And Counting
  Copyright 2004 by dungeonmouse

     He heard the clicking while still deep in the mists.  His brain wandered towards the sound, searching for the source.  Slowly he emerged into consciousness and deciphered the sound.  High heels.  High heels on a stone floor.  He twisted in his chains and listened to the clicks draw closer.  The heels sounded like her stilettos.  She wore them a lot lately.  Groping out of the mists, his mind wondered idly what else she was wearing.  Probably nothing.  She wore that a lot lately, too.  He pulled on the chains.  “What a way to satisfy your bondage craving,” he thought .
     The heels stopped.  Keys clinked then rattled in the lock.  The door creaked open, the heels clicked three times then the door clanged shut.  The keys clinked and rattled again.  The heels clicked across the stone floor. His heart sped up.  Arousal and fear flowed through his body and oozed out his skin.
     The heels stopped.  He caught the scent of her perfume.  The stuff bad girls wore when they were sixteen.  He also caught a whiff of rank sweat and animal musk.  Her demon helper.  Demon and the medieval dungeon were just two surprises she’d brought to this deal.  His sweat flowed a little faster.  Stilettos and Demon meant a very wild trip.
     Her fingers snapped and bare feet scurried across the room.  He heard the handle squeak just in time to tense up.  Icy water pounded his body.  His shocked cry gurgled past the gag.  Every muscle contracted instantly, tensioning his entire body into a quivering wire.  When Demon applied the coarse scrub brush to his skin, he jerked wildly in all directions, trying to escape the icy water and the fiery scrubbing.  The chains held him in place as Demon worked over his body with the brush.  When Demon finished, every inch of his skin blazed.  The faucet squeaked closed.
     He stood shaking, arms and legs spread by the chains.  He twitched as a long fingernail scraped down his chest.
     "Sorry about the cold shower, dear slave, but you really were getting smelly.  I do enjoy helping you practice your bondage kink in return for orgasms but I can't have slave sweat all over me.  Let's see if I can warm you up."
     Fingernails scraped up his chest and out his arms  Her fingers toyed with the steel cuffs holding his wrists to the stone columns on either side.  He felt her shiver as she touched the hard steel.  Nails scraped back down his arms and across his shoulders.  She draped her arms around his neck and nuzzled the heavy steel collar around his neck.  Her heels and his spread legs made her as tall as he.  Her breath came in quick breaths as she kissed his chest just below the collar, laying her cheek against its hard finish.  She pressed her nude body against his and kissed his face between the straps of his gag.  His arousal built quickly.  She pulled away and placed a fingertip on his lips.
     "The penalty tonight is one stroke per sound.  Do you understand?"
     He nodded.  He hated quiet nights.  She unbuckled the gag, taking her time, brushing his face with her fingers.  He sucked hard on the gag as she pulled it from his mouth, leaving no saliva for her to wipe up.  She tossed the gag aside then adjusted the blindfold.  She resumed kissing him, slowly and softly.  She slid her body lightly against his, brushing his chest with her nipples.  She placed a fingertip on each of his nipples and pressed ever so gently.  He moaned softly.
     The whip torched across his back.  He jerked and screamed.  The whip slashed again across his buttocks.  The volleys continued: scream, stroke, scream stroke.  All the while, she kissed his open mouth, softly and sweetly.  After too many strokes, he controlled his voice, remaining silent through one stroke.  The whip paused.  He knew it hovered in Demon's hand, ready to strike.  He returned her kisses, shaking with pain.
     She wrapped her arms around his chest, rubbing his back, her kisses moving faster.  Her tongue darted into his mouth and back out.  Her love-making intensified slowly as her passion built.  He matched her intensity, taking his cue from her.  Twice more sounds escaped from his lips and twice more the whip fell.  He controlled his voice better these two times, receiving only a dozen strokes each time.
     In time, her passion reached the final stage.  Her hands clutched and groped at his body, her lips sucked and nipped at his skin, her body sweated against his.  He replied in kind, somehow keeping his voice silent.  He felt Demon behind him, fastening the wall chain to the back of his collar.  She reached to the ceiling, grabbed the overhead bars and pulled herself up.  She wrapped her legs around his head, pulling his face into her moist crotch.  Demon pulled the hammock under her and fastened it to the front of his collar.  She lay back in the hammock, her legs still wrapped around his head.  The hammock took her weight, supported by the chain to the back of his collar.
     "I release you from your silence, slave."
     "Goddess knows, you'll need to scream."  Demon murmured.
     She ground her hips against his face.  He buried his mouth into her wetness, stretching his tongue into her as deeply as he could.  He needed to get this part over as quickly as possible.
     She rocked her hips up and down as her worked his tongue deeper into her.  Just for a moment he lost himself in her passion.  He jerked as Demon slid the huge strap-on between his legs from behind.  Demon rammed the lightly lubricated phallus into him.  He howled.  She smothered his animal scream with her labia, digging her heels into his shoulders and pulling him to her.  Demon climbed aboard his back, clawing with its thick nails.
     Some things last forever.  Some just seem like it.  He used every trick he'd ever heard.  He sucked, he licked, he nibbled, he blew, he screamed.  Still she kept humping her hips against his face and still Demon kept slamming the dildo into him.  He screamed, he begged, he jerked, he writhed.
     An eternity later, he tasted the sweet wetness of her climax soaking his face.  Demon slowed the thrusts in as she relaxed but drove the dildo deeper during each stroke.  An eon after that, she collapsed in the hammock.  Demon drove the dildo all the way in and held it there.  It twisted the dildo back and forth inside him by rotating its bony hips against his buttocks.  He shook uncontrollably.  She rubbed her sticky vagina against quivering his face.  An after shock shuddered through her body.  A era later, she stretched and sighed.
     "Enough, Demon."  Her voice was a throaty whisper.
     He shook uncontrollably as the thick shaft sucked slowly out.  Demon undid the hammock from the front of his collar and helped her down.  She leaned against him, kissing his lips tenderly.  She lifted her hands to his face, slid the gag back into his mouth and buckled it tightly in place.  Grit from the dungeon floor coated the rubber ball.  She pulled slowly away from him.
     "You seem in good shape, slave.  I guess that fulfils my responsibility to check on you periodically. Goodnight, slave.  By the way, you earned another counter.  Eight sessions, so far, and seven of them counters.  You perform even better than I'd hoped."  She kissed him warmly on his neck below his ear and above the heavy collar.  She sighed contentedly and pulled away.
     Her heels clicked slowly across the floor.  Keys clinked then rattled in the lock.  The door creaked open, the heels clicked three times then the door clanged shut.  The keys clinked and rattled again.  Her heels clicked up the stone steps.
     He settled back into the chains.  As a safety person for his long-term bondage experiment, she definitely brought more to the table than he’d anticipated.
     Seven counters.  Seven down.

     Ninety-three to go.


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