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What Amber Saw 2: What Amber Did

by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2001 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Part 2: What Amber Did

"You mean it's really that simple," Amber asked?

Dawn nodded. "And the escape is quite often easier. As long as you plan it right. It's the waiting that is the killer. Sometimes minutes feel like hours when you are tied up and helpless."

The two blondes had returned to Dawn's room, Amber's clothes were neatly folded on the bed next to Dawn's. No sense in being modest, not after what had happened this afternoon. What Amber had not known earlier was that Dawn's digital camera was taking pictures automatically.

But when Dawn slid a picture across the table to Amber she knew they had something to discuss. The picture clearly showed Dawn naked, bound and gagged. Right in front of her knelt Amber naked, her arms overhead wrists crossed as if bound. The picture was taken right after the towel had slipped displaying her for the camera to see.

"You're sure no one will recognize me?" Amber asked.

"Positive," the other girl said, "this leather hood will cover your whole head making it impossible to recognize you."

Amber stood with her ankles apart as Dawn tied them to a two foot spreader bar. Next her hands were tied with soft rope and lifted overhead. Not enough to lift her heels but Amber definitely would not wander far. Dawn's smile was the last thing she saw before the masked covered her face.

Dawn tied another rope around her waist with a loop in back and the knots against Amber's stomach. Stepping over to the desk Dawn activated her camera that would start taking pictures in five minutes. She set-up the ice and key release and grabbed her cuffs from the desk.

Dawn slipped a blindfold on and closed a cuff around her left wrist. Moving by touch now the blonde wrapped her arms around Amber's waist and slipped the open cuff through the loop in the rope. Then Dawn closed the other cuff trapping her hands behind Amber's back.

The two nudes were now trapped and helplessly bound together until the key fell. Amber's position was slightly lower due to her ankles being help apart by the bar they were tied to. She could feel Dawn's breasts pressing against her chest. Her own breasts were pressed into Dawn's flesh.

This was all so new and exciting. I mean if you want to get to know someone just take you clothes off and stand tit to tit with them. You get to know each other pretty fast. Amber had not thought about being with another woman before. Let alone being bound and naked with one. This just isn't right, is it? How could it? But all of the old feeling came to the surface, making her press harder into Dawn's bare flesh.

'No', Amber thought, 'it just isn't right. I should not be having these feelings about a girl. But I wonder how it would feel if....... OOHHhhh Shit!'

Dawn had lowered herself and was using her lips to tease and suck one of her nipples. Softly Dawn teased Amber's breasts until the nipples were hard cones. Then drawing one into her mouth she bit gently as Amber twisted and whimpered in her restraints.

That was the beauty of this position. As she was Amber was wide open and helpless to any of Dawn's advances. And the way Dawn was cuffed she had enough mobility to reach almost all of Amber. Simply by standing or kneeling she could take full advantage of their shared captivity. Not that Amber would have stopped her even if she could.

Surprisingly strong arms pulled Amber closer. Soft lips caressed her breasts as their hips met. Amber was beyond resistance. She tried to shift her feet to move just that much closer. Amber was floating in a fantastic place filled with light.

This went on for some time, two sweat slickened bodies twisting together. Both helpless and happy. Dawn knelt down kissing and lightly nipping Amber's stomach, centering on her navel. Before she got any lower the key bumped the back of Dawn's hand.

Releasing herself Dawn went for her vibrator. Holding it in one hand she returned to Amber's side. The device moved between Amber's open thighs as the hot lips returned to her breasts. Within seconds Amber was bucking furiously.

Amber awoke laying on the floor, a pillow under her head. She was nude but not restrained. Dawn lay close by, she too was still naked but had retied herself. She was on a four foot by four foot padded board with metal hoops all along the edges. The blond was chained to the four corners. The leather hood now covered her head.

A note lay beside her on the padded surface; 'YOUR TURN.'


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