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Paula and Jane’s Spread-eagle Tie

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2012 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; gags; toys; insert; F/f; cuffs; vibrator; climax; stuck; cons; X

continued from Paula in Chains & Paula in Chains 2

It had been quite a while since I had the nerve to do anymore self-bondage, after my last escapade.

It was the shock of Jane walking into my house earlier than I had planned to meet her, only for her to find me tied naked and spread-eagled in my hallway, wearing just a hood with attachable gag and blindfold, with my Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator driving me crazy on a timer setting I rigged up for the occasion.

I always used the pretext for Jane to come over before we went for dinner or dancing with any cute boys we met along the way. Unknown to her she was also my back up escape plan, just in case the ice method of escape failed to drop a key or shears to get me out of the predicaments I dreamt up for myself.

Jane walked in, and had seen that "I", must have tied myself up. By that I mean to say, you don't usually see many burglary victims with vibrators shoved up their pussy wearing expensive custom made bondage hoods, do you?
She removed the padlock keys from the ice release that would have fallen to my reach, and was watching me for the best part of an hour while I was wondering when the bloody keys were going to drop.

The Hitachi was on its third round of vibrating the hell out of my pussy. This I knew because I had set it up on a timer for every 15 minutes off, it would come to life and tease me for the next 15. It was way past the hour it usually took for the ice cube size I use, to melt. I was freaking out and had started to panic when she finally revealed herself to me, and I almost died of fright and shame on the spot.

Jane partly released me; all bar my hands which she had quickly padlocked behind me while I was still recovering from a mind shattering orgasm. That was when she had me tell her all about my naughty secret, and reveal the suitcase I use to hide my bondage gear from prying eyes. It came as a bit of a shock quite how much stuff I actually collected over the short time I had my own place.

Jane revealed she also had dabbled with her ex-boyfriend to spice up their dying sex life before they called it a day and broke up. She was between guys, and she suggested spending the weekend tying each other up instead of dinner and dancing.

It wasn't like I could refuse, as she still had me partly tied up, and was keeping hold of the key.
Jane insisted I would be tied first while she went home to get a change of clothes. She pulled out some straps from my gear and strapped me into a tight ball tie. With the head of the Hitachi Wand jammed right up against my clit, she pulled the last strap tight with a flourish. It squashed my chest against my knees keeping the wand in position. She then added a strap from the hands behind my back to my feet before pushing me over on my side and giving my vulnerable ass a smack. Jane was about to leave when she made some sarcastic remark about not wanting me to wake the neighbours. The hood's gag and blindfold were clipped back in place leaving me to contemplate what else the weekend would bring about.

The vibrator was switched on high and I was left in the dark, screaming into my gag in orgasmic agony at the relentless buzzing on my clit.

We fooled around a little that evening but I was pretty exhausted. I did manage to have my revenge on her later that evening, leaving her chair tied while I had a nap, so she could get used to all the strange senses and feelings I had felt in my prolonged captivity. But that's a tale for another time.

It was a week or so later before I saw Jane again, and was a little embarrassed to say the least. We went out for a few drinks but we never discussed that weekend at all. Vodka can be so good as a distraction. Anyway after getting caught, I was put off from my playtime fun for quite a while. The Friday calls to Jane really were to go for drinks and dancing.

It was another month that passed when the sexual frustration of not being tied surpassed my reluctance to play.

Early one Saturday I rose and had a light breakfast and was wondering what to do with the day. Shopping? The gym? Or a general slob-out, couch potato style. In the end it was the incident after I had used the toilet and showered that decided the day for me. I was walking to the bed to sit down while I towel dried my hair, when I stubbed my toe on something under the bed.

Swearing, I looked down to see it was the suitcase of bondage goodies that I hadn't pushed all the way under the bed from its last use with Jane. Pulling the case out and just touching some of the rope and other bondage equipment inside made the decision for me.

Instantly I was imagining myself tied spread-eagled to the bed, while I waited for the ice to melt and to swing the scissors to my hand. I had several lengths of string frozen in the ice tray so it was that what decided the morning for me.

I padded off to the kitchen and retrieved an ice cube that had two pieces of string frozen into it. Taking it back to the bedroom, I tied one end to the ceiling fan above my bed. Half way down the rope I tied off a small folding knife on a key ring. I didn't want to use scissors, as the point would be swinging down over me. Then I tied the end off to the headboard where my hand would be tied to. I could only reach the knife when it fell, and I had positioned it to fall to the side of my spread-eagled body. It is quite fiddly, but I can open the blade one handed and use it to cut myself free, so there was no danger of not being able to free myself.

