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A Lesson Learned: 3: Rahnis story continues

by Handcuffs 1955

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continued from A Lesson Learned: Rahni's story & A Lesson Learned: Anjali's story

A Lesson Learned 3: Rahnis story continues

Since my family walked in on me during one of my self bondage sessions they have totally disowned me, except my sister, who I found is also interested in bondage and whenever she gets chance she comes over and we play bondage games each acting as the others “safety”.

Recently she has been having trouble getting away and I think my mum is getting suspicious and I was starting to get more than a little frustrated at the lack of bondage in my life, so I decided what I needed was a good session of self bondage. I have learned my lesson from past mistakes I reckoned it would be ok without Anjali there to be my safety.

I checked that all the doors were locked making sure that I removed my spare key from its hiding place and went to get my toys and prepare for what was to be about an hour of bondage fun. Funny how my plans always seem to go wrong!!

I closed the curtains and changed into my new black bikini – by now I was starting to be a little braver and this one had tiny triangles at the top and a tie side tanga brief and it used about half of the material of my previous (favourite) one. As always I run my fingers over the soft silky smoothness of the bikini – I love the feel of it although as yet not even Anjali has seen me in it so maybe I am not that much braver, and if a man should see me…….

I don’t know if people really do die from embarrassment so I could be the first!

I put on my harness gag first as tight as I can stand it, I love what I call the gag smile it produces, and then handcuff my ankles with a set of chain cuffs before putting another set of chain handcuff on my wrists but for now they are in front to allow me to complete my set up. I find setting up in a form of bondage adds to the pleasure.

Next it is off to the kitchen at a slow shuffle to get my key from the freezer where it sits in the middle of a large ice cube (for large think margarine tub size) then I shuffle back in to the lounge and place the tub on my dining table hanging the string over the edge and down to the floor. I have to wait for the ice to melt before pulling the string. If the ice is melted I get the key and freedom if not I get an icy shower or worse still I have a large lump of ice in the middle of my back.

Now for the real bondage….I release one hand and put the spare handcuff key in a bowl of golden syrup the middle of the coffee table where it will be out of reach but as a last resort I can tip the table over to get it and clean up the mess!!!

So I lie down with the string above where my hands will be to complete my bondage.

First I insert my ready lubed butt plug (make a note next time put it in before cuffing my ankles) and after a lot of hard work and a few screams (fortunately gagged) it pops “home”. My vibrator is a lot easier and after adjusting my panties to keep it in place I lay down on my stomach now I put on my blindfold and working by feel alone I apply a third set of cuffs to the chain between my ankles before bringing my legs up my back to put the other cuff round the chain of my handcuffs- now all I have to do is close the last cuff around my wrist and I will be in bondage heaven until the ice melts.

I had been lying there in that funny rainbow world that signals an approaching orgasm for about 20 minutes when I heard a key in the front door. Nothing to worry about (wrong!) it must be Anjali my younger sister using her key. It was. However if the look on her face was anything to go by this is a good time to worry. I pulled my escape string and was rewarded with a cup full of icy water and a block of ice. Quick as a flash Anjali grabbed the ice cube “Not so fast. We agreed not to play without a safety” – true, “ I had a new toy to try and I was going to go first but you need a lesson”

Anjali opened her bag and extracted what looked like a black leather funnel with straps “This my dear sister is an armbinder and you get to try it out” I am 2 years older and slightly bigger so I thought she would never get it on me (wrong!)

Anjali fetched one of our spare handcuff keys and after releasing the pair of cuffs holding me in the hogtie and put them on my elbows, this allowed her to release my wrists. She pressed my hands together with my fingers straight out and proceeded to tape my hands together she then took my elbow cuffs off.

Very slick and no chance to escape or even resist. Now she started to work the armbinder up my arms and before long it was up to my armpits and she was busily fastening all of the straps rolling me from side to side to get all the strapping in place.

“You should really be standing up for this” she said “makes it easier to put on” soon she was satisfied with the straps and it felt almost comfortable. I quickly realised that there was more to come when she started to fiddle with something and I felt the pressure on my arms growing-then I felt laces on my back which kept moving about (and tickling) as she pulled them tighter and tighter until I could feel my elbows touching. My shoulders were on fire and I was so grateful to feel her tying the laces off.

Anjli rolled me on my side and after a bit of pulling and heaving managed to get me on my knees she then took one of the spare handcuffs and attached my ankle cuffs to a ring on the end of the armbinder leaving me in a kneeling hogtie.

My shoulders were on fire and my breasts were thrust out (to me) obscenely and to be honest I was glad of the blindfold so I didn’t have to look at myself I looked and felt a proper slut, then the vibrator started to push me towards another orgasm and I stopped caring…………!

The orgasm left me completely drained and a I was a sweating trembling wreck.

Anjali I love you but you have caused a problem – How do I top this for your turn?


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