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Vacation Time Fun Part 6

by Tonya

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© Copyright 2012 - Tonya - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; zipties; captive; cartrunk; transported; pantyhose; hogtie; susp; costumes; shopping; cons; X

continued from part 5 Part 6

I climbed out of the tub before I turned into one big wrinkle, threw on a robe and walked contently into the bedroom, only to find a note on my pillow. It read:

“Dearest Tonya, I hope you don’t plan on sleeping well tonight.  I still have two movies to watch and you know where that leaves you. I’d get tied myself but due to my inconsiderate host, I’m just a little bit (a lot) sore in all the right places.  Ummm…. anyway sugar, just make sure that you sleep in something that is appropriate for an adventure, if you sleep at all.”

That was awfully sweet of her. I remembered telling her earlier this evening that I wasn’t tired and could go all night if I had to. I had no idea what to wear though.  It was just like the tie that K sent me the other day; “something that is appropriate for an adventure” depends on the adventure, and the adventurer for that matter.  I suppose something Laura Croftish would do.  I picked out a pair of tan hose, my ultra short shorts, part of my dancer’s outfit and a short sleeved midnight green top that I’d picked up shopping on Monday.  I looked at myself in the mirror, flipped the lights off and crawled into bed. 

I’d been lying there about twenty minutes when I heard the bedroom door start to open.  This girl wasted no time getting back at me, even if she did like it. I couldn’t hear her walking across the carpet, and when she pounced she actually startled me.

“Do exactly as I say and you won’t get hurt bitch! Do you hear me?”

“Yes, yes I’ll do anything you want please just don’t hurt me.” I was lying on my stomach and she was sitting on the small of my back.  She quickly pulled a ziptie tight around my wrists and shoved a bandana in my mouth.  She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head up enough to tie another bandana around it to cleave gag me. She pulled the pillowcase off of the pillow and pulled it over my head and placed a ziptie around my gag to keep the pillowcase in place. Then she pulled a ziptie tight around my legs, just above my knees and forced me out of bed.

“Walk! Now!” Anita was really getting into this. I had no idea what she had in mind, so I just played along. I heard her open a door and I thought we were going into the garage, but the gust of chilly air quickly told me I was wrong. We were outside, she’d done a fantastic job shoving me in circles around the house to throw off my bearings. I heard car keys and soon the sound of an opening trunk. We were in the front yard and Anita got around behind me and started lifting me into the trunk. Once inside she crossed and ziptied my ankles and then attached them to my wrists with another ziptie.  I was thinking about how tightly she’d pulled the zipties and that my heels were touching my hands when she slammed the trunk closed and quickly started the car.  I guess we drove for about half an hour when the car finally came to a stop.  She popped the trunk from the inside and walked around to get me out.

“I’m going to cut the straps on your ankles and knees, and if you try to fight back or run I promise to make sure it hurts. Fair enough?”

She actually sounded very menacing.  If I didn’t know her as well as I did I might be worried.  I shook my head in the affirmative anyway and did as I was told. She pulled me up into a sitting position with my legs hanging out of the trunk and she starting putting shoes on my feet.  They felt like big rubber boots. She helped me get to my feet and slammed the lid on the trunk. She led me to a creaky screen door and I heard her open a heavy wooden door and she pushed me through first.  I tried to figure out where I was and started feeling around for something familiar.  This was apparently a bad thing because when Anita noticed she grabbed a handful of hair through the pillowcase and got back into character.

“What did I tell you?  Have you forgotten already? Looks like I need to do something to remind you who’s in charge here don’t I.”

I started shaking my head no but she already had a foot in the back of my knee forcing me to kneel and then lay down. She climbed back on top of me and pulled the boots off and then rolled me back over and into a sitting position. She folded my legs into the lotus position and then starting tying them so that they stayed there.  I had no chance of sneaking out of here tied like this. Then she cut the ziptie on my wrist and the one around my gag. Immediately she was behind me again and folding my arms in a manner similar to my legs. My arms were bent at ninety-degree angles and my left wrist was tied to my right forearm, and my right wrist to my left forearm. Then she wrapped rope just around my arms behind me and cinched it tight.  Then she wrapped rope around my entire upper body pinning my arms to my sides.

