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Vacation Time Fun Part 7

by Tonya

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continued from part 6 Part 7

We pulled into the driveway and I ran into the house to change while she set up the rest of the things she would need to play her part. It was already starting to get dark, so I decided that black would be best for sneaking. I pulled off my wind suit and crotch-rope, and pulled on a pair of black tights over my pantyhose, some black gloves, then put on a black leotard and slipped on my new black boots. There I was, Tonya Conway, Super Spy. I decided to start being sneaky right away, peaking out the windows trying to see what Anita was up to. She was nowhere to be found, but my Escape was in the field behind the house almost all the way back the tree line. She must have put it there. I was in the middle of trying to figure out why when the house went dark. She had turned off the power. This meant she had to be in the garage. If I could get to her and get her to tell me where the laptop was, I could make this a short night. I crept out of the bedroom and started down the hall. I got about half way down to the living room when a balled up sock hit me in the tummy.

“That was a stun gun! You know the rules!!” She shouted. I had been stunned. I had to lie down on the floor and count to three hundred out loud because I was now unconscious and helpless on the floor. The five minutes gave her time to make sure I didn’t cause her any trouble. She was on me before I got to ten. I was flipped over and my wrists and ankles tied before I reached one hundred, and she was almost finished with me by the time I reached three hundred. My legs were tied above my knee and wrists pinned to my back and my arms tied to my sides.

“Some spy you turned out to be, it took longer to tie you up than it did to find you.” She taunted.

“Do you really think for one second that this isn’t all part of my master plan?” Knowing full well that my comments would get me gagged.

“I knew I forgot something. Where did I put that stuffing?”

“Tough to get any answers out of me when I’m gagged Miss umm, what was your name again?” I was being difficult, trying to buy myself some time.

“Don’t play games with me Miss Conway, I know why you’re here and I’ve hidden it where you’ll never find it. For all you know it may not even be here.”

“Oh I know it’s here, and I’ll find it and when I do you’ll be sorry Miss oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t catch….” She started gagging me before I was finished talking.

“I’ve heard enough out of you, time to shut you up, temporarily, but, umm… in time permanently.” I was stuffed, taped, and wrapped already and we’d just started. This was going very well. She helped me to the back room of the shop and a kitchen chair that she had set up in the middle of the floor. Anita tied a very, very long rope to the cinch on my wrists and pulled it forward between my legs and sat me down in the chair and started wrapping rope around my thighs holding me to the chair and around my waist ropes holding me to the back of the chair. She started wrapping rope around the front legs of the chair and my legs in between them. Then cinched the ropes in from both sides so my legs were held tight in the middle and I couldn’t move my legs from side to side or front to back. She tugged on the rope attached to my wrists to get my attention as she held up our homemade bomb.

“If you can’t get free before this goes boom, there won’t be enough of you to scrape off the walls with a squeegee. There is a slim chance that you might find the surprise that I’ve left you, if that’s the case and you don’t get blown to teeny tiny bits then you’ll be lucky and I’ll just have to come up with another fiendishly clever way to dispose of you. HAHAHAHAHA!!!” She sounded ridiculous, but she was getting into it and having fun with it.

She was still laughing manically when she set the timer for two hours and closed and locked the door. I was gagged but not blindfolded or hooded so I could still look around for some way to help me get out. I noticed that she hadn’t tied that extra rope off and there was a pile of it in the floor and the other end disappeared behind some boxes in the corner I grabbed at the best I could and started pulling. It was very difficult, not to mention the location. Eventually I saw the pile in the floor start to move but the end had not come around the corner yet. Finally after about forty minutes worth of friction the knotted end came from behind the boxes with what appeared to be a note attached to it. I expected it to say something like, “Hurry up, I’m hungry” or something similar, but it wasn’t. It was a picture, a crude drawing of a stick figure tied to a chair and a rope piled in the floor. In the picture the girl was looking at a shelf with a pair of snips on it. I looked over and on my left several feet away was a shelf and on that shelf at about the same level as my securely bound hands was a pair of snips.

Almost immediately I started dancing my chair in that direction. If I had just looked around a little more I would have seen the snips earlier and not needed to spend all that time tugging on that rope. When I got to the shelf I was able to inch my fingers over and pull the snips off and onto the chair. After I got them situated so I could use them I started cutting myself free. As I was untying my ankles I saw that Anita had left the bag on the floor by the door. I was about to turn the tables on her and show her who the best spy was.

