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Meeting Ellie

by West Coast Comet

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Ellie's story continues from Ellie in the Field & Ellie & the Phone Call

Some of you may think Ellie is purely a fictional character. Let me assure you she is not. Much of what I have written about her comes from her own experiences that she related to me over the time I knew her. I do not deny that I may have provided enhanced descriptions here and there, but the events are reasonably accurate. Let me tell you about our first meeting. Betty, the neighbor down the road from Ellie’s grandparents, was my step mother. (Of course, I have changed the names to protect people’s privacy).

When Betty asked Ellie to take in her mail, it provided an opportunity for Ellie to do various self-bondage experiments in Betty’s outbuilding. Betty’s husband had built this large pole barn/garage to work on cars and farm equipment. He earned a small amount from that work and used it to buy more stuff for his garage. Ellie had two uninterrupted weeks of playing with the chain lift and other items in the garage while Betty was out of town. Ellie did not realize that Betty asked me to stop by to get her Social Security check from the collected mail. I volunteered to stop by the old place and pick up the check. I ran the sales territory in the area, so stopping by the old farmstead was not much of a hassle.

When I pulled into the driveway, by chance I glanced through the windows of the garage doors, and was shocked to see legs. It took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at. It was a pair of legs attached to the lift at the ankles. What the hell? I quickly got out of the car and looked in the windows. There was a girl hanging from the chain lift by her ankles. She was buck naked and squirming about. My first reaction was to rush in and “save her”.

Seeing this naked girl with her hands bound behind her back, a belt tightly cinched around her middle and her legs belted at the ankles was a bit over the top for me. She was slowly swinging back and forth, and looked quite lovely in my eyes. She had a pair of blonde pigtails, and a slim body. Her calves curved just right, leading down (she was upside down) to a beautiful round butt, and a narrow waist. Ellie had a flat stomach and a slim rib cage, which was exaggerated as she hung head down.

I rushed up and picked her up, startling her as much as it did me. She did not hear me coming in the door, so deep in her own thoughts she was. She had looped a rope through the belts at her ankles and over the hook of the lift. She had pulled herself into the air with her legs together, and let the frozen water bottles pull the controls away from her hands. Of course, I didn’t know it at the time. I assumed someone had done this to her.

“What happened? Are you alright? I will call the police as soon as I get you down” I blurted out.

She just stared at me and giggled. I looked around for the chain lift control box, but it didn’t seem to be where it should have been. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was pulled up to the ceiling joists by a string attached to a pair of frozen water bottles. I was flustered and not thinking straight. I had this pretty naked girl in my arms and was attempting to be the hero. I realize now that I could have simply unbuckled the belts holding her, but I wasn’t thinking too logically at the time.

Finally I figured I would lift her off the hook, and carry her into the house. I got her weight on my shoulder and lifted her legs off the hook by unclipping the rope loop from the hook. I carried her, still bound hand and foot, into the house. The door to the house was open so all this happened pretty quickly. I noticed a funny buzzing sound as I carried her, and when I laid her down on the couch.

“Please, please don’t call the police. I am so sorry. It won’t happen again!” She pleaded.

These statements didn’t make sense to me. What was she talking about? I reached to roll her over to untie her hands and she said, “Wait. Who are you?”

I explained that I was Betty’s stepson and had stopped by to pick up a check. “Listen, you can’t call the police. I did this to myself. I am Ellie, and I was just supposed to be bringing in Betty’s mail. I got carried away with my fantasies, just a little…” Ellie was embarrassed by this confession, but as she told me later, she figured to just get it out there and let the chips fall where they may.

She squirmed a bit and that funny buzzing got louder. I had been trying to keep my eyes away from looking at that body but her aroma was getting to me. I was aroused by the sight and smell of this girl. My curiosity got the better of me and I glazed down to see what was buzzing. It was hard to tear my eyes off hers. She seemed to be looking into my soul. However, I tore my eyes away from hers and slowly looked down her body to see the little vibrator she had squeezed out of her vagina. She had inserted it just before hanging herself upside down.

“I need you inside me now”, she said with a husky aroused voice. I touched her down there impulsively, and she groaned arching her back. “Please! Please make love to me”.

I didn’t need a second invitation. I practically ripped my clothes off and fucked her right there on my grandmother’s couch, still in her self-imposed bondage. We went at it like animals and quickly climaxed. I came hard and fast. It seemed to last for minutes, but not really of course. As I opened my eyes to look at Ellie, I realized she was still coming. She had an extended orgasm that lasted almost another 20-30 seconds it seemed. I can remember it to this day, how her vagina seemed to milk my dick for all it was worth.

She laid there just smiling at me with her passionate mouth still partly open. She was in no hurry to move, or for that matter, get untied. However, after a while I played the gentleman and rolled her over to loosen her hands. Now I realized that I could simply undo the belt buckle and feed the belt out of the zip tie she had used to secure her wrists. She leaned over and undid her ankles. Then she sprung up, gave me a big smile, and retired to the bathroom, giving me a kiss on the cheek as she left.

I sat there on the edge of the couch, still naked from our encounter, and began to think. Man, she was cute. And, she had done this to herself, hmmm. She had hung herself upside down like a piece of meat, with that little vibrator buzzing away inside her. She had found a way to bind her hands and put herself into inescapable bondage. Well, this girl was very interesting.

I had only touched bondage lightly before and was not very experienced. This girl, Ellie was a whole new level of kink. I figured I had better up my game to stay on the field. I pulled my clothes back on and got my wheels turning. I rummaged through the kitchen and found a Velcro strap in Betty’s junk drawer. I found a scarf next to the door. Okay, I thought, I can make this work. I refreshed the batteries in her vibrator, and made my plan. So she liked being tied up, well she would get her share today!