She pulled the pillowcase off and I finally realized where we were.  My father’s shop had a storage unit built into the backside of it.  The door locked from both sides and a lot of my stuff that wasn’t kept in the house anymore was out here. There wasn’t much room, but Anita had pushed several things that were in the middle of the floor into the corners to make some extra space. I was sitting on a plush rug that used to be next to my bed in my old room. All of the contents of my third bag had been relocated here and Anita had an evil glint in her eye. 

“I’ll come back in an hour and you’ll be begging me to untie you. Unless I hear too much noise, then I’ll come back and you’ll wish you were still hogtied in the trunk.” With that threat she spun on her heels, clicked off the light and walked out the door. There was no light coming in from under the door, and there wouldn’t be.  This unit had been built very well and I wasn’t going to get out until she let me. Luckily years of swimming and yoga had made me fairly flexible and Anita knew that I could easily handle the lotus position for at least that long, maybe longer. I didn’t have to wait that long for her to come back.

When she unlocked the door she was shouting into a cell phone, something about money, a drop site and no one getting hurt.  I could only imagine she meant me.

“Guess what honey, someone doesn’t want to pay five million dollars for your narrow ass. I guess daddy just doesn’t love you that much after all. Now we have to play hardball.”

With that she tossed a rope over the beam in the ceiling and pulled it so both ends were touching the floor. She leaned down and started untying my legs and when she was done she turned around to grab the rope.  As she did I pulled my left leg out of its pretzel and kicked her hard enough to make her lose her balance and fall over to the side. I tried to scramble for the door but she was too fast.  I wasn’t even standing yet when she reached back and grabbed my ankle. She twisted and pulled me back to where I started and was on me again in a flash. In no time she had my ankles tied together again and my legs above and below my knees. She untied my left wrist from my right arm and quickly snapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists. She was free to tie them together now without having to worry about me fighting her. She untied the ropes from around my chest and stood up.  She looked around the room and finally found what she was looking for.  It was a solid oak microwave cart that I used to use a television stand in my bedroom.  It was about four feet tall, four feet wide and I used it like an entertainment center. Television, VCR, stereo, they were all there.  She wheeled it over under the beam and looked down at me and smiled.

“Hop up here sugar, I’m tired of carrying you around.” With some effort I finally made it. “Hop around here to this side.” I once again did as I was told and she went to the other side.  Without warning she reached across, grabbed me under the arms and pulled me on top of the cart. My shoulders were at one edge and my knees just past the other.  Without wasting any time at all she pulled the ropes from the ceiling and tied one around the cinch on my ankles and quickly grabbed the other end to secure around my wrists. I fought her as best as I could, I wasn’t worried about the cart tipping over and I thought I put up a pretty good fight.  I still lost though and was hogtied, sort of, on top of an old TV cart with the ropes from my ankles to my wrists going over the main support beam in my father’s storage shed.  I got a few swats for my troubles and more in character moments from Anita.

“Nice try, but I told you what would happen. Now all we have to do is change that gag, add blindfold and a few more ropes.” 

I’m not sure how many more ropes she added but it was more than a few. I somehow managed to end up with my mouth packed with a pair of pantyhose and wrapped with coban. I was waiting for her to tell me that these were the hose that she was wearing the night before but she never did. She even managed to get a crotch-rope on me and anchored it to my wrists and ankles. She had tied a rope to the beam that went around my thighs, and also one around my waist and above and below my breasts. The next thing I know she’s trying to wheel the cart sideways out from under me. I started to panic, scream and swear all at the same time. It felt like I was falling, but only for an instant. The ropes held tight and I was just hanging there. I calmed down and Anita was lying on the floor under me.

“What do you think about that bitch? Didn’t think you could fly did you? Now where am I going to get five million dollars? Any ideas? Hey, I’m talking to you!” She started tugging on my crotch-rope, which was attached to everything else. She reached up and nudged me to one side and I started swinging just enough that all the ropes tightened. “Every time you move each rope gets a little tighter, until finally all that’s holding you up is the ropes on your wrists, ankles and crotch. By then it will have cut you in half though.” She was smiling again. We both knew that the ropes would tighten but they would all hold me up too.

