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Xi 2 - The Key Experiment

by Nerbus

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© Copyright 2004 - Nerbus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; Chastity belt; cons; X

Xi - Chapter 2 - The Key Experiment

It was late in the evening on a Sunday in June. Xi sat down at her computer and started typing into her journal:

"Experiment 8: The Key Experiment cont'd...

The Key Experiment is officially underway now. I have just returned from the mountain cottage..."

Xi paused and tried to gather her thoughts. Writing in her journal usually proved to be a suitable distraction. 

"You know it's bad when you need distractions from your distractions," she thought to herself...

It had been several months since she had found Anna's treasure in her attic. Since that first wonderful orgasm, the chastity belt ("Anna's Belt" as she had started to call it) and the collar held a solid lock on her fascination. She was driven to experiment with them as much as possible. Thus far she had only uncovered paradoxes. These items seemed to represent the ultimate resistance of temptation, yet they affected her like a powerful aphrodisiac. To tap her spring she need only to think of the belt... To pull the treasures out of their ornate chest and feel them against her skin guaranteed she would soon fall unto orgasm. Even if she locked the belt on, her resistance would quickly melt. So animalistic she became that sometimes she swore that she could not even remember removing the belt in order to reach sexual equilibrium.

Addiction? She wondered that maybe it was at times. On the other hand, it hadn't really affected her personal relationships in any way. Perhaps it would even help. Xi felt that the belt and the passion that it evoked could be the bridge from the isolation that she had created for herself since Anna had disappeared. It felt good to want again - to crave again - after two years of being numb.

As well, it didn't really affect her professional life either. In fact, she found that the rational mind that her job required was a wonderful juxtaposition to her new passion. If anything, she had been excelling at her job since the discovery of the belt. She found that after a long day of extended concentration at work, a little time with the belt was all that was needed to clear the cobwebs and fatigue from her mind.

Beyond the physical infatuation, the belt and collar thrilled her on a cerebral level as well. They were so perfect - such works of art - so mysterious. One of the first things that fascinated her was the belt's locking mechanism. By inserting the medallion, the small disk, hanging from the collar into the slot on the belt, both items would transition between two modes. In the "open" mode, the belt would be flexible. The belt's amazing telescoping bands allowed the small compact device to "stretch" over the flair of her gorgeous hips. The collar, meanwhile, could open on one side - levered by a hinge. The "locked" mode could be achieved by reinserting and removing the disk from the belt's slot. In the locked mode, both the belt and the collar would be unyielding to any resistance.

There was one thing that concerned her (even frightened her, yet on some strange level, thrilled her). What if she was to put the belt on, activate the locked mode, and then close the collar around her neck? She would probably be stuck! Permanently! In such a scenario, certainly she would need to be a gifted contortionist to get the disk back into the belt's slot and return the treasures to the open mode. Her concern was somewhat relieved by an easy experiment, however. She determined that if the collar was unhinged and in the locked mode, something in its design stopped the collar from closing. That seemed to imply that there was no way she could wear both items locked at the same time. Still, she made it a point to never adorn herself with both the belt and collar regardless of whether the treasures were in the locked mode or not.

"Perhaps the belt and the collar were not meant to be worn by the same person..." Somehow that thought gave Xi a pleasant feeling of contentment. Perhaps these items were made for a pair of people - a couple, both of whom were making sacrifices to one another. Even the carving on the chest depicted the collar wearer kneeling before the second woman. It was, of course, unclear whether the second woman was held within the belt since both women were modestly covered in robes, but one could assume... "Then again," pondered Xi, "maybe it's just an instruction guide showing how to engage the locking mechanism..." If only she could have shared the magic of the belt and collar with Anna!

A couple of days after finding the belt, Xi discovered one of the belt's most intriguing properties (to date, at least). Though the belt did not appear to be dirty from use, it seemed natural to wash it. She poured some water into the concave shield that, when imprisoning her, so delicately and completely covered her blessed pubic bone. As she lifted the belt from under the spigot, she observed that the water somehow drained from the shield. She could not see any holes or gratings, yet within seconds all the water had been sucked through the belt leaving the interior bone dry!

It was not a long time later that she had gathered her wits and found herself belted, perched upon the toilet conducting another experiment - prepared for the worst. After finally relaxing enough to let go, however, things went along as they normally did with perhaps only a mild delay in transport and no mess. How could a liquid so easily be pulled through a metal shield that seemed so solid? It was at that moment that she knew... Her secret desire would be satiated...

