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Xi - The Locked Box

by Nerbus

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© Copyright 2003 - Nerbus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; Chastity belt; cons; X

Chapter 1 - The Locked Box

She gathered together her willpower and cut into the box labeled "Old things" in black marker. Xi knew that the contents were Anna's before she had even opened the flaps in the dim attic light. She pulled out old sweaters and dresses. Ugh! Last decade's styles... She had never seen these clothes before. Anna must have brought this box straight to the attic when she moved in. She set the clothes neatly to the side. She couldn't send this stuff to the Salvation Army. If Anna had saved it, it must have meant something to her. And if Anna returned one day...

At the bottom of the cardboard box was another box. This one was made of wood though. Old wood - solid and heavy. Xi was unsure if she was going to have the strength to extract it. It was a struggle.

Perhaps a better description of the wood box would be "chest". Yes. A chest made of wood with ornate steel hinges and wound with leather straps that were grayed and a little shriveled by age. She had to look at the top of the chest from various angles to determine that the carving was the figure of a woman in long gowns with her hands folded at her bosom, waist slightly bent. The woman looked down to a second kneeling woman. While somewhat worn, the carving was intricate. Xi realized that this was not just an antique, but perhaps something of great value. She was very intrigued. What could be in the chest? She had to find a way past the large hinged lock on the front side.

Anna had been an archeologist. Maybe this was one of her findings - though usually she worked for universities or museums. Maybe this was a family heirloom passed down to Anna? Xi looked closer at the lock. Suddenly, She felt a chill of excitement ripple through her. She pulled her long brunette hair back and felt for the necklace she was wearing. The necklace that she always wore. Anna had given her the necklace over 2 years ago. A simple key dangled from a chain of intricately woven gold links. Xi knew immediately that this box could be opened with this key.

"And Anna said that this was the key to her heart..."

Rather than take the necklace off, Xi knelt down to the lock so the key could reach. It slid in perfectly and with a small twist she heard a smooth, yet reverberating ka-chunk. The hinged lock swung open and the lid lifted slightly. Xi swore that she felt a cool breeze of ancient air flow from the chest and past her face.

Her heart was racing with excitement. It seemed so long since she had had any sense of mystery in her life. She pulled the key from the lock and sat back. Slowly, slowly, she lifted the lid as though afraid that some ancient curse or trap would spring upon her. With the lid raised to vertical, she looked over the edge to see what treasures were inside. She pulled aside an old threadbare cushion and found something wrapped in a white silk-like material. Whatever it was, it was substantial - solid. She pulled the silk away careful not to rip any of the material.

"No way!"

She felt a half breath involuntarily escape from her mouth, sat a little further back on her cardboard box seat and felt a tingle twist through her stomach, down to her loins. She felt her face flush a little and her rear end seemed to warm up about five degrees. It was a chastity belt! But not just any chastity belt. Not old and rusty. Not like anything that she had seen on the internet. It was beautiful. It was perfect. Just holding it in her hands, she was surprised at the effect that it was having on her. Beads of perspiration formed inside her thighs; drops of her musky waters started to flow from deep within her.

Anna had once, years ago, mentioned the possibility of wearing a chastity belt. Xi's reaction had been quite negative. She imagined Middle Age knights forcing their will upon poor wives and mistresses. She had stated plainly to Anna that she was not interested in Chastity belts - not in the least. Surprisingly, though, the idea stuck in her head. Some time passed before she consciously admitted to herself that the idea of being locked away, unable to achieve sexual completion except through the grace of a lover was an incredible turn on. It was an odd notion. Kinkier and perhaps more arousing than anything else she could imagine. Embarrassment kept her from asking Anna anything more about chastity belts. And all to quickly, her chance was gone.

Why the arousal? How could a cold, rigid, metal belt make her so hot and pliant? Perhaps, by relinquishing the control over her sex, she was free to explore sensation more intimately. Perhaps the belt symbolized a state in which the wearer is teased to the brink of sexual nirvana, yet must thrash upon the gates, praying that they open to allow her entry. These theories were fodder for the sexual psychologists and philosophers. If they made any intrusion into Xi's beautiful head at this point in time, it was only for a moment - and, perhaps, only at a subconscious level. Meanwhile, the belt - nay, just the thought of the belt - hit her at a purely physical, animalistic level.

With trembling hands, Xi held the belt against the light to fully examine it. It was solid, but not as heavy as she would have imagined. The metal was smooth and silky soft. It almost felt like Teflon and seemed to flow in her hands like liquid. The belt was a single piece. A wide front plate would imprison the mons veneris and extend down, deep between the legs. The plate then narrowed to a thin, yet substantial curved bar which would securely bisect the wearer's cheeks. The belt section that went around the waist was perhaps five centimeters wide and was arched to flow over the hips in a way so as to provide maximum flexibility to the occupant. There wasn't an edge anywhere on the belt. All corners were tapered and smooth. Xi could only imagine that it was comfortable. She felt a rush inside at the passing thought that it would possibly be comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Perhaps, it was meant for long term use.

Xi knew that she had to try it on. But, how? The belt was complete. There was no locking device apparent anywhere on the belt. And the waistline was far too narrow to fit over her hips.