She wheeled the cart back under me a little while later and started untying me.  I was a little disappointed but it was getting late and whether either of us wanted to admit it or not, we were both exhausted.  After she pulled my gag out we discussed what was next and whether or not we should just script the rest or improv it just like we had been doing so far. Nothing was ever decided and we both crashed in the master bedroom. I didn’t set the alarm. We needed to get some rest.

I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon sizzling in the kitchen.  I brushed my teeth and was looking forward to some home cooked breakfast. I glanced at the clock when I walked into the living room. It was about ten thirty, just in time for brunch I thought.  Anita was standing in front of the stove wearing my bathrobe, her hair still wet.

“It’s about time sleepy head.  Just how long did you think you were going to sleep?” She inquired.

“As long as I could, you wore me out. I needed some sleep. What’s the plan for today, or is there a plan?”

“I thought we’d just have breakfast and see where the day takes us. If that’s okay with you anyway.”

“That’s fine with me, I was just curious.  There’s no telling how long you’ve been up scheming without me.”  I smiled at her, knowing she had some sort of plan as to where the day was headed.

“Not more than an hour or so sugar.” She smiled back.  Anita knew that I knew she had a plan, or at least an outline for the day’s activities. She put a plate in front of me, “but for now, we eat!”

“I second that emotion. First food, then I need a bath.  Then shopping perhaps?” I inquired.

“What kind of shopping?” She asked with a mouthful of bacon.

“I need to brainstorm and come up with another outfit to get tied in. Something fun, something adventurous, any ideas?”

“Hmm… let me think.” She popped another piece of bacon in her mouth and stared up at the ceiling in deep thought. “What about a secret agent, or a belly dancer? Or maybe even a Super Hero.” She sounded excited.

“I like them all. Let’s make a list of what we would need for each one, then let’s see what we can find.”

“Sounds like a plan. Hurry up and eat so you can get ready!” Anita finished her meal and went to get her clothes.  I had no idea what I was going to wear. “Just go get in the shower, I’ll find you something to wear, just hurry!” It was like she could read my mind sometimes.

I turned on the shower and was already planning adventures for my new personalities. When I got out I heard Anita knock on the door.

“Your clothes are on the bed. I’m going to pull the car around.” I walked into the bedroom to find two pair of black pantyhose, one with the crotch cut out and a wind suit that looked a lot like the one that I torched when I first arrived.

Anita came into the bedroom and was dressed almost the same as I was about to be. She pulled the front of her jacket up just a little bit. “Hey you, check this out.” She showed me the crotch-rope that she had tied on over her hose and under her jacket and pants. “No cameras in the dressing rooms right? This should make trying on clothes a bit more interesting.” She tossed me a piece of rope that already had some knots tied in it.

“You are horrible, just horrible.” I grinned from ear to ear. “I love it!”  I finished getting ready and we were off. In the backseat of the car there was a familiar looking bag.  I was pretty sure I knew what was in it, especially since it was my bag. 

We stopped a few places and didn’t have much luck, but we eventually made it to a dance supply store and found a great Super Hero costume, complete with a great cape.  Anita said she had some white hooker boots that would go great with it. They didn’t have any balloon pants for the belly dancer but we weren’t giving up just yet. Our last stop was the mall. If they didn’t have anything we could use, we’d just have to change our list and look for something else. The mall had a Halloween shop so I just bought a fairly cheap belly dancer costume.  We still weren’t sure what to do about the secret agent though, something sleek and sexy, or just a little black dress to get into trouble at the big party? What’s a girl to do?

The girl behind the counter was very helpful, and before I could stop her Anita was talking again.

“My friend here wants to be a spy for Halloween, but we’re not sure what direction to go with the costume. Do you have any ideas…” glancing down at her nametag, “Becca?”