Instead of going into the house through the back door leading into the kitchen, I snuck around to my parents’ bedroom and crept in their window. I peeked around the corner into the hallway and noticed the living room was dark and there were no obvious signs of intelligent life. I heard a noise in the kitchen and started to dig through the bag to find the other stun gun (sock). I wanted to be ready for Miss what’s her name when I saw her. When I spotted Anita she was wondering out of the kitchen and into the living room. She was wearing yoga shorts, tan hose and a long sleeved dry fit mock turtleneck. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was carrying a plate with a piece of my cheesecake on it. She sat down, turned on the television and started flipping channels. She had left a note in the floor by the bedroom door.

It read:

Darling Little Stuper Spy, you have broken into the home of your hated archenemy, and she is not home. The only person that happens to be home is my personal trainee Mishka. (Pronounced MEESH-ka) I’m sure you will treat her with the same respect and courtesy you would me. Rest assured, that which you seek is not here, and you will not find it.

Muuuhahahahaha!! Love, ME.

I think she has finally lost what little mind she has left. Mishka was the name of the goldfish she had in college. About four of us were sitting around on a Friday night getting trashed when a boy she had a crush on stopped by to borrow a few CD’s for a road trip. While playing truth or dare one thing led to another and, well, he ate the fish. Err… the goldfish. And now she was eating the last slice of cheesecake. I reached in the bag, pulled out a sock and started creeping down the hall. I waited until she finished the last bite and got up to take the plate to the kitchen. When she had her back to me I popped up from behind the recliner and hit her in the back.

“Gotcha, now start counting!” She calmly set the plate on the dining room table, got down on the floor and began mumbling. I ran over and quickly got to work. I started by crossing and tying her ankles, I quickly moved up to her wrists tying them palm to palm making sure to cinch them tight. I wrapped a rope around her waist pinning her wrists to her back and then tied above her knees. I tied a rope to the cinch on her wrists in the back and pulled it in between her legs, up around the ropes in front and back through to her wrists. Then I pulled her ankles up and tied it off where she couldn’t get to the knots. After she was effectively immobilized I began searching for the laptop. I gave up after about half an hour. When I found Mishka (Anita) she had almost made it into the spare bedroom where the snips were. She was making pretty good progress for as tight as she was tied. As I looked down at her she looked very frightened and started babbling at me in some foreign dialect.

I can only assume that she was totally in character and was begging to be untied. I had other plans for her.

“Tell me where it is!! I know you know what I’m talking about!! Don’t play dumb with me!!” She cringed every time I shouted and she looked like she was going to cry. I was amazed that she was enjoying this so much. I reached down and grabbed what little rope there was between her wrists and ankles and began dragging her towards the garage. Mishka moaned softly and began her protests again.

“Keep that babbling up and you’ll find yourself unable to make even a whimper!” When she heard that she only got louder. I immediately let go of her and made sure she understood what was about to happen.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” She was almost shouting now, and I had to put a stop to it. I went and found several bandanas, a new bag of hankerchiefs, wide roll of coban, the blindfold, hood, collar and padlock. She was already on the move again by the time I returned. I rolled her over on her side, pulled her up to her knees, leaned her against the couch and knelt down in front of her. I balled up a hankerchief and placed in the middle of a bandana and rolled it up. I popped the stuffed bandana in her mouth and tied it snugly behind her head. Then using another hankerchief I filled the gap left in between her teeth and wrapped the coban around her head to keep it in place. She winked at me as I placed the blindfold over her eyes. Making sure that she couldn’t dislodge it I pulled the hood down over everything and locked the collar in place. I left her to struggle and think about whether or not she was going to talk. I walked back into the dining room and saw a note on the table. I was surprised by what it said.

Dear Stuper Spy, I won’t talk no matter what you do to me, not even if you torture me (wink, wink). There may or may not be a bag of toys on the bed in the guest room. Even if I did talk, you don’t know Swedish anyway. I guess you’ll just have to keep me like this forever. Sincerely stuck, ME.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the note, or how she decided that gibberish was Swedish. It sounded more like the Swedish Chef than anything else. What bag of toys was she referring to? I had to check this out for myself. I wandered back towards the bedroom, checking on Mishka on the way. She was having a blast trying to find a way to get the hood off so she could try to find some way to get free. On the bed I found a bag that I didn’t recognize. In the bag was another note.