I took out four long lengths of rope and tied them, one each, to my wrists and ankles in such a way so they would not slip and tighten. I had used this tie several times in the past and I already had the eight pre-tied rings; two each tied together with a small amount of string so they would open like a butterfly. I tied one each of these to each corner bedpost with more cord. All I had to do was prepare my amusement for the rest of the morning.

I fumbled around the case for my vibrating egg. Putting in some new batteries, I added a liberal squirt of KY Jelly and popped it inside me. Tying it in place with a crotch rope, I couldn't force it out of my pussy with my tummy muscles. Looking down I realized I had a little rope slack, so I untied my crotch rope and retied it with a nice big knot positioned over my clitoris. I could feel the knot having the desired effect straight away. I tucked the eggs control into the waist band of my crotch rope and bent over to take a gag from the suitcase before kicking the case back under the bed.

Jane had been my spread-eagled victim on the bed that weekend. What the hell. I took my cell phone off the side of the bed and text Jane. "D.I.D. Coming to the rescue?"

Sitting on the bed, I fed the ends of the ropes into the rings and started pulling the free end. I felt my legs pull wider apart with every yank on the free end of the rope. When my legs were as wide apart as I could get them I lay back on the bed. Pulling on the rope with my bound feet, I could feel the rings pinch the rope and hold it firm. There was no way out without breaking the cord that held them or me slipping a finger into the rings to create some slack that would allow the rope to slide free again.

I put the red ball of the gag behind my teeth and tightened the strap as tight as I could stand. Laying down on my back I fed the wrist ropes into the rings. I propped my head up with a pillow and turned the TV on in the corner of the room to the cartoon channel to let me while away the time. Then I turned on the egg to a nice steady hum, and hit send button to Jane before I threw the phone out of reach.

It was that "Now or Never" time. The time before you cuff yourself, or tighten the last rope. The time for the niggling doubts to crawl into one’s head. Will the ice melt and the frozen release work, or will it catch on something? What if I am burgled or fire breaks out in the house? I know it’s all silly stuff, as I had locked the windows and the front and back door. I also turn off all the gas and the unwanted electrics in the house.  It never fails to come to mind though. Then it becomes mind over matter.

I started to pull the loose ends of the ropes through the rings. I had used fairly long rope for this as there is a lot of fidgeting around to position myself before getting comfortable. With every pull of the free end, the slack was taken up and my arms were pulled wider apart. Another yank from each hand and I was nicely spread out on top of the duvet. I was happily content with Bugs Bunny and Taz keeping me amused until the egg worked its magic taking me to that ecstatic moment of orgasm, followed by a gentle comedown before the next build up.

The melting ice dripped onto my naked body, to add a bit of torture to the occasion. I imagined being the victim of Chinese Water Torture with the bad guys trying to extract information from the bound and gagged spy captured in their midst. It wasn't long before the ice melted and the knife swung down onto the bed.

I stretched my fingers out to get the knife pulling it to my hand. I was having such blissful time I didn’t want it to end just yet. The cartoons were de-stressing me from the mundane toil of the week and the Egg was taking me to heights of pleasure you just couldn't get with a guy. I pushed the knife over to the headboard with my finger tips and let it slide over the edge, but with the string still in reach. I waited for the end of the cartoons and a few more orgasms.

It was then I heard the front door bang open and heard Jane calling out my name. I guess she heard the TV as she came into my room.

"Howdy stranger!" She beamed at me. "Love this situation you have gotten yourself into. You really like these spread-eagled ties don’t you?"

I mmphed a "Hello" to her and "Thanks" but you know gag talk becomes meaningless garbled rubbish, so I chose to stayed quiet.

Jane sat on the bed looking at me for a bit before coming out with something that seemed to be troubling her mind.

"We never chatted about that weekend. I thought I scared you off or something. Thanks for the text though. I had been waiting for you to call hoping I may catch you doing something like this again. I am glad you just came out with it to me this time."

I mmphed "Sorry" to her.

"I have a surprise for you. Something I saw on the internet a while back and really wanted to try out with you."

I mmphed back to her "Okay. What"

"Ah you have to wait and see."

Jane knelt down and pulled the suitcase out from under the bed. She pulled out some handcuffs a few short lengths of rope, my Magic Wand and timer and threw them on the bed next to me.