“Wow, that sounds great. Most people just have lame ideas for costumes. You wouldn’t believe the number of SpongeBob Squarepants we go through. Nobody has an original idea anymore. Were you wanting Jane Bond, or something more like Sydney Bristow in Alias?” Becca replied.

“More like Jane Bondage” Anita whispered way, way too loud.

“Actually we wanted to get something functional, spies have a bad habit of getting themselves into a spot of trouble every now and again.” I replied while blushing a bit.

“Let me see what we have” Becca walked out from behind the counter and I was a bit surprised to see that with her blue button down blouse she was wearing a micro mini skirt, black hose with a back seam and four inch black ankle strap pumps. It was like she went through my bag and found my “snooty lingerie shop sales girl” outfit and wore it to work.

“I love that outfit sugar! You must tell me where you shop!” Anita was grinning at me when she asked her.  She knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Here in the mall mostly, I got the skirt at Hot Topic, the blouse at Wet Seal I got the hose at Vickie’s and the shoes I bought online. “ She was grinning ear to ear. “I just learned to walk in the heels, it took me few weeks to get used to them enough to wear to work, but I’m okay in them now.”  You should try hopping in them sugar, that’s when it gets a bit tricky, I thought to myself while waiting for it to come out of Anita’s mouth.

“Well you look great. With those legs you have to be either a dancer or a swimmer. Which is it?” Anita inquired

“Both, actually how did you know?” Becca looked stunned.

“I can’t share all of my secrets honey, I have to keep the good ones to myself. Speaking of secrets, whatever are we going to do about that secret agent get up?”

“Well, as much as Sydney gets captured in Alias I think you’ll probably need something that looks kind of like a cat burglar. Maybe even a cat costume, with some black boots and fishnets, or perhaps a unitard with gloves and a hood. It really depends on the effect that you’re trying to achieve.” You could see the gears in this poor girl’s head turning.

“That’s a great idea!” Now turning to me “you could go as a captured spy! We would win first prize for sure.” I could almost see it coming. “We could tie you up, take some modeling clay and stick a kitchen timer in it and strap that to you so it looks like a bomb and…” Anita almost finished her thought before Becca jumped in.

“And she’d be hopping around begging people through her gag to help her before she blew up.” Pointing to Anita “You could walk around with a cell phone threatening to blow her up before she saves the world if people don’t vote you two best costume. It’s brilliant! I love it!”

I looked at Anita and she just smiled and asked, “Can we take her home with us?”

“No sugar, she has a job to do, and I think I have everything I need to make the costume at the house. It’s time we got out of here and let her do her job.” With that we left Becca to teeter around on her heels the rest of the day and headed back to Hobby Lobby to see what I needed to pick up to make my newest costumes complete. We found some modeling clay and a kitchen timer with no trouble. I went to Warren’s and found some great ankle boots with a four-inch heel that were perfect. I was ready to be a spy, at least one that wasn’t very good and gets caught a lot anyway. As we headed back for the house I was already planning the rest of the day.

All the way home I kept glancing back at the bag in the back seat.  I know Anita threw it in for a reason, I just wasn’t sure why. 

“You seem preoccupied sugar.  What’s up?” She asked.

“Oh, I was just wondering what possessed you to toss that bag back there, and why you didn’t use it on Becca before we left the store. “

“She was so adorable, just like you quite a few years ago.” She said with a grin.

“Quite a few years ago, it hasn’t been that long ago.  You’re right though, she was cute enough to bring home. Anyway, back to that bag.  Did you have any ideas when we left the house?”

She looked around and pretended to not have any “Nope, none to speak of, you?”

“Does that mean you’re ready to get started when we get back to the house?”  I asked

“Umm, yeah, something like that.  How long will it take you to turn into Stuper Spy?”

“Not as long as you would think.” I responded as she stepped on the gas. Stuper Spy huh, I’d show her.  We worked out the basics of the plot on the way home.  I was supposed to break into the house and steal the laptop and take it back to its rightful owner, some government guy I guess and she was supposed to do anything she had to do to stop me.

Adventure #6 in the books. Let me know what you think. [email protected]


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