I see you found the first note. Perhaps you’re a better spy than I thought, or maybe it was just dumb luck. If you are done playing games and are ready to admit defeat, I am ready to reveal my secrets and maybe the laptop if you’re lucky. The first thing you have to do is to untie my physical trainee. She has had enough fun and will instruct you further on how to get what you desire. Once she is free she will direct you to a series of tasks you have to complete in order to get your prize. This is your one and only bargaining chip, without it you have nothing and I will be forever gone. Make your choice. Love, The Evil Dr. Stiletto.

I was trapped. I had no options. She had me backed into a corner. I finally peeked into the bag and saw the nipple clamps, the icy hot and the vibe. There was nothing in the note that said I had to release her immediately. I felt a wicked smile cross my lips. I snatched the bag and walked back into the living room and propped Mishka up, against the chair this time. I reached around behind her head, making believe that I had the key to the lock on her collar, and with my other hand I grabbed her nipple with the clamp as she either screamed or moaned into her gag, hard to tell which for sure, maybe both. I quickly clamped the other nipple before she had time to squirm away. Even through the shirt that had to sting. I reached up under her shirt and dabbed a little icy hot on each one, just for good measure and tucked the vibe into her crotch-rope, then tied a few short ropes around it to make sure that it didn’t slip.

Have you ever tried to put a cork back into a bottle of champagne right after you open it? I think you get the idea. I went and got the key for the collar so I could pull the hood off so she could breathe a little easier. She sounded like she was doing extra laps after practice. I pulled the blindfold off when I pulled off the hood so I could look into her eyes to see if she was okay. At first there was an evil glare, then fireworks, then the glare again. Mishka’s eyes went back and forth for at least a half hour before I decided it was time to make good on my end of the deal. Time to let her off the hook I suppose. I started with the knots that were out of her reach and then let her finish getting herself free. I let her take the gag out when her hands were finally free. She was trying to talk before she got the coban off.

“I can’t believe you actually did it!! There was no way in the world that I would have even considered leaving that note if I really thought that you’d go through with it!!”

“So are you still in character or has my Swedish improved that much over the last ninety minutes? By the way, where did you get that bag??”

“Oh yes, back in character, umm oh yes, I know what to do.” She stammered. After she finished freeing herself she skipped off towards the bedroom to retrieve what I supposed would be my list of tasks. It turns out that I wasn’t wrong. She walked up to me with her head down and handed me yet another note. It read:

I see you have chosen wisely. My trainee will assist you in preparation for your tasks. What little English she knows is horrid, so you’ll just have to deal with it. Mishka has permission from me to do whatever is necessary to keep you from achieving each separate goal. Your first task is a simple one. Make it back by dawn. Mishka has the details, and yes, there will be more notes.

I stood there puzzled, not sure what she had in store for me, but it didn’t take her long to make her intentions known.

“Time to change clothes, you have an adventure to go on. Something see-thru, high and low, no more than two layers. Now hurry up, it’s already three. It will be dawn before you know it. “I hurried off to the bedroom to gather my minimal clothing. I pulled off my boots, leotard and my layers of hose only to pull on two more pairs of tan hose, and two more with the crotch cut out on top. I started to walk out into the hallway and found a note and hankerchief lying on the floor in front of the bedroom door.

Apply the following items, you will find them in order down the hallway and into the dining room. Any item not fully used, left out or not applied in order will result in noncompliance and you will not get your precious information or laptop back.

That’s it, nothing else? That was way too vague. I decided to follow the rules and play her little game. I picked up the hankerchief and stuffed it in my mouth. I took a few more steps and found a roll of microfoam tape that was about gone. I bit down on the hankerchief and started applying strips of tape over my lips. By the time I was out of tape I had it all over my face, from ear to ear and even under my chin to keep me from trying to open my mouth to dislodge the tape. I took a few more steps and found a set of earplugs, which I quickly snatched up and twisted into my ears. Next came the tricky part. The last item, well items to be precise, in order from top to bottom were my padded blindfold, my hood, collar, and a padlock that I hadn’t seen before, all resting on top of another note. I looked around and sat down in the floor next to it. This one read:

Apply the last of these items and sit and wait. Do not resist, there will be repercussions if you attempt fight back, and I think you know what I mean by repercussions.

