the foot stock and latched it, added the nipple clips and snapped on the gag & blindfold. After carefully feeling my way, I was able to place my head and hands in the pillory and lowered it in place. I pushed the locking button. This all should be on the videotape that I can watch later with my wife, but now all I could do is wait. The nipple clips were starting to get annoying and the pouch dealt quickly with any erections I got.

My Wife Returns

I heard the garage open and knew my wife had returned. I started to squirm and make very limited noises through the gag in anticipation of here turning on the TV. After what seemed like a very long time, but I found out later was only about 15 minutes my wife came down. She said she thought this TV thing was a good idea and she enjoyed being able to keep an eye on me when I was playing. She indicated there was still a little over one hour to go on the timers and she would let the system release me at the time that I had chosen. Before she went back up she gave me 20 quick, hard strokes with the crop. My rear was on fire. She said she will be back every 15 minutes until I got out and would give me 20 more with each of the 2 paddles and the other crop. I was getting concerned, as this would by the most I had ever received from her. I waited.

I heard her open the door and knew I was in for more. She was playing with the nipple clips, pulling on the chain and it wasn't until she squeezed the pouch and scraped my nipples with her nails that I knew something was wrong. I started to make noises asking who it was. Then she spoke, it was my wife's sister. She had met my wife at the mall and came back with her. My wife had told her about my activities before, but she didn't think she would see them first hand. She had been watching the TV when my wife was down the first time and now it was her turn and there wasn't anything I could do about it. She continued what my wife had started by adding 20 with the other crop. When she was done she gave the pouch a final squeeze and said she would return later.

The next time they returned together and each used a paddle on alternate cheeks. This on top of all the rest was making me very sore. I got 20 from each of them. My wife said to come up when I got out.

Finally the pillory opened and I was free. I released the foot stock and the blindfold & gag, but couldn't take anything else off as the keys were upstairs. I went up to see my wife and her sister. Needless to say I was standing through most of the discussion. This was the first time with her sister, but it wasn't the last time. What I really would like is to get my wife or her sister into the pillory. .

I'll write about those at a later time.


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