Long term denial. Sexual internment. Held hostage and teased. She could not sleep that night - so infatuated she was. The belt was wonderful, but to be unable to escape its loving grasp for an excruciatingly extended period of time introduced a new level of intensity that Xi craved to experience.

By the time June ripened with the heat of summer, however, Xi had charted the succession of events that took place when she thought to make use of the belt. Once these events were set into motion she found that she was powerless to alter the path down which she was led. When she pulled the belt up and felt the shield caress and consume her now-smoothly-shaved sex... When she felt the belt's rear bar slide to a position just past the verge of invasive... When she felt the belt's band compress her waist with unyielding persistence... She knew there was no stopping... She would lock the belt with the disk from the collar and feel the familiar gentle and mysterious pull on her clitoris and lips which no amount or configuration of motion could enhance. She would luxuriate in sexual fancy until what started as a whisper slowly turned into a scream. Her hands would scheme with the intuition of spies seeking to sneak past the security of the belt - probing for cracks - manipulating like pawns her subordinate centers of passion. She would grasp the belt in vain attempts to shake an orgasm from the upper limbs of the oak of her desire. Each attempt - unsuccessful. Finally and inevitably the point would come when she found the physical pleasure either far too difficult to resist or far too simple to achieve by reapplying the collar's disk to unlock the belt, thus setting loose her untempered ambitions. To date she had been unable to wear the belt for longer than 8 hours. To survive that long she had to be asleep, exhausted, dreaming of pleasures. 

After multiple trials geared toward long-term chastity yielded nothing but failure, Xi realized what she had to do and, quickly, a plan developed to ensure success.

Four hours by car away from her home, there was a mountain cottage that had been in Xi's family for almost 36 years (8 more years than Xi, herself, in fact). The cottage was simple, secluded, and peaceful. Xi went there during weekends to relax fairly often. It was paid off. Maintenance was minimal. No one else even had a key to the place. And the travel time was ideal - an 8-hour round trip was too long to undertake during the workweek unless a dire emergency arose.

Xi identified the latter half of June as an ideal time to conduct her experiment. Her company would be placing the finishing touches on their latest product release. She would not be too busy nor would her work activities be demanding, but her presence would be required to address any bugs that inevitably would pop up. Additionally, the moon would be in the ideal location. The date of execution of the Key Experiment was set.

The anticipated Friday evening quickly arrived. After her last teleconference meeting, Xi packed her car for a weekend at the cottage. Swim suit, hiking clothes, bathing accessories, nightshirt, boots, books, batteries... and the wooden chest with the belt and the collar.

The relaxing weekend passed. Xi resisted the temptation of the belt until Sunday afternoon whereupon she amused herself twice in rapid succession.

Xi then packed her car for the return trip. She stocked the cooler with caffeine and made sure that her favorite CD's were accessible and ready to be cranked. Xi took a final relaxing bath, dressed herself comfortably for the drive home, and executed her father's old check-off list to vacate the cottage. She knew she was being particularly anal. Maybe she was nervous about her plan.

Finally, she carried her chest of treasures to the first floor commons room and stood before the metal support pole in the middle of the room. Why was she so nervous? What could possibly go wrong? Xi pulled the belt and collar out of the chest and used the disk to set them to the "open" mode. Her hands were shaking. On a given weekend, what are the odds that a house that had sat firmly for all these years could be destroyed? Maybe there could be a forest fire or a devastating earthquake. Xi chuckled to herself, "Yeah, and maybe a meteor will fall out of the sky and land on the cottage."

Quickly, Xi yanked her shorts off and pulled Anna's belt, the beloved, over her hips. The belt contracted tightly about her. She then closed the collar around the cottage's support stanchion.  Grasping its cool surface with her left arm and hand, she positioned herself intimately close to the metal pole. With her right hand, she manipulated the collar to an appropriate proximity near her kept and pulsating sex. With a slip of the disk she set the treasures to the locked mode. Perhaps enhanced by the thrill of her plan, a sliver of electric joy jolted through her body. The belt was tightly secured. Locked.

Once again she reassured herself, "The collar can not be opened - I've tried many times myself." Someone would have to pull out the pole causing the entire cottage to collapse in order to steal her freedom. She stepped back and let the collar slide down the pole to the ground. She wrapped the collar in a blanket to keep it hidden from any casual observer (there would be none), pulled her shorts back on, and her shoes, walked out and locked the cottage door, got in her car, forced her foot down on the accelerator, and drove off into the evening.

"Don't think about it. Don't fuel the fires. Only five days..."

To be continued in Xi - Chapter 3 - "Damn you!"



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