"I hope you don’t mind me using some of your things. Oh I will need a gag too." She selected a big black ball gag and with a bit of persuasion forced it behind her teeth and buckled it up.

Kicking the suitcase back under the bed she started to strip. I could see her body clearly and noticed how it had started to tan. A nice sign summer was here at last.

She kicked off her panties and then started tying the magic wand into a crotch rope so the bulb of the wand pressed right onto her clitoris, before tying the big handle of the wand directly to her thigh. I was curious and watched in fascination. All thoughts of the cartoons and the egg vibrating in my fanny vanished.

Jane bent and plugged the timer into the wall socket, pressing a few of the switches to active the timer setting, and then plugged the wand into the timer. She pulled up the excess rope from my legs and fed both lengths through the center bars of the bedstead where she knelt and tied her ankles together so her feet were as good as tied to the bed frame.

She passed one of the ropes under me and I raised my ass off the bed to make it easier for her. She positioned herself right over me lowering herself directly on top of me. I could feel her press the on button of the wand, but the timer was still inactive.

She wriggled about so the weight of the wand pressed right into my pussy and I grunted. Then she folded the rope around us both and tied us tightly together. I could only just see with a quick peek over her shoulder that she fed the handcuffs through the crotch rope before snapping the cuff tightly onto her wrists pinning her arms behind her back.

It took a few uncomfortable minutes of her squirming on top of me, and the bulb of the wand digging into my crotch before I realized she hadn't thought about getting herself out. It amused me a little, but I decided to play along with her game.

The knot of my crotch rope was really beginning to hurt me and I wished I hadn’t tied it. I could end this for myself if I wished, as I had my knife close to hand, but the handcuff keys were still in the suitcase so Jane would be stuck.

Then, unexpectedly, the Magic Wand kicked into life.

The wand has two settings, "Slow" and "Fast". I think they are mislabeled. They should really read "Fast" and "Frantic". Jane had selected the highest setting. That was twice she had tortured my fanny on the highest setting, and I wasn’t pleased about it.

Combined with my egg I was panting and mumping "Oh God" loudly into my gag before I knew it. It had also surprised Jane too, as a throaty groan came from her, then she started panting and then drool started flowing from her gag down the side of my face and down between my breasts.

I started sweating and was trying to buck Jane off me but the weight of her on top kept the wand sandwiched right against our clits. It was agony. I am not sure how many times the wand had made me come but it went from orgasmic pleasure, to pain, to orgasmic pleasure over and over.

I could feel Jane trying to raise herself off of me to ease the wand against her own crotch, but collapsed with exhaustion on top of me again. Jane was breathing in, trying to loosen the wand from how she had tied it, but wasn’t successful. I tried to grind my own hips away from her and force her up and off of me but this only squashed the wand against us again and again.

It was agony to come, and there was no escape from the Wand's pussy onslaught. Jane was writhing around on top of me, a constant throaty whine coming from her, only turning into screams with every orgasm she had. It seemed like we were thrashing around for hours, until the wand turned off. Jane's head collapsed on top of my shoulder. Her hair was matted with sweat and drool from both of us.

I wasn't sure how long we had before the timer kicked into life again, or if our thrashing around the bed had switched the wand off, but I decided to cut myself free. I didn’t think we could cope with another session like that. I don’t know if you have ever noticed that when you are trying to do something urgently, it seems to take forever. Seconds feel like minutes and minutes, hours. It seemed ages before I had the blade of the knife open and was cutting the rope holding my wrist to the bed.

I reached across and freed my other hand followed by the rope holding both our waists together. I dumped Jane to one side of me before untying first one ankle then the other.

Sitting on the side of the bed I fumbled to turn off the Egg controls. I unbuckled my gag and let it drop to the floor before tearing at my crotch rope to get it off me. Every pull and tug was electric just from the sheer number of orgasms I had. I lay back down on the bed with an arm over my eyes trying to get some composure back.

Then the Wand turned itself back on again. Jane screamed into her gag and I sat up to watch her.

She was catching up fast on the orgasm count and Jane looked up at me with pleading eyes for me to release her too.

"Where is the key Jane?" In the suitcase?"

"Ohuck. Ihugot hem."

I grinned at her.

"How were you going to free yourself with it in there? If you are going to play like this, you need to be more careful. I should leave you here, with that thing strapped between your legs."

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