A groan of frustration escaped Xi's throat. She had never been so aroused by anything before. In a remote thought she found it strange that she was sexually  frustrated because she was UNABLE to lock her sex away. She wiped a little sweat from her forehead. She then brushed her hand lightly over her crotch. Sexual craving shot down her legs to her toes and up her spine to her earlobes - intensified by the gentle pull of her earrings.

She leaned over to the chest to see what else was there. A second treasure, also wrapped in old silk, proved to be a collar. It was made of the same metal material, apparently contoured to fit snuggly around the wearer's throat. In the front a small disk or medallion hung from a simple 5 cm long chain. The collar was attractive and could easily be worn as jewelry. However, like the belt, it seemed permanently closed. There was no latch to open the collar. It would be impossible to get over one's head.

So exotic. So erotic. But completely unusable. Her disappointment at being unable to try the treasures on her own body was overwhelming. Maybe they were models. Or works of art. Never meant to be used - only admired. No! There had to be a way to open the belt and collar. They were too perfect to not be real. She repeatedly and alternately tried to pull the belt and collar open using sheer strength to no avail. She finally sat back on her cardboard box seat frustrated, sweaty, aroused, dejected.

The carving! She pulled down the lid of the chest to get a better look at the carving she had seen before. She noticed that the woman kneeling was wearing a collar similar to the one she found in the chest. That would seem to confirm that the treasures were functional, but it didn't really help much. She picked up both the belt and the collar to look over them yet again. Perhaps she had missed a hidden keyhole or slot or something. Suddenly, in the center of the faceplate on the belt a small section smoothly lifted up from the surrounding surface by a half-centimeter or less. Startled, Xi jumped a little and almost dropped the treasures on the ground. She started to put the collar down so she could focus on the belt. When she did, the small slot closed back once again leaving no sign that it ever existed. She moved the collar back in proximity of the faceplate. Once again the slot opened up.


The disk hanging from the chain on the collar must be the key to the belt. Xi almost started giggling - she was so proud of herself. And excited too. The disk slid perfectly into the top of the slot. Xi heard no sound of locks or anything, but she sensed that something was subtly different about the belt. She pulled at the waistband. It seemed to stretch! When she looked closer she found that the metal was not actually stretching, rather the belt was telescoping - layer upon silently sliding layer. The wider that she pulled the belt apart, the greater the resistance she felt. When she let go, the belt smoothly resumed its original shape. Even when she pulled the collar's disk out of the slot, she found that the belt remained "stretchable".

When she pulled on the collar, it opened in back. A tongue of metal slid from its sheath on the opposing side. The seam (and the hinge, too) had been completely invisible. Now the parts glided with engineered perfection.

When she reinserted the collar's disk into the slot, the belt was no longer flexible or stretchable. It was once again locked in position. Ingenious! "I wonder how this was built."

The thought did not linger though. That and any sense of curiosity were quickly trumped by arousal and desire. Not a second longer could she wait! Xi kicked off her Teva's, stood, and pulled her shorts down over her hips. They dropped to floor - heavy with moisture. She took one foot out and used the other foot to kick them off to the side. Wearing only a tank top she picked up the belt in her trembling hands. Her knees suddenly felt weak. She had butterflies in her stomach. She "opened" the belt with the disk, stepped into the belt and pulled it up. The metal slid across her thighs like silk. As she pulled up, she also pulled the belt open. Soon the waist belt was pressing in to the cheeks of her ass. The cool metal contrasted the fire in her flesh. The wider the belt became, the greater the resistance. For a moment she thought that perhaps she would be unable to open the belt wide enough. Maybe she was too big for it. Finally the waist belt passed the apex of her hips. A small yelp escaped her lips as the belt quickly closed around her waist. The faceplate grasped her sex like an eager lover. Uniformly and confidently. The curved bar in back nestled deep between her cheeks. The feeling made her involuntarily stand on her toes. Chills rippled out across her torso.

Xi pulled at the belt to make sure that it was still flexible. To be permanently belted is only the subject of stories of fantasy. Once reassured, all her attention became focused on the sensation. She found herself bouncing from side to side on her toes as though she were entering a cold pool of mountain fresh water. Inside, her blood felt like sand, buzzing, as it coursed though her burning flesh. Her engorged lips felt as though a loving hand of silk had grasped them. They felt as though they were being gently suckled by the cool metal. And her clitoris! Her lightening rod of passion, chilled and isolated, yet teased and trembling. Did she have the meddle to resist any longer? The crest of the wave was near.

Just one touch... Just one caress and she would be lost... on to the heart of the sunrise.

Her hands fluttered like light-blinded bugs against the belt searching for a passage to the passion within. Try as they might though, there was no route, no crack around the fortress of the belt. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back. The fabric of her shirt slid across her hardened nipples. She could not resist a second longer! She pulled the belt open with twice her normal strength and pushed the metal down. As the faceplate dropped away from her pussy, it seemed to press the last necessary kiss upon her lips to drive her over the top of the wave.

The belt fell to the floor with a clang. Xi stumbled back onto her cardboard box and knocked over several others, some with glass, sending them crashing to the floor. Xi let out a guttural scream and submit herself to the control of a titanic orgasm...

For some time afterwards she lay on the heap of boxes, somewhat out-of-body, enveloped in the scent of Woman.

To be continued in Xi - Chapter 2 - The Key Experiment 



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