It sounded simple enough. I pulled my hair back and slipped the blindfold on. I made sure that no light was coming in and reached down and picked up the hood. I lined up the laces and pulled it on. I laced it down tight and slipped the collar on. The padlock was much heavier than I thought it would be. I reached back, lined up the holes and snapped the padlock shut. I sat in the floor, surrounded in darkness waiting for Mishka to turn up, and when she did I was startled.

She quickly helped me stand up, then lay down on my back on something very slick and began tying my ankles. I was instructed to keep my hands off the floor. She then bent my legs up and began tying my legs above and below my knees. When she finished with my legs Mishka rolled me over onto my stomach and began tying my wrists behind me palm to palm. She rolled me back over and made me sit up so she could tie a rope around my waist pinning my wrists to my back and then wrapped more rope around my arms above and below my breasts, pinning them to my sides. She laid me back down and placed a cover over me and started zipping the cover on. It was then that I realized that I was in a sleeping bag. After she zipped it closed I barely heard another padlock click shut. She must have padlocked the two tabs on the zippers together.

I was trying to figure out what was next as I felt the lower end of the bag being lifted into the air. The next thing I knew she was dragging me towards the garage. We paused long enough for her to open the door into the garage and then open the back of my Escape. When we got behind it she helped me to stand up and then sit in the back of it. Mishka then helped me lay down and closed the back door. With me in the back she opened the garage door, backed out and drove off into the woods behind the house. We finally stopped after what seemed like a half hour or more. I felt the vehicle back up and then she shut the engine off. Mishka climbed over the back seat and dropped a key chain into a small hole at one end of the sleeping bag.

“You’d better hurry, there’s not much time left before sunrise. First you have to get that key into the padlock at the head of the knapsack. Once you figure out a way to do that you still have to get that hood off. There’s no way you’re going to be able to do this. Since I feel a little sorry for you I’ve left a pair of your snips on the front seat, if you can get to them they might help. Good luck! You’re going to need it.” She was really in character again and determined to make sure that I wasn’t going to get free anytime soon. I was going to get back to the house by dawn. I had to. She wasn’t going to get the best of me.

After she left I started to come up with a plan. She had said that she’d left me some help in the form of a pair of snips on the front seat. I had to get out of this bag, track down the snips and find the key to my collar so I could get this hood off. Hopefully she didn’t find my spare key so I could just drive back to the house, back behind the shop and just sneak up on her.

First things first though, I kicked my legs up into the air to see if I could hear or feel the keys jingling in the bag with me. I heard them behind me, near my elbows, which thankfully she didn’t tie. That would have made this adventure slightly more impossible. After letting the keys slip from my grasp no less than three times I eventually got them under control. I wish she would’ve chosen a larger sleeping bag to lock me in. I had to slide around until I finally got my hands near the hole with the padlock on the zipper. After unlocking the padlock unzipping the bag was just as difficult as getting to the lock. I unzipped the bag enough to wiggle out of it and try to open the back of the Escape. She must have locked it or backed it against the fence, or maybe a tree. Either way, the back wasn’t going to open. This meant that I had to go over the backseat. Also not an easy task tied the way I was.

I knelt behind the seat and slowly stood up until I felt my head touch the ceiling, and then I leaned over the seat until my head touched. I slowly slid to the side and let my legs come over the back of the seat. I sat up in the seat and tried to remember which seat she said that she left the snips in. I think all she said was front seat, but I couldn’t be sure. I tried to stand up in the back floorboard and lean over into the front seat and see what I could find, but I found nothing in the passenger seat, that means the snips were in the drivers seat. I slid in between the front seats and collapsed into the driver’s seat. I did find something waiting for me in the seat. It wasn’t the snips that I was so eagerly searching for. What I found was a pair of child’s safety scissors. The cheap little plastic ones that just have a little aluminum strip that tears its way through construction paper.

With little or no time to be pissed off about her idea of a joke, I started trying to shred the ropes on my wrists. Even if I was able to get my arms and legs free, I still had to find a way to get this hood off. It seemed to take forever to saw through the ropes on my wrists. Once they were loosened I was able to wiggle free from the rest of the ropes around my waist. I fumbled around and found the knots on my chest ropes and untied them and went to work on my legs. It was slow going not being able to see, but I had to deal with one issue at a time.