Ellie came bouncing out of the bathroom with a towel tucked around her. “Hello” She said. She held out her hand and smiled. I shook her hand and said, “Nice to meet you Ellie”. We sat and talked a bit. She explained what she was into and how she was using Betty’s garage. She apologized for sort of abusing her access, and she hoped I didn’t mind.

I said that I had no problems with it, as long as she wasn’t strung up when good old grandma Betty returned. She would likely have a heart attack! She laughed, seemly quite at ease with me. She told me later that she figured that it was an all or nothing deal when I discovered her. She was either going to be literally fucked, or be virtually fucked by going to jail, the outcome was by my decision. She decided to be completely open with me about what she was doing and hope for the best.

After we had talked for a while, I asked her to show me how she tied herself up. I was curious, and I was getting the itch to play. She showed me by doing her ankles again, linking the ankle belts with a very short piece of rope. Then she wrapped the larger belt around her shoulders. She laughed and said that’s all. She didn’t have another zip tie to push through the belt to fasten her hands.

“I think I can help”, I said as I got up and turned her around. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, then a plan formed in my head. I grabbed her arms and bent them up her back until they were parallel to the floor. I took the belt she used for her hands and wrapped it around her arms, looping each of 3 turns under the shoulder belt. This created a tight box tie that was surprisingly secure.

“Oh you dirty boy. Please don’t hurt me mister”, as she dropped into a playful mood. She giggled and twisted loose from my grip. She tried to pull her arms free and found she could not. “Hey, this is tight! I can’t get out. You won’t hurt me, will you? I am only wearing this little towel, and it could come loose at any moment”, she said in a giggle.

“That is my plan!” I said in my most arrogant voice. “Now for your torture!” I grabbed a clean dish towel, wetted it, and knotted around the Velcro strap several times, so the ends were short, but the bulk of the towel was twisted into a lump on the inside of the strap. I said, “Open up”. She had a puzzled look on her face. She had not thought about a gag, or had any idea about using one. At least I had that advantage.

I stuffed Ellie’s pretty mouth full of dish rag and ran the Velcro strap around her head, securely latching it in place. She made some sort of noise as she tried to speak and found it impossible to be understood. She gave me a wide eyed look and struggled again with her arm bindings, almost shaking the towel off.

“Good enough” I said, and grabbed the edge of the towel ripping it away, leaving her naked. I stepped back to admire my handy work. She stood there thoroughly gagged. Blonde pigtails sticking out to each side of her pretty face. The belt around her shoulders now pressed on the top of her breasts. Nicely shaped breasts at that, very perky with lovely nipples that protruded as hard as little rocks. She was obviously excited as she twisted in her bonds. Her ankles were linked together by a short rope between her ankle belts, so she couldn’t move around very much, but could keep her balance easily.

I dipped and walked into to her, lifting her onto my shoulder. I gave her a little smack on the ass as I turned toward the door. She squealed and wiggled, but I kept a firm grip. Out we went to the garage.

Her warm skin was a bit moist with sweat as my hand rested on her tight little ass, and there was a tension in her as she was concerned about what I was going to do. Always before, she had been in control, but now, not at all. She could say or do nothing in her bondage. She was completely in my control. I carried her into the garage and looped her ankle bonds over the chain lift hook. I let her swing down as she squealed and swung away from me, hanging upside down, just about as I had met her.

By now, Ellie’s frozen water bottles had thawed and the lift control box had swung down to where she could reach it. I pressed the button to pull her higher and higher. Soon she was 5 feet in the air. She confided in me later that she was scared hanging this high, completely helpless. She stopped wiggling, looking at me wide eyed and frightened. I wrapped the cord of the control around the post and tied it there with Ellie’s strings, so it would be clearly out of reach for her. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the scarf. I wrapped it around her head, blindfolding her. She mumbled something into her gag, then groaned.

“I thought I would be a gentleman and leave you as I found you” I said. “Ummm, um” as she shook her head wildly, trying to tell me “No”. She followed that with a series of unintelligible sounds as she tried to tell me not to leave her like this. I massaged her breasts and gently pinched her nipples.

“It seems only right. I know you can’t get hurt hanging here, and you can’t get loose. This seems to be what you wanted, so okay. Listen, I need to make some sales calls today. I can stop by tomorrow to see how you are doing”. I paused and pulled the vibrator from my pocket. “Here, this will keep you occupied”. After turning it on, I pressed the vibrator into her tight little slit and stepped back. She let out a yell, but I ignored it.

Now she tried to frantically plead with me, shaking and squirming, trying to talk. I walked away, opening and closing the door. Ellie was blindfolded, so she could not tell that I actually left the door open. I got in my car and backed down the drive. Now Ellie believed she had been left hanging, naked and helpless, maybe for the rest of the day and part of the next. Maybe for a couple days.

I got out of the car and walked back quietly to watch the show. Just a side note: I knew that you cannot leave someone hanging upside down for any extended length of time. Leaving Ellie overnight would have probably injured or killed her. I had no intention of doing anything of the sort.

I slipped off my shoes and quietly entered the garage. She was thrashing and screaming into her gag. Then, her movements began to change. She began to rock more rhythmically, moving her hips and groaning. No, it was more like a moan. She told me later that she had one of her most intense orgasms hanging there. The knowledge that she could not free herself, that she had no control over the situation, was a powerful and effective aphrodisiac. The gag and blindfold added to the intensity of the moment. From there on out, Ellie was always gagged when we played our games.

I eventually let her down and made love to her once again right there in the garage. It was the first of many times I visited Betty and her very kinky cute neighbor down the road.

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