I was finally working on the knots on my ankles when I realized that when I did finally get free I was still basically blind and mute. Without the key to the collar I had no chance of getting the hood off without destroying it, not that the scissors would have done much anyway. I tried moving the blindfold around just a little and was able to get it to slide up just the slightest bit. My goal now was to relocate the blindfold enough that I could see what little light would come through the hood. The hood wasn’t terribly thick and after I opened the driver side door I could make out some outlines. I could see the dash, steering wheel and the dash lights, but the rope in the seat next to me kind of blended in with the light colored seat. I thought about driving, but I had no keys and no idea where I was in the field. It would be cutting it close but I chose to wait until the sun started coming up. The front of the house faced east, so all I had to do was go towards the light.

I didn’t have to wait long, probably not more than twenty or thirty minutes. The sky right in front of me started to light up first, so I hopped out and headed that way. It turns out I was only a few hundred yards away from the house and I thought I was home free. The motion lights came on above the back door and I felt a sigh of relief. I stepped inside the back door and into a very cozy dining room. I started to make my way into the den when I was pelted with another balled up sock.

“Why the hell are you still wearing that hood? Didn’t you find the key I left in the seat? And where are your boots? I left them in the front floorboard for you!” I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head no. I didn’t know what else to do, I couldn’t argue with her. I was still gagged and they were almost assuredly there. I had no idea how I was supposed to find all of these things still blindfolded under this hood.

“Sit down, I’ll be right back.” Anita, no longer in character as Mishka shoved a chair in my general direction and headed out the back door. A few moments later I heard her drive up almost right to the back door and shut off the engine. She trotted in the back door and I heard the familiar sound of keys jingling yet again. She unlocked the padlock on my collar and started undoing the laces on the hood. I reached back to help but that only resulted in getting my hand slapped. I was exhausted and wasn’t crazy about helping any way. Once the hood was off she went to work popping out earplugs and peeling off strips of tape, almost half a roll of tape if I remembered correctly. While she was peeling the tape off I noticed that my screen saver was running on my laptop and that my DVD had made it’s way back the big television in the living room. It looks like she was “looking for ideas” again. I noticed that she was still dressed as Mishka and she had what looked like fresh rope marks on her legs and on her wrists too. So I asked about them, in a manner of speaking.

“What have you been up to while I’ve been out trying to save the world?” She could tell I was trying to get some information out of her and started toying with me. “Nothing much, just wanted to make sure that your next test was going to be something that was extremely devious. This one was obviously too easy if you managed to pull it off still gagged and blindfolded. I’ll have to raise the difficulty level on the next one. But first you need a bath dirty girl. You should toss those hose too, you trashed them sneaking through that field. Falling by the fence didn’t help any either.”

“You watched me coming towards the house?” Was that why she kept me blindfolded half the time I was tied, so she could watch me?

“I peeked every now and then just to make sure that you were okay. I couldn’t figure out why you weren’t wearing the boots and why the hood was still on.” She seemed concerned at this point.

“Where the bloody hell were they? Did you hide them from me?”

“Oh no! They were right there in the seat with the snips.” And then she giggled. “And, umm, the boots were in the passenger floorboard, in plain site. I guess when you can’t see they aren’t really that easy to find are they.” She was still trying to hide the smile, but she wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

“Can’t see the forest for the trees kind of deal huh?” I inquired.

“Something like that sugar, something like that.” And with that we both started laughing. I was a mess. It was time for a bath and some rest. I wasn’t sure how long we had been awake but it was way passed time for some good sleep. Working all the weird hours that I do makes you able to go on little or no sleep for days at a time, and it was high time we had some down time. Anita got up and headed down the hall. “I’ll go start you some bath water. I think I’ll start some for me too.”

“Just fire up the tub in the master bathroom, it’ll seat two. I need somebody to scrub my back, anyway” I shouted back.

She stopped in the middle of the hallway, turned around and cocked her head to one side. “Why Miss Conway, are you trying to seduce me?”

I gave her a mischievous smile. “No honey, I’m just that tired.”

Anita slumped her shoulders and looked slightly hurt. “Oh, that’s a shame. You don’t know what you’re missing. “

“Keep that up and you’ll be taking the next test.” I mused.

“Promises, promises.” She spun on her heels, shook her butt at me and disappeared around the corner at the end of the hallway. I couldn’t wait to start our adventures again. There was no telling what she had in store next.

Adventure #7 in the books. Let me know what you think. [email protected]


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